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  1. 3's added a post in a topic Random Green Day News   

    Where do you find these? Do you get that bored?
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  2. 3's added a post in a topic Boulevard of Happy Dreams - Green Day vs Pharrell Williams mashup   

    Imagine Dragons (I think)
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  3. 3's added a post in a topic Boulevard of Happy Dreams - Green Day vs Pharrell Williams mashup   

    I think it's great, but I would have cut the chorus out of the solo, then brought it back after. Otherwise, it's a very good job
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  4. 3's added a post in a topic Billie Joe's Best Vocal Performances   

    Second verse on Give Me Novacaine.
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  5. 3's added a post in a topic Thoughts on Bohemian Rhapsody/previous intros   

    I always thought the Good, Bad and the Ugly was a in-joke between the three. Like Billie is good, Mike is bad and Tre is ugly.

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  6. 3's added a post in a topic Animated video "Nuclear Family" on the Official Green Day YouTube Channel   


    I swear the person who won had a account on here promoting it.
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  7. 3's added a post in a topic Best moment of your 99 Revolutions Tour   

    Waiting at Emirates. <3
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  8. 3's added a post in a topic Green Day In Kerrang! (12/06/2013)   

    "favorites such as Brain Stew and Jaded"

    A bit wrong there.
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  9. 3's added a post in a topic 21 Guns not being played live   

    Nope, they have played it for the last two shows, it's played more sporadic now.
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  10. 3's added a blog entry in A British idiot   

    Emirates Weekend
    A quick footnote to start: This is probably going to be brief and if you want a better recap of the concert, I recommend the blog Bryony wrote: http://www.greendaycommunity.org/blog/89/entry-2321-green-day-london-england-01062013/

    So my journey began at Coventry bus station at 6:30 am on Friday morning, to take a 2 hour bus to London (which I slept/passed out through). I arrived at Victoria bus station, in which I met my two friends, Jamie (some_guy) and Katie (cocopops(?)) and we headed to Emirates, 28 hours early.

    After checking in with our friends (who had been camping since Thursday night!!) we did a quick walk around the stadium and seen about 4 people camping at various entrances. We sat around after that to shake off the travel down, and received a few various stares off people who must have thought we were mad. Our entrance happened to populate the most people until at least show time the next day. After a quick kick-around with a banana (only at a GD show folks!) we met and went for cocktails with Lindsay and Paul (Black Dynamite) in a local Weatherspoons, sampling 4 different cocktails between us. After a while we were joined by Val (BeachBum) and Lone albeit briefly as we headed off after that to check on our stuff before we headed to Green Date and dinner.

    After a lovely cider with fish and chips, we briefly ran into Ceri and a few others (apologies that I forget your name) and headed off too Green Date, while most of the others checked in at the hostel. We got into Green Date and pretty much got the stage, a hour early.

    Green Date supported by Notboro Hot Tubs(?) was a nice bit of fun. "The Rev" thursted the mic in my face a few times while he was stripping down to his boxers. After a quick chance, Green Date came and played a nice long set-list,with the highlight being an acoustic medley of When It's Time, WMUWSE, Poprocks and Coke, Macy's Day Parade, Brutal Love and Good Riddance.

    Meeting up with our Irish friends after the show, we slowly headed back to the stadium (via another Weatherspoons and a Italian Pizza place) and got back where I ran into a few arrivals such as Maria Gloria. During the time we were gone, we had missed sound-check which made me sad, but I heard most of the songs the next day.

    The only compliment I have with the weekend is that our entrance at the stadium was the entrance which decided not to sleep and sing Like A Rat Does Cheese and play other songs at 3am in the morning, with a speaker blaring. After shutting my eyes for a hour, I went for a walk with Lindsay and Paul to find a McDonalds (it was closed) while morning approached (at 4:30 in the morning, it was dawn. That mind-fucked my tired brain). By pretty much 5am, mostly everyone (apart from a very hungover Svan) was up waiting for the golden circle/pit wristbands.

    After receiving my wristband, I went on a long walk running into people (Bryony, Iolanda, NMD, Emily, Hege, Anja, Kelly) (I do apologize if I forgot anyone) and getting food, I pretty much sat at the front of the line, guarding my spot.

    Then we were let in. I got about roughly 2 lines from the barrier, so can't complain.

    (Once again, a recommendation to view http://www.greendaycommunity.org/blog/89/entry-2321-green-day-london-england-01062013/ if you want a detailed view on the actual show)

    Midway through BOBD, I decided "fuck this I'm gonna puke" and got pulled out of the pit/golden circle.Luckily, I felt better and sat in the stands, as Green Day pulled out rarities like Waiting (<3) and Sassafras Roots, while I freaked out when Knowledge was played. Overall, it was the better concert than the Shepard's Bush gig I went to before.

    After the show, I did one last walk around the stadium, saying goodbye to various people and giving them long hugs.

    I headed back to my hostel with Maria Gloria and Joy, after a few minutes of panicking and a free trip on the underground, we got to our hostel which was crap (water on the floor in our room, door cards wouldn't work, couldn't physically get into the top bunk) so being a gentleman, I decided to sleep on the floor, while the ladies occupied the two bottom bunks.

    After a nice sleep, and one final goodbye, I arrived at the coach station, turned around to look at London one last time and decided this was the best weekend of my life.

    Thank you for reading,
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  11. 3's added a post in a topic Billie Joe on new Lonely Island album   

    He did Mechanical Man, that's a comedy song (sorta)
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  12. 3's added a post in a topic Green Day played all of Dookie   

    I think there's one more gig between Green Day and the Emirates show, but imagine if they played Insomniac for the next European gig. That means they would play Nimrod at the Emirates.
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