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    I always have tomorrow
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Agija's Activity

  1. Agija added a comment on a blog entry Khaleesi. has found the orange fountain   

    Woo, congrats! This should have happened a long time ago.
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  2. Agija added a post in a topic "Daily" wtf email   

    I sometimes want to live on this planet but then I read stuff like this and remember that I don't.

    But they are brilliant, really.
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  3. Agija added a post in a topic GDA Zine - 2013   

    So excited about this.
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  4. Agija added a comment on a blog entry Untitled by Agija   

    This was totally unexpected, anyway. Thank you so much! And thank you, lovely people for the nice words as well.
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  5. Agija added a comment on a blog entry Untitled by Ritz   

    What a wonderful and extremely gorgeous picture, Ritz. It was nice to take my eyes off scientific articles to look at it for a minute.
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  6. Agija added a comment on a blog entry A Note on Harassment and Bullying   

    It's kind of sad I still believe all people are nice on GDC.

    How can they enjoy bullying a newer member? Are they so insecure and weak they need to gang up someone who probably doesn't really feel like part of community yet and doesn't have many friends who could stand up for them? Bullying someone doesn't make anyone powerful, it makes them disgusting (especially in my eyes). They're clearly having fun in their group and this is no big deal for them, I believe, but I really hope they'll stop being so arrogant and open their eyes to see they don't rule this place and most of us don't want to deal with their shit.

    I feel sorry for the member who was being bullied.
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  7. Agija added a post in a topic GDA Emails: A Dramatic Reading   

    Omg, I'm dying here.
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  8. Agija added a post in a topic GDA Trilogy Photography Contest Winner! - Minority103   

    Congratulations! Well deserved.
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  9. Agija added a post in a topic Your favorite Green Day lyric   

    "Open the past and present and the future too. It's all I've got and I'm giving it to you."
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  10. Agija added a post in a topic Green Day performing at O2 Academy Brixton August 21   

    I'm so happy for everyone who's going. I'm sure you'll have a fabulous time, you lucky people.
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  11. Agija added a post in a topic Trilogy Photography Contest   

    Aw, I was really looking forward to this but I guess I'll have to miss the contest. I have absolutely no free time until August 3rd.

    Good luck to everyone else who will participate, though. Can't wait to see the entries.
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  12. Agija added a post in a topic Primark to sell Green Day 'Dookie' shirt   

    I want that shirt but yeah no Primark here.
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  13. Agija added a comment on a blog entry Return of "Words I Might Have Ate" subforum!   

    What a lovely change. I'll definitely check the new threads out a bit later.
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