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  • it ends here tonight.

  • PipPipPipPipPipPipPipPipPipPip
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so far in week 1, with out some grades posted


Career skills 97. somthing

Computerized Accounting 96.something

critical thinking 82.22

cost accounting 89. something


  • Sand Snake

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Got my first paycheck in yesterday, so that's a grand straight into my uni emergency savings account.


Also I received my accommodation offer letter and sorted that out so I now have an address in Sheffield! It's all getting very real and very exciting. I still have no idea how much stuff I need to bring, but seeing all your posts above I see lots of people bring loads of things with them! 


ooo exciting! Tip - don't take too much kitchen shit. Two pans and a frying pan, plates/cups/bowls and some cutlery/cooking knives is enough to begin with - when you wanna get more sophisticated with cooking go out and buy it here. I had flatmates in first year who bought their toasty/ice cream/smoothie makers, steak tenderisers, three tiered cake trays and none of it ever got used... :P 


  • stick it to the man

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can't believe i'm leaving home and going to live on my own in a month :o university seems pretty cool so i'm excited for all the things coming up.

and thanks for sharing those links 

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