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  1. kaylubd added a comment on a blog entry New "Interests" subforum for Clubs, Your Art/Music, and more   

    Yeah not really feeling this idea. It just seems cumbersome to lump them all together and then click through different pages to reach the one you want. The other way just seemed so much easier.
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  2. kaylubd added a post in a topic On Entitlement and the Big Green Line Between Fan and Band   

    There are so many great points brought up in this thread. I didn't even know about the NiFi situation until now and it's unfortunate that it's unfolding this way. It's one thing to be bummed or upset that your show gets canceled, but I do agree that the band shouldn't be blamed in this case. Similar to Mar, I was bummed about the 99 Revolutions tour being postponed, especially because it was my first GD show. I said show in a chat and someone told me who gives a fuck about your show now? I had to explain that I wanted Billie to get better of course, but I still could be bummed because I didn't know when or if they were rescheduling. I've also had similar experiences that Kay mentioned about certain fans feeling entitled because they went to this many shows or they got into the band at this certain time and anyone else who liked them later is a poser. We're supposed to be a community. When you see someone wearing a Green Day shirt you'd like to think there would be a sense of camaraderie there, like hey we both like this awesome band. That's cool. But instead people get judged and it almost becomes some sort of test to see if their a true fan. It's ridiculous and it's one of the reason I'm not as active in GDC anymore. Not everyone here does it, but I've seen some very negative posts, especially when it comes to concerts and setlists. During their last tour, so many people whined about songs they didn't get to hear and I was thinking, but the concert was still great! Like Kay said, you got to see one of the best live bands out there. They can't play everyone's favorite song, but hopefully you get to see them again and maybe they will! It's really sad to hear about fans harassing Jeff on twitter and what not. He nor the band deserve of any the fire and yeah, it does make the community look bad. Even if no one on GDC is involved, people are just going to think about those who are acting badly and think all Green Day fans are like that.
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  3. kaylubd added a post in a topic I have old bootlegs and single CDs to sell!   

    How much would you want for the Brainstew single shaped like a brain?
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  4. kaylubd added a post in a topic Wanna write for GDA? Send in an application   

    For the samples should we include a photo? Or just the write up?
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  5. kaylubd added a post in a topic 14 new Dookie shirts in the official store - one for each song   

    Ah...what a time to be broke
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  6. kaylubd added a post in a topic Green Day playing House of Blues in Cleveland on April 16th!   

    This is so cool. Wish I could go
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  7. kaylubd added a post in a topic Green Day's Albums worst to first article   

    Finally! I'm not alone! I love those songs! Also, I didn't mind the Trilogy. Yes, it wasn't the band's strongest work and they probably would've been better off doing one album, but I didn't hate it.
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  8. kaylubd added a post in a topic The latest Green Day item you bought   

    I just got this shirt

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  9. kaylubd added a post in a topic *BREAKING NEWS* BILLIE HAS DYED HIS HAIR BLUE   

    I don't care what's going on. He looks good in blue.
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  10. kaylubd added a post in a topic Random Green Day News   

    American Idiot featured on this list:

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  11. kaylubd added a post in a topic The Green Day Fangirls' Confessions Thread   

    I was watching a video and it was talking about taking celebrity crushes to your prom. My gf asked who I would've taken back in high school. My answer: Billie Joe Armstrong. Hell, I would take him now.
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  12. kaylubd added a post in a topic How long did it take you to fall in love with Billie Joe after you discovered Green Day?   

    Probably right after I saw the video for American Idiot
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  13. kaylubd added a post in a topic The latest Green Day item you bought   

    I got my catalog of American Musical Supply with Billie on the cover and I recently got this shirt:

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  14. kaylubd added a post in a topic what green day song depresses you?   

    Wake Me Up When September Ends....I rarely listen to it anymore.
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