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  1. Jaymee!! added a post in a topic Green Day playing House of Blues in Cleveland on April 16th!   

    They'll shift around during the show, I'm sure you'll get on. Any familiar faces around you?
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  2. Jaymee!! added a post in a topic Green Day playing House of Blues in Cleveland on April 16th!   

    lol that last one defo sounds like Sharon
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  3. Jaymee!! added a post in a topic Green Day playing House of Blues in Cleveland on April 16th!   

    She lives at the other end of Ottawa with her boyfriend, so no flying from Australia for her anymore. TBH I'm surprised she's not at the show.
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  4. Jaymee!! added a post in a topic Green Day playing House of Blues in Cleveland on April 16th!   

    You won't know them, but a lot of the 'old' gang (AI Broadway gang/2010 tour gang?) have tickets too who I'm sure you'll probably meet. J'net, Beffy, Sharon and Graham, Eileen, Luanne & Allie, Tess, Alex, Jill, Shannon...I'm sure loads more, but that's all I can remember off Facebook at the minute.

    I miss the days when I could just throw all my work and responsibilities out the window and spontaneously go to shows like this. Stupid adulting.
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  5. Jaymee!! added a post in a topic How Can Green Day Revamp Their Stage Show?   

    Never ever play King For A Day ever again. But I'm sure that's already been said/blatantly obvious.
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  6. Jaymee!! added a blog entry in Brental Makedown   

    Thank you, GDC
    Just a quick shout to Andres, Courtney, and all the past/present/future admin and Mods who help run this place and for it basically just existing in the first place.

    If it weren't for this place, I probably would never have met 98% of the people I consider my good friends today. I have made, and met, more friends through GDC than I have in my own every day life. I never would've had a constructive outlet for my Green Day obsession, a place to share all my freak outs and joys and triumphs and annoyances. I would have never traveled the world like I do now. I probably wouldn't even like Green Day as much!

    But most importantly, I never would've met Justin. A complete and total stranger on the other side of the Atlantic, and we both had one thing in common right from the start: GDC. We were both members, and the success of the site is what kept us here. Without this place existing, he and I would have never known each other existed in our entire lives.

    But it does exist, and we started to talk. And then we became friends, then best friends, then a long distance relationship. From there he moved across the world here, and now I can happily say that he proposed to me on July 22nd, 2014 and one day, we will be husband and wife. I never would have met Justin if it weren't for this place, and I can't thank my lucky stars enough that it brought us together. So thank you everyone for all the hard work you do; I was a part of the team once and I know how trying it can be at times. Keep up the good work!

    Jaymee (and Justin)
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  7. Jaymee!! added a post in a topic Billie Joe's "dress" shirts that he always wore that iconic red tie with?   

    I would assume he is around a 28-30 inch waist...ever try looking at boys size clothing? Size 16 boys equals size small in mens, which would make it fitted (my boyfriend has the same slim frame).
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  8. Jaymee!! added a post in a topic Billie Joe Armstrong & Norah Jones unveil Duets LP of Everly Brothers covers   

    I wouldn't expect they know each other personally apart from the various award shows they have attended together over the years. They worked together (along with many other artists including Steven Tyler, Norah Jones [who Billie was actually standing next to on the stage when they performed], Slash, Bono, Alicia Keys, and Tim McGraw to name a few) on a cover of The Beatles/John Lennon's Across The Universe at the 2005 Grammy awards. It just goes to show what kind of professional relationships you can make across the music spectrum when you have artists from all over all in one collective space. Any sort of collaboration or project is possible.
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  9. Jaymee!! added a post in a topic Billie Joe Armstrong & Norah Jones unveil Duets LP of Everly Brothers covers   

    Heh now that I've read the interview, I was wondering to myself if they had first met when they did the Across The Universe cover at the Grammys and lo and behold!
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  10. Jaymee!! added a post in a topic Billie Joe Armstrong & Norah Jones unveil Duets LP of Everly Brothers covers   

    That was a great listen. Exactly my style of music, so glad Billie keeps branching out into these waters because it's making my earbuds weep with happiness! Excellent job to both him and Norah, a good listen all around.
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  11. Jaymee!! added a post in a topic Broadway Idiot: Your Thoughts   

    I loved it. The musical was a big part of my life when it was around, so reliving it all just made everything feel right again to me. I loved seeing all the actors again, how they got started with the show and how they evolved. I think the only thing I would've enjoyed seeing more of was footage of its time on Broadway, and more of Billie's time with the show (since that was what the movie was advertised as). But again, that would just make the movie 150/100. I already see it as 100/100 personally. It was exciting to see old friends in the crowd and point them out too! Just so many memories were brought out by the movie and I really think it's the best documentary to date.
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  12. Jaymee!! added a post in a topic How much do your parents know?   

    The only thing they don't know is that I met my boyfriend through a Green Day fansite, and not at a Green Day show like they are currently led to believe
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  13. Jaymee!! added a post in a topic Top 5 Most Important Green Day Surprise Shows   

    Really good article! I personally love what was said about the Gilman show. I wasn't aware of it until after reading, and it just kind of makes their whole journey through music come full circle, allowing the band to only go onward and upward. Pleasant read
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  14. Jaymee!! added a post in a topic Official Meetup Thread - Broadway Idiot in NYC - October 11th & 12th   

    Well this is a bitch to see, Idiot had such a huge impact on my life...moreso than following the band on tour I think. Seeing a big reunion and knowing I won't be able to join...this sucks. But I hope the rest of you have a blast!
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  15. Jaymee!! added a post in a topic And the best Green Day Guitar Solo is....   

    As much as I prefer other solos, I knew Dry Ice would win. All over the forum, for years, people have said it has the most amazing and wonderful solo. I personally never listen to the song (I always skip it on the album) so perhaps this will sway me into finally giving it a good listen!
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