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  1. E.J Drumer added a post in a topic US rescheduled tour dates, Ticketmaster cancellation claims, and messages from venues   

    so pumped, but how soon is soon lol
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  2. E.J Drumer added a comment on a blog entry Story Time Entry 9- Desiera's First Time Meeting Billie   

    I hope you get to meet them soon they are all nice. Billie is a very sweet guy, what people don't understand is if you don't scream in his face he will most likely chill and talk to you for a second, but people don't listen. My dad always taught me to be chill around famous people , and it seems to work..
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  3. E.J Drumer added a comment on a blog entry Story Time Entry 5- The Time I Nearly Killed My Self   

    but it was cool she talked to me for a second I was still trying to catch my breath lol
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  4. E.J Drumer added a comment on a blog entry Story Time Entry 5- The Time I Nearly Killed My Self   

    lol ikr, she might have got it signed for me, a girl can dream lol
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  5. E.J Drumer added a blog entry in E.J Drumer's Blog   

    Story Time Entry 9- Desiera's First Time Meeting Billie
    Hello all, sorry it's been a long time, but my family and I have had no electricity for 12 days, and we just got it back yesterday thank God!

    Well, this entry I should have written a little wile ago because it happened way before any of my Green Day concerts, but ah well. My friend Desiera and I decided to go and wait outside the St James for Billie to come out after his performance as St Jimmy. On this particular night it was very cold out, but it wasn't that crowded thankfully. The police that night had chips on their shoulders let me tell you. They threatened multiple times to get their horses and stomp our heads into the ground; because the people on the left side of the side walk wasn't leaving a walk way for the people to walk threw.

    Billie took a long time to come out, I swear my fingers felt like they were about to fall off by the time he came outside. As always, the cast came out first, I got them to sign my poster of course and then we continued to wait until Billie came out about 2 minutes later. As I said before it wasn't a crowded night so my friend and I were going to try and get a picture with him. But, Billie has selective hearing when he comes out to sign, so I was prepared to not get a picture. After he signed my poster I asked " hey Billie, can me and my friend grab a picture with you?" He said, " yeah sure one second." He went around to the other side and signed their stuff, and he came back over as promised. We took the picture, and I thanked him and he said, " no problem, see you soon."

    This is the only picture I ever got with him outside the St James and I didn't relies the face he made until I looked at it later, it makes me laugh every time I see it. Thanks Billie, I have this picture on my wall, and it is one of my favorite positions.
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  6. E.J Drumer added a comment on a blog entry Story Time Entry 8- The Garden.   

    I saw them in 2009, they played two nights and I saw them the first night, they were awesome.
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  7. E.J Drumer added a blog entry in E.J Drumer's Blog   

    Story Time Entry 8- The Garden.
    After seeing Green Day at Webster Hall, I made sure that I brought tickets for Madison Sq Garden right away. I was excited to see them a second time, and was excited to see Green Day play in a different environment. I had seen the way they work a big crowd in Built In a Bible, and I have never seen a band get chemistry with that many people. I went with my friend Sarah, and my little sister Kara, we sat on the right side of the stage, and a little ways up; but it was decent view.

    The band that opened for them.....SUCKED!!!!! I'm sorry, but I'm all for British bands, I mean hey some of the greatest bands are, but this band was a bunch of crap!!!! I couldn't understand what they were saying, the were totally out of time, and the only screams they got were when they mentioned opening for Green Day.

    I could have also sworn that I saw Adrienne in the crowd, but I figured it wasn't her, knowing she is most likely back stage. But I swear they could be twins, both had dreads, both dressed the same, and they also looked very much a like.

    Before Green Day was due to come out, the famous Pink Bunny came out to entertain the crowd. He wasn't there when they did the Webster Hall performance ( well not that I can remember). He drank beer, danced around the stage, and got the crowd pumped; he was very funny.

    Finally Green Day came out and they just killed it again!!! When they play a larger arena Billie just takes each person by their throats and pulls you in, and everyone is shaking their ass to every song. From the moment they stepped on the stage, to the moment they got off the entire time the crowd was on their feet. Billie demanded it, he wanted to make sure everyone was enjoying them selves, and trust me we were.

    Now I don't have a favorite song, as many fans, they all speak to me in different ways. They played a little of everything, something, something old, and some things I haven't heard. I really enjoyed the little extra solo of Drama Queen, I haven't heard it before but I have fallen in love with that song, its just such a sweet song to put in at the end . I loved that the band had two on courses, they finished the first set about a hour and a 1/2, and we screamed for them to come back out, and they did, and played for at lest another hour; then finally Billie came out with his guitar and played for another 20 minutes.

    Below is the set list from that show, if you still haven't seen a Green Day show, OMG it is a show worth seeing, they have honestly put on the best live show I have ever seen!!

    Song of the Century

    21st Century Breakdown

    Know Your Enemy

    East Jesus Nowhere


    The Static Age

    Before the Lobotomy

    Are We the Waiting

    St. Jimmy

    Boulevard of Broken Dreams

    2000 Light Years Away

    Welcome to Paradise

    (Partial, Billie Joe messes up lyrics)

    When I Come Around

    Disappearing Boy
    (I Don't Know/Sweet Home … more)

    Brain Stew


    (Sung by different audience members)

    Basket Case


    King for a Day

    (The Isley Brothers cover)

    21 Guns

    American Eulogy


    American Idiot

    Jesus of Suburbia
    (Guitar played by audience member)


    Encore 2:

    Drama Queen

    Last Night on Earth

    Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)

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  8. E.J Drumer added a blog entry in E.J Drumer's Blog   

    Story Time Entry 7- WEBSTER HALL SHOW
    My first Green Day show was at Webster Hall, I won the tickets threw a idiot club contest. It was honestly my favorite show I have seen in my life. I loved the small venue, I got so close to the band it was crazy. One great memory was when Billie asked what song to play. I really like the song Hitchen a Ride, love the lyrics, and the bass line in that song is killer, but most like it for a completely different reason. As most of you know, Billie likes to have a little to much fun during that song, so when I said " play hitchen a ride!," everyone in the crowd turned and gave me a look as if to say, " you pervert." I wasn't trying to be I just really like the song, guess others don't think that way lol. My favorite highlight of the night is when the band was playing king for a day, Billie was asking the crowd to get down on the floor, and I wasn't doing that because there was a bunch of sticky beer under me. Well, Billie didn't like the fact that I wasn't listening to him so he said, " you, get down, get down, god dammit!" I of course then didn't have a choice and did what he asked. This is also the same night I got my sisters camera stolen right out of my back pocket, and also the show were Tre threw his drum sticks in the crowd and everyone including me fell backwards. It was just a great show and really wish they would do another show there because it felt like I was seeing Green Day @ Gilmen ST
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  9. E.J Drumer added a blog entry in E.J Drumer's Blog   

    Story Time Entry 6- The Cast and Billie Saying Hi to My Sister
    My sister and I fell in love with the show american idiot so much that we wound up seeing it a total of 8 times. There were times as you know where we would just wait outside to say hello to Billie and the cast. But there were times that my sister Kara couldn't come with me, so I had an idea to shoot some of the cast and Billie saying hi to her. I got most of the main characters to say hello to her, and when Billie came out I asked him to say hi as well. Now, those that have met Billie before can agree with me on this, sometimes Billie goes def and doesn't hear you when you ask him for something; he mostly just signs things and moves on. But truth be told if you are chill and ask him nicely and don't scream in his face he will most likely listen and do what you ask. I am not going to write much about this one because I have the video, so check it out below =].

    Rebecca saying hi.

    Gerard ( her favorite actor in the play) saying hi

    Billie saying hi

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  10. E.J Drumer added a blog entry in E.J Drumer's Blog   

    Story Time Entry 6- Zero Degree Tempters, and Throwing Fist
    There has been so many times that we have stud outside the St James and its been below freezing temperatures, but one of them really takes the cake. My boy friend at the time Kevin got me tickets to the play as a Christmas gift. We went to go see the show and Billie Joe was playing St Jimmy again so we knew that after the show he was going to be signing play bills after the show. So after the play we went outside and it was freezing cold outside. I swear my hands and feet felt like they were slowly turning to peaces of ice.

    Wile waiting I met some nice people so they made the time go by quickly and before I knew it, it was time for Billie to come out. Before he came out though, I had a couple of brats behind me. A mother and her daughter kept trying to push their way in front of me. I wasn't having it because I got there first and maybe if she would have asked me nicely maybe I would have let her go in front, but no she just continued to push. When Billie finally came out the mother said " push that bitch out of the way," and then her daughter punched me in my shoulder and made her way to the front. I was so ready to kick her ass but my better instinct told me to chill out. I reached my hand over and thankfully got him to sign my play bill. Also karma is a bitch, and the girl and he mother didn't get Billie to sign anything....to that mother and her daughter I say haha

    here's a video from that night.....

    at 2:56 you here me say ouch, that's when she punched me,

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  11. E.J Drumer added a comment on a blog entry Story Time Entry 5- The Time I Nearly Killed My Self   

    i have said to him before if I was there last week I would say " was just here last week" and he'll be like " yeah I remember you," but I think he just says that, he meets a lot of people so I wouldn't be insulted if he didn't remember me. I can say though he is such a sweet guy and always treats his fans with great respect.
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  12. E.J Drumer added a blog entry in E.J Drumer's Blog   

    Story Time Entry 5- The Time I Nearly Killed My Self
    I went saw American Idiot 8 times, 3 times was with the regular cast and 5 times with Billie Joe as St Jimmy. Mostly what would happen every night was, Billie would play his part, we would run out side quickly, go behind the barricades, and then try to get a chance to meet him; and sometimes get lucky and get him to sign something. Well let me ask you, do you all remember a time when there was no barricades, and when it was every person for them self.

    Well, this was one of the first times Billie was playing St Jimmy so my friend Robin and I went. The show was awesome but its what happened after the show, that's when things got a bit nuts. We didn't know that Billie was going to be coming out at all, I figured he would go out a back door or something, but no, he came out the main stage door. Like I said before there was no barricades to hold any of the people back so when Billie came out a WAVE of people came out and they quickly covered Billie till the point to were couldn't see him anymore.

    My friend and I really wanted to get Billie's autograph but we figured there was no way, the amount of people around Billie was crazy. But then I had and idea, I noticed that there was no one on the right side of Billie. He was about the get into the car, so I ran around the car, almost got hit by a taxi. Adrienne was siting in the back seat and I gave her a quick wave and a smile and she smiled and waved as well. After I said my quick hello to 80 I quickly went to the other side of the car and threw my self over the sea of people and asked " Billie could you please sign this its for my friend and me. " He looked over and said " yeah no problem."

    I got out of the sea of people and walked to the other side of the car to catch my breath. 80 rolled down the window and asked, " Hey did he sign it for you?" I couldn't believe she was actually talking to me but I did answer her, " Yeah he did, I nearly killed my self to get it," " yeah I saw that, be careful, I'll see you later." She rolled the window back up and I walked back over to Robin and handed her her signed play bill.

    I must say I have 6 Billie Joe signed play bill's but this one hangs proudly because I worked really hard to get it.
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  13. E.J Drumer added a comment on a blog entry Story Time Entry 4- Following Mr. Armstrong Down Times SQ   

    thanks =]

    and Ikr Billie is such a sweet heart
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  14. E.J Drumer added a blog entry in E.J Drumer's Blog   

    Story Time Entry 4- Following Mr. Armstrong Down Times SQ
    I thankfully have had a lot of great Green Day memories and this one is one of my favorites as well. For a short time Billie came to NYC and did talk backs at the St James after the play was over. I had already been to one of them already, but I was in the city when this one was going on so I decided to just stop by the theater to check it out to see if I could catch the last few minutes of the play (you can hear the play from the outside if you listen close.)

    When the show let out I heard that there was a talk back happening that night so there was no security, and I sort of.......went in with out paying for it lol (hey that's rock and roll.) I was with the usual peeps, my sister Kara, and Olivia. We went in, got our seats we were in the third row and we were the only ones in that row until others came and joined us. Who were those others? Well they were the Armstrong family, with the Becker Boy's Max, and Cole. I found it difficult to control my excitement because there was only 5 seats in between us and them. I really wanted to go and say hi but being from NY we have this thing with celebs, there a time to go up and say hi and I felt that wasn't the time to do it. I thought about it trust me but I figured let them enjoy them selves and I'll admire from a far.

    So any way, the talk back started and when the cast came out I got excited of course I was so happy to see all of them again, my two favorites were there, Gerard and Tony Vincent. Then it was Billie's turn to come out and I screamed " I love you Billie Joe!" When I said that Adrienne looked over and laughed.

    We enjoyed the talk back, I sadly didn't get to ask my question, but what happened after the talk back, that's what made the night totally awesome.

    Billie came out the stage door, thankfully it wasn't that crazy of a crowd that night so he decided to walk down times sq a little bit. Well what to do.....lets follow him of course lol.

    No I know what you all are thinking, STALKER! But no we had to go back that way to Penn Station anyway so it wasn't to stalkerish. I did it very sneaky, I walked in front of him instead of behind him trying to make it seem like I wasn't following him. He eventually stopped in front the Hard Rock Cafe. I thought this is my chance to get my very first picture....

    (Me)- " Hey Billie, I really hate to bother you, but could I possibly get a picture with you."

    (Billie)- " I'm sorry I'm actually trying to get a cab, sorry maybe next time."

    I could understand that of course so my family and I went to walk away then......

    (Billie)- " Hey wait a sec, I'll take a picture, why not, I'm sorry."

    He is such a sweet guy, he really didn't have to do that, but he did. He showed me that night that he really cares for his fans, and I love you for that Billie!<3
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  15. E.J Drumer added a blog entry in E.J Drumer's Blog   

    Story Time Entry 3- Opening Night Of American Idiot
    Well after seeing the play on preview night we had to go back and see it again duhhhhhh lol. So we made sure we got tickets for the actual opening night. Once again I had my sister Kara with me as always, her friend Olivia came, and my friend Robin came with use as well. When we first arrived it was a mad house let me tell you, it was nothing like the preview night. There was press there, a crap load of people and a bunch of different celebrities. One of the high lights of the day was running into my favorite actress Sarah Jessica Parker. We were waiting in line and like I said it was a mad house so people were kind of pushing to get in. I felt someone tap my arm to get passed me and I looked and it was the very talented Sarah Jessica Parker with her young son. " Excuse me sorry didn't mean to push into you," I fores I couldn't believe my eyes that Sarah just said sorry for pushing me, " oh that's ok go ahead," I said, " Oh thank you hun," she said then she went inside. ( And apparently her husband Matt aka Ferris Buller passed by me as well and I totally didn't notice.)

    We continued to wait to get inside and we then saw the Jeff, and two Jason's as I call them aka Jason White and Jason Fresse. They were all very nice and I personally didn't ask them to sign anything because they seemed to be in a rush. After the three of them went inside I glanced over and saw the Armstrong family. 80 and the boys looked very sharp, the boys were wearing suite jackets, Adrienne was wearing a black dress with a black jacket. I went over to go say hi but they went behind the rope so I couldn't get to them in time.

    Well.....after a few hours of waiting Green Day arrived and I saw only the tops of their heads nothing really to talk about but it was still cool. So my group decided to go inside to get our seats. Once we got inside man that's when the night turned and did a 360. Adrienne and the boys were standing right there in front of us talking to fans. Well I had to go over and talk to her, and a lot happened and I got it all on tape check it out......and remember I was very nervous lol


    After all this happened we enjoyed the show for the 2nd time, and wnet out to meet me mom and what she said made my head spin, in a good way. She told me that Billie walked out of the theater with his family and fell into her. Billie said " Oh I'm so sorry, my fault," and my mom said, ' oh no problem let me help you out there Billie." My mom got him back on his feet and he got in the car and left. I thought that was pretty funny, of cource it would be my mom right lol.

    Then the band went to their after party, we went down there to see if we could get a chance to say hello to them but they had already gone inside when we arrived witch was fine. That night was very exciting, and another one I wont ever for get.
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