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Paul McCartney

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  1. Paul McCartney added a post in a topic Idiot Club Exclusive: Q&A with Billie Joe   

    Just submitted my question.
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  2. Paul McCartney added a blog entry in sbsp129's Blog   

    Ever wonder
    Ever wonder what happens in life? Is life a cracked up like you want it to be?
    Those are some things I wonder about in life. I live a very tough life sometimes. I have emotional issues, and I think that life is not what I expect it to be. There are lot of times I wish I was someone else and living somewhere else. But after having some hugs and love, I realize that there are people who really care about me.
    The most important rule to remember is IALAC. That means I am lovable and capable, because sometimes TLC doesn't work. But the more love I get the better life can be. Love is a great thing for people. Another thing to do is to think about the people who helped us along the way. The more we learn about love, the more we learn about ourselves.
    That's my simple philosophy in life.
    Thanks for reading.
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  3. Paul McCartney added a blog entry in sbsp129's Blog   

    Time for summer
    Today I am currently in summer vacation. It was a hard semester, but I did it. Here are some plans for the upcoming break.
    I'm going to try to do that rock camp thing I did last summer. I really enjoyed it. I loved playing guitar with the band. I hope to do it again this year.
    I also want to do some reading this summer. I got two books on my kindle. Both books are based on movies. I plan to read both books, then watch the movies online.
    Another thing I want to do is go swimming. We are going to join the town pool. I want to do the lain swim.
    Also I am going to try new things. I want to do artwork or blogs. I also want to do some crafts, and bring back doing things I love.
    If all goes well this summer, I might be able to get my nose pierced. I've been wanting to get it done for a really long time. Maybe if I'm so good, it will finally be done.
    Anyway this is what I plan to do this summer. I hope to accomplish a lot of things this summer, as well as preparing for the next year in college.
    Thank you.
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  4. Paul McCartney added a post in a topic Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Jason White's guitars   

    here's Jason with one of my favorite guitars

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  5. Paul McCartney added a post in a topic Where should Green Day go on 99 Revolutions North America Leg 2   

    Somewhere in New Jersey or anywhere near me.
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  6. Paul McCartney added a post in a topic Billie Joe on new Lonely Island album   

    Can't wait to hear the song.
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  7. Paul McCartney added a post in a topic Guitar   

    Going to restart guitar lessons next month.
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  8. Paul McCartney added a post in a topic 21st Century Breakdown vs The Trilogy   

    I liked 21st Century Breakdown over the trilogy because they had better songs.
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  9. Paul McCartney added a post in a topic pour in some love dudes..He is 41! :) (This is a spam thread, also. Cheers)   

    3000th post
    and hi everyone.
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  10. Paul McCartney added a post in a topic New GDA Sticker ideas   

    That's sounds like a good idea.
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  11. Paul McCartney added a topic in Green Day Chat   

    Idiot Nation Q&A with Jason Freese
    for idiot club members, submit your questions for Jason Freese. Deadline is May 15th.
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