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Republican Senate Nominee: Victims Of ‘Legitimate Rape’ Don’t Get Pregnant [Sensitive Topic]

News Debate

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Republicans for you, They become bigger assclowns each day.

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I just found this moron. I think this relates.

Yes, because if my attack had been able to produce a pregnancy, I would feel "blessed".


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Even some conservative radio guy who my dad listens to every day has flipped shit over this and is basically crying on his show how Akin ruined the Senate seat for Republicans, and how baffled he is that this guy refuses to step down.

But you would not believe how many self-hating women have called in to defend Akin, it's pretty sickening.


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Oh God no, I am glad as fuck he isn't pulling out of the race. The Republicans were going to easily take this seat before he opened his stupid fucking mouth, and now McCaskill has a chance at keeping her seat in the Senate.

Here's the deal, the Republican Party doesn't give a fuck about this guy, they want the seat, which is why they have been pressuring him to drop out of the race, and even cut his funding. But if he defiantly stays, it's going to force the Republican party to make a choice: do nothing to help him, and essentially give up on the seat, or they will have to defend him which will be damaging nationwide.

I'm not going to lie here, as an Obama supporter, this man's revolting comments are a gift, and this man staying in the race is a gift. Look at the Romney campaign, they were forced to backtrack and openly endorse a "rape exception" to their position on abortion, which is going to piss off the radical anti-choicers. Had they not done this, it would have isolated moderates.

Basically, this is a win-win situation for the Democrats and Obama, it's about time the Republicans had a scandal this year too.

Huh, that does make a lot more sense.
I feel hopeless trying to get politics.


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Andres and I just had a discussion about this and feel it would be great if the politicians actually stepped up a bit and tried to educate those that listen to them instead of spout propaganda and terms/phrases that they know people want to hear. Instead of saying that a tax cut will favor the rich and hurt the middle class or visa versa they can say that the tax cut/reform will cut/establish taxes on capital gain and exactly what the means and who it affects, but of course our system diverged from beneficial acts and into ones that perpetuate ignorance

You would have politicians try to actually educate the public instead of spouting things that will get them votes? I have no time for such nonsense.


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This just makes me sick...


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Hey go on to youtube and search [Legitimate rape song]. It's a response to this stupid mans uneducated statment.

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