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Was recently reminded of this a little while ago and haven't been able to get it out of my head since. I am honestly surprised that not much is being said about it anymore as it is a heavy heavy issue for US citizens.

Here is a site with some information about the NDAA, what its potential is and how it infringes on our basic rights as US citizens.


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I doubt this has been tested in federal court yet. It won't surivive. Even the "anything for security" judges out there have to recognize the blatant violations of the Constitution here.


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Dammit, Mark, how dare you make a serious thread!


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I guess I will give the short summary for everyone who isn't a political junkie. The National Defense Authorization Act is a bill passed every year which allocates money for the US military and all things related to national security.

The most recent NDAA included a clause allowing for indefinite detention of American citizens suspected of terrorism, without charges being filed and without access to legal counsel. It is not the entire NDAA but just this part of it which people have had a problem with, unfortunately, because the bill has to be passed every year, legislators can tack on things like this which might not pass on their own.

Obama originally threatened to veto the bill if the indefinite detention clause was included, but then later stated he was satisfied with a new version which watered down but basically preserved indefinite detention, and signed it into law. The White House claims they really had no choice because there were some in Congress who would continue to push for indefinite detention, and then the White House would be left looking like they were refusing to fund defense entirely. Others claim Obama could have easily exerted the leverage to have Congress remove indefinite detention if he truly wanted to, and the fact that he didn't means he is too supportive of it.

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