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The Religion Thread

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...well, how about if someone close to you says it's gonna be different funeral?


And funeral is going to be casual, with black suits and stuff.

Anyone close to me would know I'd want to go out in a way that's awesome, not a way that's socially conventional.

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Bastard of 1969
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Anyone close to me would know I'd want to go out in a way that's awesome, not a way that's socially conventional.

Now you've crushed my argument like Mark Webber his car on Le Mans training.


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This would probably be the Buddhist equivalent of a rap / hip-hop version of the Lord's Prayer. Which means I'd really want this to play at my funeral (although I'm not a really Buddhist).






For comparison, this is how the thing sounds when chanted 'properly'.




If you're into something like hardcore screamo:



And something more punk-ish:



Finally, a gospel version (to the tune of Beethoven's 9th/'Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee'), just for the hell of it.



There you have it - different versions of the Heart Sutra. I'm so going to achieve nirvana.


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I don't really care about ym funeral. I'm gonna be dead, it's not like I'll notice. :P If my family's religious and it comforts them to have my funeral in a church, then fine. That's what funerals are about anyway

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I don't want to help perpetuate religion/support religious institutions so I wouldn't want my funeral to be in a church. Pretty sure all of my close family feels the same about that so it wouldn't be an issue. Other than that I don't care about it since I'll be dead, I'd just hope it was as little hassle and expense to people as possible.

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