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  1. Elena added a post in a topic Does Billie Joe look scary or mean?   

    no idea whether anyone already mentioned this, but:

    and little kids never lie ;D
    ...but I really wouldn't consider him as scary
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  2. Elena added a post in a topic Help needed for university paper on Green Day   

    1 and mainly
    2. Green Day always tried everything to get the best possibilities to be able to do what they love for the rest of their lives. Back in the Lookout-days they played their heart out in all the small venues and yeah in my opinion their music was punk rock and their lifestyle was punk as well. Signing a major label isn't really the definition of punk, but isn't punk also trying out things no one else does and everyone else hates? They didn't even care what other punks thought about them, so yeah I think that is punk.
    As for Dookie: Definately. If you consider 39/Smooth and Kerplunk! punk I don't see why Dookie shouldn't be punk. Their style continued to be the same, just did they have a lot more possibiities now.
    I know Green Day now say they don't care about whether their music is punk or not - the important thing is that it's good and if you will you can find the punk attitude in there again, but who actually cares? I love their music no matter what genre it actually is and I love the band no matter whether they're punks or not. You can find punk in pretty much everything and also everyone if you search for it, but you'll also find arguments against that as well in the same thing.
    That's what I also think about punk in general. Punk to me also means freedom. Do what you want. Think what you want. Don't care about what you don't want. Try to reach your goals your way and don't care about what others think. Be yourself.

    3. I think it is. Of course for Green Day The Gilman was their home, but it are also the rules - and always have been - that no band from a major label could play there. In my opinion that's also more than okay, because The Gilman was and is there for simply everyone who wants to hang out there and for every punk band that wants to play there. It's all about giving everyone the chance to have a great night or a great gig. If they had allowed bands like Green Day to regularly play there who knows what chance less known bands would have now...probably we'd have a club that's only really filled with people if a famous band plays in there now. Moreover less known bands would probably only get the chance to play as openers or the non-profit rule wouldn't work anymore - if you take it to extremes, of course. Actually, I think it's perfect the way it is now. Green Day still get their chance to play in their old home again from time to time, due to its rarity it's more special and unknown bands get their chance as well.
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  3. Elena added a post in a topic Green Day References   

    yeah probably he didn't start it on time ;D i think i just didn't hear anything wrong cos i've known the mashup already and didn't listen carefully enough
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  4. Elena added a post in a topic Green Day References   

    yeah the guy said that Green Day love to steal from others, but his mash ups are amazing ...and that probably saves his life

    just cos it fits, i guess...

    it's actually one of his old mash ups

    Edit: yaaaay..my 4,000th post
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  5. Elena added a post in a topic Hall of Fame Concert Songs   

    three songs from different times would be great, so i'd say:

    1. Who Wrote Holden Caulfield: it would be great if they played a song from Kerplunk!. cos that's from their Lookout days and also one of the reasons why they got a chance to sign to a major label...my two favorites of Kerplunk! are Christie Road and Who Wrote Holden Caulfield and i'd take Who Wrote Holden Caulfield since that's Billie's favorite of that album if i remember correctly (and i like it a bit more) and the song is just about so much..i just love it

    2. She's A Rebel: as the second song i think it would just perfectly fit to take a song of one of their most popular albums, so either Dookie or American Idiot. i just prefer American Idiot, cos it's a concept album and i just love the story - it also influenced a lot of us and helped a lot of us cope with certain things (not that Dookie hasn't done that, but it just doesn't have a story going through all songs), but that's really a matter of taste. i chose She's A Rebel because Jesus Of Suburbia - the song that was chosen as a favorite here on the forum a few years ago - is probably too long and they've already played Letterbomb. plus, i gotta confess that i just can't hear some of the songs anymore, i want something different. She's A Rebel would be perfect, cos it's a kickass fast punk rock song and just totally fits the topic of rock n roll ...moreover without this song we wouldn't have the cover - the heartgrenade.

    3. Stay The Night or Carpe Diem: as a third song something new would be cool. the first song that came to mind here was actually Oh Love. it's damn catchy - especially when played live, but at the same time i just can't hear it anymore Stay The Night is also pretty catchy and Carpe Diem as well...i just can''t decide between those two while the topics mentioned in the songs are different topics, of course, i think it would be great to hear the lines "so stay the night, i don't wanna say goodbye" or "Carpe Diem, a battle cry" etc at the end of their performance at this event

    ....just one thing that this setlist would lack is a song everyone knows, so maybe as a second song American Idiot would be great, too, or maybe When I Come Around off Dookie, cos Dookie was their first totally successful album and When I Come Around was the most popular...

    ....so yeah....i guess we all realize that Green Day just have too many great songs they could choose
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  6. Elena added a post in a topic More to Speculate - Who Inducts Them?   

    dammit...didn't check that, sorry but thanks for telling me, that's pretty awesome, too
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  7. Elena added a post in a topic More to Speculate - Who Inducts Them?   

    oh yeah..cos he'd totally do it

    ...naw but the sad thing is that i think he'd actually REALLY do it if he gets enough money for that and if you tell him that he gets a greater reputation when he does it and says something nice about Green Day that day



    ...not that it happens

    so true, that would be awesome! especially Joey Ramone..he was just awesome

    Remember that photo Billie and Paul McCartney did? I totally loved that photo and from that moment on i've always wondered what Paul's thought about Green Day was...would be awesome if he did it, but i highly doubt it
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  8. Elena added a post in a topic Green Day inducted into the Hall Of Fame   

    as some said: HBO...plus there'll most probably be videos of the important parts on youtube some time afterwards for those who can't see it on HBO
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  9. Elena added a post in a topic Green Day inducted into the Hall Of Fame   

    wooooooow...i just checked the newest posts on instagram yesterday and one of the first posts (of a fan) said that Green Day were inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame...i read it twice to be sure that i understood it correctly afterwards i scrolled down and saw some posts of the band itself and just started to scream and laugh and was so damn happy ...and i was shopping btw so yeaah some people did stare at me, i guess...i'm just not quite sure, cos i didn't care for that at all the rest of the day totally sucked, so the first thing i said (after "Mommy, mommy...Green Day are in the rock n roll hall of fame!!") was "finally something positive this day!!!" so thanks to everyone who voted for them, cos you're the reason why i almost got a heart attack - but in a positive way and (if you read this) thanks to Green Day for being so awesome and CONGRATULATIONS!!!
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  10. Elena added a post in a topic Billie Joe Armstrong and Joey Armstrong record 'Turn Me On' for The Shrives   

    hehe who knows

    aw yeah, that song is awesome!
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  11. Elena added a post in a topic Billie Joe Armstrong and Joey Armstrong record 'Turn Me On' for The Shrives   


    yeah i totally agree on that ...and sometimes easier is better
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  12. Elena added a post in a topic Billie Joe Armstrong and Joey Armstrong record 'Turn Me On' for The Shrives   

    ...and he once played it at a show i've been at and he played it right in front of me and that was one of the greatest things ever...he's amazing on the bass (okay, maybe i was just too high to recognize how he actually plays but in my memory it's been great )
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  13. Elena added a post in a topic Billie Joe a co-chair for the New York Stage and Film's Winter Gala November 16, New York City   

    yeaah...wondered about that as well

    exactly my thought!

    oh my god, best fucking idea ever!! that would be awesome ...and maybe a little kiss at the end?

    NPH and BJA together is just a dream!
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  14. Elena added a post in a topic Billie Joe Armstrong and Joey Armstrong record 'Turn Me On' for The Shrives   

    i don't know whether Josh is even able to play the bass ...and imo it's cool to hear Billie on the bass for once i actually love it when he plays bass, he's an awesome bassist
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  15. Elena added a post in a topic Billie Joe Armstrong and Joey Armstrong record 'Turn Me On' for The Shrives   

    he's a good bassist as well, though and it's not his album...i guess they just neededa bassist and asked Billie to do it or Billie said he'd do it, idk...it's just that Matt's instrument's the guitar ...and Josh's as well....Josh wouldn't have a job if Billie was the guitarist and backing vocalist but yeah would've been cool as well
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