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Billie joe xoxo

eeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyoooooooooo!!! my name is michelle. i live in bayville nj and have loved green day since.....idk forever i guess 😉i curently have 4 guitars and i play them all the time. 

(ps: billis is the most adorable boy i have ever seen😍😍)

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So long without coming here! I'm a lost one. Fuck you and your cruel jokes! 💀Anyway, glad to see that the forum still being active. Miss it, but didn't have the time or humor for it...

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The Blayr

Hi my name is Blayr! I joined a month or two ago and have been stalking the site since September, and I just now found this awesome thread! I'm joining the army soon (I ship June 17) and in the meantime I'm pretty busy with school, so I might not have much of a presence (yet!). But I'll try to be here when I can.

I have been hearing some of the more popular GD songs on the radio since I was little. I have memories of hearing Boulevard of Broken Dreams and Wake Me Up When September Ends when I was like 4 or 5. I first heard American Idiot in 2012 and loved the album so much that I listened to it like 6 more times in a row! It would have been more, but I got busy. Damn it life, why do you have to take me away from Green Day?!? In Junior high, Dookie was my reason to wake up in the morning. My motto was"to me it's nothing" and She and Having a Blast were my shit. On September 16, 2017 I saw Green Day live at the Rose Bowl for the Rev Rad tour and it changed my life. OHMYGOD I'm so blessed and so honored to be a part of the Green Day community. When I turned 18 I bought Kerplunk, Nimrod, Bullet In a Bible, and 21CBD and I love them all! (I also own Dookie and Rev Rad and have been borrowing American Idiot form my dad for like 7 years!). Dookie is the Every Teenager Ever album, but, for me anyway, Kerplunk is a coming-of-age album. It pretty much describes my 18-hood so far 😬

Other than that I'm just an awkward teenager young adult. Who really likes Impractical Jokers. And Green Day. 

Green Day is "the blood that flows through my veins... it's the air that I breath." (I hope I quoted that right?)

Don't hate me pls I haven't heard every Green Day song... Yet! But I love Dead Mermaids especially My Fish!

PS hope I'm not too spammy!

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