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  1. AwePuppy added a comment on a blog entry Doctor Who Cosplay outfit   

    i bought mine at goodwill lol 15 dollars total to make mine, fez was 4
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  2. AwePuppy added a comment on a blog entry New changes on GDC   

    i like it so far, but in the chat when you post a link, the link is the same color as the rest of the font so people are getting confused if its an actual link until they move the mouse over it, because its no longer a different color.
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  3. AwePuppy added a post in a topic US rescheduled tour dates, Ticketmaster cancellation claims, and messages from venues   

    maybe there will be a surprise and the cancelled tour dates will also be rescheduled ... one can hope lol
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  4. AwePuppy added a post in a topic Press Release: December tour canceled; Jan & Feb dates postponed   

    I got an email from ticketmaster saying that the concert I was gonna go to November 27th 2012 was not cancelled and was postponed. I emailed ticketmaster and provided them with information from greenday.com that they 2012 dates are cancelled and will be refunded, but ticketmaster emailed me back saying that the information they have officially received says that the concert is postponed and tickets will be honored at a later date and not refunded..... Anyone else having this issue? Is green day gonna surprise those with 2012 tickets with the shows?
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  5. AwePuppy added a comment on a blog entry Billie Joe Armstrong Drawing - Final   

    2 years later AND ITS DONE NICE!!!!!!
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  6. AwePuppy added a post in a topic Show in Austin, TX tonight at Red7   

    he wanted to yell at all the republicans and george bush lol jk.... well who knows
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  7. AwePuppy added a post in a topic Green Day dreams   

    i had a dream where i was just driving around then i almost ran tre over then he hopped into my car with a bag of money and told me drive since he just robbed a bank lol then the cops finally got us and we were then put into jail and billie came to bail tre out and tre told him to bail me out too since he got me in the middle of everything lol so then billie drives us to a concert they are almost late for and mike was like WHAT THE HELL DUDES as tre tells the story then mike felt sorry for me for being in this mess but i was like lol its alright haha, so they let me tour with them to see how production all worked and stuff and i was a band set up crew person as a sorry for getting me in jail thing from tre....... crazy deam
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  8. AwePuppy added a post in a topic Did Green Day change your musical taste?   

    i use to listen to rap and r&b and like some 80s music thanks to my parents but then i would listen to the radio and found i like rock better but the old good charlotte changed my music likes then i liked blink 182 then i discovered green day songs i liked for a while but never knew that the band who wrote them was green day lol
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  9. AwePuppy added a post in a topic Weirdest place you've heard a green day song being played?   

    weirdest place for me would be at a jewelry store, american idiot was playing and i was like lol umm alright haha
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  10. AwePuppy added a post in a topic If you could go to a Green Day halloween party...?   

    i would totally be the bubba gump shrimp too! lol or st.jimmy
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  11. AwePuppy added a post in a topic Why do you admire Billie Joe Armstrong?   

    hes awesome and dont give a shit about what he does or do and if people like him they like him and he speaks his mind and it make me realize i should be like that and just be myself lol and i had been so far and enjoying life a lot better now
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  12. AwePuppy added a post in a topic You know you're addicted to green day when...   

    when your room is decorated inch to inch of green day stuff lol (friend of mine room is like this)
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  13. AwePuppy added a post in a topic Listening to Green Day?   

    i listen to green day when i drive lol kind of sets the move for me when i am dodging traffic haha like the international super hits, american idiot, or 21st centruy breakdown cd (since they still work and dont skip like the others) lol i have listen to longview while in longview washington
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  14. AwePuppy added a post in a topic Songs You Wish Were Played LESS   

    21 guns, not really one of my favorites
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  15. AwePuppy added a post in a topic Billie Joe to star in new episode of Nurse Jackie   

    how often is this show on? i never heard of it, is it like on fox?
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