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  1. Kayfabe added a post in a topic Billie Joe giving away a drumset to first fan to meet him in NYC today   

    This made my day slightly. I really like the picture
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  2. Kayfabe added a comment on a blog entry A response to 9876gwen   

    ftr you awful human being: http://newsone.com/2843790/did-you-know-us-govt-found-guilty-in-conspiracy-to-assassinate-dr-martin-luther-king-jr/ http://www.globalresearch.ca/court-decision-u-s-government-agencies-found-guilty-in-martin-luther-kings-assassination/5320024 http://www.alternet.org/civil-liberties/conspiracy-kill-martin-luther-king-jr-not-theory-fact-according-our-own-legal-system
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  3. Kayfabe added a comment on a blog entry A response to 9876gwen   

    Damn, I knew you were gonna come in with your opinion that nobody asked for at all ever. But they did. They were convicted of it.
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  4. Kayfabe added a comment on a blog entry A response to 9876gwen   

    So yeah, to emphasise, all of this - both the injustice and the suppression of those against it - is concerning because it goes against everything the apparently "forward thinking" nations like America take so much pride in. Justice, democracy, freedom of expression -- at a point media outlets themselves were being threatened, in case you didn't realise how teetering on the North Korean things had been getting. So I personally think it's a bad idea to sit idly and let this pass, because allowing injustice in one case makes it a lot easier for it to repeat, and when it does repeat it's eventually going to end up affecting you directly.
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  5. Kayfabe added a comment on a blog entry A response to 9876gwen   

    Yeah, I spoke a little bit about that in the Ferguson thread, because large crowds of people gathering in public encourages opportunists, and while it's unfortunate that those selfish few make the protests seem violent and solely existent for destruction, we can't let that stop them. In fact, the image of the savage out of control "rioter" that the media is depicting aims to do exactly that, turning public opinion against them to make them stop since the brute force doesn't seem to be working. The concrete incident is certainly unfortunate but a drop in the water compared to the vicious handling of Ferguson protesters, which I'm sure you've seen footage of on the internet.
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  6. Kayfabe added a blog entry in Wrestling is Life   

    A response to 9876gwen
    GDC user 9876gwen said some stuff, and she actually said what a lot of people think so, here we go.

    I'm assuming you're aware of the fact that pretty much every right you have today as a citizen of the United States was brought about by people protesting once upon a time. It's the same thing in this situation except for one crucial difference - these protests are largely being staged over intangibles, whereas in the past they were very concrete things. The fact of women not being able to vote, for example, was easily observable fact, and success of the protests was obvious and demonstrable when women set out to cast their votes. The change that is currently being fought for is a change in attitude. More specifically, the attitude that leads to black males in the US being 80x more likely to be killed by police than their white counterparts, and the attitude that has led to unarmed black males being killed by police at a twice-weekly rate in the country. The statistics are appalling and unacceptable, but there's no magic wand that can suddenly make it all better.

    The recent non-indictments have been protested over because they've been such crystal clear examples of a so-called 'justice system' going out of its way to protect murderers.

    You don't see what's so concerning about that first statement? "Any other kid who got shot by a cop?" -- is the problem right there. It happens far too much, far too disproportionately towards the black population. Non black unarmed (hell, sometimes even armed, like we saw of that depraved murderer that killed several people in a cinema and was still taken alive by police) people just don't tend to get killed by police.

    You're right though, it was happening all the time before Mike Brown and it's happened after Mike Brown, and I'm not quite sure what it was about him in particular that incited this badly needed action. If I had to guess, I would say it was the way in which he was left on the street for four hours before they cared to cover him or take him inside. That's a fear tactic the lynch mobs employed in the 1960s and was not accidental.

    Would you guess which instance happens far, far, far more often? And you're right, the times that does happen there are no protests and no news articles - because those cases are always given due process, as they should be. If a black cop shot an unarmed white boy like Darren Wilson did Mike Brown, he would have been in court yesterday. His excuses about why he failed to file an incident report and why he lied about how far away Mike Brown was would have been shot to bits, and he'd be in jail, right now. The reality is though, white police officers can do that and walk free without punishment or even without legal process.

    The protests also seek to destroy the mindset that make the Darren Wilsons in the world so trigger happy in the first place. Blacks are treated with more hostility by police forces than everyone else, and it leads to situations where they "feel" threatened despite not actually being so. A police officer a few weeks ago had this mentality so much that he shot a twelve year old boy in the park, point blank, and stood watching him die. It's fucked on so many levels but it's what's happening and what needs to change.

    Media coverage and police conduct over the protests themselves has been on a whole other level of sickening, but that's another blog post for another time I think

    I have no idea what you're referencing, but if you have thoughts there are a lot of smart people on GDC and elsewhere, a Ferguson protests thread in General where all the issues from this have been discussed etc

    I know that you're personally annoyed at being inconvenience, but protests by nature are designed to inconvenience, because an unjust social order cannot be allowed to function unchecked. The 'powers that be' know that, which is why they're trying to batter and tear gas peaceful protesters into submission. They pose a threat to the social order that benefits the powerful -- kind of like MLK did, and the US government ended up killing him for that, so.
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  7. Kayfabe added a comment on a blog entry Mike Brown and Eric Garner Protests   

    ^ "In about 5 minutes I'm going to publish a blog post, read it pretty please" because you are really mistaken on pretty much everything you've written
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  8. Kayfabe added a comment on a blog entry Mike Brown and Eric Garner Protests   

    ^In about 5 minutes I'm going to publish a blog post, read it pretty please
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  9. Kayfabe added a comment on a blog entry Mike Brown and Eric Garner Protests   

    Good rule of thumb though, if DookieLukie agrees with you on something, you're probably wrong.
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  10. Kayfabe added a comment on a blog entry Mike Brown and Eric Garner Protests   

    God, I shouldn't find this blog post so hilarious because it's actually how a significant amount of people actually think. In the morning I'll hold your hand and walk you through everything you've misunderstood but I'm sleep deprived rn
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  11. Kayfabe added a post in a topic Jason White has been diagnosed with tonsil cancer   

    "Very treatable" at least. Still awful, I hope he recovers quickly
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  12. Kayfabe added a comment on a blog entry mike   

    thanks man. retrospectively I do realise that this is creative writing of sorts, and the first I've actually uploaded to this blog. but tbh, just purely coping methods on my end.

    I caught that grammar slip too late but w/e, it's the ART OF ANGST~!
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  13. Kayfabe added a blog entry in Wrestling is Life   

    I wrote something.

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  14. Kayfabe added a post in a topic Tour Reminiscing Thread   

    5 years, 1 month ago I saw my first green day concert ever! It was super cool, probably still my favourite concert
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  15. Kayfabe added a post in a topic Billie Joe to play lead in film 'Geezer'   

    Green Day won't ever die. Any fan worth their salt knows that!

    I'm really glad to hear it seems to be a comedy. I think BJA is quite funny.
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