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  1. Hege added a post in a topic GDA Merch Ideas   

    I'd love a GDC t-shirt. It would be a great way to meet other GDC'ers in line for shows. I'm thinking a plain black or white t-shirt with the logo, and maybe a "Hello my username is ......" field on it, where you could write your name with a textile/waterproof marker.

    Another idea is "Hello my username is" stickers, that you could stick to your t-shirt when going to a show. They could have the GDC logo on them and maybe some trilogy artwork background (if that is allowed), making them different from the standard "Hello my name is" stickers.
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  2. Hege added a post in a topic Green Day Secret Show in Milano   

    Like WorryRock replied, the video is not complete and there seems to be no recordings of this. I would have had a short recording if it wasn't for being too distracted, and somehow turning the recording on and then right off again.

    Stop Drop and Roll was the last song
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  3. Hege added a post in a topic Green Day - Live Transmission - Netherland - 16.06.2013!   

    Does anyone know what this means?

    3voor12 ‏@3voor12 10m
    Green Day niet live: wel grote kans dat show met vertraging (na terugkijken) wel mag worden uitgezonden via http://3voor12.vpro.nl #pp13
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  4. Hege added a post in a topic Missing You (debut live performance)   

    Was so stoked to hear this live!
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  5. Hege added a post in a topic Green Day Secret Show in Milano   

    Kinda late to the party, but I was there! I still can't believe it. My friend and I decided to travel to Milano two days before the Green Day arena show because we wanted to see the Prima Donna show too. We got to the venue late as we arrived the same evening, paid 15 euros for the membership to the club to get in, sat in the bar and waited for the show to start, and Tre walks in. At this point we just thought he was there to see his friends. A little later, Jeff and Jason shows up too, and then Mike and Billie. We went inside to watch Prima Donna and we still thought they might only be there to see their friends play, although hopes were building up for something more...

    So, huge surprise when Kevin, after PD's amazing set, announces that they want to bring some friends on stage. We thought we were in for a song or two, and got 15! Including a FBHT song! I'm still amazed. It just can't get better than that. A real surprise show! Seriously feel like the luckiest person in the world.

    Billie said "We are the Foxboro Hot Tubs" before going into Stop Drop and Roll.

    One of the few photos I took seems to have drifted around the Internet (the one of Mike)

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  6. Hege added a post in a topic Mike interview with Finnish radio   

    That was a great interview. Loved the part where he talked about fans creating lifelong friendships across the world because of them, so true <3
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  7. Hege added a comment on a blog entry Help GDC - Send us your money   

    This place has given me so many new friends, which I'm forever grateful for, so donating a little here and there is totally in it's place
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  8. Hege added a post in a topic Idiot Nation   

    Exactly, it is a fair way And a great way for those lucky winners (I won in Oslo last tour, first time on the barricade!)
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  9. Hege added a post in a topic Idiot Nation   

    I hope they will do early entry contests again, like they did for Europe tour 2011. About 25 people won, from what I remember, and each got to bring a friend. Must be easier to handle a small amount of people at the bigger shows, than allowing all IN members or IN ticketholders to get early entry.
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  10. Hege added a post in a topic ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, ¡Tre! Box Set   

    Well I finally received Tre today! Ridiculously late.
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  11. Hege added a post in a topic US rescheduled tour dates, Ticketmaster cancellation claims, and messages from venues   

    I just messaged you on FB, and now of course I see here that we are thinking the same again. Except Canada. Check your FB! There is one huge problem though, tickets!
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  12. Hege added a post in a topic Green Day Random News   

    I completely adore that you're recording it on cassette.
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  13. Hege added a post in a topic Billie Joe in 'This is 40'   

    [ spoiler ] [ / spoiler ] without spaces

    I found that quite funny too! And remembered him telling Lydverket they always bring a poster of Gorgoroth on tour
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  14. Hege added a post in a topic Are Green Day mentioned in any songs?   

    They're mentioned at about 0:45 in The Copyrights' Planet Earth Nineteen-Ninety-Four

    1994, fucked up on listerine
    Smoked anything we got our hands on
    Loved anyone we got our lips on
    Made excuses to not like Green Day
    But we wore the tape out anyway
    What our friends don't know won't hurt them
    Of course they were doing the same thing

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  15. Hege added a post in a topic ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, ¡Tre! Box Set   

    Impatiently waiting for Tre.... Uno was 10 days late, Dos was 17 days late.Tre is winning! Unbelievable!
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