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The Work Thread

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I feel so bad for those of you who have to get data from customers or sign so many up for credit cards. For these companies to assume that a customer's denial is somehow a reflection of the employee is bullshit. So many things come into play when it comes to getting data or a credit card signup, like economic factors (like if your store caters to a budget-minded shopper), the frequency one shops at the store (i.e., with Angela's example, I go to craft stores occasionally, but I don't think enough to warrant giving them my email. I usually give them a spam-delegated email address, but I doubt that many people do that) or even things like the hours and days you work (if you work shifts where business is light). And hell, what happens when you have people who have signed up for credit cards in the past using them? That should be a good thing, but no, instead that hurts you guys because you can't ask them to sign up for something they already have.


Hell, even at Target, a store my mom and I shop at almost daily, we only have a debit, not a credit card. We just can't deal with credit cards right now for myriad reasons. I just always feel so bad for employees when I'm asked to sign up for cards, because I know why the employees are asking.

Lately I've been signing up for every card when I shop somewhere just to get the 20 percent discount they usually give you if you're approved. :P But now I feel better knowing I've done a good deed for the day for an employee!  :happy: I just pay off the card right after and never use it again.


I don't get it though. Logically, eventually you're going to run out of people to pawn credit card signups on, aren't you? There's only so many people in a given shopping market. Seems very unfair to me to base your employee's worth on their ability to get people to sign up.


Also, I do the spam email thing too. Good old @bgsu.edu email address is finally good for something!


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So I got an email today and she's sending out all my paperwork on Monday. Yay!!


Though she said in the email I have orientation the 24th & 25th... but I told her I couldn't start until the 28th because I have exams on both the 24th and 25th. :pinch: I'm sure it's not an issue and she's just forgotten but slightly frustrating, I'm already anxious for my exams and now having to work this out on top of them... grr!! :P She's out of office until Monday and now I'm going to be worrying all weekend, wish I could help it but I'm an anxious person. :lol:

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