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  1. Hedwig added a comment on a blog entry Rasism, Fascism, Homophobia & Human rights.   

    I'm pretty much as upset as you are, but this by itself isn't that huge. If it was only Sweden it would barely matter. SD got two seats in the parliament, yes, but that's nothing to, say, Front National. Sweden by itself won't change shit in the EU, and the EU doesn't even have power over most of the issues you're mentioning. The big problem isn't SD, but the general right-wing extremism that's all around Europe. Europe's having huge issues, but SD is just a tiny piece of the puzzle.
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  2. Hedwig added a post in a topic Random Green Day News   

    This is a bit old now and I'm not sure if it's been mentioned, but apparently the Malmö Opera and Music Theatre in Sweden will be setting up a version of the AI musical next year. This will be the first time it's been played in Scandinavia.

    Source. (In Swedish, sorry)

    I though this musical stuff was over, but still. fun~
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  3. Hedwig added a post in a topic Today is the 3rd anniversary of "Awesome As Fuck"   

    Whaaat three years. Can't decide whether it feels like ages ago or yesterday

    I'm going to stand by AAF album > BIAB album but BIAB dvd > AAF dvd. Mostly because nothing peculiar happens in AAF so I get a bit bored by watching it, but it has a bigger variety of songs than BIAB so it's more fun to listen to.

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  4. Hedwig added a post in a topic Green Day Q&A Thread   

    I came across this on tumblr, does anyone know if it's a thing or have a source for it?

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  5. Hedwig added a post in a topic Things Only Green Day Fans Will Understand   

    No it's not? It might have sold more copies, but that was ten years ago and the definition of popular is "current mainstream-ness", so AI is way more popular.
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  6. Hedwig added a post in a topic Lyrics That Still Make No Sense to You   

    Oh. Now I get it. Thank you.
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  7. Hedwig added a post in a topic Lyrics That Still Make No Sense to You   

    Can I just ask you to explain what that phrase means? I really don't get it.
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  8. Hedwig added a post in a topic New podcast: Dirty Rotten Bastards coming August 1st. Listen to a preview   

    Yess. I really love your humor and I can't wait for this
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  9. Hedwig added a post in a topic Round 3: Best Green Day guitar solos   

    Still doesn't work in Firefox (using XP) for me. I'll have to get on another computer or download Chrome tomorrow maybe.
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  10. Hedwig added a post in a topic Best Green Day Guitar Solo: Round 2   

    That solo is epic. Really. I usually skip the song because I find it boring overall, but the solo is pure awesomeness. I sometimes listen to the song just for the solo.
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  11. Hedwig added a post in a topic Green Day Tweets   

    He said the number was fake though.
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  12. Hedwig added a post in a topic Idiot Club Exclusive: Q&A with Billie Joe   

    I have a code thingy from the box set, debating whether to use it. Someone convince me.
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  13. Hedwig added a post in a topic Lyrics That Still Make No Sense to You   

    What? The fast part of Dirty Rotten Bastards. Or what was the question?
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  14. Hedwig added a post in a topic Lyrics That Still Make No Sense to You   

    I think you're looking too much into it. Plus Billie isn't JoS, even though it all "came from him", JoS is a fictional character. And I doubt Billie would call himself "Jesus" (without the "of" or anything), it just doesn't sound like something he would do.

    I'd say "Jesus" in this context is either religion, the obvious, or something else that you can rely on and feel secure with. "Venus" would be another world, something completely different, if not the opposite, from the "secure home" type of thing that "Jesus" represents. Something wild and crazy or something unknown. So basically she decided to explore new things instead of sticking to something known.

    My two cents.
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  15. Hedwig added a post in a topic "After The Disappointment of "Uno!, Dos!, Tre!" has Green Day Lost Some of Their Popularity?"   

    The trilogy was begging to be a flop in the sense they mean. Three records in a row is way too much for an average listener to buy. The current mainstream musical styles are as far from Green Day's they can get. They've done almost no interviews or media appearances in the last year. Of course there was no way for the trilogy to become the new American Idiot. And of course you'll see it as a failure if you only care for the album sales and the amount of play time on the most popular radio stations.

    But Green Day just filled Emirates. They have just recently started their tour and they are going steady. At least over here, people are talking about them. Billie is ok and they have just put out the one work that has been the biggest risk to take so far. They seem to be having fun.

    I still believe they know what they're doing.
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