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uno! dos! TRE! concept playlist


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dirtiest rottenest bastard

dirtiest rottenest bastard
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hello!, as many may agree, i think green day's trilogy of albums is great, i spend a large part of the day understanding, listening and learning new things and raising new questions, one of those questions was, "what if there is a story to tell in these albums?" even if it was unintentional, i found myself in another concept album following a gang of punk rockers called the "nuclear family" in search of the party of the century, filled with lust, drugs, loss and of course, love. I created a playlist containing most of the songs, shuffled them around until i felt the story was solid and i think i did a pretty good job, please feel free to comment, i think this is a pretty neat idea, if you have any story ideas and would also like to make a playlist along with song meanings, i would listen to them. lets have an awesome discussion.


1. NUCLEAR FAMILY (a loud noise sets them out on a search for the perfect party)


2.STOP WHEN THE RED LIGHTS FLASH (the loud noise leads them to the red light district of town)


3.LET YOURSELF GO (the party of the century is found, a small strip joint is destroyed in the process)


4.KILL THE DJ (the party is moved to a huge disco, where a rave was taking place, but the nuclear family takes over)


5.TROUBLE MAKER (the gang is now out to get laid, hitting on everything that moves)


6.MAKEOUT PARTY (everyone has a girl by their side, and they head upstairs to a small room)


7.FUCK TIME (this is pretty self-explanatory)


8.OH LOVE (shortly after, the leader of the gang finds himself unsatisfied with sex, love is what he wants, he passes out)


9.FELL FOR YOU (the morning after, the leader reminisces about a girl in his dream with whom he fell in love, he sees her later at the disco        

                                  and declares his love)

10.WILD ONE (the two fall in love and spend all night slow-dancing)


11.SEE YOU TONIGHT (the following day, the leader and his gang plan to serenade his new found love, but are cut off by someone's arrival)


12. WOW! THATS LOUD (the arrival of lady cobra sets the gang on a testosterone fueled contest for her dress, which is won by the leader, they          

                                               go upstairs and spend the night together doing drugs and having sex)


13.LADY COBRA (the leader now realizes that lady cobra might be too much woman to handle, but he is hooked on her scent)


14.NIGHT LIFE (the leader is now worn out by the excessive partying and drug abusing, it all proves too much and he passes out again)


15.LAZY BONES (the leader falls into a dream where he is a skeleton with lead bones, he manages to escape from lady cobra's clutches and      

                                 wakes up)

16.STRAY HEART (after he wakes up, he finds himself a clean suit and goes to amanda's room with a bouquet of roses, but she's already

                                   packed and ready to go home)


17.AMANDA (he chases after amanda apologizing every five steps for his mistakes and trying to make things right, but she refuses to accept  

                        them for she is too hurt, she gets on a bus and heads home)


18.AMY (the leader spends some time in amanda's room, finds an old guitar with the name "amy" scratched on it, he recalls what amanda

                must've felt during his time with lady cobra)


19.BRUTAL LOVE (during a party, the leader starts to sing quietly, the place starts to get quiet as the rest of the gang start to join in with their

                                    own instruments, the music is too loud and brings down the disco, leaving everyone without a place to party in)


20.DRAMA QUEEN (now that the place is in ruins, the partiers only have broken instruments to play, the leader vanishes from the crowd and

                                     deper into town, thinking about amanda)


21.THE FORGOTTEN (the leader tries to remember a version of himself that he lost, and tries to bring him back to forget amanda)


22.DIRTY ROTTEN BASTARDS (the leader realizes he cant bring out his old self, he has to move forward in life no matter how hard, so he

                                                           reunites the nuclear family and renames them the "dirty rotten bastards", and move to another city in search of

                                                           the next biggest party of the century)


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Hey, welcome to GDC! We already have a thread similar to this, called Your Uno/Dos/Tré album.

I'll close this thread. You can talk about your concept playlist here: http://www.greendayc...-dos-tre-album/ :)

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