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I'm Not Crazy, I'm Just a Little Unwell

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Just thoughts and adventures of me more or less

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5/22 and 5/23

Okay so I was one of the lucky few to have gotten tickets to The Longshot. Twice.  The first ticket was actually bought by my partner and I gave him my information because I needed just one ticket for myself. The second ticket happened Tuesday afternoon on the line as I was waiting to get in. Let's recap with Tuesday 5/22: Get up at 6:00 AM and I’m at the venue at 7:30 AM There’s six people in front of me which was surprising but this is also the fact it was raining

If I Could

If I could run my fingers through your dark hair, I would. Have my fingers twist and turn the strands gently or roughly, whatever you desire. Just the texture beneath the fingertips would be enough. If I could stare into your blue eyes, I would. I'd get lost in them within moments as I try to see what you're thinking. The secret desire I hold is you'd stare right back into my eyes. If I could have you in my arms, I would. Whether on the couch or on the bed. Just an area we feel the



A Something...Unpredictable and Unforgettable Time of My Life

So I got up around 7:10 in the morning which is normally the time I usually get up to go to my morning classes at 9. I first do my hair and I use this hair chalk thing (Which doesn't stay at all) and pull it back into a pony tail and then I get dressed. I triple check to make sure I have everything: bag with snacks, money, ID, receipt for tickets, camera, phone. I was out the door by 7:30 because I had to grab breakfast and the bus stop is about 30 feet away from the store. I go get breakfast,



35 Days

I'm seeing Green Day in 35 days I'll be in the same exact room as a band I loved for over 12 years, a band I consider to be heroes. And it hasn't hit me yet that I'm seeing them. I haven't completely freaked out or fan girled or cried over the fact I'll be seeing Green Day for the first time I mean yeah when I first bought the tickets in September, I did scream a bit but then nothing else I'm not sure when it will hit me. It could hit me tomorrow. It could hit me when I'm waiting in line f



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