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Computer help: I charged my Macbook Pro to 100% last night and turned it off. I woke up this morning and turned it on again, and it said i had 0% and turned off. Does anyone know how my battery could have drained like that? Thanks :)
Dec 22 2012 08:33 PM
  • ChelseaDagger's Photo
    hey, a similar thing happened to me, and it would only work at all if it was plugged in. it always said 0% and needed to be plugged into the charger. had to get a brand new battery, and has worked fine since!
    Dec 22 2012 08:38 PM
  • BJA TC MD's Photo
    It happened to me today and about a week ago too, so it's not consistent. I'm just charging it at te moment and it's fine. I hope I don't have to get a new battery though :/
    Dec 22 2012 09:12 PM
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