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Misunderstood taste in music?

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Ive done some projects about music (added Green Day in my Senior project) and I've always noticed how the face always matches the music.a prep would listen to katy perry a western would listen to country, but the other day I met a little boy who was a big fan of classical music.and it got me thinking,


have you ever misunderstood someone by the looks, well, obviously but in a way that has maybe turned the conversation.Like I've always pictured the underdogs would be Green Day fans and the ones who actually apreciate music.you know like i dive into the lyrics and actually understand what theyre saying.When other people just listen to the the music that's catchy and easy to listen to.but I've been wrong before...I just wanted to know if anyone gets me?

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I've been misunderstood by a few people because of owning a horse and not liking country music.

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Yeah I get you. At my old high, all the seriously popular bitchy girls were into, like, Ke$ha, One Direction, and I guess all the electronic artists or boy bands that are popping up these days. That's what I expect of them. All the Green Day fans I meet (and I dont meet a lot of them) are really nice and kind of scabby and unpopular, but you don't notice that when you realise how cool they are. Most Eminem fans I meet are a little full of themselves but some are pretty cool.

One thing I DONT get is, I've met a few girls who are head over heels with classical and old soft tunes, but then are absolutely obsessed with heavy metal. I'm not sure how that works, but I've come across a few of them.

I dont like to give myself any of the personalities above. I like all the music that I mentioned above, except for classical and One Direction.

Tre's Busted Drumkit

Tre's Busted Drumkit
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Moving this to General. Not really Green Day-specific.


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Yeah, I've misjudged someone for the way they look and the music they listen to. I was in college and a new and person joined the course and he come in head to toe in tracksuits, I thought "Here we go, another pop obsessed hipster". Turned out, he listens to all genres apart from pop haha, and one of his favourite bands was Green Day! :D I was quick to judge but that's only natural :P He has since, become one of my best friends in college :)

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I've encounted this a few times. I went out with this girl recently who, judging by looks, you would think was a fan of Punk. She had a lot of tattoos, punk hairstyle, piercings, the lot. Imagine my surprise when she showed me her iPod and it was full of 60's soul music and soft Jazz. I have a few friends who look like they might listen to Rap or RnB, but actually have pretty heavy tastes.


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I think if you like a certain artist or type of music it might influence you to dress a certain way, just because if you like the music there's a good chance you'll like the style that goes with it (or so you fit in with others who like it). But that doesn't apply all the time by any means so it's silly to think you can judge what music someone likes or how much they like it by how they look. My sister and I don't dress like "typical" Green Day fans, and while attending Green Day shows we've both been looked up and down and scowled at by silly judgemental teenagers and some idiot even looked at my sister and said to her friend "look at that chav" (which was amusing because she wasn't dressed like a chav in any way, she was just wearing a dress rather than jeans and converse). In my life I've spent years obsessed with the music of rap, punk and metal acts, but it's never really been reflected in how I've dressed. If someone dresses in a band's merchandise you can tell what music they like. But otherwise there's really no way of knowing.

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Penguin Puffball
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I feel like the only person whose style of dress is completely independent of what music they listen to. I wear whatever I think looks nice and I listen to whatever I think sounds good.


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Even though there's a lot of dicks at my school, none of them have ever picked on me, or anyone else for that matter, because of their music taste.


My father once semi-jokingly remarked that he didn't understand why I liked Green Day, as band he refers to as 'strongly counter culture' when in person I'm an introverted, nerdy, bookish individual and, *shock, horror* a practising Muslim. I thought it was weird coming from him, since he certainly likes the 'counter culture' bands of his generation (ie the Clash, who I also love) and he's a fairly conventional person himself. But then, his level of fandom doesn't quite match mine.


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I feel like the only person whose style of dress is completely independent of what music they listen to. I wear whatever I think looks nice and I listen to whatever I think sounds good.

But those two things usually match. I'm not talking about wannabes who dress up like goths just 'cause they think it's cool or popular.

That's why so many people are misunderstood. Society dictates that looks and music always match, so it's a surprise to see something different.

At least in my country it's VERY easy to recognize tastes in music through looks and behavior. Sometimes I'm surprised to see how a girl that looks like a One Direction fangirl turns out to be a huge Green Day fan. But I see how it makes sense once I get to know her.

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