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  1. November's Storms added a post in a topic Green Day inducted into the Hall Of Fame   


    Hermione, I had quoted you but it disappeared and I'm not going back! NWA in the Hall of Fame would be interesting. They deserve it for being far more "rock n roll" in their lives than many of those currently inducted but Eazy E is dead, Yella probably has gonorrhea or some other STI and does Ice Cube still hate the others?

    As for the others who didn't get in, there are plenty of other musicians and bands who deserve to be in there and some in there who don't deserve it.
    In 2 different centuries Green Day defined rock music and a stage of life for 2 different generations, that's no mean feat. American Idiot was huge for me and Dookie, from what I've learned, seemed to have an even bigger impact in it's day. Bands like Green Day inspired far too many pop punk bands since. A legacy like that deserves to be recognized.
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  2. November's Storms added a post in a topic Flashback Heart Attack "playing with Green Day" this weekend   

    Billie basically confirmed in the Rolling Stone interview that there'll be no official public Green Day stuff for until 2015 at the earliest. I'm sure this wonderful little band are just using the chance to get some publicity for themselves.
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  3. November's Storms added a post in a topic Hall of Fame Concert Songs   

    FOD? Dominated Love Slave? Ha Ha You're Dead? Platypus? Would be a hell of a story.

    I'd say it'll be AI, Basket Case and 2,000LYA. But if I had my choice from the early years it'd be One Of My Lies, love that song! Feel a bit dumb predicting it though, these guys surprise me quite often.
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  4. November's Storms added a post in a topic Billie plays at Bob Gruens birthday party   

    #Billy #Too #Many #Hashtags

    Must be a bit of pressure playing at Bob Gruen's birthday party. Imagine playing a Clash song knowing that he has seen the real thing up close and personal. Looks like it was a fun night judging by the names there!
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  5. November's Storms added a post in a topic Billie Joe a co-chair for the New York Stage and Film's Winter Gala November 16, New York City   

    Broadway and the theatre is obviously something Billie has really fallen in love with. Nice to see, he could have easily just used Michael Mayer as an instrument to get his album to the stage and then dumped him.
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  6. November's Storms added a post in a topic 10 years of American Idiot   

    That's exactly how I got into Green Day. 21stCB was all big news and I decided to see what the whole fuss was about, and AI was the only album I had by them at that stage. Went out and bought International Superhits and 21stCB together a week later.
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  7. November's Storms added a post in a topic 10 years of American Idiot   

    First time I ever heard AI was doing this group art project in the school gymnasium. Someone had it on in the background on some cheap stereo. We were all talking and working and messing around as schoolkids do. Even through all that and the shitty speakers I still liked it and that day never really left my brain.
    First time I saw the AI video and when Billie "blew his brains out" was awesome. Figuring out Holiday was a political anthem and not just a cool rock song. Being happy that the radio played good rock music for a change. Being an idiot in 2005 and thinking Bullet in a Bible and American Idiot were the same thing. My then-girlfriend putting Give Me Novocaine on a mix CD for me and I named it Basket Case. Waking up one morning to St. Jimmy playing way too loud in my headphones, but I never touched the volume.
    It's funny reminiscing on all those little moments that make you fall in love with something.
    Now 10 years later it still gives me chills.
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  8. November's Storms added a comment on a blog entry greenday.community   

    I like the idea of placing emphasis on the "community" aspect but it's strange to see at first glance. I know .org isn't the most common sight either but to the eyes of a newbie I think they'd trust and engage with our current domain name more.
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  9. November's Storms added a comment on a blog entry Khaleesi. has found the orange fountain   

    There's a sound appointment! Nice one Carling, hope it's entertaining and rewarding and all that jazz.
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  10. November's Storms added a comment on a blog entry We need more mods. Want to help GDC? Send in an application   

    What was the thinking behind opening it up to everyone now rather than having a closed nomination system like last time?
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  11. November's Storms added a post in a topic Green Day to release LP titled "Demolicious" to support Record Store Day   

    Can't believe that after all this time I'm finally listening to this now. Love it so far, and I'm just at the edge of 99 Revolutions. It's how this sorta music should be, no polishing or perfection!
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  12. November's Storms added a post in a topic Green Day's strum patterns   

    A very interesting little thread I can't believe I've had to listen to Basket Case and American Idiot again to hear new stuff, their two biggest songs.
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  13. November's Storms added a post in a topic 21CB: The Musical   

    Sounds like an interesting idea, I'd love to see where it goes. Just don't make it all too pazzaz and showy.
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  14. November's Storms added a post in a topic Important message from Mike   

    I am veggie and it's always tempting to get on my soapbox about this sort of stuff. Only thing I'll say is that there have been very credible studies done connecting eating too much red meat to cancer and heart disease.

    Anyway, this is probably not the place to discuss such things.
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  15. November's Storms added a post in a topic Important message from Mike   

    When a friend of mine had cancer a few years ago I started to look into all sorts of stuff about it. There are some big campaigns about it, saying the disease industry will never truly fund the search for a cure because they make so much money off the treatment. It's all pretty pessimistic stuff but it makes sense. Personally I've known 3 people affected by cancer, all under 40, relatively healthy and not one of them deserved the ordeal they went through.
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