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Taylor Swift

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Based from what I heard so far it will be a huge fail.


as far as you're concerned american idiot is a bad album so y'know i'm not going to consider you an authority soz babes xoxo

Steven Seagull

Steven Seagull
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as far as you're concerned american idiot is a bad album so y'know i'm not going to consider you an authority soz babes xoxo

Then explain what is this crap :mellow:


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Then explain what is this crap :mellow:

"Shake It Off" is a song by American recording artist Taylor Swift for her upcoming fifth studio album, 1989. Written by Swift, Max Martin and Shellback, the single, a departure from her signature country pop musical style, is an uptempo pop track instrumented by saxophone. The song premiered during a Yahoo! live stream session on August 18, 2014; its music video was also released the same day. Several hours later, "Shake It Off" was made available for digital download as the lead single from 1989.
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Apparently her next album is meant to be more country. But then again, they also said that about Red, so who knows? :lol:

Came back into this thread and saw this, and wow, that rumour sure was wrong :lol: I'm actually not complaining though, I seriously think this album will be about a million times better than Red, which I actually enjoy. I really like Shake it Off, though I am very sure it will probably end up being the worst song on the album. I'm really excited to hear Bad Blood, which was mentioned in that Rolling Stone article.

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the new single, is so bad. I wish she would return to Speak Now


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Any thoughts on the two new songs since Shake It Off?  Took me a few listens, but I like Out of the Woods.  I'm not a fan yet of Welcome to New York, but it could take time.




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I love Out Of The Woods and I'm starting to like Welcome to New York more every time I listen to it.


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Hmm, I'm not super fond of the new singles but they're catchy enough and I'm sure they'll manage to grow on me after a while.

Really excited to hear the rest!

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