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  1. RosalieLockhart added a topic in Green Day Chat   

    ...Just kidding guys. I am kinda new to this, made the account like a year ago but haven't used it So if I'm posting this in the wrong place do let me know! Does anybody know if the lads are making any more tour dates in Europe (hint hint - like Ireland?). Of course Billie Joe's well being is priority and I hope he can get better. God knows I still very much enjoyed his rant at the iHeart Radio Festival because little shits like Justin Bieber are SO BELOW Green Day it's not even true.. But anyway, if anyone has any ideas about the tour let me know. Also, I know this is gonna sound silly but someone please tell me the name of the actor in 'Stray Heart' because OOFT he is fine. Obviously not as beautiful as Billie and the boys, but dayum.

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  2. RosalieLockhart added a post in a topic Awesome as Fuck   

    If there was a DVD with it that would be FANTASTTICC, as they say on the track list that their using "Holiday" as played in Dublin on it! I was theree, hope I see myself muahaha!
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