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    I'm so excited to announce that @Hermione has been promoted to Admin. I've only been asking her for several years. She will join Lone and I in helping to run the forum and make decisions about the team and any changes we're looking into. Hermione has always been very kind and incredibly thoughtful and fair when it came to disagreements either on the team or when discussing issues around the forum. She'll be a wonderful addition to the admins and I'm very excited to have her helping in this new role. Thanks for accepting the offer, Hermione!
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    Please help us welcome #RevRad Track 5 @AlissaGoesRAWR to the moderating team. She joined as a GDA Staff but we think she'll do awesome as a moderator. Give her all your praise.
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    I'm very happy to share that we've brought two new people on to the GDC Mod Team, inthehallwaynow (also known as Matt, but because we already have two other Matt's on the team, we've been calling him hallwaymatt), and 'Second favourite son' (I don't know your real name, so I've just been calling you SFS). Things are starting to get really busy around here and we really wanted some new people on board to help specifically with the Green Day sections. Welcome to both of you! Very happy to have you guys on board!
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    Hello folks, I'd like to introduce you to your new moderator: @Todd. You may recognize him most from the GD downloads section but in the background he has been active in our team discussions. Due to his consistent activities we decided we should give him full moderator powers. He has been a media mod since May of 2015. Congrats to being more orange buddy!
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    I'm eager to see how activity around GDC and the 'green day community' (lower case, as in, not the location, but the fan base as a whole) changes over the next several months as the band starts doing promo again and goes back on tour. Around the release we saw such a huge influx of users. Monthly traffic last month here on GDC was more than 75% higher than the same time last year. Expected. Unfortunately November this month was down 26% from October. Also expected since there's a whole lot of conversation and interest when a new album is released. I'm still hopeful that with a new single and more promo coming things will pick back up again. This place does pretty well when the tour is active as fans want a central place to organize and talk. While most of the world moves on to Facebook pages and groups, there's something unique and special about communicating on a forum dedicated to a topic you care about. In the back of my mind I'm always worried that with the advent of new social media, communities like this one will be less and less popular. But over the last couple years, seeing the type of people that end up here has only convinced me that places like GDC will remain a unique attraction and a worthwhile one. It's not as passive as something like a Facebook page. Members have to actively engage if they want to be part of the community. So hopefully that will remain true for a while, and hopefully activity will pick back up as fans come back to look at a central place to talk to like-minded people when the tour kicks back off.
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    Lone, Bum, and I worked on a new Dark theme for GDC to more closely follow the red, black, and white theme of Revolution Radio. Also, YAY RED AND BLACK AGAIN. This feels more like home. Having wondering flashbacks to the American Idiot era. So that's about it. Same exact theme as before, just changed out the red with blue, updated the logo, got some sweet new backgrounds.
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    The mod team has agreed to the following addition to our forum guidelines. We're making this change because it's been a recurring issue lately. People start arguing with each other, someone takes it to PM (which is the best place for it, instead of a back and forth in a topic or elsewhere in the forum), then someone screenshots that and posts it publicly in hopes to embarrass or ridicule the user. It's not only very unhelpful, it's further escalating an issue that will require the mod team to step in. If you have differences with someone, take it to PM. If they're not interested in talking, just ignore the user. If someone messages you and you find the comments rude or unwelcome, use the Report button. A mod will check the situation out and deal with it. This falls in to line with another guideline People seem to forget that rule, then get upset when they get a warning or a suspension. The mod team really tries to avoid becoming a ref in these situations. But we want everyone here to feel like they have the space to comment and reply to anything else here without being ridiculed or harassed. When that happens, please just report the comment and let us know when things are getting out of hand. It does no one any good to let issues escalate to the point where people are just bitching at each other and throwing personal insults. That's all. Have fun. Good night.
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    10 Most popular topics for February 2017 1) Donald Trump wins election - 510 posts 2) 2017/02/08 - O2 Arena, London, United Kingdom - 479 posts 3) It's a Friday, time for a 10,000 Post Spam Thread - 402 posts 4) The Green Day Fangirls' Confessions Thread - 378 posts 5) Green Day Alphabet Game - 277 posts 6) Random Green Day Thoughts - 231 posts 7) Random Thoughts - 198 posts 8) 2017/02/05 - First Direct Arena, Leeds, United Kingdom - 169 posts 9) Green Day Instagram Photos - 164 posts 10) Relationships - 161 posts Top 5 Most Active Members Tinkle (381 posts) desertrose (359 posts) Billie Hoe (251 posts) Jane Lannister (225 posts) Billie Hoe is my hero (215 posts) Top 5 Most Liked Posts This post by Stefano Bras in 2017/02/08 - O2 Arena, London, United Kingdom This post by luketrebilliemike in 2017/02/08 - O2 Arena, London, United Kingdom This post by Stefano Bras in 2017/02/08 - O2 Arena, London, United Kingdom This post by Scattered Wreck in 2017/02/08 - O2 Arena, London, United Kingdom This post by Emilie. in The Picture Thread Stats Members active: 963 New Members: 223 Total Visitors: 18,604 Most registrations in a single day: 24 (February 6th) Single busiest day: February 1st New Topics: 105 Total Posts: 8,835 Total PMs sent: 297 new (699 replies) Blog posts made: 15 Most viewed blog entry: Pi (poem) (143 views) Total Rep Given: 13,032 Happy March Greenheads! Last month Billie celebrated his 33rd birthday (for the 13th time) and "revealed" the true American Idiot, Green Day concluded their first European leg of the tour at the O2 Arena, and Trump hangs onto the most popular topic for the second month in a row. We had a decrease in all the stats this month with a loss of 538 active members (-36%), 3256 total visitors (-15%), and 4129 total posts (-32%). However, the boys have kicked off their North American tour this past Wednesday so we'll see an increase in stats this month. Looking forward to chatting and hearing about your experiences at the shows in the tour threads!
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    I'm sure you all have seen my very limited posts on here. I am always reading the boards when I can, but I haven't contributed much...mainly due to busyness, but also because I've been up and down lately. I'm sure some people may not care for an update, but I am friends with many people on this site, so I just wanted to let everyone know what's up with me and what I've done while I've been less active on here. I got into the professional years of Social Work and Disability Studies at my University! One of ninety people to be accepted, in fact. I've been working out a ton. I finally got my anemia stabilized to the point where I can go for my full driving test! It's tomorrow, wish me luck! I have also been fainting a lot less. Since 2016 started, I have only passed out twice. I am very sleepy quite often, but it's great to be in control. I have been going to therapy for my panic disorder. I don't talk about it much with anyone, but I'm happy I am getting the support I need. I will also be starting medication for it again, even though I'm hesitant to. I got a second job! As you know, I do work at a pet store, but I got a second job two days a week working with a child with a disability. I am a single pringle who is ready to mingle to this jingle. I have been going to a lot of concerts lately! This weekend I am seeing the love of my life, Mac DeMarco, yet again. I have been rekindling old friendships. I stopped talking to my best friend about six weeks ago, and even though I'm sad, I still haven't felt happier and more in control of my life. I am meeting my best friend off of this site, Tom (96Tomato) next month! <3 My hair has grown six inches, and is midway to my waist again. I got my scholarship back! I have been trying to not let people treat me like shit. It's nice to stand up for myself, but every time I do, I have a panic attack afterwards. I have been reading more, writing more, doing some more art pieces, and brushing up on my French. I still have many pets, and I still play with them every day. My cat is turning twenty tomorrow and he is still very sick. I pay a lot for his medication every week, but it's okay. Other than that, I don't know what else to say. I miss you all. I think about you all every day, I really do.
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    I could start this story with "I've been waiting a long time for this moment to come", or "It was great". Yeah, but it would be so usual. And boring, right? So, I wanna start with just one word that describes perfectly any aspect of how I'm feeling today: Fuck! Just fuck. Think about, it's perfect. Surprised, happy and crazy at the same time: me. Right now I'm leaving Milan, the sun is shining and everyone is so silent on the train. They don't know what happened yesterday: Yesterday I took the metro to Assago. Every stop, you could see the place getting emptier and emptier. Until the last stop, Assago. At that moment I knew that everyone in the room was going to the concert. I felt dizzy. I got off the metro. It was cold, but I wasn't supposed to care about that. After a very, long, tiring and agitated queue for seat places I got inside. It was a sort of liberation. I was afraid that my ticket was fake, even though I spent a lot of money on it. But when the scanner showed its bright green light, I was the happiest person in the world. At that moment, I was alone, inside the forum, in my seat. But I couldn't realize that. I remember I wrote something on GDC, about how happy I was. But I couldn't believe it, really. The Interrupters started their opening show. First song: good. Second song: ok. Third song: meh. Fourth song: I'm getting bored of that fucking guitar. It followed always the same rhythm. When they finished, my mind was exhausted. Then a long pause. And the Bunny. I was wearing a Ramones shirt, so I had to scream the Blitzkrieg Bop. I wasn't feeling good. Like I wasn't ready for that. But then the lights turned out. I hear that drums. Heavy, clear. In my mind there is only a word buzzing: JUMP. Know Your Enemy had started. I had dreamed that moment for 84 days, 12, weeks, 3 months, a season, 1/4 year. And it was just like I wanted. Pyro, energy, and my favorite band breathing my same air. Bang Bang and Revolution Radio were two song of "let yourself go". Jumping and screaming any single word of the lyrics. Still now, I'm surprised that I was the only one to do that in my sector. I felt a bit embarrassed but WHO CARED. The Holiday-Letterbomb-Boulevard Of Broken Dreams part was distinguished by a general excitement. Those songs were epic. Me trying to mimic Mike's bass solo in Holiday was maybe the funniest thing. I did the same with Longview. Actually one of the worst part of the show was Youngblood. It sounded GREAT, don't get me wrong. But as someone already said here on GDC the "fuck you I'm from Oakland" part ended up with an embarrassing silence from the fans. I gave my best but I think it wasn't enough. It was time to start the old-songs section. I expected Welcome To Paradise, ready to mimic another bass solo. But when BJ screamed "2000 Light Years Awaaaaay", I was a bit disappointed. No matter, I could always dance. Hitchin' a Ride, When I Come Around, Christie Road, Burnout. Nothing else to say. Same things, but this time I was literally out of breath. When Scattered started I couldn't contain myself. That song has an important meaning to me, since 2014. Still the only one of C1 to scream like there's no tomorrow. Then Minority, time to jump again. "Fuck'em all!" Are We The Waiting was really touching. Everyone sang it. I felt part of a team, a group of people that have something in common. My heart was in tears. But it was time to jump (agin, and again). St. Jimmy! BJ waited a minute before the epic "and don't fucking wear it out". Pyro. After Knowledge, my favorite part of the show: BASKET CASE/SHE. It sounded fucking great, and it's good to see that GD play it this way after 23 years. K-F-A-D. (Nothing else to say, it would be meaningless). A bunch of covers and the most important part of their concert (emotionally speaking): Still Breathing. A hand on my chest, the other up in the sky. My mouth is dry, but I'm still singing and jumping. And the epic closer: Forever Now. Is that enough? No. American Idiot. And JOS. This made me see how GD are famous and important in this dishonest pop world. And finally, BJ with its guitar, and us, coming back in our Ordinary World hoping we had the Time Of (our) Li(v)e(s). I immediately felt like everyone in the room was a friend of mine. Boys, girls, children, Old men, thinking about what I had just done. Again, in the metro. This time with something in my heart that I hadn't got four hours before. An "Insomniac" night. And now I'm here writing this (meaningless) essay. I promised you. The train is going fast. My heart too. I still can't realize it. A thing is sure: I'm a day older than yesterday. Hope you like it, even if with a lot of grammar mistakes. I'm too happy to care about it.
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    A couple weeks ago we asked you guys to provide feedback on the forum and the way things were going. Thanks to everyone who sent your feedback. We read them over and talked as a team about the changes we want to make going forward. A suggestion we saw multiple times was that the tour section was a bit unwieldy. We all agreed, and decided to move past tour dates from the RevRad tour into their own subforum. That way when you visit the tour section, you're greeted by the next show that's coming up. We've also decided to change the warning system so that "verbal warns" are now an actual warning point. This will help avoid situations where someone posts something after a warning is given and not knowing about it, and will also help make it clear when a mod is asking a user to stop doing something. These changes are outlined below. Each warning point is active on your profile for 15 days. If you get another warning within that period, your warning point will go up by 1 and include further restrictions each time until you're banned. 1st Warning: No suspension. No restrictions on posting. 2nd Warning: 1 day suspension. Restricted to 10 posts per day. 3rd Warning: 2 day suspension. Restricted to 10 posts per day. 4th Warning: 3 day suspension. Restricted to 10 posts per day. 5th Warning: Banned. When you're warned you'll get a notification with the reason and have to acknowledge it before you can post again. Upon returning from each suspension, there will still be a 10 posts/day limit for 15 days. While a user has a warning point they will not have access to “Clubs”. Duplicate accounts created to get around a suspension will result in another warning point. Thanks again to those of you who sent in your feedback. If you have suggestions or concerns, please reach out to us so we can help find a solution.
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    10 Most popular topics for September 2016 1) 2016/09/26 - Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH, USA - 1,799 posts 2) Revolution Radio - 1,647 posts 3) The Thread That Shall Not Be Named - 1,304 posts 4) "Still Breathing" - Song - 1,247 posts 5) Green Day European Tour - January - 941 posts 6) Revolution Radio (song) - 934 posts 7) 2016/09/28 - Starland Ballroom, Sayreville, NJ, USA - 888 posts 8) 2016/09/29 - Tower Theatre, Upper Darby, PA, USA - 586 posts 9) Green Day US Tour - September - 530 posts 10) Green Day started rehearsing for upcoming tour - 424 posts Top 5 Most Active Members Tinkle (835 posts) Scattered Wreck (771 posts) Billie Hoe (466 posts) Second favourite son (460 posts) dolce_amore93 (429 posts) Top 5 Most Liked Posts This post by Travis. in The Official Music Video for "Bang Bang" is here! This post by Andres in Revolution Radio Lyric Video This post by thatdude03 in "Still Breathing" - Song & Lyric Video This post by foxborohottub in Green Day POSTPONES 3 Tour Days, cancels Toronto show This post by Mary711 in The Picture Thread Stats Members active: 1165 New Members: 528 Total Visitors: 35,630 Most registrations in a single day: 123 (September 6th) Single busiest day: September 26th New Topics: 195 Total Posts: 23,029 Total PMs sent: 315 (new), 2,614 (replies) Blog posts made: 16 Most viewed blog entry: Revolution Radio vs Bang Bang (197 views) Total Rep Given: 27,081 As our forecasters predicted previously, Green Day has made landfall on the shores of GDC and made itself known by taking over the top 10 most popular topics of this month. This month we will be holding the annual GDC Awards so look out for that thread which will contain info on how to vote. I don't have a tip this month but I'll leave you guys with this photo (by @Maria Gloria) from this post to keep in your mind as you listen to the new album. Enjoy!
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    I decided to make punk themed Valentines. Just for fun. cx You can print them out or use an editor to fill them out and use them if you want. Green Day: Fifteen: Nirvana: The Clash: For any lonely, miserable souls on Valentine's Day... Print this out and hang it up as a sweet reminder: Happy Valentine's Day! <3
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    This semester in our Photography class we had to photograph our Campus and how we personally see it. I chose the topic Illegal Arts and photographed all the small messages I could find around the campus I'm still not exactly sure how to operate a camera because my professor sucked at teaching us, but I like them. #1 - "Don't validate me." #2 - "No Human is Illegal" #3 - "Color in a Dark Place" #4 - "Morons of the Underground" #5 - "#Onkomm Goes Trashcan" #6 - "That Only Just Made Sense in My Head" #7 - "You can be a nazi, but then you're simply shit." #8 - "Helpful Advice" #9 - "Done For Today" #10 - "The World Owes Me" #11 - "Fuck" #12 - "Irresistible Curiosity"
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    I thought now would be a good time to tell ya'll about the wonderful time my favorite best friend from Sweden, @I don't care, and I had exactly two months ago when she visited me in Germany. Everything started about 10 months ago, when we met in the GDC chatroom (that small one on the bottom right corner of your window that <1% of you use) and realized that we were soulmates who just happened to roast ourselves into each other's hearts on an online forum of our favorite band. Our friendship blossomed as quickly as you can say "Billie Hoe and I don't care for Best Board Buddies" and soon enough we fantasized about how we would meet for the first time. Once we came kinda close with the Pinkpop festival both of us wanted to attend (meet my soulmate and go to a Green Day concert together at the same time? Uhh, goals?), but when that didn't work out we made due by skyping for hours on end day after day. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Then her parents (God bless them) finally made it happen and booked tickets for the second week of August (when my own parents conveniently left the country so we had my place pretty much to ourselves). After a few weeks of "okay cool" and not fully grasping the reality that we were actually going to meet, I was on the edge of freaking out when I went to pick her (and her parents) up from the airport. I spent an hour or so pacing around nervously in the arrival hall at the terminal, right at the gate where she was supposed to come out with her luggage. Thanks to @Jenn. and @Shahd (aka. Nicest!) who kept me company on WhatsApp, I didn't completely lose my mind. It was just a mess - Agnes and I kept messaging each other about their progress (she sent me picture and video updates of how her plane landed and on her way into the terminal, etc.), yelling at each other via texts about how excited we were. I kept peeking through the gate to the hall where they picked up their luggage, but I didn't see her despite her very colorful hair. Then she sent me a picture of a gate that looked a lot like the one I was waiting at, where she was supposed to come out, saying "IS THIS WHERE YOU ARE?" and I went "YES!" and she said "OKAY, I'M RUNNING ONCE I GET MY SUITCASE". I waited peeking through the gate to catch this girl running, but I never did. Instead I saw her mother whom I recognized from her Facebook picture (yes, I befriended her mother on Facebook because of reasons) and her dad calmly strolling through the gate. But where the fuck was Agnes? Turns out she ran out of the wrong fucking gate. Her mother told me where she would be and pointed her out like 30 meters away from us (??? I'm terrible at estimating), carrying her guitar case on her back and looking down on her phone. I started jogging towards her but tried to be as quiet and inconspicuous about it as possible, praying that she wouldn't look up from her phone and see me, and then I tackled her and THUS OUR FIRST EVER HUG CAME TO BE. We hugged so tightly like I haven't hugged anyone ever, and she petted my "red head" (which I had re-dyed JUST FOR HER) because she promised to do so on WhatsApp weeks before. 1) our first ever selfie together with awesome band shirts, made a few moments after our first hug / my tackle It's still a bit weird (good weird) when I think about it, because I remembered adding her on Instagram and seeing how she looked like, her Snapchat videos and pictures she sent me (like, definitely not a Catfish, I learned from Nev and Max), but then all of a sudden she was standing right before me and I was holding her and we were taking pictures together. I have never met any online friend I've made since I'm on the internet in real life, with some of whom I've been friends for years. I guess it's never really been real-real because the internet is a different, more anonymous place, but now it's definitely real. On the internet you can portray yourself how you want people to see you, you only send them the pictures where you like yourself, but you have no control over that when you actually meet someone for real. They see you from all the bad angles, they see how you look when you eat or sleep. I guess I was a bit anxious to meet her because, fuck, what if she doesn't like who I *actually* am? What if we have to spend a week together and then not click, despite having had conversations that lasted several hours on the phone? What if it's gonna be awkward and we won't have anything to talk about? Is she gonna be sick of me when she's around me for 24 hours straight? I have also told her more about me than I have ever told anyone I know (not even my other best friend whom I've known since kindergarten), and I trust her, and suddenly she's ... there, right in front of me and I can hug her for real, as I've wanted to do so many times. Well, I'm happy to say that my anxieties were unjustified. At least I think so, she definitely seemed like she liked me and we're still talking, so that's that. And I can confirm that she is indeed fucking awesome. It's impossible to feel awkward around her because she's such an outgoing and open and talkative and simply un-awkward person, she even managed to engage my brother who never talks to my friends in a conversation. After I met with her and her parents at the airport, they took us into the center of Frankfurt in their rental (while blasting Rammstein, hell yah, now I know where she gets her greatness from) and we spent the day sightseeing in the city, shopping (more like entering way too expensive stores, trying on things, and leaving), Starbucks, sitting by the river in the sun and just openly talking about everything. 2) by the Main river 3) happy times at Starbucks (not sponsored) After overlooking Frankfurt (or Mainhattan as some locals are calling it) from the top of a skyscraper (it's called Main Tower if you're ever interested in visiting Frankfurt) we met up again with her parents at a restaurant, and on the way there a kind of funny thing happened that is really telling about cultural differences. We were about to cross a four lane street (which are usually busy since we were in the middle of the banking area where lots of people work, but when we were there not so much), and she just crossed it without waiting for the little man to turn green, leaving me and about ten other people on both sides waiting at the red traffic light and laughing at me from the other side. I'm told that apparently waiting at a red traffic light when there's no traffic is a "typically German" thing to do, but she, a Swede who just doesn't give a fuck, just crosses it. Another funny thing I noticed is that people you meet in the streets or shops are much nicer to you and more open when you're a "tourist" who speaks English. I accidentally talked to people in English instead of German all the time since I was so used to talking to Agnes in English, and suddenly the clerks were so helpful. So I guess my advice would be, if you can speak English, don't bother trying broken German you might have learned before your trip if you want something. I've lived here for so many years and after spending one day with her I learn so many new things about my own country. Then we drove back to her hotel which coincidentally was in a small town next to mine and only one bus stop from mine away, and spent an hour in their ridiculously luxurious hotel room before I had to take the bus home. She whipped out her guitar and started playing it on the bed not very quietly, and while that was VERY NICE!!!, I kept thinking "oh my god, this is too loud, it's in the middle of the night, what if the other guests wake up, but oh my god, I don't want to be rude and tell her to quiet it down, and also it sounds so beautiful and I don't want her to stop." Another difference between us: in Sweden she lives in this huge house where she can be as loud as she wants, but I grew in an apartment with five old neighbors who would complain about any loud noise. It was refreshing actually, and she showed me (who has no musical talent whatsoever) a chord, which is pretty sick. She then took me to the bus stop, which was 5 minutes away from the hotel and almost got hit by a car on her way back. THIS IS WHY WE WAIT AT TRAFFIC LIGHTS IN GERMANY! OUR DRIVERS ARE CRAZY! ____________________________________________________________________________________________ On the second day her parents dropped her off at my place and I showed her my humble housing before we left for another city in the area which wasn't originally the plan, but that day was the only day I could have picked up my "If There Was Ever A Time" flexi disc from the stupid customs office before it would be shipped back to the US or I would be fined, so essentially we wasted a couple of hours picking that stupid piece of shit up. It's a good song but I've wasted way too much time and money on this thing. However, she made it worthwhile and time spent with her is never time wasted, also this really cool picture happened when we were chilling at the train station waiting for our belated train back home (welcome to Germany my friends. Welcome to Germany.). 4) Let me introduce to you, Punk Rock Chewbacca!!! We stopped by a grocery store to get supplies for the jello shots we were looking forward to so much, because I am a very responsible adult who wanted to help her 17 year old friend get drunk, who can't get alcohol in her own country. I don't think her parents would approve of me that much if they knew I also offered to buy cigarettes in case she wanted to try it out. Hell, I know how it is as a minor who wants to try something and has to use other people to help her. Other than that though I can assure you that I am a very caring (if not overbearing) mom-friend who looks out for her friends and usually stops them from doing stupid shit. Don't be fooled by her sweet face, she's not that innocent. She has smoked before and even offered to smuggle weed for us to try out in her bra (because nobody would check there anyway, and because she's a cute, white Swedish girl they wouldn't suspect her) but we realized that probably wasn't a very good idea. I didn't want her to end up in a detention cell at the airport for the duration of her trip or anything. Then we ordered some pizza and sat down on the balcony. You all know that there are two types of people: people who love pineapple on pizza and people who want to kill people who bring a pineapple near their pizza. I am the first and she is the second. Both of us got Margarita pizzas, but I added pineapple for MY pizza. When they delivered them, it turned out that both of them had pineapple on it. So she kept peeling the pineapple pieces off of hers with the most painful expression that I've ever seen and threw them on mine. She ate as slowly as she could and suddenly just stopped in movement with wide eyes staring into nothing and went completely silent. I asked her "are you okay?" and when she started tearing up I started freaking out, and on top of everything she still wasn't talking to me. I thought she was dying for fuck's sake, but no, that goddamn drama queen just swallowed a piece of pineapple. Then we did the jello shots (recipe: jello powder with 1/2 water and 1/2 pure vodka) but realized, damn, all we have is shot glasses, not cups, and it would be pretty hard for us to get that jelly out of a tiny glass. So Agnes suggested "Hey, let's just put them in ice trays!" and because I'm equally stupid I said "Good idea!", and because we wanted them done extra fast, we put them in the freezer instead of the refrigerator, and then had to scoop out that icy and bitter crap out of the ice trays like barbarians. I painted Princess Victoria of Sweden on her back with water colors for the Gishwhes scavenger hunt while we were waiting and then watched some Netflix and chilled, she played Life is Strange on my computer while I played Sims on hers. It was really nice to just ... chill out at home for one evening and being lazy after all that running around and despite the fact that we didn't have much time together. You'd think we would have to make "the most of it" by constantly doing shit, but not doing that made it so much better because we were doing exactly what we would be doing if we could see each other every day. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ On the next day she woke me up with her acoustic guitar and we had breakfast on the balcony. This was the day when I showed her my town, and as soon as we left the house, she stopped EVERY. SINGLE. person we saw to ask them if she could pet their dogs. It was really adorable, and most of them let her do it which was a bit surprising because not all of them understood English and some of them declined because their dogs were really shy or aggressive, but that didn't stop her to try again next time. Agnes loves dogs more than you. She did the same thing in Frankfurt on our first day too, and one time when she asked a woman who obviously didn't understand her well if she could pet her dog, she said "No, thank you" and continued on, possibly thinking we wanted to scam her or something. 5) Agnes on her quest to pet every single doggo she sees, even the artificial ones 6) she's a tree-hugging hippie Later we took the bus to the town where I grew up and went to school in before we moved away a couple of years ago, to meet with my other best friend Rebecca, who just like Agnes is really into metal music, who can play the piano and the guitar, and also understands Swedish. If I didn't know better, I'd say I have a type. Agnes was so nervous to meet her and really wanted to make a good impression on her, so she ate an entire bowl of alcoholic jelly that was left from the previous day before we left and got herself tipsy. While she was shoveling the jelly in, we were talking to the lovely @Jenn. on the phone who enchanted us with her lovely Irish accent (Accept yer faet, Jenn) After fleeing from a roughly 200 year old US army veteran who uses his extremely bad eyesight as an excuse to come uncomfortably close to you to, as he would say in his thick American accent, "see the ladies better", we met with Rebecca, and not-surprisingly they got along really really well - we spent the evening sitting on a bench in the dark and Agnes played Rebecca's guitar and sang a beautiful Swedish song with her beautiful voice. I recorded it and I desperately wanna show you all, but it got lost somewhere on my phone, but I assure you, it's magical Sadly that was also the last evening we spent together, because they already departed on the next day We got to spend a few final hours in Frankfurt together and had lunch but then we drove to the airport together and hugged for the last time. It was pretty sad because we wouldn't see each other again for a while, but I am hell bent on visiting her in New York when she moves there and see and hug her again💖 I'm so incredibly happy and grateful that we got this chance, not only to the universe and her parents, but to Green Day and this forum without whom this never would have happened. 💖
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    (This is already posted on GDA with awesome photos by @MooreClick, but I wanted to post it here for those of you who are solely GDCers and for my own easy access. Enjoy! ) After a two-year break from touring, Green Day was clearly itching to get back on the road. And in case anyone doubted it, Billie Joe Armstrong made it known early Monday night at the band’s first promotional show for Revolution Radio, its new album that releases Oct. 7. “You know what sucks? Taking time off of playing music. It’s hard,” he said, just a few songs into the setlist, gazing out and smiling at the eager, sold-out crowd inside Columbus, Ohio’s Newport Music Hall. “Look at this fucking place. Look at this. We’re back.” Cheers and applause erupted. Yes, they're back — in every sense of the word. Despite the hiatus, and after recovering from an illness that led them to postpone tour dates last week, the band thankfully didn’t appear weary or out-of-practice. In about two hours, they ripped through a 25-song setlist with no frills but all the high-energy antics of an arena show. The intimate feeling of seeing the orchestrated chaos just a few feet from your face is almost indescribable. From the second row of the 1,700-person venue, I could see all the tiny details usually only spotted in professionally shot videos: the beads of sweat rolling down their faces; Billie Joe’s quirky starred-and-striped socks; an adorable message, “Hello Again!”, scribbled in silver marker on the front of Mike Dirnt’s black sleeveless vest. Monday night’s set opened with new singles “Bang Bang” and “Revolution Radio” performed live for the first time, in that order. It’s a thrilling one-two punch that’s hard to top. The songs sounded just as good live as in the studio, if not better, as the band fed off the enthusiasm of a crowd that already had the lyrics memorized. The two songs blended in seamlessly with an otherwise greatest-hits-heavy setlist dominated by singles from American Idiot and Dookie. The show mostly followed Green Day’s tried-and-true formula for live shows, peppered with a few pleasant surprises in-between, including the return of “Scattered” and “Hitchin’ a Ride” from Nimrod and Kerplunk’s “2000 Light Years Away” and “Christie Road.” Billie Joe even sang a few lines from the trilogy’s “Nuclear Family” during the bridge of “Scattered” and looked quite amused with himself during the seconds-long medley. Many fans, myself included, were initially surprised the setlist wasn’t filled with deep cuts from the past or more new songs from their upcoming album. But as the show continued on, with little deviation from what longtime fans have come to expect from a Green Day concert, I focused less on the songs’ rarity and more on enjoying the performance. This show, I realized, wasn’t meant to be like the last club show I attended, at the House of Blues in Cleveland, the night before the band’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction. It wasn’t a nostalgic trip down memory lane. It was, it seemed, about looking forward to the future and getting back into a groove to prepare for a lengthy world tour that's likely in the works. From my spot in the pit, in front of Mike, the crowd was nothing like the House of Blues, either. For me, that was a good thing. There were fewer crowd surfers, fewer angsty fans clobbering each other to get a closer spot and few, if any, moments where I felt overwhelmed, at-risk or exhausted. Due to a strict policy that prohibited cell phone recordings of the show (which some fans, unsurprisingly, disregarded anyway), there were also fewer people blocking others’ views to get shots for YouTube. At first, I thought the policy was bogus, but in hindsight, I appreciate it. At my first Green Day show, in Pittsburgh in 2013, I spent more time fending off a violent girl who was desperate for YouTube footage than enjoying the music. Here, everyone seemed more focused on having a good time than anything else. The crowd wasn't dead by any means, but my experience with it was tamer and more controlled this time around. The band was having a blast, too, and that was evident by the smiles that never left Billie Joe and Mike’s faces and their frequent laughter. I couldn’t see Tré Cool much from my spot in the pit, but I did catch him chuckling a few times, too. During “Minority,” Mike planted a kiss on Billie Joe’s cheek. Billie Joe playfully bantered with the crowd during “Hitchin’ a Ride” and joined saxophone player Jason Freese on a harmonica during “King for a Day.” The pink bunny made its return in the preshow. The show was filled with good, genuine fun and emotion. Mainly for those reasons, I was really bummed to see Revolution Radio’s third single, "Still Breathing," was listed on Monday’s setlist but not played. The recently released song, which alludes to dealing with addiction, epitomizes the message of moving forward and positivity that Monday’s show seemed to symbolize. Because the band delayed its tour a week, it’s possible the song was scrapped because isn’t ready to be performed live yet, but I hope it’s added to the setlist soon. I could easily see it becoming a crowd favorite and it’s a song full of raw emotion that clearly resonates with the band, too. Given the political nature of Revolution Radio’s titular track, it came as no surprise that Billie Joe devoted a little show time to political talk, too. He joked about the presidential debate occurring that night and encouraged people to vote and "bring sanity back" into political discussions. He also mentioned it was fitting to kick off the tour in Ohio’s capital city, presumably because it’s a swing state that heavily influences elections. Personally, I also found it fitting that the band debuted the song “Revolution Radio” in Columbus because the city has recently sparked several Black Lives Matter protests, following a fatal police shooting of a 13-year-old black robbery suspect this month. A similar protest in New York inspired Billie Joe to write the song. Just moments before the concert doors opened Monday, a protest formed (unrelated to the concert) and prompted police to shut down a portion of the street adjacent to the concert venue. An eerie coincidence and a powerful reminder of the song's relevance. The show closed with two acoustic songs, “Ordinary World,” Revolution Radio’s beautiful, but simple closer, and the classic “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life).” "Ordinary World," written for a namesake movie starring Billie Joe that releases Oct. 14, didn’t receive nearly the same reaction as the fast-paced new songs, but those who were familiar with it, including me, seemed to appreciate hearing it. A friend of mine and longtime Green Day fan attended the show with me, and on our drive home, he mentioned how differently the band, especially Billie Joe, presented itself compared to recordings of shows he’s watched in the past, such as fan videos and Bullet in a Bible. Since, at this point, I’m a bit jaded to the band’s criticism, I assumed he was being critical. The statement that followed surprised me. “He just seemed… happy. Really aware and appreciative of what was going on.” I think that’s a message any fan who criticized the show’s setlist could learn from. Just appreciating the moment. One such instance that really struck me Monday was during the performance of “Waiting,” listening to the lyrics referencing the “dawning of a new era,” while the stage lights faded into a soft white glow around the band. It just seemed so fitting. Revolution Radio releases in just nine days. Its supporting tour, and Green Day’s newest era, is just getting started. If Monday’s show is any indicator of what to expect, I can’t wait to see what it brings us.
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    Lone and I worked on enabling three new features tonight. Online Status We've added little indicators next to a users name that shows whether or not the user is online or not. You'll now see a green lightning bolt if someone is around, a grey icon if they're offline. (The default was a circle, we liked the lightning bolt because it reminded us of Warning) Topic Stats We found a plugin for one of the most requested things missing since the last upgrade, stats for posts per topic. When you're viewing a forum you can now click the 'Replies' count and it'll show you the top posters in that topic. Preview Post There's a new icon you'll see in the post toolbar that allows you to preview a post before you hit submit. It'll allow you to preview your post on Desktop, Tablet, or Phone sizes. This works with any content around the forum that has the post editor. Here's the icon: and here's what a preview looks like. Click the X on the top right of the post editor to go back to 'Edit Mode'
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    After a very long wait, the Display Name history is back! I had to manually edit a third party plugin to work with our theme, but it works! When you're visiting someone's profile, you'll see the "Display Name History" box on the bottom left of their profile, below recent visitors.
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    Just realised I never posted the last video from my trilogy-inspired series in my blog, so here it is. It follows on from the previous two (Angel Blue and See You Tonight). Initially the viewer is introduced to the (hypothetical) girl from Angel Blue and what it's like to be her, receiving the song. See You Tonight shows her going out to meet the narrator, against her better judgement, and implies it'll have negative consequences. Here in the final video, X-Kid, the characters are now in a relationship but facing the consequences of their actions. Eventually it all gets too much - the girl leaves and the man tries to kill himself. I won't spoil it by telling you how it ends. As with the others, it was part of a project based on themes - this one was "a journey". The journey is the emotional journey of the couple. Enjoy!
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    It tells you a lot about me that I remember the date: I’ve been a Green Day fan since April 7th, 2007. When reclusive, 12 year-old me saw the lyrics to Boulevard of Broken Dreams on a Piczo site, quickly becoming obsessed as I stumbled into this world of music that resonated with me so deeply… I had no idea that one day I would be uploading this project to my professional website, a successful photography graduate making a documentary about seeing Green Day 42 times. I was unwell back then, with what I now know was bipolar II and borderline personality disorder. When I turned 14 I’d barely left the house for three years. The music allowed me to feel understood, to cling on to some kind of hope, but alone it wasn’t going to save me. Only conquering the issues that kept me trapped in the house was going to save me, and I needed a big push. When Green Day’s 2009 UK tour was announced, my mum Joy – being a huge fan herself – bought us tickets to four shows. It was questionable whether or not I’d be able to go, because just the short train ride to Birmingham was a huge deal for me back then, but I made it. I left not only blown away by the experience, but having learned a lot about both the world and myself. There was a place I felt at home. After years of struggles, my mum and I were free, even if it was just for three hours. Something about Green Day’s show makes everyone in those sweaty rooms feel like they’re understood, they matter, they’re part of this huge, loving throng with a place they can escape. There was hope. If those guys who’d grown up with nothing and faced so many challenges could inspire us all so, I could recover. The following year, I went back to school as we sold all our possessions and made some questionable – but entirely worthwhile – sacrifices to go to five more shows on the European tour, two in the US and eventually, one in Costa Rica. I remember standing there in San José, Costa Rica, having been attacked and had my passport stolen; and feeling safer than I ever had in my life when Billie Joe came to check I was alright. Maybe I’m completely insane – in fact I’m sure I am – but it empowered and inspired me to grow from a kid who couldn’t leave the house into a confident, successful and hopeful young adult. Since then, I’ve done a lot of things I never imagined I could do, including going to college and on to university. We went on tour again in 2013, going to five shows in Europe and three in America this time. I was grateful for every second of every show – you can imagine I’d pay to see three hours of King for a Day if it was on offer – but my dream was to see even more. Over the years I saved my meagre wages, my student loan, eating nothing but Asda Smart Price pasta for month after month; going without heating; spending 13 hours on the bus every time I came home from uni, and missing out on the uni experience as I refused to pay to do anything. One trip to the cinema was too much. One alcoholic drink was too much. Eventually, a fiver for a society membership was too much. In the summer that preceded the tour, I left our village – which has no more than a corner shop and kebab joint – a total of four times. One of those was for my grandpa’s funeral and the other three to visit his grave. I wasn’t going to cough up the £4.60 train fare or risk spending money otherwise for anything else. So when the Revolution Radio Tour was announced, I was ready. Armed with a £19.99 flight to Turin, Italy, I logged on to TicketOne irrationally early, shaking and silently praying the temperamental rural connection wouldn’t let me down. It didn’t. The first tickets I bought were for four shows in Italy. Gradually we added whichever shows I could fit around my uni schedule: Kraków, Prague, Oslo and Manchester. It felt like years then until I’d finally see them again, but it approached suddenly. Every time I got on a National Express – which was often, because I’m too cheap for the train – I had to remind myself I wasn’t heading to the airport to see Green Day. Yet when I finally was on the bus to Stansted Airport, everything had been so focused on saving money, not actually seeing Green Day, that I’d forgotten exactly why I was sitting on a coach for 10 hours. It wasn’t until I was there, in Turin, in front of the venue, that I realised it was real. I was there. I would see Green Day tomorrow. I wasn’t dreaming. This was the first time I met Fran, and the first time I met someone else who had eaten a lot more than their body weight in pasta to fund a Green Day adventure. Within three hours we were planning trips to Oakland and Japan while I was on the toilet. We only meant to scope out the venue, but when we arrived it was surprisingly empty. Two staff guys took a selfie with us and we walked around, expecting to find campers lurking somewhere, because it was Italy after all. No one was there. Being first in line and feeling closer to the show was far too exciting to leave. We marked our hands with one, two and three, left a note and went to get food before setting up for the night. We walked around in circles trying to find food, but the only place open was Turkish Pizza Kebap. It’d have to do, since we were nervous about getting back to the line. While we waited we looked at the photos of Turkey on the wall and my mum commented ‘I don’t know anything about Turkey, Green Day don’t play there,’ which remains my favourite quote from tour. The venue was still deserted when we got back, silent until we heard the rumble of Green Day rehearsing King for a Day. Later they played Still Breathing, Are We the Waiting, St. Jimmy and repeatedly, Forever Now. It remained hard to process that I wasn’t still watching videos from previous tours, that this was the performance I’d see live tomorrow, that it was actually Billie Joe, Mike and Tré in there. As night fell the temperature dropped to -5°C. The park around the venue had been littered with runners and dog walkers in the day, but now it was completely deserted. A van eventually pulled up opposite and a man got out to ask if we were cold. We said we were fine and he left, coming back later with two packets of crisps. How sweet, we thought, then he came back again with some Coke. That was sweet, too. Then he came back again with warm food and we began to feel wary, probably with good reason, since he soon asked if we wanted to sleep in his van. We told him no and tried to sleep, but every time we laid down he came back, insisting it was raining and that we should go to his van. Fortunately the next two fans arrived around 2am and we were saved from Weird Man. It was, of course, much colder than we thought when we arrived. We must have slept at some point, because I never heard Fran speak to me and she didn’t remember me walking around to keep warm. Around 4am, as I desperately pulled my £3 blanket closer, I wondered if I was going to die. I longed to return to the warmth of the hotel, but I forced myself to picture the front row spot I was camping for, to recall the rumble of the soundcheck and that it was real. It was easy to forget; but when the sun rose I was still alive and I felt both relieved and satisfied that I hadn’t given in. By noon it had begun to snow and the queue stretched out of the park as people arrived from all over the country. Groups of us huddled and walked around to keep warm. No-one seemed to know when the box office would open and Fran still needed to collect her ticket. We were getting nervous. My £3 blanket, frozen after camping A few hours before doors, we made our last trip to the hotel to dump our camping gear and warm our hands. My mum texted to say we had half an hour until we’d be ‘locked into the cage’ so we headed back, but even though we’d made that journey several times we somehow got completely lost. We walked around for a while but nothing looked familiar. There was an hour until doors, the ‘cage’ would be locked and we were lost in an Italian snowstorm. In desperation we asked someone for directions (well, stammered ‘Pala Alpitour?’ at him with confused expressions) and got back on track. Thanks to Maddy from Turin talking to the staff for us, we were allowed in. The bad news was that the box office was still shut. There was half an hour until doors, we’d been there nearly 30 hours at this point and Fran had no ticket. My mum gave hers to Fran and went to the box office with Fran’s passport and email confirmation. We began to get scared it’d never open and that she wouldn’t get in at all, but about ten minutes later there was a huge cheer and she was lifted back into the cage with the ticket. Hero of the hour, always. When the gates finally opened we were let through in pairs and then left outside another door, in the snow, for what felt like forever. As I’d saved for years I’d started running, specifically so I couldn’t be outrun for the barrier, and the struggles up and down Cornish hills paid off as my arms slammed onto the metal between Mike and Billie. It was the best I could have asked for after having to get back into the ‘cage.’ The opening act The Interrupters were so much fun, and even after all that time spent in the cold we were clapping; but when their set was done, I was not looking back. All those hours spent in the snow were about to pay off. I remember feeling like I was watching through a glass screen, from another world somewhere far from earth, when Tré first ran on stage, then Mike, then Billie. I remember welcoming the rib-crushing surge because it made me feel present. I remember Mike pointing and saluting my mum, recognising her after all that time and the lovely girls we’d queued with squealing with happiness for her; and even though I have never gone to Green Day shows for their attention, it meant the world to me when Billie remembered me too. I had grown so much, changed so much since last time I saw them, and yet it was like no time had passed at all. I remember throwing my arms up to Revolution Radio, clapping like my life depended on it; I remember losing my voice because I screamed Still Breathing so loud, and I remember knowing I was home with all Billie’s freaks, weirdos and strangers once more. After the show I shelled out 10€ for the poster, certain I would never top camping for 30 hours in a -5°C snowstorm, or deafening everyone around me with that rendition of Still Breathing. But this was only the beginning, and it was only going to get better from here. We arrived in Florence at midday to find 20+ people had camped, wondering if it was our fault for arriving so early in Turin. Staff soon barricaded us in so we couldn’t use the toilet or get food or drink. At least it was warm. Time crawled on, the mob gradually becoming more packed as doors approached. When security finally opened the gates we had a long way to run. The ground was slippery and people were falling over in heaps of sleeping bags and winter coats. I didn’t know where my mum was or even where I was going. I just kept running, slipping and recomposing myself until my feet hit the solid ground of the arena floor. I made it to the barrier, holding out my arms to save a spot for my mum who joined me a minute later. Having conquered any first-show nerves, both The Interrupters and Green Day were on fire. It had finally sunk in that it was all real and I watched it with my own eyes now, not through the glass screen feeling the shock of Turin had left me with. It was Minority I lost my voice to that night, screaming a free for all, fuck ’em all, you’re on your own side! Florence remains one of my favourite shows of the entire tour, and wandering the beautiful city the following day while we waited for our train – the whole experience of this new adventure truly beginning was just so magical. We arrived late to a dark and deserted industrial estate in Bologna, where the ground was icy and the air bitterly cold. Having accidentally left my blanket in Turin (RIP) and with no other camping gear, I decided I couldn’t sleep there. I reluctantly remained in the hotel, where I should mention that I also ate the best pumpkin soup ever. It made up for all those months of pasta. The temperature hadn’t risen much when we headed out in the morning, and the streets now were solid ice. I wondered again if I was going to die as we picked our way up a hill to the Unipol Arena, but of course I didn’t and we joined the line as 88 and 89. As the day went on it began to rain. My mum, having become disabled with chronic arthritis since the last tour, couldn’t sit down and was stuck in the line. The only way out was to climb over the barriers, and she was suffering just standing there in the cold. Someone told me there was a Carrefour nearby, so I climbed out and went looking for an umbrella and a cheap stool for her to sit on. The only umbrella I could find was a Milano FC one, so I returned to the line with a fold-up stool and a football umbrella for a team I didn’t know existed. We met Eleonora, a Milano FC fan who had also been in Turin and Florence, and later she saved me from the Carrefour staff who thought I’d stolen a slice of pizza. I’m still grateful for her storing the umbrella in her car for me too, since 12€ is approximately 42 bowls of pasta. That excruciating wait came to an end with another long and messy run. Even more people were slipping and falling here. The frozen steps that led down to the arena looked like a death trap. Still, I managed not to fall and ended the run in a great spot to say we arrived at 9am. I had never been happier to be sweaty and crushed before Green Day even took the stage. Maybe it was the cold, maybe it was me, but either way the emotion had hit me and I spent a lot of the show in tears. They were truly on fire again, one of the most energised I’d ever seen them. I was living my dream, and it was everything – more – I’d hoped it would be. The band looked genuinely worried about me, probably thinking something bad had happened or that I’d just gone mad, but nah. Just love Green Day, sorry. Holding the stool we’d retrieved from Eleonora’s car, we braved the two mile walk along the icy streets back to the hotel, passing lots of men having a wee. We got a few hours’ sleep before heading back to Bologna station for our train to Milan, the final Italian show. As with a lot of these venues, the Mediolanum Forum was way out of the city. People think I’m seeing all these great sights – which OK, I do sometimes – but I’m really spending most of the time on streets in weird, usually deserted areas. We arrived there to take number 288 and 289, having got into a… difficult situation trying to get from our hotel to the venue, which turned out to be separated by busy highways and fields. As soon as we joined the line, the friends we’d made in Turin dashed up to hug us and welcome us, especially my mum (she was very popular in Italy). Gianluca, who was her hero after helping her down the stairs in Turin, bought her a warm tea and they all accompanied her to the cash machine. Sure, we met a few rude people in Italy – like the Trenitalia woman who spat ‘ugh, inglese’ at my mum at Bologna station – but also some of the kindest and most welcoming people we’d ever met on tour. My mum proved later that disability wasn’t going to take Green Day away from her just yet. When doors opened she ran, all the way up the steps she was worried about and got to security before me. She’s 58 and can’t walk sometimes. Far more of a rock star than I am. I didn’t expect front row at this show, seeing as we’d showed up at nearly 4pm, but we still got good spots at the end of the barrier. This was it: the whirlwind end of this crazy Italian adventure. The two of us sang our hearts out like it was the last time we’d see them, ever. It struck me then how not speaking Italian well might have been a barrier elsewhere, but here we were all the same, united by our love for the band, screaming all the same words regardless of what language we spoke. At the end of the show Tré held up a fan’s Italian flag and it felt like a fitting ending – standing there, in a shower of confetti in this arena in the middle of nowhere in Italy, revelling in all the love I had for these nights that I’d never forget. It took me about 24 hours to get back to Falmouth, and on the National Express I used up all my data watching bad quality videos, trying to convince myself it all actually happened. I could have just kept going, sleeping on Italian streets to sprint over ice into arenas, forever. A new adventure was coming soon, though: I’d hand in the first project of my third year, attend a class and then 48 hours later, spend another 12 hours getting back to the airport to fly to Poland.
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    The company that makes the forum software, Invision, recently announced that they were no longer going to develop their own chat system. The chat system hasn't had any real updates in quite a long time and they decided they'd be better off putting those resources into making the forums themselves better. As a result, we've removed the old chat room and have added in a new chat system that you'll find on the bottom right of the window when browsing the forum. Yes, it's meant to be very similar to Facebook chat since that's a system many are already familiar with. The new chat allows you to chat one on one with your friends Or join the Chat Room with other members If you want the chat to stay open when you browse around the forum, you can either click the "pop out" arrow on the top right so the chat opens in its own window. Or click the 'gear' for settings and enable "Keep Room Open". To close a chat window either click on the title bar of the chat window, or click the chat buttons on the chat bar itself. If you're in the chat and want to report someone just hover over their name and you'll see the following options. Select "Report Spam/Abuse" and chat mods and admins will get a report and be able to look back at that point in the chat. You'll also see that mods/admins can "Silence" a user (a temporary timeout for up to 5 minutes), or kick the user from the chat entirely. That's the gist of the new system. We hope to see you guys in there and we can find ways to improve this functionality. So far, I honestly think this setup will be much better than the old entirely separate chat system.
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    Something a little different. The last year or so, I've written to myself a lot. I've not done so much creative writing since around March, but I have had a dialogue with myself. It's a wa of highlighting the good things and processing the bad. I won't be sharing any of that stuff. It's for my eyes only. But it has informed my approach to things and encouraged me to articulate sensations, notions and generally pay attention to thoughts. This is one of those thoughts. I Miss You I think those three words are, as a trio, the most complex and meaningful we have in the English language. ‘I want you’ is up there - but to want is to be greedy. It's temporary and internal. To miss is to need. People will put their hands up for ‘I love you’ too, but personally, I think that ‘I miss you’ is more powerful and specific. We all love a lot of things. Love has been hijacked by materialism and casualty. There is a day for it. The same is true for many deep concepts because we as a Western society fear emotional honesty and authenticity in many of our relationships, especially the less deep ones. But ‘I miss you’ circumnavigates that. Let's just look at what it means. It is directive and specific. Love is an abstract concept with many meanings. To miss someone - anything - is to me so be reduced or lacking as a result of that person or thing's diminished presence. So saying ‘I miss you’ is admitting that you are less, or you are worse off, or things are just not as good as they could be with that person (we'll stick with people from here) actually being there. That, to me, is beautiful. I have a complex relationship with the words ‘I miss you’. For the longest time in my life, I didn't hear those words too often. I didn't have many friends through school, so not many people missed me. When I went to university I became a part of something. That's where I learned the meaning of those words. I became missed. I was told it every time I wasn't at a social event. I felt wanted and necessary, but it also fed my underlying lack of ego. Being missed - being wanted and loved - made me hubristic. That's the dark side of ‘I miss you’. If too many people say it, it becomes depersonalised and expecte. Over time, as distance increases, memories fades and new relationships emerge you hear it less, and instead of appreciating the ‘I miss yous ‘that remain, you get angry or upset - your ego is damaged - by the lack of them. All of that happened to me. As that period of my life ended I entered into in a long term, long distance relationship that lasted over two years. Everything wonderful about that relationship aside, it had an important role in restructuring my ego. The words ‘I miss you’ played a massive part in that. Suddenly the number of people saying ‘I miss you’ paled in comparison to this one, incredible person who meant it so painfully and specifically was driven to tears over it. It became a daily reminder of how beautiful our bond was. Don't get me wrong. That's healthy in all good relationships; you should miss each other when you're not present. But it became the corner stone. One which I tried, in my deeply flawed and ego-driven attempt to deal with the pain of missing that someone, to distance myself from. Reality, when it came, could never live up to the mythology that came to define us. ‘I miss you’ became a habit, then a platitude and in time lost its meaning. When you become deracinated from the notion of missing a specific person and being missed as a specific person, you become lost. It's hard to miss what can't be found. So that ended and we thought we missed each other when it did so - and genuinely did in some sense - but in reality, we missed ourselves. When relationships end, there is an inevitable period of readjusting and redefining oneself. That is a lot of uncertainty. A lot of change. If you don't know who you are, how could anyone miss you? Their version of you, sure. But that's a part of them. Our internal self-value system breaks down. That's why we start trying new things: new hair colours, new hobbies (or approaching old ones with renewed vigour), new people and places - or more destructive but just as naturally - more drinking, shagging around; numbing the pain. And that is where being missed comes in. In the (by some measures) year since that relationship ended, I've been told 'I miss you' by more people. Fewer than at uni, but with more meaning, than ever before. ‘I miss you’ means 'I care about you', and if people still say it while you're at your lowest ebb - battling depression, dumped, hating your job, struggling through daily panic attacks and withdrawing from society - and crucially they act on it, then it's difficult not to gain self-worth again. Perhaps more importantly, I found myself saying ‘I miss you’ more often, to more people, not as a platitude, but because their presence improved my life. I felt a renewed sense of community and connectedness. It is no overstatement to say that while beating depression or getting over someone or rediscovering your passion is a solo job, doing so is put into perspective and made easier when other people have a vested interest in your well-being - and you have a vested interest in theirs. It also helped, I believe, that the majority of those saying ‘I miss you’ to me over the last year were men. No ulterior motive. They simply missed my company. Saying so, as a man to another man, is to tacitly trust the other man with that most unmasculine (so our society says) of things: vulnerability. That our status as alpha-male-hunter-gatherer-supermen-lone-wolf is compromised without our mates is a stunningly intimate thing that goes unsaid, and that requires trust, respect and mutuality. It requires value. That isn’t to say friend-girls didn’t help. But there isn't the same empathy regarding the forsaking and rebuilding of ego. Simply put, being missed by guys has a different value - not more, just different - to being missed by girls. This week one of those guys, called me out of the blue. We'd not spoken for a couple of weeks and started off saying he missed me. He needed a bit of help with something, but nothing a text wouldn't have sorted. My best friend and I speak almost every day. We only see each other every month or so, often longer. About once a week we'll say we miss each other, admitting without saying it that every week that goes by without having spent a few hours over a pint, food, joint or guitar is a week genuinely wasted. Time moves quickly. So if you've taken the time to read this, take a further moment to consider - who do you miss? Doesn't have to be someone who isn't around at the moment. That's not the point. They could be in the next room. Now tell them. Without fear of judgement. If they've come to mind for any reason, it's worth saying it. It'll reaffirm their worth to you, your worth to yourself or so, so importantly, it may just make someone's day.
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    I don't know how many or if any of you remember me, because I haven't posted for way too long. I want to give more than one update, though. Mainly not for the sake of giving an update, but because I know how some of you feel and it might give some of you some hope. I know that when I first came here, I was severely depressed. At school I was the outsider, at hockey I got bullied so much it ended with a broken collar bone. It destroyed me so much because I thought my hockey career would have ended as well. Now, I'm out of school, I study and I'm happy with that. I went through therapy and it helped a lot. The main change, though, was the birth of my sweet daughter. Really, when I first looked into her eyes (she was born with her eyes open) I realized what true love is! From that moment on I knew I didn't need any hockey career to prove myself, I don't need a hockey career to be worth it, I don't need it to have success or be a good person. I had more than I ever wanted. Four months later I got an offer, though. "You've trained here a few years ago. Do you have interest in playing in our team the next season?" Well, I have a baby. I'm alone with my baby. Okay, not completely alone, but would my parents really take so much of their time to help me out there? I told them of the offer. I was scared, nervous and already sad because I thought my answer would have to be a "no, sadly I can't". "I have no idea how we'll do it, but we'll find a solution, so say yes to them". And that's what we did. We found a solution. I played that season and for the first time in yeeaaars I had fun playing. For the first time ever I really felt like I was part of the team and for the first time in years I was really nervous when I played. I didn't want to make mistakes. We're talking about women's first league in ice hockey in Germany (DFEL if anyone wants to google it). But I got better. I'm not one of the best players in the team, but I think I'll get better and better. I'll give my best. I'll be there next season as well, I hope! What do I want to tell you with that? Easy: believe in your dreams no matter how desperate it looks like and no matter what anyone tells you! I was 22 and didn't play for a whole season. Still I got to the place where I want to be! Most people told me I'm talentless. My self-esteem was at point zero and I never believed I would even get out of my depression. Also I was scared I could never care for myself and would do bad at parenting. I know, I can't prove I'm good at it, but my daughter gives me so much love and laughs so much, I just believe her ;D Nothing is impossible!
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    If you found this post helpful, please consider supporting me for £3 / $4 on Ko-Fi! You can do that here. When I got into Green Day, I was a typical new fan: watching interviews, old performances, vacuuming up every bit of history I could get my hands on. I wanted to understand my new favourite band. Plus, it was fascinating. The East Bay was another world… and it may as well have been tucked away on Mars. My chances of ever visiting seemed that remote. Green Day brought that culture, that background I’d immersed myself in, to their live show. It was as beautiful and welcoming as my research promised. Through Green Day I met my now-fiancée, Annabelle, who grew up in that very culture and would be my tour guide when I eventually made it. Even as I grew up and forgot all I’d learned, the fascination remained. My mum – a huge Green Day fan – and I briefly visited Oakland for the first time last year. We saw a few of the Green Day sights: the Fox Theatre, the Rudy’s Can’t Fail Café there, Broken Guitars, 1-2-3-4 GO! Records and the Bay Bridge. It barely scratched the surface, really, but I still didn’t want to leave. I knew this dirty city I’d never visited so well. Being there felt like the homecoming I expected. Pun unintended but let’s go with it. So when The Longshot – Billie Joe’s new band – rescheduled their California shows, it was finally time. You know how my mum is always detained by Homeland Security? Even though she’s a disabled 60 year-old with no criminal record? San Francisco Airport just let her in. See, we were meant to be there. Annabelle met us in Arrivals. We drove through San Francisco and across the Bay Bridge to Oakland. I took this photo of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge last year, but it’s a Green Day reference. Billie Joe Armstrong’s nickname for his wife, 80 (and in turn the song title 80) came from this, since Interstate 80 runs over it. He’s also talked about how the band and his father, a truck driver, knew they were home after long journeys when they saw it. While my mum and Annabelle were in line at Starbucks the next day, a lady complimented my leggings and backpack. I thanked her. She asked if I had a cell phone. When I said yes, she promptly had me post on Facebook that it was a beautiful morning in Oakland, then installed her ‘brain’ so I could take it back to England. ‘Welcome to Oakland.’ Annabelle said as we left. Walking up the street to the ‘Longview house’ We sat on a wall, recovering from the brain installation, singing Love is for Losers (I don’t remember why, but it was great) and working out what we were doing. Then we drove up Adeline Street – the street Billie Joe’s now-closed record label and clothing line were named after – to Berkeley. Annabelle pointed us towards a quiet, unassuming street. Hills rose up to the blue sky in the distance. It was completely, utterly normal. We glanced around, wondering which of these houses was the one, until Annabelle announced ‘here we are.’ So this is the ‘Longview house’: where Green Day’s Longview music video was recorded in the basement. The sofa was rolled in just to be destroyed, but everything else was real. Green Day were living (squatting) there at the time, sharing their space with another band called the East Bay Weed Company. Much of Dookie was composed here. It served as their base while they dealt with record companies in the build-up to Dookie. In the apartment upstairs was Billie Joe’s ex-girlfriend Amanda, who inspired She, Sassafras Roots, Stuart & the Ave., Good Riddance, Whatsername and, of course, Amanda to name a few. Many of the street’s residents were UC Berkeley students, who weren’t fans of the band’s rehearsels disturbing their studies. ‘The record company guys would come to see us rehearse in the basement and their wives would go shopping on Telegraph Avenue. And when we went on tour we would come back to discover these crusty punks had squatted our place, and every single thing we owned was gone. And my love letters ended up on the Internet…’ - Tré Cool, Green Day: American Idiots and the New Punk Explosion, p.82 Someone actually left the house while we were taking photos, right as I announced ‘I’m so glad there’s no one here, or this would be really awkward.’ Looking at the unsuspecting house – the window that’s actually visible in the Longview video – was beyond surreal. Perhaps the most striking thing, though, was just how normal this street was. The house is so loaded with meaning for any Green Day fan, yet there’s nothing to say it’s more than a regular home. We walked back to the car feeling stunned. 924 Gilman Street, Berkeley: the careers of Green Day and many other East Bay punk bands began here I could almost have walked past 924 Gilman Street. Then I looked up. Once I realised what this squat building was, it was like a punch to the gut. The number above the door; the caning shop sign; the graffiti on the windows and the door – unlike the ordinariness of the house, just that frontage embodied everything 924 Gilman was. I could feel what Billie Joe, Mike and countless other kids must have felt, walking through that doorway for the first time and thinking this was ‘salvation’; because that was me, 6,000 miles away at 12, discovering the culture Green Day brought from here to the world. ‘Armstrong and Dirnt began living for their weekends at the Gilman Street Project. Run out of the back of a caning-and-wicker-shop, the club would go unnoticed by anyone passing by. For those familiar with the side entrance, however, the shop opens into a world that Armstrong refers to as “salvation”: dilapidated wood floorboards; graffiti splashed across every inch of wall space; band after band with the look and sound of early British punk like the Sex Pistols and the Buzzcocks.’ – Rolling Stone Magazine, 1995 Much of the fan graffiti in the doorway was Green Day-related. It went from thanking them to referencing drama between fans. Some might call that ironic considering Green Day’s eventual negative reception at the club, but I suppose that’s what punk’s all about: doing whatever you want regardless. So of course, we went and added our own with our crappy biro pens we picked up in airports and hotel rooms. How much do you bet some guy will find this and get up my ass about stupid fangirls marking a ReAl PuNx™ site? My mum had to be encouraged by me and Annabelle ‘Growing up and going to shows around Gilman Street was the best education I got. Walking through that door the first thing I saw was a sign saying “No Sexism, No Racism, No Homophobia,” and I think that’s had an impact on me for the rest of my life. Now when people come to our shows the main thing is I want them to feel like they’re in a safe space. If you’re gay, straight, white, black, brown, transgender, if there’s one place you feel you can go to, it’s a Green Day gig.’ – Billie Joe Armstrong, 2016 We pulled up on another quiet, unsuspecting Berkeley street. Opposite was a building that looked quite a lot like my primary school, identified only by the word ‘Fantasy.’ On the corner was a stop sign, illuminated neon red by the bright sunlight. This was Fantasy Studios, where Billie Joe recorded his first single Look for Love and Green Day later recorded Dookie. It must have been quite the fantasy for those kids squatting in warehouses and basements, coming home to find their space invaded by crusty punks. Green Day recording Dookie here in 1993 Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA ‘[Fantasy Studios] definitely had that Seventies coke-y vibe, mahogany and strange dead wood around the place. We would go into the vaults and see all of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s master tapes. But I felt we belonged there. Our first album cost $700 to make. Kerplunk! was like $1200. “Let’s record these as fast as we can – because we don’t have a choice.” This time, I learned how to dial in good sounds, get the best guitar tones. I was able to take a little time doing vocals. I loved that experience.’ – Billie Joe Armstrong, 2014 San Francisco from Berkeley Marina Annabelle had been wanting to show me Berkeley Marina for a long time. Of course, it’s also referenced in The Ballad of Wilhelm Fink, from Fat Wreck Chords’ Short Songs for Short People compilation. The clear day offered views of Oakland, San Francisco and both bridges. Students learning to kayak crowded the paths, though the crowds thinned out before the closed-off pier. We walked as far as the sundial and decided we’d come back another day with a picnic. Berkeley Marina Before we flew, my mum saw Rudy’s Can’t Fail Café advertising a performance of the American Idiot Musical. So that was our next stop: the Flight Deck on Broadway. It would be performed by Bay Area Zeta Players, a theatre company run entirely by local high school students. I was impressed with the set design as soon as we walked in. They’d fit the vibe of a huge production into a tiny room. Theatregoers and people in Green Day shirts filled the remaining seats. The show’s director thanked us for coming and encouraged us to laugh, cry or clap whenever we wanted. A raffle was held for an American Idiot CD signed by Mike Dirnt; one of the guys in Green Day shirts won. Jesus of Suburbia: introducing Johnny, Will, Tunny and the residents of Jingletown Every performance of American Idiot is different. I know every line, but I’m never sure what to expect – or when I think I am, I’m surprised again. As relevant now as it ever was, it was made for these angry young voices. Holiday: the ‘bus’ from Jingletown to the city Favorite Son: tempting Tunny to join the army Their performance had the perfect balance of rage, love and apathy so performative it mocked apathy. This take on Tunny by Anneke Angstadt was my favourite so far. She brought a fuller, angrier personality to the role; the perfect depiction of a loser easily enticed by military propaganda. St. Jimmy: Johnny, having been deserted by Tunny, getting his first fix while Whatsername watches Give Me Novacaine: Johnny falls in love with Whatsername while Tunny is soon hurt on the battlefield Last Night on Earth: Johnny and Whatsername shoot up while St. Jimmy serenades him, willing him to choose drugs over Whatsername Extraordinary Girl: in a morphine-induced hallucination, Tunny’s nurse appears as a glittering angel Letterbomb: Whatsername, sick of Johnny’s drug habits, leaves him Homecoming: St. Jimmy’s last moments before Johnny overcomes his addiction Homecoming: Will, lonely and depressed in Jingletown Homecoming: nobody likes you, everyone left you, they’re all out without you, having fun! In the traditional Good Riddance, the cast encouraged everyone to sing if they knew the words. A shy chorus filled the little room. Afterwards, the producers thanked us again and explained more about the company. Seeing American Idiot performed in Oakland – having been to the band’s squat in Berkeley, 924 Gilman and knowing I’d go to the warehouse Billie Joe lived in the next day – gave me a whole new understanding of where this album came from and, as a European, a real insight into the country it’s based on. Boulevard of Broken Dreams was the first Green Day song I ever heard. I loved and related to it so much when I discovered it at 12 that I overplayed it to oblivion. Every time I’ve seen the American Idiot musical it’s still managed to give me goosebumps, but this was something else. I relived every moment of how Green Day changed my life while watching this show. Can’t wait to see these guys in something else. If you get the chance, you totally should. Rudy’s Can’t Fail Café Our next stop was the original Rudy’s Can’t Fail Café in Emeryville. Owned by Mike Dirnt, it opened in 2002 with the Oakland location following in 2011. The tables outside were packed. We ate at the Oakland one last year, so we took photos and left. Sadly, since we got home, the Oakland location announced its closure. Wish we’d gone there again now. The now closed Rudy’s Can’t Fail Café at the Fox Theatre in Oakland (taken last year) After a trip to Sephora, we got back out of the car at West Oakland BART Station – where ‘a gunshot rings out at the station’ in Welcome to Paradise. West Oakland BART Station Annabelle walked us down 7th Street, ‘the cracked streets and the broken homes’ and we stopped outside a patched-up old warehouse. This was the squat Billie Joe had just moved into when he wrote Welcome to Paradise. Pay attention to the cracked streets and the broken homes ‘Billie Joe left home at 17, and he lived on couches and in a scary live-work band space. He once lived in an old brothel and hotel, located on a desolate block in West Oakland under the BART trains.’ – Spin Magazine, 1994 The BART track is right outside, hence the line about the station. When Billie Joe lived here the bathroom was infested with rats, so he chose to use a cat litter instead. It’s also referred to in Sweet 16 – ‘throwing down a bottle of Old English back in the warehouse.’ ‘I was living in West Oakland at the time. It was my first time ever being out on my own, out of my parents’ house and I just tried to capture that feeling – sort of frightening but at the same time you come to the conclusion that it’s freeing and you can end up growing as an individual.’ – Billie Joe Armstrong, 2005 Seeing this was a sobering reminder of where Green Day came from and how hard they worked to be where they are now – but also a powerful reminder that it’s entirely possible and, as Billie Joe said, that it can even empower you. With these photos I’d like to include Annabelle’s story from the We Are Revolution Radio book. They grew up in a similar setting, and their story makes great points about how Green Day inspire fans beyond the music. Annabelle’s story from the We Are Revolution Radio book Our next drive was to Jingletown, a real neighbourhood near Fruitvale. In a dead-end by the highway is Studio 880, also known as ‘Jingletown Studios.’ This is where Warning, the Foxboro Hot Tubs’ Stop Drop and Roll!!!, the ¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tré! trilogy and parts of American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown were recorded. It got the name ‘Jingletown’ when the Foxboro Hot Tubs used it to cover up their identity. 21st Century Breakdown is my favourite album of all time and the only record I’ll ever claim changed my life. So seeing the studio where recording began, and also where the album art – a massive inspiration to me at 14, which probably still shows today – was painted; it was emotional and left me a bit shaken in the best way. I also bonded with an old guy across the street when he waved to me. You might recognise the parking lot if you’re a Green Day fan. It appeared in the ¡Cuatro! documentary and several of the ¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tré! promo videos. Much of the 21st Century Breakdown album art was painted on the walls, but sadly now it’s been sold and from what I could see, it’s gone. 27th Avenue sign near Studio 880 The studio is on 27th Avenue, which likely gave the Foxboro Hot Tubs song 27th Avenue Shuffle its name. Jingletown itself is also, of course, the name of Jesus of Suburbia’s hometown in American Idiot. This store was an unintentional Green Day reference. I took a photo because it said Jingletown, but it also has a brief cameo in the ¡Cuatro! scene That Just Happened (around the 0:22 mark). Despite Annabelle saying ‘we need to get your photos then get the hell out of here,’ we spent the evening eating 29¢ cakes in the Food Maxx parking lot. It felt a whole lot like we were Johnny, Will and Tunny. We even escaped alive. Peak Jingletown. Sunset in Jingletown The next day, we headed to San Francisco for the Longshot show. Our last stop before postponing our tour was Powell St. BART Station: so we could go do what we liked, making sure we did it wise. This is the phone (or the only usable one on the same wall) Billie pulled off during that line in the When I Come Around video. I’ll write about the two Longshot shows in a separate post, so if you’re not interested, you don’t have to scroll through it. If you are, a recap is on its way and you can read my DC and Baltimore one in the meantime. My make-up stayed intact for three days, tho. On arriving back in Oakland from Orange County, I found two guys I recognise in a Visit Oakland magazine. We went for dinner at Homeroom, one of Annabelle’s favourites they’d been nagging me to try for two years. My vegan GFF did not disappoint. Afterwards, we passed Broken Guitars and went to 1-2-3-4 GO! Records which is, of course, a Green Day reference. Here they played an early show – the ‘Bay Area Music Fan Appreciation Event’ – for ¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tré!, The Longshot played their first show and Billie built the stage with his son Joey. They’re currently selling Turn It Around: The Story Of East Bay Punk. 1-2-3-4 GO! Records (taken last year) Inside 1-2-3-4 GO! Records, Oakland, CA The guy working was kind enough to show us the back room, where the stage is. It looked so much smaller than it did on photos. Its official capacity is 49. Phone pic of me in the back room at 1-2-3-4 GO! Records. Don’t judge me guys, I’d just wiped the three-day-surviving make-up off They also have a Live at Maxwell’s doormat in there, which confirms its status as the best record store in Oakland. We spent the remainder of our evening talking on various benches, moving regularly to avoid drug dealers and men with mini America flags non-ironically attached to them. Sunset in Oakland Next, we finally ventured out of Oakland to Pinole. Knowing the area inspired Jesus of Suburbia, I expected it to be a shithole. Like a mini Oakland, because that’s what the suburbs no-one wants to live in are like in England. Instead, the city dissolved into an endless vista of rolling hills, scorched by the sun. Sleepy streets led into the town. Annabelle drove on to park in an equally sleepy shopping centre. To us, it was just pretty, but I could see why it felt like the end of the world in a completely different way to Kirkby-in-Ashfield. Instead of chavs grumbling outside the Job Centre, there was no-one. Just silence amongst the rows of parked pickup trucks. Now I understood exactly why the song was called Jesus of ‘Suburbia,’ and how a loser like its namesake pitted himself as Jesus; sitting in ‘my living room, for my private womb, while the moms and Brads are away.’ At the same time, though, those lyrics can still apply to anywhere. Because, for so long to me, they applied to my home so far-removed in England. Fiat Music, Pinole: where Billie Joe Armstrong learned to sing We stood for a while outside Fiat Music: a little section of the shopping centre, between Trader Joe’s and a martial arts academy. This was where five year-old Billie Joe was taught to play piano and sing, by Marie Louise Fiatarone and her husband. ‘Billie Joe’s mother brought him in because she was signing him up for piano lessons. Jim took one look at him and said, “He looks like he really belongs in show business. Why don’t you take him in the studio and see if he can sing?”’ – Marie Louise Fiatarone, 2006 With reassurance from Annabelle that we weren’t being creepy, we went inside. The building looked surprisingly modern outside, but once we opened the door, its age was clear. We were greeted by one of the kindest and most well-spoken people I’ve ever met: Mrs Fiatarone herself. Feeling embarrassed, my mum explained we were Green Day fans and knew Billie learned to sing here. Mrs Fiatarone smiled and said yes, he was one of her very successful students. She showed us the back studio, where Look For Love was composed. Propped up on the shelves was Green Day fanart by new students, inspired by Fiat Music’s past. When we said we were from England, she showed us a photo in a folder: a group of Green Day fans holding up the t-shirt from the Look For Love cover, in which we spotted one of our friends, Tony. You might know him from Bullet in a Bible – he’s the guy who comes in too soon when playing American Idiot. Even though we and Mrs Fiatarone were aware of Green Day’s ability to connect people around the world, it still seemed crazy these random English girls recognised someone in the Fiat Music guestbook. Mrs Fiatarone then told us her own crazy story. When Billie Joe began looking into his Italian ancestry, he posted his grandfather’s birth certificate on his Instagram, asking if anyone could translate. Mrs Fiatarone’s son offered to help, since he spoke Italian. He soon found Billie Joe’s grandparents were from Viggiano, the same little town of 3,000 people, as his own. What are the chances of that? ‘I learned show tunes as a kid. My dad was a jazz drummer, and I used to go to veterans’ hospitals and sing. I wanted to play guitar, but they said my hands were too small.’ – Billie Joe Armstrong, 2005 We looked at the Look For Love cover and she smiled, saying ‘he’s still that same sweet little kid.’ Then she held it up so we could take a photo. Me and Marie Louise Fiatarone, who taught Billie Joe to sing We thanked Mrs Fiatarone, feeling like we couldn’t thank her enough, and said goodbye with a promise we’d send her the photo. Maybe one day someone else will recognise us in the guestbook. This was by far one of my most unexpected, but surreal and incredible, Green Day experiences. We didn’t expect anything more than having a peek inside – let alone meeting Mrs Fiatarone herself and being treated with such kindness. We were just in time, too. It was about fifteen minutes before she started teaching and the next day, they were holding a concert for the 10th anniversary of Trader Joe’s. Meeting her was an absolute privilege and it’s a story I’m honoured to share. Pinole Valley High School We walked down an overgrown, cracked pathway to Pinole Valley High School – the latter high school Billie Joe and Mike Dirnt attended. Green Day also played an early show here. It’s currently being renovated, but we could make out the spot Green Day played and get a feel of the area. The area around Pinole Valley High School Across the street was ‘the’ library from At the Library. Green Day played that the first time we saw them. It always seemed fitting considering that’s where I met Annabelle. Everything was coming full circle. Sadly, the library is permanently closed now. At the library A minute’s walk away was perhaps the most mundane, but most exciting site for me (not counting unexpectedly meeting Mrs Fiatarone). The center of the earth in the parking lot of the 7-Eleven where I was taught. It said home is where your heart is but what a shame, ’cause everyone’s heart doesn’t beat the same Like Pinole, the ‘end of the world’ wasn’t what I expected. I’ve been to some very dodgy 7-Elevens, and I expected this one to be the same; not set against the quiet backdrop of a hill. It was an entirely new take on Jesus of Suburbia. Billie Joe worked here for a while in his teens, which is likely how it ended up in the song. We went inside, because we had to and bought a rainbow dragon, now named Pinole. ‘It’s that lost feeling. Hanging out at the 7-Eleven. Disenfranchised. Alienated. You just get that feeling of “I’ve got to get out of here. There’s more to life than this town.”’ – Billie Joe Armstrong, 2006 In the 7-Eleven at the center of the earth Before we got back in the car, we looked for a bathroom stall. There was no way of knowing which was ‘the’ one, or if it even existed. So we just went for the only place that didn’t require a 500-digit code and pickaxe to get in: Trader Joe’s. It was a bathroom stall in the shopping mall. A bathroom stall in the shopping mall from Jesus of Suburbia, also known as peak California tourism Unfortunately there was no graffiti to confirm the center of the earth is the end of the world. Hopefully the random English people, accompanied by a local trying not to laugh, who piled in and bought one banana were enough confirmation to any bystanders. ‘[American Idiot] sort of follows the path of this guy, Jesus of Suburbia. He’s, like, 19 to 21 years old, he’s stuck in a small town, and he’s sick of everything there – the people, the 7-Eleven he grew up with, his friends, the institutions that he’s been in the whole time. He finally finds the courage and the anger to leave his hometown, and he moves to the city and tries to find people who are kindred spirits.’ – Billie Joe Armstrong, 2004 People love to claim Green Day betrayed their roots when they wrote American Idiot. The truth is, it’s no further from those roots than Dookie. You only need to stand on this street in Pinole to know that. Rodeo, CA: Billie Joe Armstrong’s hometown We weren’t sure if it’d be creepy to go to Rodeo. ‘But it’s just a town, and it’s not like you’re going to find his mom,’ Annabelle said, so we went. If we thought Pinole was a sleepy hamlet, this was even more so. We parked first opposite a gas station and wandered around; just taking in the atmosphere of the little town of 8,500 people. ‘I grew up in a town called Rodeo. It’s right off the 80. It’s off the 80 at Willow. And it was the inspiration for this next song. This is Jesus of Suburbia.’ – Billie Joe Armstrong on stage at The Warfield, San Francisco, 2005 Rodeo ‘Rodeo is on the water, you know,’ Annabelle said, ‘And there’s something you’ve forgotten there.’ Still unsure if it was weird to be here, I hesitated. They drove us up there anyway. We came to a view of a reference I’d completely forgotten: the oil refinery referred to in 21st Century Breakdown. The last one born and the first one to run. My town is blind from refinery sun. OK, I may now be an adult with a cold, dark heart who won’t talk about how 21st Century Breakdown changed (what I really mean is saved) my life. Because at some point since I felt that way, the phrase became overused and I shied away from ever saying it again. But as Billie Joe will say East Bay punk saved his life, I can say the same about that record. As a teenager, I lived by Gloria’s ideals: striving to claw my way out of a stagnant existence and find a home in all my scars and ammunition. She was my idol. Feeling that way inspired me to carry on when I felt there was no hope left. Now, walking around what might have been one of the most desolate streets in Rodeo; I was living in the songs that inspired me so. Like loving a movie all your life and finally visiting the set. ‘Aren’t you glad we came up here?’ Annabelle asked, and I was. I didn’t feel creepy anymore. I’ve been to the edge and I’ve thrown the bouquet of flowers left over the grave ‘We came from such a highly polluted area in Rodeo, California. It’s a refinery town and we ended up getting sent home from school because kids were having headaches and nobody could understand why, when of course, 200 yards away from the elementary school I went to was the biggest refinery in America.’ – Billie Joe Armstrong, 2005 The San Pablo Bay from Rodeo As we walked up the beaten road to Lone Tree Point, I had Outlaws playing in my head, too. Because if there’s one Green Day song, not from 21st Century Breakdown, that personifies what growing up here must have been like, to me, it’s Outlaws. I found a knife by the railroad tracks. You took a train and you can’t go back. Forever now you’ll roam. We sat for a while on a picnic bench at Lone Tree Point, talking and watching the sun go down. Two men threaded their way over the train tracks to a caravan by a dilapidated pier. Christie Road was still on our to-see-today list, so we marked this as another spot we’d have to return to with a picnic (who has a picnic near a refinery? Us). We took a slow walk, taking it all in and detouring onto a bridge to take photos, back to the car. A yard in Rodeo (I like cacti) On our way in, we saw a Rodeo sign Billie Joe took a selfie with. Assuming Annabelle remembered we wanted to stop there, and even if they didn’t we’d leave the same way, we didn’t mention it again. We were back out on the 80 when my mum and I looked at each other. ‘I think we’ve come a different way.’ Annabelle glanced at me. ‘Ohhhh, the sign. Uh, we’re long past that…’ We turned in Hercules. Annabelle was doubting their knowledge of the area. ‘Which side was it again?’ It wasn’t exactly something we could Google. We continued, hoping for the best, until my mum grabbed my arm. ‘THERE! That’s it!’ ‘Where do I park? Where the hell did he park?!’ My mum pointed. ‘There’s a bus stop, look. Park there. We’ll only be a few minutes…’ ‘That’s illegal, Joy,’ Annabelle replied, but parked there anyway. References galore (see THAT sign in the background) We were wading through the grass when a horn screeched behind us. ‘It’s a fucking bus!’ I turned, watching Annabelle dive back into the car, and saw an entire park and ride. ‘Oh, that’s where Billie parked.’ The bus driver stepped out, laughing, and asked what we were doing. We said we were Green Day fans doing our history tour. He replied that he loved Green Day and knew Billie Joe’s brothers, who lived locally. We had a short conversation about Donald Trump and England, then he went on his merry way. Annabelle, now parked legally, was judging when was a good time to charge back over the highway. Result: iconic By the time my mum and Annabelle had been to Starbucks to recover, the sun had set. Christie Road would have to wait. Thanks, Rodeo sign. Sunset over the 80 We’d also forgotten John Swett High School – the first one Billie Joe and Mike attended – Tight Wad Hill and Foxboro. It seemed a shame to have little things outstanding up there, so we went the next day. For some reason I didn’t take a single photo of this on my camera, so you’re stuck with this phone pic ft. me Foxboro is a housing development five minutes down the 80 from Rodeo. Billie Joe and Mike used to sneak into the hot tubs dotted around the village, a spot to drink and make out late at night. So, perhaps obviously, it gave the Foxboro Hot Tubs their name. We didn’t wander in to see if we could find any hot tubs. However, we did go and say hi to our favourite sign, since it was a two minute walk away. ‘The Foxboro Hot Tubs were a place we used to sneak booze and chicks into late at night. But most of the time it was just “dude soup.”’ – Billie Joe Armstrong, 2008 Crockett is the other side of Rodeo, after the 80 threads through hills and the refinery. We stepped out of the car at John Swett. The first thing we saw was the board that announced Green Day’s induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2015. A board at John Swett High School, where Green Day’s 2015 induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame was announced ‘The fear was always there, even when we were doing American Idiot. I’d get this voice in my head: “Who do you think you are? Why did you write a song like Holiday, you high school drop­out?” I think the working-class part of me comes out. Sometimes the people who have the loudest mouths are upper-class, upper-middle-class. The quietest are often working-class people, people who are broke. There is a fear of losing what­ever it is that you have. I come from that background.’ – Billie Joe Armstrong, 2013 John Swett High School, Crockett: Billie Joe and Mike’s first high school Across the street from John Swett, peeking through trees is Carquinez Middle School – where Billie Joe and Mike met. It’s an orange-and-pink-painted building in a dip, before the ground rises back up as a green hill. ‘Our school district went bankrupt, so they closed down the junior high and combined two elementary schools. So [Mike] went to one elementary and I went to the other. We used to have to take the bus out there. First day of elementary school, I think in fifth grade, I was like the class clown – but Mike was like the class clown, so it was kind of like these dueling banjos that were going to go back and forth. What you get is Deliverance. Mike is my musical soulmate.’ – Billie Joe Armstrong in his Rock & Roll Hall of Fame acceptance speech, 2015 Carquinez Middle School, where Billie Joe and Mike Dirnt met This was something else totally alien to us: suburban American schools. Everything, even this, was on a scale so much larger than England it was fascinating. At first glance, the warm brick buildings surrounded by trees were just pretty. All we’d seen of quiet, hilly Crockett, overlooked by the Carquinez Bridge, was pretty. It was difficult to imagine it feeling like the end of the world, but the more we walked around, the clearer it was that the silence and empty sidewalks could feel suffocating. THIS DIRTY CITY IS MY SUGAR TOWN (yes, I went there, I non-ironically enjoy Nightlife) ‘I’m not royalty. I’m the king of nothing. I’m in the same high school rock ’n roll band I’ve been in since I was 16.’ – Billie Joe Armstrong, 2016 Down a hill dotted with porta potties is an urban scramble of metal and chimneys. It looks like part of the oil refinery, but it’s actually a huge sugar factory. This is where the phrase ‘sugar city urchin’ in Tight Wad Hill comes from – and, of course, ‘my sugar town’ in Nightlife. The latter likely references Crockett since Sugar City Tattoo, where Lady Cobra worked, is here. C&H Sugar Factory in Crockett, referred to in Tight Wad Hill: ‘sugar city urchin wasting time’ Tight Wad Hill itself – a spot junkies and cheapskates hung around to watch school games for free – overlooks the John Swett field. The area has changed since the song was written, including the field itself; so it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly where qualifies as ‘Tight Wad Hill.’ We climbed over a barrier and peered through trees at (what we at least thought was) the view. The field and yard at John Swett High School from a spot near Tight Wad Hill That was all our Rodeo-Crockett references ticked off. We thought we’d better see the bridge and a bit more of the town before we took off – part of the magic was just experiencing these places, after all. We wandered up the hill and through quaint streets. The local bus Billie Joe and Mike would have taken to school – it stops outside Carquinez and John Swett Toot’s Tavern, a street-corner pub adorned with an American flag and advertising live music, wasn’t on our list. I’ll admit I didn’t even realise its relevance until Annabelle pointed it out – it’s where the Foxboro Hot Tubs played their second show. We passed it, so why not? Toot’s Tavern, Crockett, where the Foxboro Hot Tubs played their second show On our way to the bridge, I found an unintentional reference. Not that this sign is directly referred to in any songs, but it’s Westbound Sign summed up. Finally, we walked a bit of the way across the bridge as the sun set… and now it was too late to go to Christie Road again. Sunset from the Al Zampa Memorial Bridge in Crockett, CA Sunset over the refinery These trips to the ‘end of the world’ might have been the dullest part of our trip to anyone else. For us, though, coming from an overcrowded little island where even the most isolated places can’t compare to American suburbia; this was our favourite part. I feel I’ve learned so much about Green Day and their inspiration by experiencing it myself. Next time I sing along to songs like Jesus of Suburbia at a live show, where Billie Joe’s lyrics are their most poignant, I’m not even sure how I’m going to feel. I just know I’ll lose my voice. Block Party, Oakland We spent our last day at the annual Block Party. The line-up included Dead Sound, Destroy Boys, Same Girls, Prima Donna, Anastazi and Arrica Rose. Stalls representing local businesses, from Homeroom to Atomic Garden, filled the street. We unexpectedly met our new friend Evangelina, who we’d met a few days ago at the San Francisco Longshot show. Prima Donna live at Block Party Finally, we attempted the photobooth in 1-2-3-4 GO! Records. We ended up with some photos of my mum’s cheek, the top of Evangelina’s head and my left boob. SAD. Fear not though, because Evangelina recognised the bathroom wall from a Longshot selfie (the one used to announce their show there, no less), so we got another to add to the Rodeo sign. The 1-2-3-4 GO! Records bathroom wall featured in a Longshot selfie gr8 bathroom I’d say eating mac & cheese and watching local bands (well, Prima Donna, aren’t quite so local) was a pretty good way to end our trip. I even have a new jam, Feral Children. So, the next morning, it was time to pack our bags and head back out over 80 to the airport. I’d never wanted to stay so much. My head was spinning from everything I’d taken in over the last week and a half. Still, we were missing some crucial bits and pieces… so we’d just have to come back. For your comparison: arriving back in England I knew this trip would be special. I could never have imagined quite how deeply it would immerse me in music I thought I already understood so well. In finding the roots of the three people and art that inspired me, gave me hope when there was none – I’ve found another part of myself. People ask me why I love Green Day. That’s why. Because they embody a culture, one that could have been forgotten in one tiny club in Berkeley, so much it reached this lonely kid looking for a purpose in England… and I know I was one of many. Now, I’ll return to my own center of the earth; but unlike the graffiti in the bathroom stall, these memories will confirm it’s not quite the end of the world. I don’t know about you, but I’d disagree that Billie Joe never made it as a working-class hero. Note this tour is missing (alphabetical order): Art of Ears Studio (Kerplunk), Christie Road, Hyde Street Studios (Insomniac), Passalacqua Funeral Home, Rod’s Hickory Pit (now a gas station), Ruby Room and Stuart/Telegraph (Stuart & the Ave.). If all goes to plan, you’ll get a second instalment later this year!
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    It was my last day of training in my new job when tickets went on sale. Our trainer set us up to go for different shows: some for Washington, some for Baltimore. The biggest venue The Longshot was playing had a capacity of 750. Even with a committed team of not-so-professionals, this wasn’t going to be easy. People must have wondered what the hell we were doing in the training room, because I was screaming and it was infectious. I had Washington. Two of us had Washington. Baltimore was gone before I could even switch tabs. ‘Sam has Baltimore!’ Sam did indeed have Baltimore. I ran to and fro with my card. I’d forgotten my Ticketfly password and had to make a new account. My heart was still pounding when it was all over. I expected something to go wrong. There’d be some reason I couldn’t keep the tickets. I ran into the canteen to text my mum and my partner. They’d both panicked and bought Washington tickets too. It turned out it didn’t even sell out for an hour and a half. Still, there was a two ticket limit per person for every show, and the only reason ours weren’t cancelled out was that I accidentally entered the address I no longer lived at in Cornwall. It was a week until we left when I began to feel so ill I could barely even look at my screen. When it got worse, I took the afternoon off and went to my GP. I never get sick. I once went to work photographing kids with swine flu. This was bad. The doctor debated sending me to hospital because I was so dehydrated, but eventually sent me home with a bag of medication. As I spent the evening throwing up, all I could think of was the shows. It wasn’t about the money I’d lose. It was about the opportunity I’d never have again. I absolutely adore Love is for Losers – as much as anything Green Day have released – and the thought of not making it left me feeling very angry with whoever gave me the bug. I got a suitcase in my hand, don't even know just where I am 🎶 I made it to East Midlands Airport. I’ve done some stupid things, but getting on a plane this unwell is somewhere at the top. Still, there was no way I was giving this trip up. Landed successfully in Dublin. So far, so good. OK, I think it’s funny now, but I’ll admit that night in Dublin was bad. I was scared I wouldn’t get out of the bathroom for long enough to check in. With my mum’s encouragement I did. Somehow we were through security. I was feeling slightly better. The next hurdle was US preclearance. We had under an hour to clear, and we knew my mum would be detained, because she always is for no apparent reason. I rushed through separately so I could speak to the gate staff. ‘What’s the purpose of your trip?’ ‘What?’ ‘I said, what’s the purpose of your trip?’ ‘Oh. I’m going to see a Green Day side band, mate.’ I had never received such a glare of hatred from a Homeland Security officer until then. He stamped my passport and let me through without a word. No sign of my mum. It would probably be OK, the gate staff said. Probably. They were late boarding. She reappeared with time to spare. We were on the plane. It was too late for them to throw me off if I suddenly got worse, but it seemed like the Dublin episode was the last of it. That was some high quality relief. Newburgh Stewart Airport looked less like a barn miles from civilization in the sun. I watched suburbs pass where ‘VOTE’ signs sprouted from the grass, crammed into every corner until they dissolved into the open highway. In the middle of nowhere, a huge, glass-fronted hotel rose from a clearing. That’s America. I’d never been to New York City in summer. It was reminiscent of trying to run for a bus on Falmouth High Street after 9am, when all the tourists have woken up. We walked to Nintendo World and bought caught a Blastoise. It took longer than we expected and we realised we couldn’t make it to the Megabus stop in time if we walked. We unsuccessfully flagged down yellow cabs until a minibus stopped. He got us there just in time. Of course, the Megabus was an hour late and the minibus adventure was unnecessary. You haven’t experienced America until you’ve stood on roaches, sweating 10 litres, in line for an overbooked Megabus that’s an hour late I fell asleep at some point on an anonymous highway (on the bus, not off it). When I woke up, the sun had gone down and the bus was creeping through dimmed city lights. Clean streets were washed pink by the night-time glow. We pulled in to a strange bus station, like a parking lot, under Union Station. While my mum went for a cigarette, we made friends with a lady called Elizabeth who asked if we knew Meghan Markle or Princess Diana. Wherever we go in America, the Diana question is national. We walked through streets of columned buildings to my mum’s first Walmart. While I stared aimlessly at cheese, probably having forgotten my own name, a guy asked where I was from and learned about The Longshot. I grabbed two packs of honey buns, some strawberry M&Ms for Sam – the hero behind our Baltimore tickets – and red velvet Oreos to take home. Finding a stupid supermarket: success. The receptionist at our hotel thought we were a couple, and wanted to change our room so we weren’t in a double bed. Eventually he decided we looked alike and gave us the key. Mate, I’m not from Sutton-in-Ashfield. It was a hot, sticky day when we went out to wander. We scoped out the 750-capacity Black Cat, the dodgiest building on a fancy street. There was definitely no-one camping out 36 hours in advance, so we walked on to the White House. The White House was well fenced off, with police patrolling the street outside. Photographing and marvelling at it was a strange bunch: indifferent tourists, students and news crews filming, and sunburnt, middle-aged men in completely non-ironic Make America Great Again hats. It was hot and crowded (and the MAGA hats looked contagious), so we didn’t hang around. DC was more like a British city than anywhere else we’d visited in America. Like a cleaner, American London. There was something quite emotional for me about visiting the capital city of my favourite country. The first time I went to America we actually landed in DC. I was 16 and Homeland Security made me cry. They held us up so long we missed our connecting flight to Phoenix and met Cone McCaslin from Sum 41. It was quite nice to make it out of the airport, having seen the last of Homeland Security in Dublin. It especially got me at the World War II Monument, looking up at the pillars that marked the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and the names of all the states. I know it has its (huge) faults, and I’m not a stupid European who naively believes in the American dream. I will probably die getting shot in America. But from Wisconsin to New Mexico, wherever I go (except LA), it’s my favourite place in the world. One day I will make it all the way out to Hawaii. OK, I’ll go back to laughing at America now. The last stop on our tourist expedition was the United States Capitol. Everything had long shut by the time we arrived. The sun was setting, tinting it all gold. We returned to The Walmart™ before we headed back, re-emerging with a camping chair, battery-powered fan and sun umbrella. We were ready. It was nearly 11pm and there was still no line at the Black Cat. The street was packed with clubbers now. I’d probably have got stabbed with a stiletto if I’d rolled out my sleeping bag. We hesitated before going back to sleep and returning at 6am. I was eighth in line, behind Meri from Finland who we’d seen all over the world on the Revolution Radio Tour. The first few hours passed quickly. We made friends with a fellow Maria, who’d brought her twelve year-old son Daniel. He bonded with eight year-old Chase from North Carolina. Both of them had been on stage with Green Day and couldn’t wait to see Billie Joe again. There were fans from Canada, the Netherlands, Italy, England, Germany and Australia behind us. Most were hardcore fans, as you might expect at a side project show, but there were lots of casual fans too. Once the sun reached its peak in the sky and shade receded, the hours began to drag. I spent a lot of time shoving my face in free ice water from Peet’s Coffee. Chase gave us all fabulous Longshot tattoos with a sharpie – and Maria gave Daniel some incredible, detailed Green Day ones – though in the afternoon they all began to melt off. I was very glad for the fan and sun umbrella. Best $20 I’ve ever spent. I was glad, too, that the stomach bug seemed to have finally disappeared completely. Only just in time, but I made it. It felt like coming home. The fact we’d be seeing The Longshot, these songs Billie randomly decided to bless us with, in such a small venue that night, was still surreal. We were incredibly lucky, and I was struggling to believe it wasn’t all just a big joke. Maybe we were actually seeing Green Date. Future rockers of America waiting for The Longshot Half an hour before doors, staff checked ID and stamped our hands. The stamps were our tickets. I was frightened mine might melt off like Chase’s tattoo. Outside of our little groups, the atmosphere was hostile now. Thankfully, they let us into the air conditioning early, lining us up in a corridor before the stairs. I was shocked how calmly everyone filed in. It was even more of a shock, then, when they called us up early. Now it was, as usual, every man for himself. I was sitting on the floor and before I even registered what was going on, feet were thundering past me. My mum had gone to sit down and was nowhere in sight. I leapt up, joining the stampede up the stairs. Staff screamed at us not to run but no one listened. We crashed into the front row in the exact order of the line. I was up in front of Kevin Preston’s mic. My mum was still nowhere to be seen. Carling and Lindsay from Canada helped wave to her and we ushered her in. Panic over. Now, resting our arms on the stage with no barrier, only the amps between us and the band – it seemed at least real enough to know it wasn’t some huge joke. It seemed an agonisingly long wait for The Trashbags. Then they were gone, their kit was dragged off and replaced with a shiny Ludwig kit that read ‘The Longshot.’ In the meantime, Billie opened the door behind the stage, stared at us and shut it again. This was real. It wasn’t like Green Day, where Billie Joe is the final, dramatic entrance. The four of them strolled on stage together, smiling and waving to the crowd mere inches from them. I was staring in disbelief at Billie, at Kevin and his setlist taped to the amp in front of me, at David behind the Longshot kit that looked so new – like it was. They tore straight into Kill Your Friends. We were slammed into the stage in a surge I’d only ever experienced in England. All the tourist attractions we’d seen yesterday were long gone. The four walls that packed us in could have been anywhere. It might as well have been England, or maybe it was Washington DC. I’d felt like I was watching Green Day through a thick screen before, many times. Somehow, so close I could see the smallest features on their faces, this seemed more dreamlike than ever. Devil’s Kind was a song I’d listened to on YouTube. Not screaming the words back at Billie in a sweaty club. By Taxi Driver, I was jumping on people’s feet and they were jumping on mine. I couldn’t breathe and I didn’t care. I don’t think anyone cared. It certainly didn’t silence the collective voice screaming the words: ‘taxi driver, I’m rolling, taxi driver!’ Next up was Happiness. I remember looking round at my mum and her face was just alight with, quite literally, happiness. Billie yelled ‘oh my God, I fucked up the lyrics!’ but that might as well have been the actual line, it mattered so little. The crowd sung along as a raucous chorus to Rockaway Beach. Then it was straight into Soul Surrender. There was emotion in Billie Joe’s eyes and voice I’d never known before. These songs resonated deeply with me, too and I felt connected to the band in a way I’d also never experienced, at any show, before. I keep saying it was surreal, but it was. ‘This is another cover song, this song was done by a band I saw play when I was 15 years old, in San Francisco…’ I screamed because I knew this was Bastards of Young. Annabelle introduced me to The Replacements when we got together, and I’ve loved them ever since. I’d never, ever dreamed I’d see any member of Green Day playing a Replacements song. And it was perfect. Paul Westerberg would be proud of his #1 fan. Billie Joe sang As Tears Go By with his eyes closed. It was clear it meant a lot to him, and the emotional way he played it meant everyone in the room felt whatever he felt too. Cult Hero was a proper banger. Even the Longshot songs that weren’t my favourites were more incredible live than I could ever have imagined. Now I had memories I’d recall every time I heard them. I knew they were going to play Fell For You. I could see it on the setlist in front of me. But this is one of my favourite songs of all time. It was released at a poignant time for me, when I was in my first relationship with someone who really shouldn’t have fallen for me. I’d dreamed of seeing it live since the first time I heard it. I thought that was far less likely than any Replacements song – they were probably more likely to cover Destiny’s Child. Nothing could have prepared me for it. I was losing my voice, in tears at this point. Billie caught my eye and gave me the cutest smile. I know he doesn’t have a clue how any of us feel – but I’ll say again, it’s a connection I’ve never experienced with any other musician. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Bill Schneider filming. We didn’t know, but our phones were buzzing in my mum’s bag with our friends telling us they could see us on the live stream. Sadly, I don’t think it’s saved anywhere so I never got to see it. Whilst few people knew Walking Out On Love, it fit so well with the theme of Love is for Losers. Billie was really into it when he was in the American Idiot musical (in fact, I think they played it several times in a row at the closing night’s after party). We’d seen Green Day play it once then and I still knew the lyrics, which seemed to amuse Billie. Body Bag was beautiful in a way a studio version just can’t capture. At the first chords of Love is for Losers, the whole crowd erupted into a screaming, dancing mess. We could have been 65,000 people in Emirates Stadium. Maybe it was after the lull of Body Bag – or maybe it was that we’ve all been there, searching the winter for the bride of Frankenstein with our delusions of lost love. In that line Billie Joe widened his eyes and spread his hands, playing the Frankenstein part. What a loser. Turn Me Loose is, just slightly ahead of Chasing a Ghost, my favourite Longshot song. Seeing it live was everything I expected it to be, from the thumping drums to the emotion in ‘so turn me loose, but don’t call me a loser with dumb tattoos.’ Billie Joe stage dived and at some point I was pushing him off my head. What a time. Have you listened to Turn Me Loose? You should. I was still innocent then. Before the Ultimate Trauma 2k18. A stray fan landed on the stage as they began Stay the Night. Then another. Then another. Billie beckoned more. My hair was soon being grabbed. My mum was being kicked and punched. People were trying to push her down. Kids with no idea how to crowd surf were flailing and hurting people. Once they got up, they whipped their phones out for selfies. The crowd that seemed so unified earlier, that one collective voice, no longer cared who they hurt. They just had to get to Billie Joe. It continued through I Fought the Law to Chasing a Ghost. The stream of bodies was incessant. There was no room left on the stage. Kevin and Jeff Matika were out of sight. Billie was on the floor, three strings broken, asking ‘what the fuck?’ – but like true professionals, the music continued uninterrupted. Some guy had his hands around my mum’s neck. When I wrenched another guy’s fingers off her, he yelled ‘relax, slut!’ The kicking and punching continued until she was slumped, unconscious, over the amp. They still didn’t stop. Eventually, Carling managed to alert a staff member. To get her out, he had to shine his torch in their eyes and fight through them. In the meantime, fans on the front row were helping Billie up. When Chasing a Ghost finished and the band disappeared, we watched, completely stunned, as staff ushered fans back into the crowd. My mum and I have a pact that if something happens to one of us, the other has to stay on the front row. I hadn’t even processed what had happened yet, except that her smile so bright it lit up the room was gone. I don’t want to vilify everyone who was up there. Nor do I want to lie or exaggerate to prove my point. It’s a wonderful idea, and a concept I have no doubt Billie loves. I know some went up just to dance or stage dive and caused no harm. But I’ve seen the ones who did touting it as everything from ‘punk’ to ‘love,’ and as someone who’s been to many loving, but still violent, punk shows – this was 95% a rush to get to Billie Joe. No one was hurt in the name of punk. They were hurt by rabid fans. The band returned for the encore unfazed. Billie announced ‘fuck it, Love is for Losers one more time!’ and they played it again. It seemed a bizarre moment frozen in time that embodied the confusion of what just happened. I think I just stared blankly at the band in Ziggy Stardust. This night was surreal enough without 50 asses in my face. The show ended with Kiss Me Deadly. This was originally going to be me and Annabelle’s first dance song. I remember watching videos of Billie playing just the intro at Soundwave in Australia, and thinking just hearing grainy audio of him playing that was enough. But I was standing there, in Washington DC, just a few metres from him and hearing it in full. What a night. Me and Meri found my mum outside. While the staff guy helped her, apparently some girl from the stage took photos of her because she thought it was funny. Fans of various nationalities approached her, broken because their show was ruined and they knew she’d understand. Now I’m home it’s only a damper on my memories, but at the time it was awful to see. We said goodbye to Meri, thanked Taylor from Ohio for storing our camping chair in her car, and headed to Union Station. As upset as my mum was, she’s 59 and she’d just got knocked out, and she was just chilling off to Baltimore. I know there are a lot of kids bitching that she shouldn’t be at punk shows right now, but I think she’s more punk than all of us. People from Baltimore told us not to line up before the sun rose. An employee was apparently murdered outside the Ottobar. Everyone else said they’d get some sleep. I’d read the stuff about how Baltimore is the most dangerous city in America. I still thought they were having us on. You know what Green Day fans are like. We stepped off the train into a grubby station. A cop asked us if we were alright. As our Uber approached the Ottobar, we could see the street was completely deserted. They were not having us on. Our driver unloaded our luggage, unfazed by these morons about to set up for the night with a camping chair. Then he left. We were alone with some roaches and all our luggage. It was clear from the dirty street of squat buildings that this was not DC. A police car screeched past, sirens blaring. We were finally going to die. But what if we went to our Airbnb and 10 people arrived? We tried to hide ourselves behind a tree and I shoved our luggage into the shadows with the roaches. A bench I’d seen on Google Maps that said ‘BALTIMORE’ on it was opposite us, which improved the whole scene. The moment I knew I was going to die for a stupid band, at 4am on a street in Baltimore, Maryland A potential murderer ambled aimlessly past us. Another stumbled down the street. Murderer? No, he was with a woman and they were trying to hitchhike. A few expensive cars (meaning they could afford to shoot us?) passed. Then there was total silence. I kept hoping other fans would come. None did. Eventually, more headlights glowed in the distance. They approached slowly. It was a big vehicle. Oh God. This was it. It wasn’t just one murderer, it was a bus full of them. ‘Why is it driving so slowly? Are they going to get out and kill us?’ My mum squinted at it. ‘It looks like a tourbus.’ ‘Why has it slowed down again? We’re going to die.’ We sat with bated breath awaiting our doom. Even the roaches, startled by the lights, stopped scurrying. ‘It’s stopping right here! It’s actually murderers!’ ‘I’m sure that’s the Longshot bus.’ The murder mobile slowed to a halt. Then it turned into the Ottobar. Singing floated around the corner. This was officially one of my most stupid moments: being alone on this street in Baltimore, Maryland with just The Longshot, whose tourbus I thought was a murder wagon. As 6am got closer, commuters began to cycle past. A man cheerily said ‘morning!’ as if it was standard to find English people there with a sleeping bag and camping chair. We replied ‘morning!’ as if it was our daily routine. The first fans arrived shortly afterwards. I recognised one guy from Green Day’s Rose Bowl show. Rescue at last. I’m kind of glad we had the murder wagon experience tho. It made a good story. Soon venue staff told us we were queuing at the wrong door. They directed us to another door in front of the bus. It was still running and pumping heat at us. Rude. The above three photos were stolen from @thisisjoyjoyjoy xo I spent much of the day laying on my sleeping bag, under the sun umbrella with the Walmart fan in my face. Kevin and David got off the bus, waving as they passed. At some point I must have fallen asleep. I woke up abruptly to feet in front of me. There was a guy with a Blue replica. I sat up. The bus door opened. Billie stepped out. ‘Hey.’ Me, summed up: sitting on my sleeping bag, three-day-old eyeliner on, just staring groggily at the musician I’d come to see. He let the Blue guy have a photo, then Bill Schneider announced they had to meet someone. No one swarmed him or tried to follow as they left. That was a refreshing change. They passed by again later, waving before they went in for soundcheck. When venue staff accidentally left the door ajar, we were greeted by the first chords of Love is for Losers. It was surreal all over again; hard to believe it was really The Longshot in there, not just the album we’d been listening to on repeat. Bill passed, my mum joked ‘no, don’t close it!’ and he was kind enough to actually leave it open for us. Fans pressed their ears to the wall to identify the next song. It took me a while, because I didn’t expect it. It was Fever Blister. My favourite of the b-sides Billie released on Soundcloud, I never expected to hear that, either. Too much for my cold, dark heart, guys. Too much. Then a venue man came by and undid Bill’s hospitality. We could still make out Taxi Driver. Staff checked my passport and stamped our hands. A man stepped aside and said ‘nearly there.’ The room was completely empty. It was the first time I’d ever walked onto an empty floor with no rapidly approaching stampede behind me. I’d never been quite front centre either. Folding my arms over the amp in front of Billie’s mic was an emotional time. My mum was on one side and Taylor on the other, followed by her friend Alex, Meri and little Chase and his mum. Raiishelle from Australia snapped a photo of us from the balcony. It was such a good feeling to be at a tiny show with so many of my old and new friends. Photo stolen from @_greendaytrash During The Trashbags’ set, Billie peeked through the backstage curtain, pulled a face at my mum, waved and disappeared again. Murderer. The thrill of the drum intro to Kill Your Friends hadn’t worn off. It wound up the crowd like a clockwork toy. One verse in and we were this meme personified. But no one flinched. Billie demanded we clapped to Devil’s Kind. The crowd obeyed in force. I had no room to breathe, let alone jump, but I still was. It was impossible not to. This was what these shows were all about: nothing but the band, the crowd and passion. My voice was already hoarse. As we all screamed along to Taxi Driver, I looked at the faces around me and up on the stage; and not one was filled with anything but joy. ‘She’s my soul defender, don’t be so uptight! I… oh shit!’ Billie laughed, turned away and before he spun back round, saying ‘I got it! I got it, I swear!’ the crowd was already filling in for him: ‘just me and my imagination! I swear I think I saw a ghost!’ Soul Surrender is, to me, an incredibly intimate song. A lot of The Longshot’s tracks are. Yet there was nothing uncomfortable for me, the band, anyone about sharing them with the other 350-or-so people in that room. Whatever our backgrounds, whatever we got from that show, we were experiencing it all together. It’s weird – I’ll never see most of those people again, yet in those sweaty crowds, we subconsciously learn so much about each other people in our ‘real lives’ will never see. ‘Send me a message through the window…’ I could process Bastards of Young better this time. I think I knew, now, I wasn’t dreaming. I’d seen The Replacements play it in London, now I was seeing The Longshot play it in a shitty bar in Baltimore, Maryland. After the song I yelled ‘Wild One!’ as a request. Billie just replied ‘I could say the same thing about you’ before slapping his nose and adding ‘next time bring me a [something I have no hope of ever deciphering].’ Whatever, murderer. As Tears Go By hit me even harder that night. ‘My riches can’t buy everything. I want to hear the children sing…’ That line went over my head listening at home, but hearing it there – it almost brought tears to my eyes. Screaming ‘I got my darkest secrets and whispers at the moon, where all the stars never align!’ back at the band, it seemed impossible I had a life outside these walls to go back to. Whoever it was, we were celebrating a literal Cult Hero, in a sweaty ritual only those 300-and-something people would ever know. Billie repeatedly yelled ‘fuck DC!’ and ngl I cheered. This crowd was equally rough, if not more so, but far less rabid. Sure, I’m bruised all over, but it was from people just having fun. I had no excuse for squealing at Fell For You this time. I still did tho. I think I terrified the people around me. Soz guys. Apparently there are two things in life I’ll cry about: Rose Bowl security, and seeing stupid bands play my favourite songs. But seriously, if the murder wagon ran me down then, at least I’d seen Fell For You. Walking Out On Love tied all my memories together in this stupid theme of Love is for Losers that resonated with me so much. Able to take it all in so much more, I realised how perfect Body Bag’s place in the setlist is: a bittersweet lament after the bop that’s Walking Out On Love and before Love is for Losers, which is actually heartbreaking but so catchy and fun you’d never know. People think American crowds can’t match the British. But this tiny crowd’s chorus of ‘heeeeey-eeeeey-ey-ey-ey!’ to the intro to Turn Me Loose could have been a stadium packed with the worst of us. Billie replaced ‘for the record and the afterlife’ with a roar of ‘for the record I ain’t gonna take no shit from anybody!’ that was smooth enough to be fun, but emotional enough to make that line more poignant. When Billie stage dived he landed right on my head. My face was just smashing into the amp over and over. Murderer. Premium content: Billie Joe Armstrong giving me a concussion. 📷: @bjguitars Stay the Night was a song I associated with stadiums and arenas; with Green Day’s huge performance and blinding lights. It was the exact same song, the same experience, yet completely different at the same time Billie introduced Chasing a Ghost and announced ‘do what you want, come up here, I don’t give a shit.’ I will not lie, there was an audible groan from the left side of the crowd. But this was so much more in the spirit of ‘punk’ the DC fans preached about. Rabid people clawing their way up were in the minority. A lot more helped each other and went another way if someone got hurt. I was diagonal against the stage when Billie gestured to us for help before he fell off. Hey, we actually saw most of Chasing a Ghost this time. They returned for the encore with Fever Blister. The rumble of the soundcheck came to life. It was the crowd’s last furious dance before Ziggy Stardust, when they preferred to respectfully nod their heads. Then Billie was playing the first chords of Kiss Me Deadly and I knew this dream was nearly over. These were two of the best nights of my life. I knew that too. My life that seemed so distant was staring me in the face again. But it was OK. This would live in my heart forever. We said goodbye to our friends, old and new, and hurried back to our Airbnb to sleep before the journey home. I didn’t feel like I hadn’t slept since 4am the previous day. I felt like I never needed to sleep again. Of course, I did sleep. I woke up with a concussion. I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t been concussed after a stage dive in 2013. Thanks mate, now I get to tell the story of Billie Joe the murderer giving me a concussion. Our Greyhound stopped in Wilmington, Delaware so I got off just to say I’d been to Delaware (of course I did). Raiishelle was on the same bus and we got to discuss the shows again, standing in front of an escalator in Port Authority. I promised I’d see her again at a show in Australia. Hold me 2 it, kids. It is my big stupid dream and one day I will do it. I needed one more thing to make this trip complete. I left my mum in Walgreen’s and crashed into the first tattoo studio I found. It crossed my mind that this would be the day I lost a limb, but no. My artist, Lee, made a great job of a design I drew on the Greyhound. When I told him it was a Green Day song, he said so many people had come to him to have Billie’s autograph tattooed while American Idiot was on Broadway he wished they’d go somewhere else. We flew to Dublin, then flew to Birmingham, then got a National Express and a train home. A reasonably short journey by our standards. I went to work the next day, ringing up passengers with my concussion, and it all seemed so surreal. It’s a bit like New York City – the gateway to my most stupid, but best adventures. It holds you, in its embrace of neon lights and towering buildings; then they fade and crumble to warehouses and empty parking lots, and it lets you go. It’s almost as if it never happened. But the skyline glittering in the distance reminds you it did. Like my bruises, my memories, the guitar pick I found on the floor. We all got our delusions. I’m a loser with dumb tattoos. But for the record and the afterlife, I wouldn’t have it any other way.
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    So after many years of saying I'm going to do it, I'm going to recreate Blue. Using the technical information in this thread I'll be recreating to be as exact to Billie's as possible. Over the next few months I'll be updating this blog with my process, showing lots of before and after photos and comparing it to the real thing. Up next - Part 1: Finding The Guitar
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    Hi all. I just wanted to come on here because I haven't posted in a while! I have been inactive online due to multiple things...here are some: I have been incredibly ill since September 17th. I was admitted to hospital for sixteen days and am still ill. I was told everything in the book; that I'm allergic to mushrooms, that I'm pregnant, that it's more kidney issues, kidney stones (which I had before, it wasn't that pain), etc. I have a fischer on my colon which is over 2" in length and am suspected to have chronic appendicitis. I was supposed to have surgery but was sewn back up because they said the surgery would split my colon. I am still in immense pain and going to multiple appointments weekly. I am trying to lose weight. During the past year and a half I was on a very serious steroid to help with my kidney issues. Little did we even know my appendix was causing the infections in my other organs. Now that I am off of the steroids and switched to Cipro, I have been able to lose a lot of weight Not at my old size yet but so close and I am so proud of myself! My vegan lifestyle helps a lot with that to be honest. My face feels a lot less puffy when I sleep and my pants don't feel tight anymore. <3 I have been in placement. I am in placement for a mental health agency in my city and it truly has been the best experience of my life, apart from any Green Day concert and meeting Tom. It is a lot of work but I am learning so much and really expanding on my social work skills! I hope I get hired here, it is my dream job. Placement is 24 hours minimum a week. Classes are 10 hours a week. I work 10-20 hours at PetSmart a week, 4 hours a week with a client, and 4-8 hours a week with another client. All of my free time is used to do homework and talk to Tom and see my pets...also work out and build on my resume. I have been applying for Master's programs. I have been applying for graduation awards. This week I started going out with friends again and trying to make memories. And yeh! That's what's up with me. Mainly the two first things but I just wanted to let people know I'm not dead. I have some of you on Facebook and I love hearing from you all. I still am in love with Green Day (listening to 86 right now), and still stay updated. I am trying to improve on my mental health and physical health a lot and just want to cross that finish line to graduation! I miss you all and can't wait to be more active when I'm graduated.
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    10 Most popular topics for November 2016 1) Green Day to be honored and perform at the EMAs - 1,388 posts 2) Green Day to perform at the AMAs - 950 posts 3) Donald Trump wins election - 935 posts 4) 2016 U.S. Presidential Election - 882 posts 5) Green Day Facebook Live 5th November - 529 posts 6) The Green Day Fangirls' Confessions Thread - 504 posts 7) Green Day Instagram Photos - 304 posts 8) Green Day To Perform On Jimmy Kimmel Monday 11/21 - 290 posts 9) Random Thoughts - 289 posts 10) Still Breathing Official Music Video - 279 posts Top 5 Most Active Members Jane Lannister (531 posts) Slash (519 posts) Wretched & Divine (483 posts) Billie Hoe (475 posts) I don't care (401 posts) Top 5 Most Liked Posts This post by Grinch in Still Breathing Official Music Video This post by Dai. in The Picture Thread This post by WorryRock02 in Still Breathing Music Video In The Works This post by Alf in 'Forever Now' Multicam at Jimmy Kimmel This post by JOE THE X-KID in What if Green Day had never released American Idiot Stats Members active: 352 New Members: 102 Total Visitors: 21,718 Most registrations in a single day: 7 (November 20th) Single busiest day: November 6th New Topics: 167 Total Posts: 15,560 Total PMs sent: 99 Blog posts made: 19 Most viewed blog entry: In Defense of my Generation + The "Left" Did Not Invent PC (223 views) Total Rep Given: 23,038 Most popular topics for December 2016 1) The Green Day Fangirls' Confessions Thread - 369 posts 2) Random Green Day Thoughts - 322 posts 3) Being Single - 321 posts 4) Christmas 2016 - 243 posts 5) Green Day Instagram Photos - 231 posts 6) Green Day to perform on Ellen on December 13 - 209 posts 7) Donald Trump wins election - 199 posts 8) Random Thoughts - 152 posts 9) Blasphemy & Genocide: Unpopular Green Day Opinions, Part 2 - 143 posts 10) Revolution Radio Promotion and Commercial Performance - 137 posts Top 5 Most Active Members Jane Lannister (418 posts) desertrose (278 posts) Jenn. (222 posts) End Of The World (213 posts) St. Jonny (199 posts) Top 5 Most Liked Posts This post by Todd in Unreleased Nimrod Session Tracks This post by .Holly in The Picture Thread This post by ruskinator in Billie Joe Armstrong to Perform Tonight at Ghost Ship Benefit This post by Ryan in The Picture Thread This post by desertrose in Green Day interview - The Talk (part 1 and part 2) Stats Members active: 708 New Members: 98 Total Visitors: 18,623 Most registrations in a single day: 6 (December 4th) Single busiest day: December 7th New Topics: 111 Total Posts: 8,397 Total PMs sent: 78 Blog posts made: 16 Most viewed blog entry: Curious to see how activity will change over the next few months (541 views) Total Rep Given: 12,553 These past couple months we had a few activities for you guys to do between the sites. First off we announced the winners of our costume contest so congrats to @BetterThanAir, @wood, @Dirntbag, and all the runner ups! We also had our 3rd riddles contest and our winner for that was Nazmjia! Last but not least we held our ugly sweater contest. Winners to be posted soon! Thank you to all who participated in our contests! Last month, we asked you guys to nominate your favorite Green Day photos from 2016. Stay tuned for the overall 2016 stats blog.
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    Happy December! It's that time of year where we let ol' Frosty here loose. If you don't know who this magical beast is, you can find it by switching the theme at the bottom of the forum. Desktop Mobile Please use Frosty responsibly.
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    We need to move GDC over to a new server. I had planned on moving it over on August 12th, but with the announcement of the new single decided it needs to happen sooner. I'm looking to move it over tonight. I'll have to turn the site Offline while the transfer is happening. Once complete, it'll take an additional 1-12 hours for the site to come back online for everyone (basically however long it takes for the domain to point over to the new server). I'm expecting to bring the site offline around 1am EST (10pm PDT), and the transfer will take 2-4 hours, followed by 1-12 hours for the domain to come back. Sorry for the sudden announcement and the inconvenience. I figured it was best to make this happen right away to avoid downtime when actual news is coming out.
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    Gosh, this title is so corny but oh well, it fits. It's been pretty much exactly two weeks now since I quite spontaneously packed my bags and moved my ass north-bound from Frankfurt to Hamburg. For those who don't know, I've been offered a 2 month internship in the communications devision of Greenpeace Germany. I had applied for it back in April and heard nothing back until late August when they promised one of their employees would get back to me when he returned from his vacation. It was a pretty long vacation apparently, because he emailed me in mid to late October - which was only one or two weeks from November, when I was supposed to start. On the next morning I had a Skype interview with him, his co-worker and another woman. He had told me previously that it was just a "get to know each other talk", but then it turned out to be one of the worst job interview grilling's I've ever had. The other worst one was with a small agency right here in Frankfurt, who had also insisted that it was not an interview, but behaved just like it was. That's the thing both of them had in common and I feel like sometimes (possible) employers don't quite understand the amount of stress the interviewee is under and saying things like "take it easy" doesn't make it easier if they have no intention of making it easier for you except saying that the sky is green instead of blue. I came out of it with a pretty bad feeling and felt very low and hopeless over the weekend, thinking that they wouldn't take me because I blew the interview and made a bad impression. I was thinking I would never find a job if I couldn't even find a goddamn internship and I was questioning my entire life. Then on Monday, they told me that I got the job and then everything went very quickly. I wouldn't get paid, but they would give me a spot in the intern apartment in Hamburg that I would share with like 9 other interns. I was excited of course, but I couldn't really look forward to it because even though I said I accepted the position, so many things were still unsure. They didn't know if I would be able to get a place in the apartment at first because it was so spontaneous and then I would have to look for a room myself - which I would never be able to do within a week, and so I wasn't sure I would be able to go at all, up until a few days before my departure. Needless to say though, they had a free bed in the apartment for me, but that didn't keep my anxiety from completely blowing through the roof. Good old me who usually has a hard time befriending people and being social, who's too insecure to apply for a side job and has never lived alone would move to the big city at the other end of the country all by herself, she would immediately meet tons of new people and start a new job. I was actually close to backing out of it, but the main reason for me to come here was that I needed experience to apply for other jobs in the future and that it would probably look extremely good on my resume. Cut to two and a half weeks later and I'm sitting in the living room, listening to Bang Bang on the stereo and my roommate with whom I just talked about activism and music just went to bed, and I'm alone here. I spent the evening at the university and finally figured out a way to use their wifi to catch up on two episodes of the Punisher on Netflix and downloaded tons of episodes of Skins and two movies, including Mean Girls for me to watch here in the apartment when I'm bored in the evening and don't feel like socializing. I've had two weeks of internet detox, since there's no wifi at all in the apartment and I've been having a hard time finding public hotspots until I just started spending too much money at Starbucks to use their internet. The second blue light flashing ambulance/police car in the past hour has passed by the window, as they do every evening in this part of the city, even though I've never had a bad experience here since I'm here. I'm guessing Hamburg is rather safe in comparison to where I'm from and I have no fear walking around at night by myself. Or maybe I'm just naive. Hamburg is a wonderful city, and I gotta say, I didn't know big cities could be this beautiful. Frankfurt is the standard for me and I really don't like to linger there, but this city really is something else. I love living so close to water in general, that's something I'm missing from home. You see old buildings everywhere, and you can tell that they are making an effort to make the city look nice. For every pigeon there's at least three seagulls screaming and flying over your head and fighting for abandoned breadcrumbs, there's really not a lot of cars here because the towns are really cyclist-friendly and the public transport is excellent. There's a bus leaving and arriving every couple of minutes from a bus stop 5 minutes from my apartment and you can get everywhere by train or bus + short walks. I've been making a point of going out on weekends to see the city and take pictures, even in bad weather, because it's always dark when I leave work. I've stayed at "home" only once since I'm here and I can honestly say I feel great about it. I'm in a really good place mentally in general. I'm going to bed at a reasonable hour (always before midnight, sometimes 10 or 11), I'm waking up early and leave the house to get shit done and learn things and get experience. I'm not saying I'm cured of everything, I still have my PD/depression/anxiety moments when I don't talk to anyone and don't leave my room because I don't feel like talking. But the depression is really keeping it's distance from my mind, now that I'm actually doing something and not just rotting away at home. My flatmates are nice mostly, and so is my roommate. Sometimes they are annoying the shit out of me, sometimes we all share a laugh over tea, but I'm guessing that's to be expected when you live in a tight space with strangers. I'm pretty sure I've been annoying them too, for example when I didn't clean the kitchen fast enough for them. (I was gonna fucking do it this week, no need to passive-aggressively do it yourself while I'm at work all day.) I've had multiple people complimenting my music taste ("Green Day is cool") and my name ("Your name is Justine?! What kind of fucking amazing name is that?!") in the apartment and at work, so I guess I came to the right place here. Most of them have their hearts in the right place and especially at work everyone has been really nice to me. I spent the first whole week of my internship doing nothing but sitting in meetings and conferences, reading up on coal and combustion engines and running around to IT because I kept having problems with my laptop and Photoshop - but they're really cool guys so I enjoyed showing up there. Some people are downright intimidating (albeit nice and greeting me with fistbumps and 'what's up Justine', but pronouncing it wrongly) but those people seem to be the geniuses of this organization. The meetings are incredibly interesting and incredibly top-secret, which makes me feel incredibly fortunate to be able to be a part of it. After a couple of weeks I can somewhat work independently, and sometimes I feel stupid asking if they have got any work for me, but I guess that's just the life of an intern. Compared to other interns I have a lot to do though. My daily tasks mainly consist of monitoring twitter to see how people respond to Greenpeace, choosing pictures and writing posts for Instagram, cross marketing videos and podcasts and events on Instagram stories, and draft tweets, and correspond with other teammates. My supervisors have been liking my stuff this far and said that I was a huge help, which makes me feel fantastic. I'm getting less awkward around the people there too, which is a huge relief. I'm still meeting so many new people everyday and often forget their names right after they've introduced themselves to me. The highlight this week was me being allowed to tweet something snarky to the German equivalent of the Daily Show whose twitter's only purpose is throwing shade at absolutely everyone (and who I'm a big fan of for exactly that reason). I feel like I'm doing exactly what I'm good at here and it's also good to get positive attention from my classmates and old acquaintances who message me with things like "omg you're at greenpeace!?!?!" lol. It's already pretty late, so I guess I'll make the cut here and post this without proofreading cause I'm tired as shit so forgive me.
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    Hi guys. I don't know how much you'll care about this, but... Today I was at school, listening to a boring Italian lesson. I had nothing interesting to do, so I started doodling my notebook with my signature. Now you have to know that, since my name/surname is 17 letters, I always sign with my initials only, to do it faster: A and Z. Basically, an intersection between an A and a Z, so that the horizontal line of the A coincides with the first line of the Z. This: Suddenly, I noticed that there was such a strange symmetry in those lines. In fact, between the 5 triangles formed, measuring angles, I could see that 4 were right triangles, built on the sides ofthe central pentagon, while another regular triangle stayed at its bottom. But the entire shape derives from a larger right triangle. Fuck, I had never noticed that before! Obviously I spent the afternoon building the shape on GeoGebra to see if I was right: Yes! I know what you're thinking: he's crazy. But I guess the title of my blog allows me to do that... Anyway, hope you like it!
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    I'm very excited to announce that @kaylubd has been promoted to GDA Staff! They'll be joining us to help bring some life back to GDA and keep the site updated with Green Day related news for the fans! Welcome kaylubd!
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    My program crashed like three times while I was making it
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    10 Most popular topics for November 2017 1) Green Day announce new greatest hits album 'God's Favourite Band' - featuring new song - 786 posts 2) The Green Day Fangirls' Confessions Thread - 523 posts 3) Green Day Instagram Photos - 296 posts 4) Blasphemy & Genocide: Unpopular Green Day Opinions, Part 2 - 248 posts 5) Random Green Day Thoughts - 230 posts 6) 'Back In The USA' video - 178 posts 7) Green Day is already going straight into the studio? - 162 posts 8) Green Day Q&A Thread - 115 posts 9) Revolution Radio Promotion and Commercial Performance - 115 posts 10) Green Day Fan Photos - 104 posts Top 5 Most Active Members pacejunkie punk (503 posts) SHART (246 posts) Billie Joe Armstrong (219 posts) Todd (208 posts) desertrose (205 posts) Top 5 Most Liked Posts This post by Dai. in The Picture Thread This post by Paola17 in 'Back In The USA' video This post by ¡Jenn! in Green Day announce new greatest hits album 'God's Favourite Band' - featuring new song This post by Scattered Wreck in Green Day announce new greatest hits album 'God's Favourite Band' - featuring new song This post by LaughingClock in American Idiot (The Film, Green Lit for HBO) Stats Members active: 505 New Members: 65 Total Visitors: 18,599 Most registrations in a single day: 9 (November 21st) Single busiest day: November 16th New Topics: 90 Total Posts: 5,695 Total PMs sent: 129 new / 597 replies Blog posts made: 14 Most viewed blog entry: I'm not Dead (Yet) (147 views) Total Rep Given: 10,178 Hello folks. Lone here with your November stats. Last month was a total sweep for Green Day as far as the top 10 topics goes. We saw an increase of active members (+6%) and total visitors (+7%) from the month of October as well. To slightly recap: we celebrated the release of 'God's Favorite Band' with a new music video and Green Day concluded their Revolution Radio tour in South America. What's next for our boys? If you're looking for a place to voice your thoughts, we have a poll for that! P.S. Apologies for not keeping up but I've posted the stats from April-September 2017 so if you're interested, check them out here!
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    A few weekends ago I stumbled upon a really cool neighborhood in Hamburg that's basically the punk leftist heartland. There's cute little shops, cool restaurants and street art everywhere. I fell in love instantly. If I could choose anywhere to live, it would probably there. In the first two pictures there were a few people watching a footballame in front of a bar. The second picture honestly isn't that good but I had to take it secretly because I loved his vest. I was kicking myself for not telling him that and later after exploring the neighborhood I was sitting in the train and fantasizing about complimenting him, and just in this moment he walked past my window at the station, and yet I never saw his face. I also randomly saw a feminist protest in the city which I immediately joined. I haven't been to any protest in so long (not because I don't want to go, but because I never know when there are protests in the city). It ended in front of the coolest building I've ever seen. It's called the Rote Flora (the red flora) and it's an old theater that's been occupied by leftists since the late 80s.
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    I spend a lot of my free time walking around in the city taking photos. Which is only the weekends because it's already dark when I get off work Stupid winter. Here's a portion! I will post more within the next week or so
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    10 Most popular topics for March 2017 1) The Green Day Fangirls' Confessions Thread - 930 posts 2) Green Day Instagram Photos - 653 posts 3) New shows setlist discussion - 330 posts 4) Random Thoughts - 240 posts 5) Random Green Day Thoughts - 203 posts 6) 2017/03/15 - Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NY, USA - 202 posts 7) Blasphemy & Genocide: Unpopular Green Day Opinions, Part 2 - 199 posts 8) 2017/03/25 - Petersen Events Center, Pittsburgh, PA, USA - 193 posts 9) Green Day on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert - 21/03/17. - 182 posts 10) 2017/03/10 - Infinite Energy Center, Duluth, GA, USA - 175 posts Top 5 Most Active Members desertrose (578 posts) Tinkle (470 posts) Jane Lannister (376 posts) Scattered Wreck (350 posts) Paola17 (296 posts) Top 5 Most Liked Posts This post by Jon Benjamin in I got my custom license plate today! This post by Khaleesi. in The Picture Thread This post by TimmyChunks in Green Day Instagram Photos This post by Teenage Lush in The Green Day Fangirls' Confessions Thread This post by She-Loves-Him in The Picture Thread Stats Members active: 933 New Members: 168 Total Visitors: 24,285 Most registrations in a single day: 16 (March 5th) Single busiest day: March 28th New Topics: 97 Total Posts: 9,051 Total PMs sent: 238 new / 612 replies Blog posts made: 11 Most viewed blog entry: Another Sleepless Night (151 views) Total Rep Given: 13,140 Lone here with your late stats post for the month of March. The end of March/beginning of April marks the end of the first leg of the North American tour but they will be back at the end of summer! For you new folks who went to a show, go on over and say hi in the show threads. We had an increase of total visitors (+31%), total posts (+2%), and total reputation given (+1%). We'd like to welcome @Paola17 to the top five active members of the month, joined by four others who made an appearance the last month. That's it for now. Toodle-loo!
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    It’s a question that’s plagued me since I became a fan back in 2004. People ask me all the time and my answer fluctuates as I continue to grow. As I begin to pack for a weekend filled with fellow Idiots, I decided to attempt to tackle this question and finally pinpoint my answer. For starters, my jump into fandom was a canon ball from the high dive. There was no dipping of my foot to check the water temperature. I plunged into this. For my 15th birthday, my parents bought me their entire catalogue so it makes it difficult to differentiate which songs were with me at a pivotal time in my life because I got them all at once! Side note, my parents will be punk rockers Monday in Detroit as they attend their first Green Day concert and I can’t wait to see and hear what they think. Enough babbling, let’s try and answer this question. Welcome To Paradise was the song that sold me on them. Jesus of Suburbia was the song that really grasped my attention. Holiday was the song I loved to blare from my Mustang convertible speakers on the drive to school. Minority was the song that made it fun to yell, “Fuck them all” while also flipping off the sky. When I Come Around was the song I drunkenly stumbled over to the jukebox and played on my 21st birthday, so subconsciously this song clearly means something to me. Bang Bang was the song that blew me away and Still Breathing was the song that brought me to my knees. But still these gems don’t take the cake as my favorite song. Tired of waiting to hear my answer? Waiting. Waiting is the song that I think goes down as my favorite Green Day song. There’s something really special about that song and Warning as a whole in general to me. I know, I know you probably think it’s a weak, or surprising choice. I don’t care if it’s an updated version of Petula Clark’s “Downtown” this song gets me every time. There’s something about it I can’t describe. When I hear it I’m immediately filled with some crazy amount of joy and nostalgia. I love that song for what it represents. It’s kind of the last song of the “old Green Day era” which I was never really a part of. Sort of like the Old Testament if you will. Waiting live is one of my favorite things to experience. It’s a crowd sing-along that you can’t help but get all the feels for. I remember my brother telling me after The Newport show that the look of joy on my face when they started playing Waiting was priceless. I can’t wait to hopefully hear it twice in 72 hours as it seems to be back on the setlist which is a beautiful thing. It’s a song that gives me hope. Hope about my future career and relationship choices. “I’m destined for anything at all” So, I think I’ve finally answered this question...for now. Waiting is nothing but a lovely 3:14 of punk-pop joy for me. It’s infectious and catchy as hell. It came on the radio the other day and it hit me then that this song is the one I hold close to the heart. Rage and Love, Idiots https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOIMiDAIoGQ I've been waiting a long time For this moment to come I'm destined For anything...at all Downtown lights will be shining On me like a new diamond Ring out under the midnight hour No one can touch me now And I can't turn my back It's too late ready or not at all Well, I'm so much closer than I have ever known... Wake up Dawning of a new era Calling...don't let it catch you falling Ready or not at all So close enough to taste it Almost...I can embrace this Feeling....on the tip of my tongue Well, I'm so much closer than I have ever known... Wake up Better thank your lucky stars.... (Shey hey hey) I've been waiting for a life time For this moment to come I'm destined for anything at all Dumbstruck Colour me stupid Good luck You're gonna need it Where I'm going if I get there... At all.... Wake up Better thank your lucky stars....
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    Having done GDA for 12 years now, it's amazing to think of how different, and similar, things are. GDA feels like a juggernaut compared to other fan sites. We just recently passed 100k followers on Twitter, 226k followers on Facebook. In the past 6 months we've had 1.2 million visits (2.4 million page views). While things are still pretty good, I can't help but look and wonder how different things could be. Back in 2004 when I started, before sites like Facebook and Twitter, there were a bunch of small fansites. It was fun competing with each other sites like greenday.net, geekstinkbreath, billiejoe.org, greendayvideos.net, GDUK, to name just a few. It was a race to see who could get news up faster. Who would grow the most, who could offer something new and better to fans. I loved it. I spent nearly all my free time working on GDA. Chatting with people on AIM, then the GDA Chat Room. It felt like a real community. It's different now that most sites have fallen off, and GDA and GDC have grown so much. I mean, we have more traffic than the official forum (a point that someone on Green Day's team highlighted recently - "we know you guys have the community we wish we did"). The main problem now is that there aren't really any more fansites, so a certain type of competition is gone. There are fan pages on Facebook, fan-related Twitter accounts, fan Tumblrs and Instagrams. The main issue we have at GDA is the speed of getting content out. Even though it's not a lot of work, it's recognizably harder to write up a post and put it on GDA than it is to just copy/paste a headline and link and post on FB or Twitter. I also think there's a much lower threshold of quality that people want on social media. Much of the last year has felt like trying to play catch-up to a harder medium. I can't help but feel like we're failing on two sides. We take longer to post stuff up AND we don't even get everything posted. Some things come and go and we never get around to it. Both points were totally valid and we deserved the criticism. I really do appreciate honest and constructive criticism. So I took applications for GDA editors a couple months back but decided to hold off on bringing anyone new on the team. Of course, I was called out then as well for more than likely not promoting someone because I'm stubborn and like to do everything myself. Again, totally valid. It's hard for me to trust people to do a good job and make sure they don't fuck us over. Yes, I have terrible trust issues and it's leading to GDA being way behind other Green Day related accounts. This year even the official site/social media accounts have stepped it up. It looks like they hired some more people to manage the accounts and they get stuff out first and regularly. Since GDA kind of became the primary fan site, the only real competition I knew we'd have was with the official site stepping it up. And after 10 years, they have. So now I don't know exactly where to go. We need to do a better job, and I go through phases of being 'Super-Andres' who posts stuff, and works on code, and upgrades GDC, to pretty much disppearing for several days/weeks. I don't know how to balance that out. I get super excited about something and just go till I get burned out, then hide away for a bit till something brings me back around. 12 years in, this whole thing hasn't gotten easier. Different challenges than we had back then, but still challenges none-the-less.
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    I look around me to see where do I fit in this world... every time I think I found my seat, I get chased away by the people who think that I'm the odd one out. I never belonged anywhere, not in school, not in university, not even in my own home. My society thinks that I'm weird, other societies also think that I'm weird since I have a cocktail of interests and a contradictive mixture of beliefs that make me the outcast wherever I go. To the people around me, I've always been the girl that likes things no one else likes, and for that reason there's nothing in common between us to talk about. Despite the fact that I don't think there's anything wrong with their interests they seem to think that there's something wrong with mine. This led me to have only two options: either keep my mouth shut and pretend to be someone that I'm not just to fit in, or I be myself and accept the outcome even for the price of not having someone to talk to. I picked the latter. I'm sorry that talking about your dilemma of picking a lipstick that matches your outfit is something that would put me to sleep. I'm sorry that I like cars more than I like fashion. I'm sorry that I like rock instead of pop. I'm sorry that I'm sentimental and not materialistic. I'm sorry that you never understood me, and you never will. And I'm sorry that I'm not sorry for who I am... I had to get it out of my system
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    Literally everyday something tells me to go register to vote. A teacher, a school announcement, a classmate, an ad on the internet, etc. When it's a person I can explain, tedious it may be. It gets frustrating after a while. No, I can't register to vote. No I can't register to vote when I turn 18. I won't be able to vote in this election, or the next one. Oh why you ask? Simple. I'm not a US Citizen. I mean, I live here, but apparently some people don't realize living somewhere and being a citizen of that country are different things. I only recently got a green card man, I can't vote for like another five years minimum, and that's if I don't go on any out of country vacations. It's really scary to know you have zero control over what happens to the place you live in. And not just because of your age. It's scary that my dad can't vote, my sister can't vote. So excuse me if I get angry when someone says "Oh I don't care". Right, sure. You were born here, you belong here. It's your country, and you don't give a crap what happens? Not even that, you fail to recognize that people like me depend on people like you. We can't vote man, but we have to bear the consequences of your votes. For fucks sake, if you can vote, go do it. Exercise that goddamn right because I can't, my family can't. And I wouldn't expect you to understand. You, every single person that has said they won't vote because they don't care. I fault you for your selfishness, but if it were me in your shoes, I don't know for sure that I would care. So here's a PSA I guess. There's people like me and my family. We're here, we're gonna stay here. But we have no voting rights, not yet. If you do, go take advantage of it. Stay Dirty -Pari
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    10 Most popular topics for August 2016 1) New song "Bang Bang" coming August 11th - 6,914 posts 2) "Bang Bang" is here! - 1,773 posts 3) Revolution Radio - 1,413 posts 4) The Green Day Fangirls' Confessions Thread - 522 posts 5) What do you get when you hit 25,000 posts? (SPAM THREAD :D) - 377 posts 6) Green Day Twitter Q&A with @iheartradio - 374 posts 7) Green Day Instagram Photos - 373 posts 8) Random Thoughts - 325 posts 9) Trilogy Discussion - 302 posts 10) Revolution Radio Promotion and Commercial Performance - 272 posts Top 5 Most Active Members Billie Hoe (603 posts) JJ1964 (598 posts) Tinkle (536 posts) Jake69 (513 posts) Steven Seagull (511 posts) Top 5 Most Liked Posts This post by Matt. in New song "Bang Bang" coming August 11th This post by Matt. in New song "Bang Bang" coming August 11th This post by Sarcasm in "Bang Bang" is here! This post by Jake69 in Green Day come back interview in Kerrang This post by Billie Hoe in New song "Bang Bang" coming August 11th Stats Members active: 786 New Members: 197 Total Visitors: 28,409 Most registrations in a single day: 27 (August 11th) Single busiest day: August 11th New Topics: 193 Total Posts: 21,046 Total PMs sent: 143 (new), 1,228 (replies) Blog posts made: 19 Most viewed blog entry: Stray American - Thoughts on Living Abroad (200 views) Total Rep Given: 30,961 Lone here with your monthly stats and "Bang Bang" playing in the background. Green Day has taken over the Green Day Community by claiming 80% of the top 10 topics of this month. It's also no surprise Aug 11th had an effect on the stats this month. In comparison to last month, we had an increase in all the categories with a 46% increase of active members and new members, 37% increase in total visitors, and 54% increase in total posts. Our forecasters predict the next storm hitting GDC the following month.. for some odd reason. We've introduced two more members onto our mod team so welcome once again inthehallwaynow and Second favourite son! As for this current month, stay tuned for a GDC related activity at the end of this month. Maybe. Please like, share, subscribe, and leave a comment below. We make videos blogs at least monthly. GDC Tip #5: Just had enough of the post you were drafting up? Don't you just want to virtually crumble it into a ball, throw it in a trash can, and actually make it in? We have a button for that! Use this button to start off with a brand new piece of e-paper. I heard this was helpful for mobile users who had content left over from trying to post/quote. Bonus Tip: If you are looking to select a phrase, you can double click the first word, hold down shift, and click on the last word to select the phrase. Another way to do this is to have your cursor at the beginning of the first word, hold down shift, and click the end of the last word you want to select.
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    Hey, everyone. Just wanted to provide those of you who were reaching out to me and my family an update on my dad's health. We learned today that he does in fact have cancer again even after being labeled "cured". Where the cancer is in we don't know yet until a PET scan is done sometime here soon (date TBA). The hope is that this cancer is just at his one lymph node and they can remove it surgically. The surgery will be done at the Cleveland Clinic where both my sister and brother-in-law work, so we're feeling confident about the surgery being done there. Family mood is decent. We're staying hopeful and positive. What we're banking on is that the cancer hasn't spread anywhere else, the surgery will be a success and then he can start recovering. Thanks everyone for your thoughts, prayers, concerns, etc. It means and a lot and has helped me personally feel better. My dad says he wants a joint right now Told him he needs to come see Green Day again in August and we can take care of that -Rage and Love-
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    Hi guys. This is the last poem I wrote. It's called "Pi" ("Pi greco" in Italian) and it's a hymn to the irrational number 3,1415. The poem has a particularity: every line consists in a number of syllables according to the Pi succession. For this reason, the number you find before every line, is the number of syllables in that line. This means that the first verse will have 3 syllables, the second 1 syllable, the third 4 and so on until the 32nd figure of Pi. I decided to stop here since the 33rd figure would have been a 0, metaphorically, a stop. I hope I explained it well enough. This is the poem, in original language (Italian): Pi greco 3 Pi greco. 1 No, 4 non è un gioco 1 ma 5 un lungo numero, 9 che, come una lettera, invoco. 2 Strano, 6 sta sempre da solo: 5 rispetto agli altri, 3 uguali, 5 tutti normali, 8 lui si vuole far notare 9 ma dato che è irrazionale, 7 lo prendono per pazzo. 9 E lui ci sta ancora più male. 3 Per terra 2 steso, 3 inizia 8 a contare la sua vita, 4 infinita. 6 Nessuno lo guarda, 2 matto! 6 Nessuno lo ascolta. 4 E lui parla, 3 invano, 3 nel vuoto: 8 sta morendo un'altra volta. 3 Le cifre 2 vanno, 7 portate via dal vento, 9 viaggiando su un soffio d'argento. 5 perse per sempre. October 2016 Here is the translation: Pi. No, it's not a joke but a long number that, like a letter, I invoke. Weird, he's alone all the time: compared to others, similar, ordinary, he wants to be different but seen that he's "irrational", they think he's crazy. And he feels even worse. On the floor, lied down, begins to tell the story of his life (in Italian "contare" means both "tell" and "count"), an infinite life. No one cares, mad! No one pays attention to him. And he keeps talking, for no reason, to no one: he's dying again. Figures flies, carried by the wind, on a silver blow. Lost forever. I hope you can understand the meaning of the poem even if my translation sucks... It wants to say that Pi is the loneliest number in the world. From a poetic point of view, there is anaphora (repetition of "nessuno") and, in the last line, an allitteration ("perse per sempre"). I showed it to my Italian teacher and she was like "you're crazy". Then she asked me: "Do you feel like Pi?" You can guess my answer... Hope you like it (and sorry for my grammar mistakes).
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    This is a song that I wrote last August after a bad dream. Nothing special, just some words built on a simple bass riff. Anyway something fun to play with my friends: Thinking of You Walking down the street and thinking of you, all I ever thougth about this cold and long year. What I’m looking for is a good place to hide, just because I dreamt you in my terrible night. Feeling dead and sick yet thinking of you, staring at the wall to discover a cure. Screaming bloody pain tormenting my soul, now I have got the fear I will lose my control. And I’m all alone in the countryside standing under this black sky. I’ve lost all my hopes, now I have no guide asking myself why. Walking down the street and thinking of me. Actually, the "you" in the song is myself, that I wanted to escape. Hope you like it.
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    10 Most popular topics for 2016 1) New song "Bang Bang" coming August 11th - 7,412 posts 2) Green Day in the studio 2016 - 6,823 posts 3) Revolution Radio - 5,631 posts 4) Green Day Instagram Photos - 3,435 posts 5) The Green Day Fangirls' Confessions Thread - 3,264 posts 6) Random Thoughts - 3,024 posts 7) Random Green Day Thoughts - 2,379 posts 8) Being Single - 2,103 posts 9) May the IVth GDC Regulars Club be with you... - 1,892 posts 10) 02 - Bang Bang - 1,853 posts Top 5 Most Active Members JJ1964 (4,647 posts) Jane Lannister (4,136 posts) Tinkle (3,625 posts) Steven Seagull (2,978 posts) Libertine Angel (2,882 posts) Top 5 Most Liked Posts This post by Insomniac186 in Green Day in the studio 2016 This post by angry_robot in the Ultimate Green Day Poster This post by Billie Hoe in Interview with Ticketmaster This post by Matt. in Green Day started rehearsing for upcoming tour This post by HeyOldManInWomansShoes in Green Day in the studio 2016 Top 5 Blog Entries EVERYBODY READ THIS (840 views) How do you deal with racist friends? (760 views) The Journey (720 views) Research Thread - Does socialism lead to communism? (Part 1) (644 views) The Gas Mask (614 views) Stats New Members: 1861 Total Visitors: 212,793 Most registrations in a single day: 177 (August 6th) Single busiest day: September 6th New Topics: 1386 Total Posts: 133,851 Total PMs sent: 1,199 Blog posts made: 216 Total Rep Given: 173,777 2016 wasn't all bad. Our favorite band returned with a new album and our top topics of the year reflect that. At the end of last year, we asked visitors to vote for their favorite Green Day Green Day photos of 2016. Happy 2017 GDC and let's make it amazing. Past stats.
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    10 Most popular topics for June 2016 1) Green Day in the studio 2016 - 1,285 posts 2) May the IVth GDC Regulars Club be with you... - 318 posts 3) Green Day Instagram Photos - 290 posts 4) The British EU Referendum - 286 posts 5) Random Green Day Thoughts - 257 posts 6) Worst mass shooting in American history: 49 dead at Florida gay nightclub - 254 posts 7) Euro 2016 - France - 241 posts 8) Blink-182 - 219 posts 9) Random Thoughts - 156 posts 10) The Green Day Fangirls' Confessions Thread - 134 posts Top 5 Most Active Members BillyjoelxkidXx (304 posts) JJ1964 (295 posts) Steven Seagull (263 posts) Second favourite son (255 posts) WhiteTim (237 posts) Top 5 Most Liked Posts This post by Emilie. in The Picture Thread This post by Lindsay in The Picture Thread This post by Fuzz in The Picture Thread This post by She-Loves-Him in The Picture Thread This post by ghesboro in Punk? No. Green Day is POP PUNK. Stats Members active: 363 New Members: 48 Total Visitors: 14,114 Most registrations in a single day: 3 (June 4th) Single busiest day: June 20th New Topics: 63 Total Posts: 6,984 Total PMs sent: 64 (new), 734 (replies) Blog posts made: 15 Most viewed blog entry: I kinda want to know what other people think is the best song off of Insomniac (110 views) Total Rep Given: 8,081 Happy start of the second half of the year! If you still haven't started on your resolutions yet, you still have 6 more months to go. If you were wondering what happened in the most popular thread this month, Billie basically will be using a pretty sweet looking guitar (for whenever he is going to use it for). You can check it out here if you haven't already. We've increased in total visitors (↑5%), posts (↑44%), reply PMs (↑40%), and total rep given (↑55%) from last month. Display name history is back so now you can look at how many times last month's birthday boy changed his name. GDC Tip #3: Sometimes it's nice to browse with start fresh by marking the whole forum read. You can do this by clicking the "Mark site read" button on the bottom right of the page on the dark theme or near the top right below the search bar on the light skin. Peace out.

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