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Talk About Guns Here

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Not Anyone.

Not Anyone.
  • Psychological Terrorist

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I smell a buddy comedy.

I'm just imagining Planes, Trains & Automobiles.

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Darth Praxus

Darth Praxus
  • Blasphemy Chickenstrips

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Michael Bay will produce it

In a world...


Overcome by the Trilogy...

*lens flare*

One man...

*slashing sound effect*

Will make a stand.

*heroic shot of Ceadog brandishing a Biffy Clyro record*

There's just one problem.

*jump cut to Katy Perry GIF*

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  • Soggy Dream

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A knife would be good if you didn't have a gun, but like Hermoine told me it's easier to defend yourself against someone with a knife than a gun. I wouldn't want that fucker trying to kill my family to be able to defend himself and I'd want to eliminate the threat immediately.

I didn't write very clearly there, but I meant it's easier to defend yourself against someone who has a knife and is attacking you with it than to defend yourself against someone who has a gun and is attacking you with it. I don't think it's a good idea to arm yourself with either a gun or knife for self defense, it's as (or possibly more) likely to get you hurt as to save you.

Floyd Pinkerton

Floyd Pinkerton
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As seen at the end of the film, he grows back. :P

That isn't the point goddammit you're supposed to back me up! :P

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oh :lol:

Yeah that's what I meant! :lol:

Steven Seagull

Steven Seagull
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Lmao I have no problems with Ryan I know others do

seagull yeah go with c-dawg lol

Those yanks don't stand a chance against us  :lol:

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