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  1. Cat C added a post in a topic Tour Reminiscing Thread   

    Honestly, all that "Green Day 15" picture got me excited about was another tour. I missed every Trilogy gig for one reason or another. The only time I've ever got to see them live was in 2009 on the 21CB tour, and it absolutely blew my mind. Cannot wait to replicate that experience.

    One of the best things I remember about it was the crowd. Part of being a diehard fan means that you already kind of know when Billie's going to shout "hey oh!", or what's gonna happen after they lay on the floor during King for a Day, so I didn't expect to be surprised. And by the band, I wasn't. What surprised me was the audience - it was like someone had picked the most random assortment of people they could possibly think of and thrown us into the arena. I've never been to a concert with a more varied fanbase. Teenagers, middle-aged men with Dookie shirts, tiny little kids with their parents dressed like Billie Joe. It was amazing to see how one band brought together so many people from different walks of life. I felt like I was part of something really special.
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  2. Cat C added a post in a topic Billie Joe posts intriguing photo on Instagram   

    Green Day, "Solid Brass". It's got a nice ring to it.
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  3. Cat C added a comment on a blog entry "Roses and Thorns" (lyrics)   

    Nice. Really tells a story.
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  4. Cat C added a comment on a blog entry El Monja Blanca   

    Thank you. Apparently not... I had it as "La" for a while until a kind Spanish person corrected me!
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  5. Cat C added a comment on a blog entry El Monja Blanca   

    Haha, seriously? Get it copyrighted before I come for the rest of your work!

    Thank you. Do you reckon it'd be better to cut out the last 2 stanzas? They were a chore. Basically, I needed to reach a certain word count and lost my inspiration after the 6th. The 3rd could probably go, too.
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  6. Cat C added a blog entry in Hell for Leather   

    El Monja Blanca
    Last year I studied a module at university called "transformative writing". Basically, you found inspiration in a piece of art, film, or literature and "transformed" it into an entirely new piece of writing. You could watch an episode of your favourite TV programme and write a spin-off screenplay. You could stare at the Mona Lisa for so long that you saw colours and turned it into poetry. For all intent and purpose it was fan fiction.

    For my final project I decided to write this: El Monja Blanca ('The White Nun' in Spanish). It's based on one of my favourite music videos of all time, Lady Gaga's 'Alejandro'. The years I've spent pouring over every minor detail of the video came in handy, and with this poem I intended to created a sort of metaphor for her sexual exploits during the rise to fame. I hope you like it. If you haven't already, please check out the video beforehand because I didn't spend hours picking out around 1,000 visual details for nuthin':

    El Monja Blanca

    Behind shadowed lace of a sister’s veil,

    Betwix'd her royal roses’ splintered thorns,

    Rests crimson lips; atop a canvas pale,

    Their bold façade to mask her tender form.

    Dark priestess guides a coffin into dawn,

    With soldiers’ svelte, flexing bodies sublime,

    Her faith unknown, yet her kingdom divine.

    Upon kindred palms sits a fractured heart,

    A ruby martyr; pierced, and crudely sewn,

    Its stapled shards reflect in silver arcs,

    A reckless lover who bestows one’s own

    upon sinners: bereft to be alone,

    Her solace found under the gowns of God,

    Her strength pertained in those forgot.

    In vestal limbo, on a militant throne

    She dwells a tortured mistress drowned in jet,

    Her conscience bruised by heaven’s stones,

    And recollection burned by sore regret,

    Fresh tears admit what eyes forget:

    Her naivety, long dead; scorned by mistrust,

    And fair beauty abused by senseless lust.

    Resigned to twisted darkness, void of hope,

    With a handsome suitor claimed as prize,

    His chest caressed by creeping smoke,

    And revolver gold, between his thighs;

    - such perfection, ‘thy holy status’ buys -

    Yet in her vacant eyes, nightmares reflect:

    The ruthless fame and heartless sex,

    of a naked Idol, her vanity stripped,

    Her condemnation served on rusted springs,

    Obtaining punishment from strangers’ hips,

    Her chalice spoiled by sordid kings:

    Between baited lips, she bleeds her sins

    of cruel romance; of true love’s decay,

    As how the evil night devours the day,

    for twisting bodies with complexions silk,

    Their tender skin as cold as birch afresh

    With bitter frost: yet in their stature built -

    With their biting limbs they purge in flesh,

    As they gasp, and writhe, in staged distress,

    Their pleasure earned in trysts of pain,

    A rare taste preserved; their hunger trained.

    A rouge crucifix upon latex clothe,

    Her stark contrast not to be begrudged,

    In a cabaret of bearing the cross,

    In united stance, and voracious touch;

    She is offered for The Lord to judge,

    Sedated by their monstrous thirst,

    Her body numb to all their hurt,

    in her habit torn by probing hands,

    Her headdress warped by starving nails,

    Vision compromised by angel's strands -

    A halo spoiled, atop a tightened veil,

    Devoured by men; fair skin for sale,

    Damned to prostitute her rights to love,

    The fame deems her unworthy of.

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  7. Cat C added a post in a topic What Green Day and Metallica Teach Us About Difficult Conversations   

    I don't get it. Nice to have Green Day's solidarity acknowledged, of course, but why them? Why Green Day and Metallica? Surely, as a journalist, you'd design your article to have a bit more depth than two completely unrelated bands with a slightly similar issue in common.

    The ending is terrible, too. I expected to scroll down and read more but nope. I've read better on this forum.
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  8. Cat C added a post in a topic Green Day nominated for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame   

    I voted for Green Day, Kraftwerk, Lou Reed, Sting and The Smiths. Current percentage of votes:

    Vote here: http://rockhall.com/voting/2015-rock-hall-nominees-fan-vote/
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  9. Cat C added a post in a topic Green Day nominated for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame   

    They're up against some great acts. Hopefully this fan base will pull through and give them the votes they deserve.

    It's a good job you aren't.
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  10. Cat C added a post in a topic Billie Joe & Avicii, Thoughts?   

    I think the new album is called Stories.

    Kind of strange to release a single 5/6 months before the album is released. The Robbie Williams track might just be an extra thing he's doing.
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  11. Cat C added a post in a topic 10 years of American Idiot   

    Hah, so many memories! I've been playing this album in my car and keep remembering little moments, like playing Letterbomb for my best friend with our ears pressed against the speakers and the volume almost on mute because it was my sister's birthday and the kids weren't supposed to be listening to the language. I felt like such a badass.

    Got this bad boy out today. Felt it was appropriate:

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  12. Cat C added a post in a topic 10 years of American Idiot   

    If I were drunk, I'd be in tears reading all of your stories. American Idiot is, and will always be my favourite piece of music ever created, and I cannot imagine my life without it. It is perfect. It set the benchmark for everything I'd ever listen to for the rest of my life and I can't see it ever being topped.

    It's funny saying that though, because it wasn't long ago that I looked upon my years of 'American Idiot discovery' in embarrassment. I was twelve years-old, very sensitive, timid, awkward, generally inexperienced at everything... and happened to come across an album that resonated with me in such a way that it transformed me into a different person. I bought the skinny jeans. The eyeliner. The converse. I put badges on everything and neglected being a girl to be a 'Green Day fan' first and foremost. I prided myself on being a social outcast and spent many frustrated hours arguing about the sheer stupidity of pop music and its listeners. I fell in love with Billie Joe, inevitably. I was weird.

    But, I also ended up picking up the guitar, and writing my first songs. They were shit, but I didn't stop, and what began as an attempt to recreate the American Idiot CD booklet turned into my beloved lyric book - I joined a band, gained a bit of self-confidence, and took off Green Day's training wheels to develop my own passion for writing. My fashion sense didn't exactly improve but while that aspect never fails to make me cringe, I'm proud to have spent my teenage years really delving into the music that inspired so much of my current creativity. I've got a musical education that a lot of people my age don't, and a sensitivity to others because I didn't end up following the crowd like a lot of my old friends. I'm also quite happy to pave my own way and not care what others think of me, a trait happily earned from about 10,000 plays of St. Jimmy.

    I'd laugh to think what 2004 me would think of me now, but I wouldn't change any of it. While those introverted, awkward, "uncool" Green Day fan years weren't all that fun at the time, without them I never would've set the foundations that have made me outgoing, creative, and confident in 2014. American Idiot started an obsession that taught me more about myself than I ever would've discovered alone.

    So, from the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU GREEN DAY.
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  13. Cat C added a post in a topic Green Day on the cover of Kerrang #1535 + "untold story" of American Idiot   

    Kerrang! is crap. I hope they get involved with Rolling Stone magazine to do an interview and photoshoot to commemorate it (with some real untold stories). Hah, a photoshoot in their old American Idiot getup. That I'd pay to see.
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  14. Cat C added a comment on a blog entry Carpe Noctem   

    Thanks. Yeah, I'll check it out. I love being a part of this atmosphere but I also love observing it and deconstructing it.
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