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  • I used to make great reservations!

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I would never eat rice if I didn't have a rice cooker.  They are so cheap - add rice & water turn it on & come back in 1/2 hour :) Come to think of it we got it for our engagement from a chinese friend & she gave us a wok for our wedding present :lol:

I got a wok for a wedding present too!

Rice is so easy to make in a pot. Just boil the water, throw in the rice and 10 minutes later it's done. Guess it's just what you get used to. :)
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Vancouver is crazy for sushi :P there are probably thousands of Japanese places here. I'm really thankful that my family also loves it so I grew up eating sushi and now I am PRO.


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God too many posts to quote!



Yeah I do eat tempura veggies and any other meat things if I do go to sushi/Korean BBQ :D  I try california rolls or mango rolls but I think there's something about the seaweed I don't like/am not used to yet and same with avocado, the texture bugs me. But I really do want to like them so I eat them anyways and hopefully one day they grow on me.

ALSO OMG RICE. And rice cookers. They are the greatest. I've eaten more rice in the last three years than I've eaten in my whole life because y'know, Rob, Asian etc. It's my go to snack food when I'm at his house and there's nothing else to snack on :P He's got this mystery blend of seasoning that he gets fro his dad and it makes rice fabulous. 



Rob is also an experienced Asian food cooker so sometimes him and one of our friends who's super into cooking will make wontons and spring rolls from scratch, and they've made sushi a few times. Rob folds a million wontons in the time we fold one or two :lol:

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