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  1. Chelsea831 added a post in a topic Would you like to be kissed by BJ in a Concert?   

    FUCK. YES.
    *Not to sound like a creeper, but this has been one of my goals in life.
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  2. Chelsea831 added a post in a topic Unpopular Green Day Opinions   

    Misery is one of my favorite Green Day songs. (Not sure how unpopular this opinion really is, but I feel like it doesn't get much credit).
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  3. Chelsea831 added a post in a topic Green Day Instagram Photos   

    What's crazy is I lived in Sonoma for four years while I was in high school. Napa was the town over (like, 15 minutes away). And I've totally seen that sign before. Also, those mustard plants are EVERYWHERE in the area. Whenever someone did a photography project for school 90% of us used them as a backdrop, haha. Of course now that I'm moved back to the south bay, one of them comes into town...
    Still cool regardless though!
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  4. Chelsea831 added a post in a topic New BJGuitars.com (Blue replicas) website launched! (lefty Blue inside!)   

    Curse being left handed!! :angry
    But seriously, I'm in LOVE with your guitars. I'll definitely be buying one in the near future. I've always wanted my own Blue
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  5. Chelsea831 added a post in a topic Green Day Instagram Photos   

    I damn near fell out of my seat when I saw his posts on Instagram. I'm so glad he's feeling better!
    Plus, it's going to be so nice to have another show to look forward to.
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  6. Chelsea831 added a post in a topic What is the song "Wild One" about?   

    This. Billie kept saying how this is the "party" record so I feel that interpretation works well. Love makes you do crazy things and sometimes you want to do anything to be with someone, hence drinking the figurative Kool-Aid to be a part of her world. It's impossible to say either way though-I could be 1,000% wrong. Lyrics are always tricky since people interpret them so differently.
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  7. Chelsea831 added a post in a topic Stray Heart music video   

    I really enjoyed the video. Definitely my favorite of the trilogy so far. Liked the literal interpretation of it too. Still undecided on whether the band should have been featured though. I can see why people liked it without them, but still feel they could have been somewhere in the background or incorporated as extras. Either way, I loved it.
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  8. Chelsea831 added a post in a topic ¡DOS! Album   

    I originally thought the same thing, haha! Glad I'm not alone there.
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  9. Chelsea831 added a post in a topic Press Release: December tour canceled; Jan & Feb dates postponed   

    Exactly. That's where most of my anger is coming from right now as well. If I was guaranteed a ticket in the next year or two, then fine. I'm perfectly ok waiting a bit longer. But the fact that I was practically holding the tickets in my hands and now it will never happen is just depressing. I had three computers in front of me to get those. I'm never lucky so I'm fucked the next time around...
    And I could really care less about the early release of Tre.
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  10. Chelsea831 added a post in a topic Green Day Dreams   

    I had the weirdest dream that one of the upcoming shows was rescheduled two weeks early. So long story short I had to ditch class to get a decent spot in line and by the time I got there, it was MILES long. But when I got to the doors, no one had gone inside. Instead, the venue's roof was removed and everything was filled with water-as in the entire building became a giant swimming pool. People were saying there was some sort of force field so you just had to dive under and you could find your spot-but still breathe underwater. I had my phone and nice camera on me, so I refused to get them ruined. So I waited until they finally released all the water and I made a sprint to the barrier. There was random stuff littered on the floor since it had been flooded earlier, like couches, fold-able chairs, and tables, etc. So I managed to prop up a couch against the barrier and sit for awhile until they came on stage. When they finally came out, they all looked sad. They didn't interact with the audience ONCE and they never even made eye contact. It was sort of frustrating so I kept trying to make Tre laugh by doing weird movements but nothing worked. They only played Fell for You, King for a Day and American Idiot and were done. They just walked off without saying anything..everyone looked around like, "This is a cruel joke right?" or "Don't worry, maybe they'll play everything else in the encore". Except it never came. Hours past, and I realized they wouldn't be coming back. So I left feeling confused and a little frustrated. And that was it. When I woke up this morning I got sort of depressed and had to tell someone about it.
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  11. Chelsea831 added a post in a topic Fan participation during tour   


    THIS! Only a handful of people have heard me sing before and that was mostly family and my boyfriend of 7+ years. I absolutely hate singing in front of people, but I have to say singing on stage with them has always been a dream of mine. Just like you said, you might as well make the most of it and belt it out like a pro.
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  12. Chelsea831 added a post in a topic Insomniac's 17th Anniversary   

    I have to say Insomniac is one of, if not my favorite album. Happy birthday!
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  13. Chelsea831 added a post in a topic Kerrang! accepting letters of support for Billie - share them here!   

    Just sent mine in. It was hard getting my feelings into words, but I tried to keep it as short as possible:

    Dear Billie,
    First and foremost, thank you. Words cannot fully express the amount of love and utmost respect I have for you and Green Day as a whole. It's hard to explain how much you've truly meant to me growing up, but I'll do my best. Green Day has become somewhat of a family to me, something I look to for guidance and hope. Like most adolescents, I have had my fair share of dark moments; severe anxiety, depression and destructive thoughts to name a few. But your music helped me through it all. It gave me something to fight for. Everyone has a skeleton in their closet and your lyrics have helped millions cope with that realization. Green Day's fan base has become a community in itself, bringing people together from all over the world and starting friendships that would have otherwise gone unmade. You've literally changed our lives in the most positive way imaginable, and for that-I cannot thank you enough. At this moment in time, we can only hope to return the favor. I wish you nothing but the best on your road to recovery.

    Rage and Love,
    Chelsea Borbeck
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  14. Chelsea831 added a post in a topic Get Well Collab Video.   

    So is it too late to send something in? I'm sad I missed this.
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  15. Chelsea831 added a post in a topic Billie getting treatment for substance abuse.   

    Regardless of why he's in treatment, I really hope he can make a full recovery and start fresh. It's a shame some dates were cancelled but in the end, that's honestly last on our list of things to worry about. I can only imagine how Mike, Tre and his family must be feeling right now and I wish them all the best. There's really not much else to say at this point, so I'm just going to stay positive and hope for recovery.
    We love you Billie!! <3
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