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We're having a photography contest where you guys send in a photo that describes what that time of year means to you. Only one week left to enter.



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For those of you in the US - where does your city land on the list?


Closest to me are Cleveland (30) and Columbus (36). Haven't explored Cleveland's food scene much, but I lived in Columbus for a summer and the Thurmanator burger they reference is literally as big as your head. It's AMAZING. Jeni's ice cream is great and the North Market definitely is cool. I'd say their review hits all the highlights! :happy:


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For those of you in the US - where does your city land on the list?


10 and 8


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last night at the pizza place I saw they had tuna pizza. And I've never had tuna at all, let alone on a pizza, but it looked and sounded good. So I gave it a try. They said it had on it tuna, wasabi, mustard, and salsa. I like all those things so it was all good.


but then it turned out the salsa was actually mango and strawberries? So I had a lovely tuna, wasabi pizza and then they dumped cold fruit on it! Really gross. But I did eat it anyway, I just gave my brother the mango :lol:

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