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  1. EJN added a post in a topic Billie Joe on the cover of Rolling Stone "The Road Back From Hell"   

    Sorry if someone already said this but I just had this thought. Anyone now interpreting Restless Heart Syndrome a little differently? Perhaps that attack on big pharma contains more personal anger than the song lets on
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  2. EJN added a post in a topic Billie Joe on the cover of Rolling Stone "The Road Back From Hell"   

    I was quite concerned when I heard about this article. I was expecting and looking forward to a brief statement of thanks and maybe even apology but hearing he did a whole article worried me that it would be over the top and disheartening. However, I feel like Davide Fricke and Billie did an incredible job with this interview. It was very candid and sincere and didn't feel like an attempt to make people feel sorry for him or as a tool in a new promotion strategy. It was sad to hear about how long this has been going on for and how much strain it has put the band in. Its crazy to me that I didn't really notice it until immediately preceding iHeart. The way that Jason and Tre left the stage after the meltdown makes a lot of sense now. But hopefully Billie is able to fully heal and is happier and healthier and will make the band feel happier and healthier as well.

    I sill feel somewhat ambivalent about this experience. I still remember how saddened I was when I first heard that BJ was going to rehab for substance abuse. AS other people have said I often don't feel too much sympathy for celebrities who have drug issues, but with Billie I have a soft spot. I am not really sure if I should and I know it doesn't really matter what I think, but those are my reflections.

    On a brighter note, does the idea of a lo-fi rock opera sound awesome to anyone else!? If they could imbue Foxboro sound with Green Day music that would be awesome! And no I don't believe that Dos did that. The Trilogy was far too clean to bear much sound resemblance to he tubbies. But anyways a lo-fi Green Day album sounds pretty awesome to me.
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  3. EJN added a post in a topic Favorite album lyrically?   

    Billie is such a genius lyricist. Every album from Kerplunk through 21CB is amazing in its own way. Picking a favorite is so difficult but I'll say AI because of the wa those lyrics impacted me. But at the same time I would really love to see BJ return to the story-telling song format of Warning. Bob Dylan had an incredible impact on Billie's story creation abilities and while I love the story albums I am hoping he finds his way back to story songs because I don't think he managed it with the Trilogy. But don't get me wrong there are some awesome lyrics in the Trilogy, just not every line of every songs, which is something that Billie is capable of.
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  4. EJN added a post in a topic Unpopular Green Day Opinions   

    Tre is my least favorite album of the Trilogy. Although it has some of my favorites, the reast is just very poor in my opinion namely: 8th Ave Serenade, SD&V, and LBNT. I also think Amanda, Walk Away, DRB, and (fuck me) Missing You are incredibly mediocre most of the time that I listen to them. Also the overproduction of Billie's voice on quite a few Trilogy songs is most prominent on Tre and it really, really bugs me. He doesn't need it.
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  5. EJN added a post in a topic ¡DOS! Album   

    I think it is very interesting that people think Dos is Foxboro 2. I honestly think that Billie did a poor job pitching this album. Yes I hear some Foxboro influences, and I hear some garage influences as well, but in my opinion it is the most varied album (and best of the Trilogy. The only two songs I dislike on this album are Fuck Time and SWTRLF. I agree with many critics who have said that Fuck Time is not nearly as fun as it wants to be, in fact it is quite dark sounding. I understand why it is needed to create the part vibe but I wish they kept this a live-only song. SWTRLF is just very blah to me. I hope it doesn't become a live staple. I really enjoy the rest of the record though.

    The folk of See You Tonight, the alt-rock of lazy bones and wild one (awesome harmonies), the pop of Stray Heart, the blues of Amy, the pop-punk of Ashley, the garage of Lady Cobra, Makeout Party and Wow! That's Loud and the rap of Nightlife make for an interesting mix of many genres.

    I do think that Dos has its shortcomings, the songs don't have a great flow as they do on Uno, and some of the lyrics are a bit weak, and despite being billed as garage rock, it sounds nothing like a raw record, but I still think its a pretty great collection of songs. Although only Nightlife really experiments, I think that Dos shows the band stretching their boundaries in some new directions.

    In response to the many people who say Stray Heart sticks out, I actually feel like its one of the few songs that feels Foxboro-ish on the record as the bounce of the verse reminds me quite a bit of Mother Mary. It does feel like it interrupts the flow, but Drama Queen would have felt much weirder than Stray Heart in this spot on Dos.

    This is my defense of Dos, it is actually the only one I have been listening to for a while, I tend to just pick some songs from the other ones, I do Really enjoy the Trilogy, I just burnt myself out of Uno and dislike a few too many songs on Tre to listen to it front to back. I understand that everyone differs in opinions, but Dos gets so much hate that I felt the need to stick up for it.
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  6. EJN added a post in a topic Any one here disappointed with the newer albums?   

    The way I look at it, American Idiot is just one of those achievements that most great bands have only once or a few times in their career, creating a masterpiece at the proper time for it to be taken in. Some bands never have that great album. Personally I think 21CB has some really great work on it, but also some poor work which I believe was included because a) it fit with the story line, and b) because Green Day may be just a bit too confident in their song writing right now. I was okay with Breakdown because they did push farther and into styles they had never explored, but I also think it os one of their least consistent works. As for the Trilogy, it is hard to speculate which songs would have made it on to just one album, and it would have been no AI, but it would have been a really good collection of songs, an I love the Trilogy as a whole minus a few songs (which some people love), and am glad that they did it. So I would agree that they have not achieved what they did with AI, but I wouldn't say I am disappointed. I think they are trying to figure themselves out right now. Like I said AI was a rare achievement, to put out one of the greatest records of all time, and who knows if they can do that again. As long as tey keep putting out some awesome music, I'll be happy.
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  7. EJN added a post in a topic Experimental Green Day songs   

    The noise collage on Wow That's Loud is something different for Green Day although the song overall isn't that experimental. Also Viva la Gloria (Little Girl) especially the trippy guitar noises in the second verse
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  8. EJN added a post in a topic In which era would you have liked to see Green Day live?   

    I agree with all of them haha

    But I would have loved to see them pre-Dookie when they were inexperienced, Scared shitless and in ridiculously intimate venues. Dookie era would be cool too. But I was incredibly happy to see them during the 21CB tour. Those shows were absolutely incredible. I think that tour might be remembered as their live performance prime, but I shouldn't speak too soon.
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  9. EJN added a post in a topic ¡TRÉ!   

    Very nicely done. Only part that is still a bit sticky to me is that "I fell in love, but it didn't catch your fall" line. But I just had a thought. Perhaps the narrator is not just simply relating to ex-kid, but hoped his own 'growing up' or falling in love, starting a family would lead ex-kid to eventually do the same. Please continue though I very much enjoy your interpretation
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  10. EJN added a post in a topic ¡TRÉ!   

    I know this background but I am understanding how the lyrics fit in more deeply with this story. Lines such as "I fell in love, but it didn't catch your fall." I am trying to interpret the meanings behind these words and how Billie reflected on himself through this event. I absolutely love the song, not even sure why. It gives me chills knowing that story behind it. It is one of the hardest for me to understand though. I enjoy the challenge of grasping such a great song
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  11. EJN added a post in a topic ¡TRÉ!   

    I agree with you on this. I really love the middle section "Julianna Homicide" and "California's Burning" and the Carried Away part is good too but overall the transitions seem a bit forced. It is kind of cool that it is just a crazy mash up but overall not one of my favorite Green Day songs. Also, if I could only hear one of their multi-part suites live it would not be this one, and I think it will be on this next tour
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  12. EJN added a post in a topic ¡TRÉ!   

    In terms of enjoying the song or understanding the message? If the latter, I would like to hear your interpretation because I'm wrestling with its meaning myself right now
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  13. EJN added a post in a topic Green Day lyrics you thought were one thing and eventually turned out to be another   

    Makeout Party I thought it was "dressed to the nines like a blackout size" instead of "dressed to the nine's like a black cat's eyes"
    I kinda like what I heard first better haha
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  14. EJN added a post in a topic ¡TRÉ!   

    Some of the vocal treatments bug me a bit. The chorus of 8th Avenue Serenade and just has way too much reverb or echo and there are a few others that use a similar sound that I am not a big fan of. I'm all for using different vocal treatments when the song calls for it as in the super clean Drama Queen and Sweet 16, and I like the double-tracking and the little delay Billie uses a lot but it overwhelms me on a few of this album's tracks.

    Amanda has been stuck in my head so much! Its not one of the best for me, and I was expecting more lyrical content but its just so damn catchy! Also I love the chorus lyrics!
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