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  1. velvetgrass added a post in a topic Favorite song from Shenanigans?   

    Rotting is my favorite song off Shenanigans, although On The Wagon is a close second.
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  2. velvetgrass added a comment on a blog entry Announecment   

    Sorry to hear you're taking an indefinite hiatus from the forum. I know we're already friends on Facebook, so just keep in touch with me man.
    I like The Monkees too! I wasn't aware you were a fan too lizziebix, we'll have to chat again sometime.
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  3. velvetgrass added a post in a topic On Entitlement and the Big Green Line Between Fan and Band   

    I totally agree that Jason shouldn't have to be any more open about his cancer than he is comfortable with. All I'm trying to say is the intentions between a fan snooping around for information on Billie's marriage and a fan just concerned about Jason's well being aren't the same.
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  4. velvetgrass added a post in a topic On Entitlement and the Big Green Line Between Fan and Band   

    Well, a lot of craziness been going on in my life this year so I haven't really had time to sift through all fan discussion/drama or keep up on all of their Twitter accounts, but all I was saying is I don't see anything wrong with wanting to know how he is. I just don't think you can compare that to someone wanting to know things about Billie's marriage, which I totally agree with you on, is an invasion of privacy.
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  5. velvetgrass added a post in a topic On Entitlement and the Big Green Line Between Fan and Band   

    I agree with a lot of what Pikachu wrote, especially the parts of pre-sales and the ticket ordering process. But there's one small section which I call bullshit on, this below is the fact of the matter:

    Being concerned with the status of Jason White's health doesn't make you a "whiny, spoiled kid" or have a "misguided, childish sense of entitlement", it makes you an empathic, caring human being who doesn't think about a member from their favorite band on a superficial level, actually realizing that providing us an entertainment/musical service shouldn't always be their biggest priority in life.
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  6. velvetgrass added a post in a topic Favorite song from Shenanigans?   

    Desensitized, Espionage, Rotting, and On The Wagon are my favorites off Shenanigans. If you're counting the cover songs, Outsider would be one of my favorites as well.
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  7. velvetgrass added a post in a topic Most underrated Green Day song/album?   

    Kerplunk! Not necessarily my favorite Green Day album (that would probably be American Idiot or Nimrod), but I think it is their most underrated. Considering the tiny shoe-string budget it was made on, it is an incredible album. The songs definitely withstand the test of time.
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  8. velvetgrass added a post in a topic Your ideal Green Day show/playlist   

    My ideal Green Day setlist would be something like this-

    1. Welcome To Paradise
    2. Know Your Enemy
    3. Holiday
    4. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
    5. !Viva La Gloria!
    6. Misery
    7. Hitchin’ A Ride
    8. Nuclear Family
    9. 21 Guns
    10. Let Yourself Go
    11. The Grouch
    12. X-Kid
    13. Brain Stew
    14. 409 In Your Coffeemaker
    15. Give Me Novacaine
    16. Redundant
    17. When I Come Around
    18. The Static Age
    19. Worry Rock
    20. Geek Stink Breath
    21. Coming Clean
    22. Carpe Diem
    23. Dominated Love Slave
    24. Basket Case
    25. St. Jimmy
    26. Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)

    27. 99 Revolutions
    28. Christie Road
    29. Minority
    30. Jesus Of Suburbia
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  9. velvetgrass added a post in a topic Walking contradiction - Green Day and the way they contradict themselves.   

    Oh, I never heard him talk about the trilogy having a lot of cussing in it, I must have missed that comment. This may be a stupid question, but what's GW?
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  10. velvetgrass added a post in a topic Walking contradiction - Green Day and the way they contradict themselves.   

    That's true. But Walmart still had a problem with 21st Century Breakdown enough to refuse to sell it unless it was censored, so Green Day refused to censor it and sell a copy there. I just wish they would have done the same for the trilogy.
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  11. velvetgrass added a post in a topic Walking contradiction - Green Day and the way they contradict themselves.   

    During the 21st Century Breakdown era, I was especially happy that they didn't sell the album at Walmart because they refuse to carry uncensored, explicit editions of music albums. Then, by the time of the trilogy I was disappointed because they sold clean editions of those albums, after they had taken such a great stand against censorship with 21st Century Breakdown.

    Also, not directly related to Green Day, but still on this topic: I wish the manufacturers would put a sticker on them warning you that you're purchasing the clean edition, just like they do vice-versa with warning stickers on explicit editions. I've accidentally bought clean editions of three CDs in the past (two soundtracks and a Seether album) because there was no warning that I was buying censored versions.
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  12. velvetgrass added a post in a topic Walking contradiction - Green Day and the way they contradict themselves.   

    I remember when Green Day were interviewed on the television show Last Call With Carson Daly in 2009, regarding Emily's Army Billie said something along the lines of that they'd have to make their own way as a band without using Billie's name or fame, then a year or two later Billie goes and produces their record with his name credited.
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  13. velvetgrass added a post in a topic Green Day playing House of Blues in Cleveland on April 16th!   

    I would absolutely love that, but I seriously doubt it will happen. It's probably just as likely that Billie re-learned all the words to "The Grouch" for tonight.
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  14. velvetgrass added a post in a topic How Can Green Day Revamp Their Stage Show?   

    I've seen Green Day twice (both times in Chicago): July 2009 (21st Century Breakdown tour) and March 2013 (99 Revolutions tour). It may be an unpopular opinion, but I enjoyed the 2013 show way more than the 2009 show. They did not seem lackluster on stage at all to me in 2013, I actually thought they were tighter musically that show. When I saw them the first time in 2009 they did nothing off their first two albums 39/Smooth and Kerplunk, where the second time they did. Overall the setlist in 2013 was less-hits oriented and gave more to the hardcore fan. The only songs I wish they would have played in 2013, that they played when I saw them in 2009 were "21 Guns" and "Hitchin' A Ride". Where songs played in 2013 like "When I Come Around", "Letterbomb","Going To Pasalacqua", and "2000 Light Years Away" were all sadly missing when I saw them in 2009.

    I didn't really miss the pyro too much, don't get me wrong special effects are awesome and all, but I don't think it's necessary for a band like Green Day to use those them every tour/show, unlike other bands I like including KISS and Nickelback. Green Day started out as a punk band and the songs themselves are well-crafted and stand the test of time without additional bells and whistles.

    One more thing, people saying they should go back to playing like they did on the American Idiot tour, I completely disagree and say you're out of your minds. AI tour had the most boring setlists out of their whole career of touring.
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  15. velvetgrass added a post in a topic Green Day Q&A Thread   

    Mr. Bungle bassist and Melvins touring bassist Trever Dunn called Billie "a little weasel" and a "rock'n'roll brat throwing a tantrum, going AWOL" after the iHeart Radio Festival rant in Las Vegas in 2012.

    Former Guns N' Roses drummer (who played on Use Your Illusion I, most of Use Your Illusion II, and the covers album The Spaghetti Incident?) and Velvet Revolver drummer Matt Sorum labelled Green Day as "corporate rock" because they apologized for the Las Vegas rant, as he thought Billie's rant was "the most punk rock thing he has ever done", but also went on to say that he "never really bought that band anyway"

    Also, Noel Gallagher of Oasis said Green Day ripped off the song Wonderwall by using the same arrangement for Boulevard Of Broken Dreams and added that "they should have the decency to wait until I am dead before stealing my songs". He also said that Green Day have called themselves "a kick-ass rock 'n' roll band" and he added that "they could not be less kick-ass if they tried"
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