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  1. Varda. added a comment on a blog entry New "Interests" subforum for Clubs, Your Art/Music, and more   

    I didn't even realize that there was a change. and It doesn't really bother me 
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  2. Varda. added a comment on a blog entry GDC has been upgraded to 4.0!   

    the embedded yt video thingy is huge now, any way to make it smaller? 
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  3. Varda. added a comment on a blog entry GDC has been upgraded to 4.0!   

    Mobile version is not working properly on my phone. my phone does not crash but I can only see the gd topics, musicians lounge, shenanigans and the music and games section. on both themes. anyone else having this problem? 
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  4. Varda. added a post in a topic Awesome Songs which Don't Appear on Set Lists   

    Desensitized. I love that song. Did they ever play this live?
    and scattered <3
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  5. Varda. added a post in a topic Random Green Day Thoughts   

    My Random Green Day Thought that came up while reading your post:
    The Triology is already three years old? omg time runs.
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  6. Varda. added a post in a topic Brandon Flowers labels the Killers as the best band of the last 15 years   

    I wonder when people learn that quality does not equal with popularity^^
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  7. Varda. added a post in a topic Announcement or trolling?   

    tumblr is like the most reliable source ever wishful thinkin
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  8. Varda. added a post in a topic Green Day playing House of Blues in Cleveland on April 16th!   

    I just wanted to write the same
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  9. Varda. added a comment on a blog entry First Listen Review: Endless Forms Most Beautiful - Nightwish   

    I'm really getting into Endless forms right now, I love the middle part

    my least favorite is still Yours is an empty hope because I can't deal with that the guitar riff is almost exactly the same as in dark chest of wonders.

    and I love The greatest show on earth so much it's an incredible song <3
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  10. Varda. added a blog entry in Moments   

    First Listen Review: Endless Forms Most Beautiful - Nightwish
    Tuomas Holopainen I love you.

    So that's it. I got nothing more to say.

    But seriously.
    Today is the release date for my most anticipated album of 2015: Endless Forms most Beautiful by Nightwish. I discovered this band in Fall 2011 shortly before Imagninaerum was released. And three exciting years passed between Imaginaerum and Endless Forms Most Beautiful. Meanwhile Anette left, Floor came, a new live-album was released and Tuomas Holopainen realized his solo project "The life and times of Scrooge" (my most listened album 2014 btw). So the waiting for the new album was all but boring.

    And there we go, yesterday I preodered the album on amazon because my visit at every cd store in my city was without success (somtimes they have the album in the stores one day before release day but not yesterday). So I followed an impulse and preordered it last minute. And since midnight I was hitting the refresh button on my browser page until amzon released the mp3-download. and then, 40 minutes after midnight the journey began.

    I started listening to the album and I was so excited but my excitement turned into disappointment after the second song was over and I stopped the music after the 7th. This was not what I expected. Not at all.

    But this afternoon after finishing my assignment for university I tried again.

    I'm going to describe every song with one word, after having listened to the whole album in total 2 times and the greatest show on earth 4 times

    1. Shudder before the beautiful: amazing
    2. Weak fantasy: awesome
    3: Elan: Good
    4. Yours is an empty hope: meh
    5. Our Decades in the Sun: tears
    6. My Walden: beautiful
    7. Endless Forms Most Beautiful: good
    8. Edema Ruh: Calm
    9. Alpenglow: wonderful
    10. The eyes of Sharbat Gula: I don't know yet
    11. The greatest Show on Earth: thisisfuckingamazingoneofthebestsongstuomaseverwrotetogetherwithghostlovescoreandthepoetandthependulum

    Floor does a decent job, marco and troy have to sing more, tuomas plays piano so wonderfully <3

    And now I'm gonna listen to this album over and over again. Goodbye world, goodbye social life.

    Edit: and still, Imaginaerum is above all.

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  11. Varda. added a comment on a blog entry What to do with "Musicians' Lounge"?   

    they should post their work in the blogs like all the writers do?
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  12. Varda. added a comment on a blog entry Paganfest - 3/19 Rockfabrik Ludwigsburg   

    thanks for your comment howi

    no there weren't any punk rock bands and I haven't benn to a punkrock show since 2013 because all punk bands I like are not touring a the moment
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  13. Varda. added a blog entry in Moments   

    Paganfest - 3/19 Rockfabrik Ludwigsburg
    Yesterday I've been to "Paganfest" a small festival tour through germany and it was fucking amazing! 5 bands played for 5 1/2 hours and every single band was fucking good. But let's start from the beginning with

    These guys were really good, I was surprised because I didn't expect anything but after the 2nd/3rd songs the first two rows (i was standing in the second row, right in front of the singer) were all headbanging. The only thing that wasn't that good is the sound and that there were not so many people in the club because they started their show at 6.30pm

    These guys fucking rocked. They are a black metal band and I really had fun during their show. Especially when the singer jumped off the stage and then was suddently standing next to me and I didn't know the lyrics. and then told a few people to go up on stage and it was really fun. I love club shows.

    This band is from Netherlands and they were singing their songs in dutch which sounded really funny but it was a nice show, everyone was headbanging like crazy and jumping up and down and singing along because there were a lot of fans of this band in the crowd.

    Battle Metal from Finland. This says basically all. These guys just were as good as the other bands, I didn't know any of their songs but I had so much fun because a guy who was standing behind me was going crazy and we both were all the time jumping and headbanging.

    When a good friend of mine showed me "When time fades away" the intro song of Wintersun's second album Time I, I was blown away because the music was so awesome and from this moment I wanted to see these guys live. That happened three years ago and yesterday my dream finally came true. And it was fucking amazing. It was wonderful.
    Their intro song of the show was (as I hoped) "when time fades away" and I almost cried when that song started and around me all people were going crazy and started clapping and the guy I was talking about was now standing next to me and we both had tears in our eyes because it was so touching. and then Wintersun entered the stage and they started playing "Sons of winter and stars" everyone was going really crazy. Jari (the singer) is a god. During the whole show there were almost none crowd interaction and the thing is that Wintersun does not need something like that.
    The only thing jari had to do was lifting his hands and shouting "hey" one or two time and then the whole crowd started cheering.
    The best thing was that they played the whole Time I album, and this is a dream coming true because I just LOVE this album.
    They played around 1 1/2 hours and the time flew by and it was over so fast. I could listen to this band for ages.
    I wish I could turn back time because this evening was so fucking awesome.

    WIntersun also played a new song, according to a setlist someone posted on facebook the song is called "Forest" and the style and melodies of the orchestral parts were very similar to the style of the ones on the Time I album so I really hope Forest will be on the Time II album. And the funny thing is that the show yesterday was the tourstart of "Paganfest" so I was one of the persons who had the chance to listen to this song the first and it's a really good song.
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  14. Varda. added a post in a topic Green Day inducted into the Hall Of Fame   

    Fall out boy? what do they have to do with gd?
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  15. Varda. added a blog entry in Moments   

    Review: Beyond the Red Mirror - Blind Guardian
    Finally I have the time to write about it. The one and only album at the moment, i play it on repeat for over 3 weeks now and it hasn’t lost any of it’s magic. It's the new album by blind guardian called beyond the red mirror I'm talking about. Blind Guardian are a Speed/Power Metal Band and one of the best at the moment (at least in my opinion). chronologically it’s the follow up of their 9th studio album „At the edge of time“ but the album itself tells the story of the main character of their 5th studio album which was released 1995.

    The album is complex, it’s really really complex. there is not the typical song structure the most of you are used to. there is a thing like a chorus but no verses because the melodies of the verses changes after every chours and there are a lot of awesome and fast guitar solos. so you have to take time and really listen to it. and a lot of fans didn’t like it at first but you really have to listen to it like 30-40 times in a row to recognize the power and beauty of these melodies.

    And it’s bombastic, If you like nightwish or/and wintersun then you’ll love it, I guarantee it. Furthermore this is the best concept album I've ever heard, because it really tells the story with the music, the lyrics and the music work perfectly together. Also the artwork of the album supports the story telling, it has beautifully drawn picutes of the 9 gods and I really like the colour scheme

    my original plan was it to write my opinion down for every song on this cd but it would be too long so I only write about my die-hard favorites which are more then the half of the songs on this album

    The ninth wave (9.30 minutes)- this is the opener and the first two minutes give me chills everytime because I love the way the intro builds up. First there are only choirs, then the drums, then another choir then the guitar then more orchestra and then hansi kürsch, the singer of this wonderful band, sets in. and after this two minutes it’s blind guardian how you know them and how you love them. and the middle part where the two guitarists play two wonderful solos at the same time, this is musical skill on a really high level.

    Twilight of the gods (4.50 minutes) – this was the single which was released before the album and when I heard it the first time when it came out I was a little bit disappointed but my former disappointment is now replaced with love and love and guess what? – yes you’re right – love. I fucking love this song the chorus kicks ass and the guitar solos are badass.

    At the edge of time (6.55 minutes)– this is one of my favorites. this song is as the rest of this magnificent album, pure art. every second every single note every single line has its reason. and this chorus is so epic I don’t have the words for it. the vibe of this song is dramatic, it’s all or nothing our hero, our protagonist has to decide if he breaks through the mirror in another world to save his.

    Distant memories (bonus track)(5.55 minutes) – I really like the bridge and I really like this desperate vibe of this song, I can’t really explan it I don’t have the words. Here the orchestra and the guitars are perfectly complementing on another and there are a few lines that fill my eyes with tears because it’s so beautiful. it’s not a ballad but not really a fast speed metal song, it’s more progressive metal.

    The holy grail.(6.00 minutes) this chorus is good, it’s awesome it’s one of the best melodies I’ve every heard. Our hero fights at the battlefield the final battle and the only thing I want to do while listening to this song is to fight with him. It’s a really fast and a very powerful song (in my opinion the most powerful song on this album) and I can’t wait to hear this one live. Together with at the edge of time and grand parade the holy grail is the die hard number one of my favorite songs right now.

    Miracle machine (3.00 minutes)– When I listened to the album the first time this song really suprised me. it’s a really beautiful three minute piano ballad and it leaves you desperate and speechless. desperate because this is the moment where our protagonist lost all of his hope and calls for a miracle to complete his quest to fight the evil gods. and it leaves you speechless because hansi shows that he can sing. he sings this song in such a perfect voice, it’s strong and tender at the same, this song and this vocie gives me chills every time and I had tears in my eyes when I first heard it

    Grand parade (9.30 minutes) – this is the song of the album. the one and only. the best song blind guardian ever wrote according to andré olbrich (the lead guitarist and the one who writes the songs together with hansi kürsch who is the lead singer). and I totally agree with him. this song has everything the album contains but packed in one single piece of art. the orchestra and the guitar parts are magnificent, amazing. and the chorus is wondeful. it’s epic, it’s bombastic, it’s just good. no it’s more than good, it’s perfect. this song is pure perfection and the part from 6:30 to the end is the. best. thing. i’ve. ever. heard. in my. entire. life.

    and these are the songs you really must listen to: at the edge of time, the holy grail, grand parade

    and to make it easier for you here is the thing. have fun

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