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Top 3 Green Day Albums (w/ favorite song from each) And Why

Following the success of my first thread, I decided to make another. Once again, I searched for this and couldn't find an existing thread, so if I missed it, feel free to take this down. Anyway, I want to know about your top three albums by Green Day and why you like them! Try to include your favorite song for each and exlain why as well. Damn, I'm so demanding I demanded myself.

Anyway, Here's mine:

1. American Idiot - This album, in my opinion, is absolutely perfect. It tells the story of human struggle, and explains how to defy authority if you feel that it's not just.

- Favorite song: Are We The Waiting; I don't know why I love this song. It kinda makes you feel that you're not alone in feeling overwhelmed by the world and the authority, and how we're all waiting for something better.

2. 21st Century Breakdown - Contrary to popular belief, I don't find this album as a cash-grabber or a rehash of American Idiot. Rather, I find it a continuation or alternate telling of it. I also find it extremely relatable just like American Idiot, and it's full of different types of songs that make it very diverse, even more so that American Idiot.

- Favorite song: See The Light; I love it because it's just so hopeful. It basically says that although the world is fucked up and you may deal with a lot of shit in your life, jut look towards a better future no matter what.

3. Warning - I really don't see why people don't like this album. Yeah it's different, but that's what I like to see in a band! Trying something different. With catchy songs, meaningful songs, and even weird songs (Misery, I'm looking at you...), this album is great!

- Favorite song: Macy's Day Parade; This song actually holds special meaning to me. This song actually finished the job of proving to me not to take things for granted and that I have everything I actually need. Not many songs speak to me like that.

Anyway, DISCUSS! :D

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There are lists like this in the Shenanigans subforum, look there before you create threads like these in GD chat.

Also, brush up on the community guidelines, they clearly state that lists like these doesn't belong here.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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