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''Lost in Hollywood'' (System of a Down)

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“Lost in Hollywood” (Daron Malakian / Original Piece)

by: George Gonzalez

“Home. This song is about home.” – Daron Malakian

..and so, with that said; I bring to you not a portrait of the System of a Down guitarist, but a portrait of distorted wonderland dream. This drawing is just a quarter of some of the colors, landscapes, and imagery that I pick up after listening to System of a Down’s latest album, “Mezmorize/Hypnotize”. The album has a lot of reoccurring themes and characters. More then enough, they do refer to “Hollywood” than one might think. The lyrics are very metaphoric, theoretical, and abstract, but the symbolism for “Hollywood” (..or America, or.. the world) is there if you listen close enough.

For those of you who have listened to the record you can see the references in my drawing. There’s “Dreaming”, “Kill Rock ‘N Roll”, “Spiders”, “Hypnotize” and of course “Lost in Hollywood”. But don’t think that’s all I have there, maybe if you look close you can find something more.

Like Vartan Malakian did for the album’s artwork, I tried doing the same. Only what I picked up from the music. This is just some of my things I hear when I listen to the album. This is the more psychological side of the record.

Rest assured, I will do a piece for the more political driven side of the album.

Materials: Pencils (2B, 4B, 8B), Pencil Colors, Acrylics, Pastels, & Pen (Pilot).

Originally Finished April 20th, 2006

Drawing © George Gonzalez

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wow thats freaking awesome what you did there!

I really like the grunge effect and whats coming out of his neck...hehe

really good :thumbsup:

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Wow.. just wow.

I love SOAD so much and this piece of art really captured who they are and what they do. Amazing, amazing, amazing. You are a realllllly great artist and everything you make is so different.. great job!

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