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How do you rate the trilogy in Green Day's catalog of albums?

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1) Dookie (favorites - Longview, Basket Case, She)
This is the best Green Day album by far. Classic Green Day with fun tunes! :)

2) Amerian Idiot (favorites - Homecoming, Jesus of Suburbia, Letterbomb)

This goes in second place because it is an album I can play without skipping one song, and ofcourse, Jesus of Suburbia and Homecoming. :)

3) iTre! (favorites - X-Kid, Dirty Rotten Bastards, Missing You)

This album is very awesome, with the 6 and 1/2 minute long Irish-Themed, Arena-Type, Epic Ending song! This album is filled with pop punk songs that remind you of Nimrod and Dookie, ballads, and a new type of Green Day.

4) Nimrod (favorites - Hitchin' a Ride, King For A Day, Scattered)

Nimrod is a fun album with some fillers, but has some really cool songs! And of course, who would think of putting Platypus (I Hate You) on the same album as Good Riddance? That's right, Green Day :P

5) iUno! (favorites - Stay The Night, Let Yourself Go, Nuclear Family)

iUNO! is like Nimrod, Warning, and Dookie combined into one album! A fun album with only some songs I skip sometimes. The first 5 songs go best together!

6) iDos! (favorites - Stray Heart, Lazy Bones, Makeout Party)

I really love Stray Heart, Lazy Bones, and Makeout Party. Those three are really big standout tracks. I like most of the songs here, and there are only a few skips, and Nightlife isn't as bad actually. I prefer iTRE! and iUNO! more though.

7) 21st Century Breakdown (favorites - American Eulogy, 21st Century Breakdown, The Static Age)

21st Century breakdown has standout tracks and quite a lot of skips. It's not as bad as people say it is, I love this album, but it's not one of Green Day's top albums.

8) Insomniac (favorites - Brain Stew, Stuck With Me, Armatage Shanks)

This is like Dookie's angry brother, but isn't as great as Dookie. There are quite a few skips, and only a few songs really stand out to me.

9) Kerplunk (favorites - Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?, Christie Road, 2,000 Light Years Away)

I haven't listened to this as much as the others, but I like it still. This sounds like it has even been mixed or anything, it just sounds like a demo. Who Wrote Holden Caulfield? and Christie Road really stand to me in this album. I don't really like the last 4 tracks (Sweet Children EP).

10) Warning (favorites - Blood, S*x and Booze, Castaway, Minority)

I don't listen to this album that much as well, and is actually pretty underrated. It's really hard to place somewhere between best to worst. Too much acoustic stuff, and I need more heavier stuff in this album though.

11) 1039/SOSH (favorites - Paper Lanterns, At The Library, Going to Pasalacqua)

I don't really this one as much, but I really like Paper Lanterns, At The Library. This one has pretty poor production and would've been better if it was recorded better.

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Man this is a tough, tough question. I have so many ties it's ridiculous, I'm too lazy to get into the explanations of my list but, as of now, this is where I'm leaning in terms of my favorites:

1. American Idiot - Dookie - Warning - Trilogy

2. Insomniac - Nimrod

3. 1039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours

4. 21st Century Breakdown

In terms of music criticism/ "best":

1. Warning - 21st Century Breakdown - American Idiot - Tre

2. Dos - Dookie - Uno

3. Insomniac - 1039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours

This is subject to change, my mind is flexing around this stuff constantly, but overall this is where I am right now.

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It's hard for me to rank them but if I did, I would put Insomniac last. Aside from Brain Stew, Geek Stink Breath and Walking Contradiction, I'm not that into it.

Out of the trilogy, Dos is my fav. Lots of fun to listen to. My only criticism is the addition of Lady Cobra. She needs to go. Then get Tre or Mike to "rap" on Nightlife.

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Dookie and AI are still my top faves by GD, but I think the trilogy as a whole would come after those two...I'm not sure. I just know I fucking enjoyed every second of the trilogy.

This really. You basically read my mind. Although I would put Warning up with Dookie and American Idiot.

I definitely would not rank the Trilogy at the top, it's further down below. Don't get me wrong, I love it but Green Day's my absolute favorite band so i have extremely high standards for anything they put out simply because i know what they're capable of and i like everything. Now i don't think the meaning of this trilogy was to make hit singles and make a "masterpiece". I believe the soul purpose was to just have fun and make a simple album because they haven't done that in like a decade. They probably thought since it was so simple why not just have even more fun and give the fans more songs. I love the idea. To me the idea of it was really creative.

Now obviously the lyrics weren't the greatest, and the music wasn't all that complex (except DRB now hello). And i would have preferred definitely a more in your face guitars and production sound like they had. I don't think i could rate my favorite Green Day albums i love them all for different reasons (okay Dookie will always be number one). Though the trilogy is not my favorite (however i'm extremely fond of Dos), i still love it and i'm glad they didn't do another concept album instead, and didn't think more about making it a hit than a treat for the fans.

The trilogy wasn't perfect compared to their other albums but then again, was it even supposed to be?

I really like your opinion. I disagree at some parts, but you hit the nail on the head. Internet high-five for you!

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For me its

1.American Idiot

2. Dookie

3.21st century

4. iUno! iDos! iTre!

5. Kerplunk!

6.Nimrod &1039


Thats just my opinion and just because i put warning and insomniac at the bottom doesn't mean i don't like them because i love those albums

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1) Insomniac

2) Nimrod

3) 1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours

4) Dos

5) Warning

6) Tre

7) 21st Century Breakdown

8) American Idiot

9) Dookie

10) Uno

11) Kerplunk

Yeah I don't like American Idiot and Dookie that much, don't have a cow, man.

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Here's my ranking:

1- Nimrod: Variety, the classic Green Day sound mixed with new ideas. I can describe it as PERFECT. The B-sides on this album are really cool, too. (Favorites: Nice guys finish last, The grouch, Scattered, Redundant, Worry Rock, Platypus, Haushinka, Reject, Time of your life, Prosthetic head)

2- ¡Dos!: This album is so damn good. Pure garage rock, really fast almost all the time (Favorites: Stop when the red lights flash, Lazy Bones, Wild one, Makeout Party, Stray heart, Lady Cobra)

3- Warning: The best Green Day experimental album by far!! Good tunes in here, it's a shame that just Minority is played live nowadays (Favorites: Warning, Blood sex and booze, Church on Sunday, Misery, Waiting, Minority, Macy's day parade)

4- Dookie: The classic Green Day album by far. It's a good record, but there are better options in my opinion (Favorites: Having a blast, Chump, Longview, Welcome to Paradise, Basket Case, She, When I come around, F.O.D.)

5- Insomniac: Rough album, really bitter, love it!! (Favorites: Stuck with me, Geek Stink Breath, 86, Stuart and the Ave, Brain Stew, Jaded, Walking Contradiction)

6- Kerplunk: IMO this album it's a kind of "demo" or "rough idea" of what Dookie could be. I've always expected a REAL remastered version of this record like "2000 light years away" on Jerky Boys OST. Cool add the Sweet Children EP (Favorites: 2000 light years away, Christie Road, Dominated love slave, One of my lies, 80, Android, Best thing in town, My generation)

7- ¡UNO!: Good album, but some songs like Loss of control or Angel Blue sound like fillers for me (Favorites: Stay the night, Let yourself go, Kill the DJ, Fell for you, Sweet 16, Rusty James, Oh Love)

8- ¡TRÉ! The same as ¡UNO! Really Cool songs and fillers (Favorites: Brutal Love, Missing you, Drama Queen, X-kid, Dirty Rotten Bastards, 99 Revolutions, The Forgotten)

9- 21st Century Breakdown: Good Record, but I don't like so mucjh songs like Know your enemy, Last of the American Girls, Static Age and See the light (Favorites: 21st Century Breakdown, Last night on Earth, East Jesus Nowhere, Murder city, ¿Viva la Gloria? Little girl, Restless heart syndrome, Horseshoes and handgrenades, 21 guns)

10- 1039/smoothed out slappy hours: Some songs are cool on this record, others sound really cool live, others are just meh (Favorite: At the library, Don't leave me, I was there, Disappearing boy, Going to Pasalacqua, Road to Acceptance, Why do you want him?, Paper Lanterns, Dry Ice, Only of you)

11- American Idiot: This album is a masterpiece and whatever, but I'm really bored of it. There are brilliant songs like JOS, Holiday and Letterbomb, on the other hand I can't stand WMUWSE. (Favorites: American Idiot, Jesus of Suburbia, Holiday, Boulevard of Broken dreams, St Jimmy, Letterbomb, Whatsername)

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rare to see someone who his least favorite GD album is American Idiot :o
But its your opinion i'm ok with that :)

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If I have to make a list it would look something like this:

1. American Idiot

2. Insomniac

3. 21st CB

4. Warning

5. Kerplunk

6. nimrod

7. Tré!

8. Dookie

9. Uno!

10. Dos!

11. (1,0)39smooth(ed out slappy hours)

I hate having to put Dookie that low, but that's what it is. And just so that this might make sense I gave UNO! an 8.25/10, so all the albums above that are better than that.

If I just pick out an album worth of songs (like reducing 21st CB and nimrod to 12-15 songs and putting the best of the trilogy in one) it will look like this;

1. American Idiot

2. 21st CB

3. Trilogy

4. Insomniac

5. Warning

6. nimrod

7. Kerplunk

8. Dookie

9. (1,0)39smooth(ed out slappy hours)

I still hate putting Dookie that low, but I fear that not being there when it happened somehow reduces the magic of that album for me (also being one of the last ones I heard when starting to listen to this band might have affected it at least on an emotional level).

So the trilogy didn't really have a whole lot to offer on an album-to-album basis, but as a package it certainly packed a certain punch from time to time.

I certainly could put together an album or two worth of songs that are great->awesome, but still it wouldn't fare against American Idiot and a stripped down 21st CB.

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This is hard, since almost everything Greenery Day does is amazing. soo it goes...

1. nimrod.

2. ¡Tré!

3. ¡Dos!

4. Insomniac

5. Warning

6. ¡Uno!

7. 1,039SOSH + Kerplunk!

8. Dookie

10. American Idiot

11. 21CB

Out of the 3, i like the sound of ¡Dos! and i love the songs on ¡Tré! so it was hard to place those two. ¡Uno! i really wasn't impressed with, other than Crushing Bastards and Rusty James, it wasn't their best work. And some might think that im crazy to put Warning that high, but i love Jackass.

.....I hate Rating Green Day's Albums

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At the top! It's my favourite thing they've ever done, I love the retro sound, the variety, the ballsiness of experimenting with so many different styles (and of deciding to release a trilogy at all), the fun and humour alongside dirtiness, darkness and beautifully simple but effective lyrics. All of their albums are amazing but the sound and style of the Trilogy just suits my taste perfectly, they really have made my ideal Green Day fantasy a reality :D. If I view the Trilogy all together (which I do), there's no doubt it's taken the number one spot. Swiftly followed by Nimrod and 21st CB tied in second place. Then Dookie, American Idiot and Stop Drop And Roll. And then the rest.


Great post :)

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The trilogy is right now on the top for me, considering the three albums as one, it is in 1st place! I love them so much for making it! :D

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21st CB

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It’s really tough because it changes from time to time, from mood to mood. Plus, the trilogy is still too fresh to find a definite position in my ranking. I mean, thousands of memories and feelings are connected especially with Warning, AI and 21CBD (memories of my youth, of long lost loves, of live-performances etc.). For the trilogy, all those feelings and memories are yet to come, and I know they will. Anyway, right now, I love Uno, Dos and Tré as a whole and I would rank them, without splitting them into three pieces, like this (temporarily):

  1. American Idiot (It’s just a masterpiece, as many of you have already said)
  2. Warning (I love the vibe of that album, it has something special to it that I can’t describe, I think you know what I mean)
  3. Trilogy (Lazy Bones, Brutal Love and Dirty Rotten Bastards have a pretty good chance to become some of my all-time-favorites)
  4. 21st Century Breakdown (yeah hate me for ranking 21CB before Dookie, but as I said, it has a lot to do with emotions and feelings, and this album helped me through a really tough time, that’s why I love it ;))
  5. Dookie (Definitely some of the best GD songs, especially live, but there are also some songs I don’t like, e.g. In the End and FOD)
  6. Nimrod (Redundant and King for a Day are two of my favorites, though, I just love them)
  7. Kerplunk (No One Knows is one of their best ballads, though, I probably like it more than Good Riddance)
  8. Insomniac (I like it, too, but I have to be in a very special mood to listen to it from start to end)
  9. 1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hour (Some really cool songs, no question, but I miss the characteristic GD sound they developed later)

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1. American idiot - Masterpiece! 'Nuff said

2. 21st Century breakdown - This album is the closest to american idiot, which got me interested in green day in the first place. perfect follow-up and keeping the style that I love. This album have some of their strongest melodies.

3. Dookie - Pure fun! meaningless, yet meaningful lyrics filled with humor and sarcasm. Oh, and great melodies :)

4. 1039/smoothed out slappy hours - Although this albums has its weaker moments, these lyrics have a way of getting to me every time I hear them! The way Billie managed to so elegantly put his finger on a lot of the feelings and issues of a teenager is just brilliant, and is probably why this one goes so high up on the list for me, despite it being a rather low-quality album.

5. Trilogy - muscially it's quite good, although it suffers under its own weight. There are quite a few fillers and less memorable songs, but the good stuff is good! Haven't really been out long enough for me to have any sentimental attachment to it, therefore I can't put it higher on the list.

6. Kerplunk - Again, the lyrics gets to me, although not to the same extent as 1039. Still a fun listen with some personal value.

The last albums are somewhat "meh" to me, but I still like them. These are all albums that I very rarely listen to, and I don't really have any reason to rank one above the other. I think I would do it like this though:

7. Nimrod -

8. Warning

9. Insomniac

10. Shenanigans (hardly an album, but what the hell)

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1 American Idiot

2 Dookie

3 Uno/Dos/Trè

4 21st Century Breakdown

5 Insomniac

6 Nimrod

7 Kerplunk

8 Warning

9 1039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours

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1.) Nimrod

2.) Dookie

3.) Kerplunk

4.) 1039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours

5.) Insomniac

6.) Warning

7.) American Idiot

8.) Tre

9.) 21st Century Breakdown

10.) Dos

11.) Uno

^^ That was really hard to do.

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My current ranking:

1. Warning

2. ¡Tré!

3. ¡Dos!

4. Insomniac

5. Kerplunk

6. American Idiot

7. Nimrod

8. Dookie

9. 39/Smooth

10. ¡Uno!

11. 21st Century Breakdown

Trilogy = Win, but ¡Uno! wasn't very good imo

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For me right now:







7.American Idiot


9.1039/Smoothed Out Slappey Hours


11.21st Century Breakdown

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1. Nimrod (most variety, most energy IMO)

2. Warning (completely different, made things from going stale)

3. Insomniac (A darker album that kicks Dookie's ass)

4. Tre! (Since I love the style of Nimrod, this was exactly what I was looking for)

5. American Idiot (Probably the greatest album of the decade theoretically)

6. Kerplunk! (A great album, only a few slumps)

7. Uno! (A breath of fresh air after AI and 21st CB... Back to basics)

8.. Dookie (One of the most repetitive albums ever.. Sorry!)

9.. 21st CB (Even though it has good songs, it is too long and kind of a ripoff of AI)

10. Dos! (This should have been a Foxboro Hottub album, because most of the tracks lost my interest.)

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1. American Idiot
2. !Uno!

3. 21st Century Breakdown

4. !Tré!

5. Warning

6. Nimrod

7. !Dos!

8. Dookie.
11. Kerplunk

12. 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours

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1) American Idiot

2) 21st Century Breakdown

3) Tre!


5) Dos!

6) Uno!


8) Nimrod

But When Put together the Trilogy is the Best Fucking Thing they have ever done !!!!

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