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    Yesterday's news about Billie Joe getting treatment for substance abuse has definitely hit me in a way I wasn't expecting. As someone said on GDA Billie Joe and Green Day have had their fair share of "substance abuse" dating back to their major label debut. It was known the guys' "drug of choice" was speed back in the day, evidenced in the infamous Tonka Truck version of "She" at Jaded in Chicago. And of course less amusingly, with Billie Joe's arrest and DUI in 2003 for driving drunk. Still that was old Green Day. Many fans thought that type of irresponsibility phase was set behind them as they put out music that was more matured, they seemed to care about their public image, and started working really really hard. They inspired millions of fans with their music, and these demons have also been present, but less prominent. I can't for the life of me remember where I read this quote. It was interview of some-sort with a musician where someone asked if they'd write an autobiography. They replied with "I already have, it's in my music." GDC'er Bohemian+Scandal really hit the nail on the head about this: It has unbelievably annoyed me to see people writing this decision off as PR move to save face from Billie's rant at iHeartRadio festival. I honestly believe that this is not reaction to a single event, but that event really was the public showing of deeper problems. Let's be honest, the whole band has been working incredibly hard. They wrote over 80 songs for a trilogy of albums over the last year and a half, that's after Billie Joe did a show 6 nights a week on Broadway for two months. Which started shortly after they finished touring in support of their last album where they played over 140 shows across the world. That's a lot to deal with. Green Day's work ethic is something to idolize, but at the same time, it seems like Billie Joe was dealing with some demons he hadn't properly dealt with in some time. Now we have tabloid sites writing about our guy, and it sucks to see. His rant on iHeart was very entertaining, but it was misguided. Their time was not cut short, Billie just wasn't happy that it was over. People loved his rant because it showed that bratty punk side of Green Day that so many of us fucking loved back in the day. Here's a band that truly doesn't give a shit, and while that's fun to see, he ultimately disrespected people that didn't deserve it. As I mentioned earlier, I believe that this was just the public showing of some deeper problems, ones that I think other members in Green Day along with family and friends, wanted to see him deal with. Who gives a fuck if it took a rant in front of thousands to push it to the top, all that matters is that he's going to get help and get his shit together. Who cares how it looks for them to apologize to Clear Channel? They felt it was the right thing to do, and it was. It wasn't the punk "we don't give a shit" thing to do, but it was the right thing. Billie Joe will be fine. He's getting help for something that needed to be addressed, just like many others before him have done. We need to support him and stop worrying about what this means for his public image or what this means for business. I was sad when Robin Williams - someone I've idolized from an early age - recently went back to rehab after being sober for 20 years, because it shows you the people you love from a distance aren't perfect. They hurt just like everyone else. But getting help is exactly what Robin needed, he came out the other end much healthier and the same will come for Billie Joe.
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    If you've read the GDCcrets thread in the last day you've read about an issue that has come up with one user harassing others with explicit comments after being told to stop. The mod team takes these reports very seriously, but we agree that we took too long in this case and we have been talking about ways to fix this. First off, we will institute an immediate 24 hour suspension once we get a report about another member harassing someone else. During this time we will look into the issue, gather the facts we can get, and will then issue a permanent ban once we get enough details. If we're unsure about a situation or need more time, we will keep the user suspended until that time - but we mainly want to try and take care of these reports within 24 hours when they come in. Secondly, I'd like to take a moment to talk about friendships and relationships with other GDCers. We pride ourselves on trying our best to keep a safe place for people to come and chat and create relationships with other like-minded people. I think 99.9% of the time that's exactly what happens. But just as in offline life, there is always going to be a small number of people who cross the line into what's ok and what's not. If you ever feel uncomfortable with something another user has told you, then report it to the mod team. Here's a blog post about how to use the report function. It's incredibly important that we hear from people in these situations. There's no way we can know everything that's happening around the forum and we depend on you to make sure we know. Lastly, on behalf of the entire mod team, I'd like to apologize to everyone affected in the situation mentioned in the GDCcrets thread. It took us over 2 weeks to completely deal with the issue, mostly because as we looked into it, we realized it was more complicated than we initially understood and it was hard for us to make a judgement call without more information. We failed in reaching out to everyone affected right away and trying to get all the details we needed to issue a ban. I'm sorry that we in anyway contributed to any of you feeling unsafe about posting or visiting the forum. The entire mod team agrees that we should have done more right away, and with the policy outlined above, we want to make sure something like this never happens again.
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    Billie Joe Armstrong 16x20 Coloured Pencil on Paper
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    I'm excited to announce that Florence has been added to the team as a GDA Staff member, where she'll be helping us out with the Picture Vault. She'll also be a part of conversations here on GDC in the mod forum to help with ideas and discussions related to GDC. We welcome her to the team and are very excited to have her on board
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    Update Monday September 24th: I've written a follow-up to this post after it was announced that Billie Joe was getting help with substance abuse. Please read it. Love the reactions today from Green Day's performance last night at iHeartRadio festival. (Watch the video over on GDA) I didn't get to watch the whole thing live because I was distracted. After a friend text me and told me it was a disaster, I turned the stream on, right at the start of Basket Case and just in time to see Billie stop the song half way through and say he didn't want to play that shit. Billie was pretty drunk. You could tell in their pre-show interview he was already pretty tipsy. I won't lie, his performance wasn't very flattering. He kept hitting the wrong notes while he sang and clearly just wasn't up to the usual kick-assedness that he usually is live, but that's alright for me. I thought his drunken antics were pretty entertaining. They play 140+ shows on tour this one fuck-up won't define them. While the performance was shotty at best, the antics were fucking great. I think many of us can readily admit that current mainstream music sucks, but for some reason it made me very happy to see Billie Joe go on stage and talk shit about it. It wasn't over the top in obnoxiousness, I actually thought it was subtle when he mentioned they could bring Usher back since Green Day has such little time for their set. This also isn't the first time Green Day plays drunk. Yeah, this is the first time in a while that at a proper Green Day show in front of a huge audience they've clearly had a few too many, but it's not new, and I don't think it's anything to be disappointed about. They get pretty fucked up at a Foxboro Hot Tubs show and every still has a good time. I'll only be disappointed if this becomes a regular thing. A festival where Green Day plays a short set sandwiched between some mediocre artists isn't going to yield you the ideal Green Day experience. I think this quote is great: As I mentioned in the iHeart thread - Green Day isn't family entertainment. If people expect them to be, then they've assigned an attribute to Green Day that the guys don't assign to themselves. That's not Green Day's problem. Billie Joe turned this show into something worth talking about, whether for the right reasons or not. I'll let everyone get up on their high horse and talk about what a grown man should or shouldn't do. I'll just sit here laughing because I loved it.
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    With the release of a new album there's lots of conversation about what Green Day's music should sound like. I've seen such a huge array of comments on the pro and con side about the new music. While I think the overwhelming opinion of the music is very positive, there has still been some criticism of it (as expected), and I felt like addressing some of the topics. It's too simplistic Since Green Day's breakthrough in 1994 some people have written them off as a "three chord band". While anyone with an ounce of common sense knows Green Day is much more than that, it's obvious that simple three chord songs is where they found their early inspiration. American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown really showed their musical ability. I really doubt most of those who criticize Green Day's style could sit down and write not one, but two nine minute rock operas. That shit isn't easy. Not only it is an awesome arrangement of music, but it fits within a story spread across a whole album. Music ability is more than just how quickly you scale down the neck of a guitar. In íUno! the band definitely departs from that and the lyrics and music are direct and missing the grandiosity of the last two albums, and that's alright with me. The beauty I find in Green Day's music is that they're capable of doing both. They're capable of writing a nine minute rock opera and 3 minute song about having sex. It's not punk This argument is so overplayed that I'm only going to give a very brief point. Punk is more than just a quick loud song with a repetitive drum beat. Punk is where Green Day found their souls, and so long as they write the music, it's punk. It's Green Day punk. Any purists out there will disagree, and that's fine with me. I don't care about your definition of punk, and you don't have to care about mine. Let's be friends anyways. There's nothing new in this music First off, have you listened to Kill The DJ? If that's not a new sound for Green Day I don't know what possibly could be. I've never heard two Green Day albums that I felt were identical musically. The closest were 1039/Smooth and Kerplunk, along with American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown. But each album had a different sound, slightly matured. You can tell with every release that Green Day challenges themselves to push it a little more. Yes, I agree that ¡Uno! has nothing groundbreaking in it - but I don't know how that's a criticism. The point of music isn't to change for the sake of change. With Green Day it's always been an organic change, and this time they felt like going to back to a similar style in their earliest albums. If they're able to do that while writing catchy songs that they appreciate, that tell the story they feel like sharing, then it's exactly what it needs to be. It's not "Green Day" I think one problem people have with Green Day is that because of the array of musical style they play, people assign a certain standard to them and really appreciate them for a specific one. Someone who liked Kerplunk may not have liked Nimrod. Someone who liked Dookie may not have liked American Idiot. Someone who liked 21CB may not like ¡Uno!. I think it's actually kind of awesome that people find a certain type of Green Day music they like and it sticks with them, something they retain fond memories of, something that they look back on with nostalgia. There are some of us who appreciate it all, but I don't believe in the "true fan" description. If you like one of Green Day's albums and not the rest, I think that makes you just as much of a fan as me. You're not required to love everything a band does (or anyone for that matter) in order to appreciate what they do. Dookie still exists, nimrod. still exists, American Idiot still exists. All of these came from the same guys. They write it, so it's "Green Day" whether you like it or not. I don't mind if people don't care much for ¡Uno!. At the end of the day, these albums weren't written for any one of us. We can appreciate them for what they are, or we don't have to. I love the music, others won't, and the world will continue to spin. Some people want an album filled with songs like F.O.D., others want something filled with 21 Guns -- as I mentioned at the start, the beauty of Green Day is that they're capable of doing both. Take what you like and enjoy it, forget the rest.
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    I’ve found Green Day being an increasingly common topic in every day conversation recently. Whether meeting new people who it just so happens are fans, discovering people I knew were fans having not known it before or playing Uno to one of my best friends who is even more passionate about music than I am, they seem to be creeping up everywhere. One thing this friend of mine said got me. He was at mine when Stray Heart went out on Radio 1 for the first time. He watched me as I listened to the song for the first time, and he said he’d never seen anything like it. I was, apparently, blindly happy in a way that according to him you only see in couples who are deeply in love and have been for years. That seems appropriate. I’m not one to gush. I’m not one to love things or people either, but for a long time I have acknowledged Green Day as my first and only true love. They have shaped who I am today completely. I simply wouldn’t be who I am now had I never started listening to them. Their music, more than any other, has been the soundtrack to my highs and lows, and has resonated deeper within me than not just any other music, but my first kiss, my first day at school, losing my virginity. Quite frankly, Green Day have become, over the last 10 or so years that I’ve been aware of them, the bedrock of my life. The same friend who lives and breathes music in all its myriad forms has said more than once he has never met anyone who adores a single artist so profoundly. For him to say that to me fills me with pride because I know how much he loves Lennon. I've seen his favourite band with him and I know what music means to him and people like him. For him to suggest I take it to another level, well I’m equal parts honoured, concerned and experience a sense of fulfillment. It’s not blind love. I don’t care much for Insomniac as an album, for example. I think Take Back is possibly one of the worst songs ever recorded and 21st Century Breakdown seriously needs to lose 5 songs. But I do find myself identifying myself as a Green Day fan to friends and strangers more and more. Amongst my group of friends I’m known for it and they all think it’s great that I have at least one thing to love and care about. With strangers they are the first thing I mention if music taste is brought up and I’ve not once, after talking about why we like the bands we like, been derided for my love of them because I think when someone so clearly loves something, they cannot be knocked for it. To deride them for that love would be to deride them for a part of their personality. What is strange about my love of Green Day is that they are the only band of the genre I really care about. I like Blink, yeah, they’re cool, but they don’t have meaning to me. I find myself actively disliking punk more and more as I grow up. I don’t like what it stands for, aside from the communal togetherness which you find in most ethos. I can’t think of another band of Green Day’s ilk that is on my iPod. No Operation Ivy. No Descendants. No Rancid or Black Flag or anything like that. I’m an Alt-rock boy. I like poetic, pompous, theatrical music. I like Rap. I like Motown and Reggae. But I love, anomalously, Green Day on a level I would attribute to a parent. They have brought me up. They’ve been with me through everything I’ve ever felt and offered me more emotional support than any friend I’ve ever known – not to knock my friends, they’re wonderful. Billie’s lyrics have influenced me deeply as a writer. They’ve helped shape how I actually cope with and confront many of the emotions and issues in my life. I’ve learnt from them, I’ve taken refuge in them. Without this music, I would be far more insular, angry, anxious and probably – simply – not the human being I am. Green Day are my great love affair. I fall out with them, I get annoyed with them, I get bored with them, but they’re always there and they always take me back and there are so many memories binding me to them that they’ll never fade away from the core of my personality. I can’t think of any other way to conclude or even explain why I’ve been compelled to write this than to just say thank you to both the band for doing what they do and the fans here who allow them to do it for helping me be me, and bringing millions of people around the world comfort, joy, and on here – together.
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    WEEHHH! dum dum dum ... LOSS OF CONTROL!! It's April Fools'! I had the funny idea to "Billie-fy" avatars of our fellow GDCers! Some said they were annoyed by all those Green Day (especially Billie) userpics... and then came up with the idea to photoshop Billie Joe on avatars that are "Billie- less" haha I have no idea. so yeah... HAPPY APRIL FOOLS'! lol Andres: Matt: captain peroxide: John: Sleeper Agent: Tre's Busted Drumkit: Lúthien Tinúviel: Cat C: BeachBum: Liam: Lone: Sarcasm: Hermione: (totally not done in MS Paint. lol ) - - - - - Lauren: princess-cat-power: Ritz: angry_robot: SweetVendetta: ConfirmPassword: Little Girl Little One: It's Splash Time: Marius Pontmercy: PigSniffingGlue: Alan86: HaushinkaSins: She-Loves-Him: Batgirl: RevDrFunk: Emilie: EggMong: Kayfabe: LadyCobra: ThisIsNotNora: inthehallwaynow: Agija: Firecracker Lell: KarlyLovesGD: RedStrokes: Ringo Starr: Maddy: Daughter.Of.Rage.And.Love: drumdreez: Hedwig: SilentlyDrawn: Kill_the_Kia: petros: (^ I saved the best for last ) P.S: I had no time to make more! sorry
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    As soon as I got word about Green Day allowing a new song in the upcoming Twilight movie, I knew what to expect, fans bitching about it. Maybe rightfully so. But I thought I'd offer a different point of view for the sake of conversation. Allowing songs in a movie doesn't really define anything. All it says it "hey, listen to our song." So let me run down some points to support my argument. Why do people have a problem with Twilight? I'll be the first to admit that I haven't seen the films, nor do I have plans to start. I don't find the premise interesting. I don't know how good or bad the movies are, but plenty of people do enjoy them quite a bit. They have a following for a reason. I think the people who hate on it, hate it on it for the sake of not wanting to follow the mainstream. I don't have a problem with that, I feel the same about most pop culture. I think people make up their minds about something before they experience it. Punks aren't supposed to like anything that most other people do. But that alone doesn't mean anything about whether or not Green Day should or shouldn't be in a film. From what I gather from reaction so far, people think Twilight is cheesy, aimed at tweens, and this someone tarnishes Green Day's reputation as the badasses they are. But wait...what other movies has Green Day songs been in. A history of Green Day on shitty stuff Most recently Green Day allowed their song in the film "The Campaign". I went to see it, I didn't think it was a particularly good movie. It was maybe worth a rent if I was bored enough (which never happens). This song was about the Occupy Wall Street protests, probably the only significant progressive movement in the last decade or two. Yet the song was allowed at the credits of a campy comedy movie. Here's a few other gems that Green Day (but much more likely, their record label) allowed their music to be on. TV Shows The Hills The Vampire Diaries Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County Smallville MoviesTransformers Surf's Up Accepted The New Guy American Pie 2 Freddie Got Fingered Godzilla Joe's Apartment Angus The Jerky Boys Games [*]Madden NFL 2006 (Wake Me Up When September Ends) [*]Tony Hawk: American Wasteland [*]Madden 2005 What's my point? Green Day is on one of the worlds largest record labels, Warner Brothers, who will market the shit out of anything they can. Green Day's music has been included on a bunch of content, some good, some terrible, and that doesn't change a goddamn thing. Many were upset at Warner for doing such a shitty job of promoting 21st Century Breakdown. This is them doing something else, but not new, to get the word out about Green Day's new albums. Having a song in Twilight doesn't change anything. More people will hear a new Green Day song and they'll possibly pick up a few fans from it. The song and it's meaning doesn't change. Green Day will continue to write music for themselves, about their experiences, and however their label decides to market and promote it has little effect on what the music actually is.
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    Excited to announce today that Cat C.(Cathy) is joining the GDC team as our first-ever Community Manager. She will be helping us out by updating the Facebook Page and GDC Twitter account with interesting stuff around the forum. She will also be helping us organize contests and create regular stuff for you guys to get involved with. Because this is a new role, exactly how it works out will change over time. The main focus is to help build a stronger community on GDC. I'd also like to thank Stephen (November's Storms) for running the GDC facebook page for the month of January, and doing a fine job at it. I'm looking forward to working with Cat on new ideas and fun ways to improve the forum. Welcome to the team
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    I've been seeing a lot of people talking about Green Day's set list now that they're back on the road. There have been some complaints that they aren't playing more trilogy songs, which usually goes something like this Looks at the setlists for their two shows so far during the full tour, I see that they play about 27 songs each night. Out of those, 25% of them are songs from the trilogy, and the other 75% span the rest of their career. The band has 178 songs they've released through through their albums (not including The Network or Foxboro Hot Tubs). That number is even higher if you were to include their side projects as well as other songs which haven't had a release on a Green Day album (songs like Ballad of Wilhelm Fink, Too Much Too Soon, Favorite Son, When It's Time, etc.). This means that the trilogy songs are now 20% of Green Day's 'official' discography. Trilogy songs are getting more attention on tour than any other album ( American Idiot a close second with 6 songs in the recent set-list). The argument could be made that Green Day could swap out a few American Idiot songs for some newer trilogy songs, but I think that ignores the fact that American Idiot has been Green Day's biggest success in the last 15 years. Don't forget why Green Day goes on tour, it's not just to promote their latest albums. They don't attract only fans who want to hear the new stuff. In fact, I'd argue the far majority of people who attend don't really care about the new stuff too much and are much more familiar with the older songs. People forget these concerts aren't just for you. The band picks songs that they like to play and that they think the crowd will enjoy. When American Idiot was taking over the world, Green Day didn't fit their set-list with 50% AI songs. Picking songs that more people know, being able to engage the audience even more, makes for a more rewarding show for everyone. They want to play songs for the people there who have enjoyed Green Day's 24 years of music.
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    Just over a year ago when the team decided to promote me to media we decided that we were going to redo the whole forum. With the many setbacks including meagupload getting taken down, having to reformat the threads and me just being busy with school in general, its finally finished and here it is. With this downloads forum we decided to take a different approach to the design. With the original it was split by audio and video then into section for where ever it belonged and then into era. We’ve decided that we were going to combine audio and video together and have it as one forum. As for the download links, we’ve split it by era and each show with a recording has its own thread. You can now discuss a recording in its own thread. For requesting or posting a recordings, just put it in the main page stating whether you want audio or video of it Regular members won’t have access to make threads in any of the era specific forum, so if they want something added there they have to make the thread in the main section then a mod will move it to the appropriate forum. It’s also been decided that the only recordings that make it into the actual downloads are recordings that are either professionally shot, complete or very near complete. The way the downloads at set up is in each era they are sorted by year/month/date with the title to keep it all in order. When you click on the thread you want you will see a setlist from the entire show, though the recording may have all the tracks in it. Underneath that you have the recordings listed. It will have Source # followed by whether it's audio or video and what type of recording and which number it can be. There’s four types: AMT – Video shot by an audience member from in the crowd PRO – Video shot by a professional company with soundboard audio AUD – Audio recording from an audience member in the crowd SBD – Audio taken from the sound desk. Under that you have “Screens” (this is only for video recordings) where it will have links to screenshots of the footage. Next you’ll have “Notes” which will be stuff to do with the recording like where a video is shot from or what songs are missing are have cuts. Under that is “Ratings”, one for audio and video, both out of 5 starts. Please keep in mind that the quality rating depends on the type of recording (example – a 5 start AUD recording won’t be as good as a 5 star SBD recording). Then we have “Links” these are of course links to download the recording. It will indicate what format you’re downloading it in and from what site. We also have a part for artwork that people can feel free to make for that recording for people who like that stuff. Is the section complete? Of course not, we still have a lot more to do but this is where you can help. A lot of my information is taken from GDTorrents, their live guide and DVD guide and my own common knowledge, for some recordings I couldn’t find info about so I had to guess. We will be keeping the previous download section archived for a bit. What you guys can do is if you see any recordings, info, screen shots, incorrect ratings or something else, post it in the thread for that show and it can be fixed. Now to the download links, there are currently very little links (a few will be pinned to give you an idea) in there for the simple fact that megaupload got taken down and we lost a lot. These are ones I found from other members on this forum. We are now going to start uploading all our stuff to mega.co.nz mainly in MP3 (for audio) and MP4 (for video) formats. If you have another link to the recording in a different format and/or on a different site (including GDTorrent), feel free to post it (preferably on mega) and I’ll put it in the links as well. Uploading will be done over a period of time so please be patient and bear with us. So that’s pretty much it, if you have any thoughts or question then feel free to comment or shoot me a PM. Enjoy
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    We're happy to announce that BeachBum (Val) has been promoted to a global mod. Bum started out as a chat mod then started helping us with pictures in the media forums and helping organize and clean up the Picture Vault. She's been dedicating a lot of time to help improve this place, and I'm glad to finally have her on board as a global mod.
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    As many fans are aware, ¡Uno! leaked early yesterday (September 17, 2012) exactly one week prior to it's release. I was in class when we started getting emails, then work till 8pm, and I was running on 3 hours of sleep from the night before, so I came home and slept and it wasn't until around midnight I was finally able to lay in bed and listen to the music. Over the course of it's 40 minute run-time, I laid there in complete appreciation for what I was hearing. To start off, I'd like to write about what this album isn't. This isn't rock stadium Green Day. This isn't Green Day bordering the giant arena rock sounds of U2 which I felt they started going down the path of with American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown. This is simple Green Day. This is Green Day just letting loose and writing some catchy fucking music. The music isn't overtly complicated, it's not heavily layered (though we can expect that stuff on ¡Tre!), and the lyrics don't have sociopolitical meaning. It's personal and it's fucking perfect. This is exactly the album I wanted Green Day to release. When they first talked about the trilogy they said it was "going back to their roots" which got a lot fans of excited, and maybe a little worried. Were they trying to re-live yesteryear when Dookie came out? After listening to this album the answer is absolutely not. This album feels inspired more by 1990 Green Day than 1994 Green Day, and definitely more distant from the Green Day we recognize from the last decade. The lyrics are straightforward and they speak directly to experiences that Billie Joe has had. It's a very welcome change from the story-line concept. Billie Joe told Guitar World that not having characters or a story-line really felt freeing, they were able to focus on each song individually, making it how they wanted, and not worrying how it fit into the bigger picture. I loved both American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown, and I know I'm in the minority in thinking 21st Century Breakdown was a better album musically. Lyrically both albums are deep, they both seemed to take that new-found depth from Warning and go further with it, applying it to a modern story and current events. ¡Uno! lyrics are more focused on the simple human experience, and that's the Green Day that hooks me in. I think the first half of the album is stronger than the second half, just more bum thrust ©. But I'm not disappointed in any of these songs, besides Oh Love. In context with the album, it's an alright tune. Why it was the first single I'll never know. It's not the least bit representative of the upbeat sound the rest of the album posseses. I have a lot more thoughts, especially about some of the comments I've read in reaction to the music, but I'm going to stop here. I'll probably dedicate a whole other post for that. I need to listen to the songs again before really talking about my favorites or anything like that. We'll be releasing a special edition of the Static Noise podcast on Thursday with all our thoughts on the album. I'll come back and write another post after that so I can let the music sink into my veins a little bit more. Single line reaction: I fucking love it.
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    In December of last year I decided to disable signatures by default for all members plus any members that registered. I felt this change would be a net positive for the forum, and while I still believe that, it's clear that those who care most about signatures felt differently. After some thinking I realized it was unfair for me to make this change without broad support from the forum. As of today I've re-enabled signatures across the forum. If you'd prefer to hide them again, you can do so your "Ignore Preferences" by checking the box near the top of that page that says "Ignore all signatures when reading topics and personal messages". Because we've re-enabled them site-wide, we've decided we will be enforcing the sig rules more strictly. Here are those rules: Only one animated gif per signature. Sigs are limited to 700px (width) x 250px (height) total (which means any text + images you have must be smaller than 250px tall). Click the spoiler below for a sample of that size Nothing NSFW (not safe for work) in signatures and avatars. Don't forget users often visit GDC at school and work. We don't need anyone getting in trouble because someone thought the whole world should see Billie Joe's dick in their sig. If you're breaking any of these rules, expect a moderator to send you a PM. If anyone has a signature that's obnoxiously large we will likely just delete it ourselves then let you know why we did. If you guys see a signature you think is way too big, please use the Report This Member link on the bottom right of a users profile so the mods can take care of it. Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions below.
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    I'm very pleased to announce that we are promoting Lone to be our admin here on GDC. She will be taking a larger role in helping lead the moderating team and the direction we move the forum in. Many of you know Lone as someone who has been in charge of the chat for some time now, behind the scenes she's been an incredibly helpful part of the team and someone I trust immensely. I'm excited to have her help lead the team and the forum. Congrats on the promotion, Lone. Enjoy your six figure salary.
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    For those of you who don't know, Matt (monkeyman) was one of the original media mods before he left in 2010 and I took over. Ever since the download section had been redone, he's been working along side me to help get everything uploaded. Because he has such a amazing collection and knowledge on the downloads, as well as spending his time, we have decided to repromote him to media mod. Matt is 22 years old, currently a uni student and reigns from down under as well as me. I really can't wait to be officially working side-by-side with him after all this time. So please help me welcome Matt back to the team and don't forget to check out the amazing job he's done helping me with the download section as well
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    So. Last night. Green Day at the O2 Empire at Sheperds Bush. Where do I start? I’ll try with at the start, but to be honest, it is all an ecstatic, sweaty blur so if I get song orders wrong then y’know. Live with it. Tré kicking things off with a rendition of All By Myself was unexpected and completely awesome. It ended with the whole band backing, and straight away confirmed – as if it needed confirming – that only the hardcore fans were in tonight. You know, the nutters. Like you reading this. Then BJA took over at the front and launched straight into Welcome to Paradise. To say the place when fucknuts crazy would be an understatement. You all know how awesome that song is, so I need say no more. Burnout came next and the place was even more rapturous. The whole venue was in a frenzy already, and the band couldn’t have looked more delighted. If fun has a smell that smell is sweat, and it was already working its way into the air. The band were on such form they even made Know Your Enemy good. To be fair, it is a song best played live anyway – but they owned it last night. BJA got a dude up onstage to lend a hand with the shouty bits as per last tour. If I’m honest, I shrunk away when he was scanning the crowd. I was the best view in the house, I wasn’t going to give that up. After bombing through that we got a series of new songs. He introduced Nuclear Family and the reception told of the fans already taking that song into their hearts. It sounded damn good too, though there was less singing, and more dancing during it. The same cannot be said for Stay the Night. It was a massive sing-along. So much so Billie even paused to comment on how awesome it was to see people singing along before the album is even realeased. The band looked like they loved playing that song. It’s my personal favourite of the new batch, so maybe I’m biased, but the crowd seemed to agree. That song kicked off. It’s made to fill stadiums. I can’t remember much of Stop When The Red Lights Flash, but it was pretty catchy and by the end everyone was singing along to the chorus. It was another one to dance to though. I did a jig. Oh Love really does sound better live, and by now whatever setlist they’d had was obviously falling apart as Billie launched into Lady Cobra, catching the others off guard slightly. It was cool hearing it on Zane Lowe’s show the night before, but again, this is a track best served live rather than played off the album. It has that pneumatic sort of riff that recalls East Jesus Nowhere but sounds nothing like it. It could have been released in 1968 and no one would have been any the wiser. Then we got a trip to American Idiot land. Holiday sounded as potent and explosive as ever. It was mental – that song will always get everyone on their worst behaviour. The lights went out during the bridge and exploded back with a stripped down light show. It was cool to see Green Day without the theatrics and the makeup. Letterbomb was stunning. I made a mental note of the cheer when they started playing it. The scream was one of the two most visceral moments of the set. Of course, the place went Seven Shades of Apeshit. Billie confessed to ‘keep forgetting the lyrics’ at the start of Boulevard of Broken Dreams and let the crowd take over for large parts of the only slow song of the set. It was a welcome reprieve. A lot of people were getting pulled out the crowd by this point as the thermostat rose and the damp atmosphere became cloying. But what would be uncomfortable in any other situation just added to the occasion at that gig. Hitchin’ a Ride was the other great visceral moment of the set. You all know how stomping, melodramatic and groovy that song is. It was awesome. It’s always a highlight of their performances for me. Then things got a bit more old-school. 2000 Light Years Away sparked the biggest sing-along of the night up until then, and sounded as fresh as it must have back in the early days. You can tell they love hammering out those older songs. The band were well in their stride now and just enjoying themselves. It was relaxed. If I could sum up the feeling of the whole night, it would be familial. For Going to Pasalacqua some chap from the audience named Ryan was brought up on stage to play Blue. Somehow he took it all in his stride and smashed it almost without fault. With a high five from Tré, a grin to Mike and a hug from Billie, he coolly left the stage to the side. Cue Billie ‘yeah I do this all the time, saw Blink 182 the other week and got up and played with them….’ Brain Stew sounded dark and potent, and they zipped through an electrifying St Jimmy faster than ever. I swear they got it done in less than two minutes. BJA went back for some water, and he had a crazed look in his eyes from here on out. Whatever was in that water, I want some. Things slowed down a little for a breather with Give Me Novocaine, which was all hand-waving and big sing-alongs, before When I Come Around got the place jumping around again. Always well-received, it was another highlight. Especially saying ‘hi to Mike’ and Billie fluffing the words. That water was hitting him hard. She was amazing as ever, Basket Case was the standard pure Green Day moment where all the older fans looked misty eyed. That might have been the low-hanging cloud of moisture in the air though. The band were smoking, the crowd was steaming. I smelt weed for a second too. And then King for a Day. All the pre-orchestrated chaos and mayhem of their arena and stadium performances was brought back to basics in this more intimate setting. Billie got his arse out, Tré did his ‘yeeeeahhhh-yeaahh-eeeeeahs,’ the crowd got Mike to jam up front with the mic and Jason even took centre stage with gusto. The medley/breakdown was just a delight to see too. All on the floor, Billie was rolling around, they were all sharing jokes with each other. Something about 6 men laying on their backs giggling to themselves about what to play next is amazingly endearing. This was when I could see this wasn’t just a show, they weren’t just Green Day playing live; this was them having fun on their terms as a bunch of friends. Admirable mention must go to Billie giving the crowd a chuckle with the chorus of Fun.’s We Are Young. Minority ended the main set and everyone took a couple of moments to collect themselves. I was starting to feel my body again. It felt dubious. Then came what to me sounded like the biggest sing-along and most insane crowd reaction – American Idiot. It is important to note that for at least 60% of the audience, it was this album and this song that introduced them to Green Day and guitar music in general. A massive, venue-consuming mosh pit later and the band reached the end of the set with 99 Revolutions which, fuck the critics, was amazing. They bid farewell, Tré gave his drumsticks away, the lights went up and everyone began to breathe freely again. It has been two hours of manic dancing, jumping, singing and love. I’ve never witnessed such a pure conjoined display of adoration or a band lapping it up so readily. It had been special for every person in the room and on the stage. Quite frankly, it was the perfect rock ‘n roll gig. Welcome back, Green Day.
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    In honor of the announcement of the album trelogy! I think it's pretty self explanatory.
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    Billie Joe Armstrong Digital Art Artist- Tubbie Head Take a moment to view more of the artist's work
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    We have so many dedicated people here on GDC so this is our way of introducing each and every single one to you. I'm sure a lot of you don't know every team member, so this is your way to get to know them. The list is sorted in alphabetical order by their username incase you wanted to skip to a certain team member, but we both know you don't. Andres (Admin/moderator): Hello fellow humans, My name is Andres (if you're not Spanish, Mexican or Latino, my name is pronounced on-dress. If you are Spanish, Mexican, or Latino, I'm so sorry). My friends call me Fuzz, a nickname I received in high-school because of my short hair (on my head, my nickname based on my pubic hair is not appropriate for this site). I live in New Mexico, USA. I run GDA and GDC. I don't run them well, but hey look, they're still online (most of the time). I've been a Green Day fan since 2001-ish, and have been running these sites since 2004. My standard day goes something like this: read Twitter, read emails, play SimCity, read Twitter again, eat lunch, nap, and start the process all over. It's a grueling lifestyle and I expect when a Lifetime made-for-tv movie about my life is released, it will get the lowest viewership in the channels existence and possibly cause a revolution against terrible television programming. If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, or just want to talk, send me an email andres@greendayauthority.com. Chances are I won't reply right away, or maybe ever, but sometimes I will and all the trouble you went through will be entirely worth it. BeachBum (Media mod/Moderator): Hello my fellow GDC'ers! My name is Val, but seeing as you are GDC members you need not concern yourself with that, just keep calling me Bum both online and in real life. I arrived on this planet called as earth 23.75 years ago. I live near that city with tall pointy building in Canada, better known as Toronto. I first heard Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) in 2001. However, seeing as BSB was far more important to the 11 year old me, it took until American Idiot was released figure out it was a Green Day song. This fabulous thing known as Google lead me to GDA around the same time. I joined the team back on Oct 25th 2010 as a chat moderator. Two years later someone had the bright idea to make me orange (they must have had a momentary lapse of sanity.) I am in charge of masterpiece of the week, the GDA picture vault, and on occasion create contests for you lovely folk. When I am not out and about taking photographs for school I can be found in the art studio with a pencil or paintbrush in hand. If you really want you can see my work in my lovely blog. I would say follow me on twitter but I hardly use the thing, so just stick with the basics and send me a pm. captain peroxide (Admin/moderator): Alex here. 21 and I live in Madison, Wisconsin, although I'm originally from the UK. I've been on GDC for around 6 years. Christ. That just sunk in. I first heard about Green Day right after Warning came out, although at that point I hadn't started buying CDs, so I mostly just listened when they came on the radio. I became a significantly more dedicated fan when American Idiot came out, and I've loved them ever since. They're not my favorite band to listen to, but they're the one that's closest to my heart, mostly because, without Green Day, I would never have joined GDC. I lurked for a year or so without posting very much, but somehow, Andres still managed to notice me. I became a moderator, and an admin pretty shortly afterwards. Although I don't post nearly as much as I used to (life tends to get in the way), I'm here most every day. Through GDC, I've met some of my closest friends in the world, and had some incredibly exciting and rewarding experiences, and this forum will always be important to me because of that. When I'm not online, you'll most likely find me playing guitar, hanging out with my friends, broadcasting on the radio, or, very occasionally, going to class. Follow me on Twitter (@captainperoxide), or check out my band, One Last Run, on Facebook. Cat C (Community manager): Hey there GDC, I’m Cat C but you can call me Cathy. I’m 20 years old and live in the North East of England nearby an industrial town, which back in ’07 was labeled “Worst Place to Live in Britain” and has proudly lived up to those standards ever since. I began my eight-year love affair with Green Day upon the release of American Idiot in 2004. After dancing around like a lunatic to the album’s title-track for hours with my cousin, I was given the CD for my next birthday, and have worshipped it like a bible ever since. I came across GDA while scouring the internet for pictures of the band; becoming a regular to keep up with the latest news, and to share my thoughts with other fans in the comments. I became the top rated commenter under the spur-of-the-moment username “Cat C”, and in 2010 made the transition from that to this forum. Offline, I spend most of my time going out and spending time with my friends, or writing song lyrics. It’s my goal to become a pop lyricist in the future, and if you’d like, you can check out some of my work on my GDC blog. One of the main reasons I joined GDC was because I love meeting and talking to new people, so feel free to give me a PM if you want to chat about anything community-related, or if you just want a new friend. You can also follow me on Twitter at @CathyCwaffy. Hermione (Moderator): Hello, I'm Hermione. I'm 27 and live in the small town of Bury St Edmunds, in Suffolk in southern England. I got into Green Day when I heard American Idiot in 2005, I promptly fell in love with it and then with all their other albums as I bought them one by one, and so my obsession was born. I got my sister hooked on them too and since then we can often be found singing along loudly to their songs or failing around at their shows. I stumbled across GDC 5 years ago having finally got on the internet a few months before and being on the look out for all things Green Day. I found it was a wonderful place filled with fabulous people, hence why I'm still here! As well as Green Day I enjoy lots of other music (especially rap music, Muse and Rammstein), coming up with strange food concoctions, going out for an occasional few drinks, and most of all spending time with my lovely 5 year old nephew. You can find me all over the forum at all kinds of random times, and if you ever have any questions or anything you need help with feel free to send me a message. Hugs and kisses to you all. HolidayContradiction (Chat mod): Hey! I’m Holiday, HC or Contradiction. Some call me Marte and I’ll wish you luck with pronouncing it. I’m from Norway. The part that’s north of the Arctic Circle to be exact. Where the Northern Lights dance across the skies and the Midnight Sun keeps us awake all night. I got into Green day somewhere in the American Idiot era. Holiday was probably the first song I heard by them as one guy at my school attempted to play it on the guitar all the time. I’ve followed GDA since then because I found it to be the best and most updated fan page. Unfortunately I didn’t join GDC until recently, because I was too lazy to find a username, but now I’m glad I did because it’s an amazing place where I’ve met a lot of awesome people and gotten new friends. When I’m not on GDC, I try to spend as much time possible with my three year old cousin. He’s adorable, even when he wakes me up at 6 am in the morning. I also go to college and have applied for transfer to universities in the States next year, but I’m not sure what to study yet so we’ll see where I end up. If you’ve got any questions just PM me or PC me in chat. Feel free to follow me on twitter (@mirtttt) or my blog (http://holidaycontradiction.wordpress.com/) Jaymee!! (Moderator): Hey guys! I'm Jaymee. Currently 23 years of age (but only for another 5 months) and residing in Ottawa, Canada. I've been a Mod on GDC since the summer of 2011 and ran the Fan Of The Week segment on GDA for about 3 months. In the real world, I am a concessions manager in an NHL hockey arena (Ottawa Senators) and a clothes jockey at Old Navy. Unlike most, I got into Green Day during the Warning era. It was the Minority video that had me hooked, and the disgusting hilarity of the Warning video was the clincher. My dad was a Green Day fan and bought the album, and I would sit in the living room and sing along to every song with gusto (even putting emphasis on the 'fuck them all' in Minority, against my mom's wishes). An original copy of Dookie was discovered on the cd rack shortly after, and the rest is history. I've traveled around North America and popped into the UK for a bit to see them on stage and on Broadway, and each time was an experience I will always treasure and never forget. The people I've shared my adventures with are the ones who've made it all worthwhile, and I hope to meet as many GDCers as I can along the way. Current tour plans take me to Brooklyn and Toronto in April, so I'll see you there! If you feel inclined to do so, check out my Twitter and Instagram, both under the name amzitosnup. Not down for that? Just shoot me a message on the forum and I'll get back to you ASAP. Cheers! Jimmy (Moderator): Hello all, my name is Jimmy and I am the Managing Editor on GDA and a Mod over here on GDC. I became a Green Day fan in 2004 when I saw one of my friends reading the Ameircan Idiot booklet when I was in fifth grade. That night I heard American Idiot for the first time and I was hooked. Before working for GDA I ran three other Green Day sites where I tried to run GDA out of business. Then one day Andres asked me to join the GDA team in 2009 and I promptly dropped everything else I was doing. While I spend most of my time working on GDA I still can be found lurking around on the forum quite often. Outside of the Green Day world I am a senior in high school and live in the lovely state of New Jersey. Shockingly, we are not all like the people you see on MTV's Jersey Shore. I enjoy photography and I can often be seen taking pictures at shows all over new Jersey and New York. If you'd like you can see some of my work over on my website. If you have any questions or want to get in touch with me for any reason feel free to send me and email, jimmy@greendayauthority.com, or a tweet, @jtdscape. John. (Moderator): I'm John. Don't be fooled by the generic red badge under my avatar, I'm actually a senior mod and Andres owes me a special purple banner (seriously Fuzz, can I have one?). Anyway, I've spent an eternity on this forum, and a pretty damn long time being a mod too, which at this point makes me like a rather eccentric yet inexplicably lazy professor, who can't be fired because of tenure. Be assured GDC, I will be here until North Korea conquers the world and repurposes the internet to host all of Kim Jong Un's extra chins. But there's a good reason I've spent damn near a third of my life here, and that reason is GDC is the awesomest fucking place on the internet and trust me, you won't find better. Stay awhile, you'll see. If it interests you, I'm a fan of the albums Dookie, Warning, and 21st Century Breakdown, and some of the songs before, after, and in between, but I'm not the most fanatical Green Day listener these days so don't expect me to find you some obscure Sweet Children bootleg. That's what my other comrades are for, and some of them are really damn good at it. But you can definitely count on seeing me around General Chat, Shenanigans, and the Advice Forum and sometimes even drifting among the blogs. Sometimes I frequent the chat room too, if you're having an issue in there and the greenies are all playing hookie, you can send a PM my way. I will also help settle any conflicts on the forum (though I'd rather you all just play nice to begin with), and I can do any merging, splitting, locking, moving, and capitalizing the thread titles you need. Just think of me as your go to guy for forumside issues. You'll mostly see me in the evening and AM hours of the Eastern time zone, I'm a night person. And I'm more approachable than I look, I swear. Katarina (Moderator): Hi everyone! I’m Kat, turning 20 next month. I live in the Netherlands/land of windmills, tulips and clogs which is why you may also refer to me as one of the GDC Dutchies. I got into Green Day in 2004 after seeing their music videos on TV. The first song I heard was probably either When I Come Around or BOBD. Around the same time I found out about GDA and checked it daily. Funny enough it took me a while to really listen to American Idiot as I remember being obsessed with Nimrod and Warning first. I joined GDC in late 2007 for a reason I can’t remember, but didn’t start posting until a year later. I became an active member when the first threads were made in anticipation of 21st Century Breakdown. The tour threads from that era were the place to be, so you might also find me following the tour threads this year. If not I'm probably lurking and posting around the forum, mostly in General Chat, the Advice Forum, Other Bands and a few other threads I follow. Outside of GDC I go to university in Amsterdam, taking classes about history, philosophy and art. I like listening to music, reading, cycling, eating chocolate and going to gigs. Feel free to PM me if you have questions or you’d simply like to chat for whatever reason Liam (Media mod/moderator): Hey guys, Liam here. I'm 17 years old and come from Brisbane, the capital of Queensland in Australia. I joined GDC back in 2009 and joined the moderating team in 2011 as media mod to look aftet the download section. I got into Green Day back in 2005 after my brother bought BIAB and introduced me to a whole new world of music, I was previously into the Black Eyed Peas. I first say Green Day live on December 8th 2009 and saw them again the next night. Outside of GDC I spend my time trying to find a job while also helping run a open mic night every month. I've recently been "hired" by old high school to help with the musical, an Australian version of Fame. When I'm not doing any of that and spending my time on GDC, I'm usually dedicated to try and make this place anyway better as well as constantly trying to keep the download section up to date (that I worked so long on. I highly suggest checking it out and getting involved, really, its great. You can usually find me around all random places on GDC at all different times. Thats just about it but feel free to send me a PM if you ever need to or follow me on twitter at @LiamGDC Lindsay (Chat mod): Hey guys! I'm Lindsay and I'm 19 years old (20 in about 3 weeks though). I live in Canada, more specifically Calgary, Alberta. I'm the newest chat mod on the team but I've been active in chat for almost 3 years, more like 7/8 years if you count the now non-existant GDA chat as well. Just like almost everyone else here, I got into Green Day in 2004 when American Idiot came out. American Idiot was the first song I ever (knowingly) hear by them and it instantly got me hooked and is the reason I'm here today. I was an active member on GDA back in 2005, and also had an account on GDC back in 2005 but didn't post much. I decided to start fresh and I rejoined the forum in March 2010. For the first year or so I hid in chat and didn't post a whole lot on the forum but one day my shell got broken and now I'm just as active on the forum as I am in chat. You can normally find me posting in the General Chat and Advice sections, as well as in the chat. Outside of my interwebz life I'm in my second year of university, aiming for a major in marketing and a minor in human resources. Now for my shameless plug, if you'd like you can follow me on my twitter account, @flyingcanadian. Don't be afraid to send me a PM either if I can help you with anything. lizziebix (Moderator): Hi! I’m Marilyn (or mar). Lizzie Bix is the heroine of the great American novel I’ve been writing my whole life. One day I might even write it down. Got into Green Day when I met my now hubby and he owned a cassette of Dookie. Fast forward to the AI era and we were overwhelmed by the new album, music, and videos. But life moved on and it wasn’t until the 21st Century Breakdown tour that something came over me and I knew I HAD TO SEE GREEN DAY LIVE. Luck would have it and I was able to secure 2 tickets for the Chicago show in July, 2009 two days before the show. And it blew me (us) away. Over the next couple of months I came across GDA and hung out there to gather as much information as I could about the band and their music. Finding, and joining, GDC and the tour threads, with like-minded fans, was one of my best decisions. I’m here most days/nights/weekends (sounds like I have no life but I do)! Feel free to PM me anytime. Twitter’s under my username (@lizziebix) but I don’t tweet much. And while I have fb, my irl friends say I don’t because I’m rarely on there. Hope to talk to more and more of you more often. Lone (Chat mod/Moderator): Hello. I am Lone but you can call me Lone. I was created 21 years ago and I live in the region that got pissed on by Sandy and dumped on by Nemo. I discovered Green Day by going through the ringtone store and then things got off from there. I found GDA in 2005 and dwelled in the chat where they trusted me to be an admin. I also ventured into GDC a little later that year where I got in trouble for causing trouble with a few fellow chat members. Fast forward to three years ago and they've yet again made the mistake of trusting me with powers. I enjoy solving medical mysteries, driving my friends around in a groovy van, and boss around my little yellow minions around. If you want to get to know me more feel free to drop a comment on my profile, shoot me a private message, or actually come into the chat and say hi! If you want to stalk me you can follow me at @lonedini on Twitter. Lúthien Tinúviel (Moderator): Hey, Bryony here - Mod Code Number 64215. I even have it tattooed on the back of my neck 'cause Andres said it was a vital part of being in the team. Anyway, here's some stuff you didn't want to know about me, but I'm gonna tell you anyway. I'm 19 years old (what a stupid age - bring on twenty!!) and I'm from England. The North of England that is, don't confuse me with those Southerners that lurk around here n'all. I got into GDC about two and half years ago, just before the Wembley Stadium gig on the 19/06/10 (if you were there, hit me up and we can reminisce about old times). I poisoned the water system so you would all like me and then I set about brainwashing Andres and the rest of the team so I would become a staff member. Outside of GDC I have no life. Nah just kidding, I go to university where I nerd it up on Philosophy, History and English Literature. I also enjoy going to gigs, host 3 radio shows every week through the student radio, enjoy getting copiously drunk every once in a while, and I also love to travel. If you enjoy any of things mentioned in the above Lonely Hearts column, please contact me through the Private Messaging system on GDC. Or follow me on twitter (@BeingBryony). Matt. (Moderator): Hello everyone, my name is Matt. I reside in the state of Iowa, belonging to the township of Iowa City. This is the United States, in case you were wondering. I have been a Green Day fan since 2005 after I listened to American Idiot the first time. I first joined GDC in 2006 and then the GDA team in 2009. I am also currently the host of the Static Noise podcast, where we talk weekly about Green Day and all the news. Outside of the Green Day world, I am a student at the University of Iowa, currently in my Junior year of studies. I am also a musician. I both record covers and write my own material. If you'd like to get in touch with me to talk about anything at all, feel free to message me on Twitter (@chinanderm) or email me: matt@greendayauthority.com. pasalaska (Moderator): Hello, I'm Aska (hence the witty spelling of my username), I'm in the 22nd year of my life and I hail from the small city of Perth, Western Australia, though I currently reside in Canada. I got into Green Day when American Idiot came out, after finding myself liking Holiday, BOBD and American Idiot on the radio. From then on I've been visiting GDA pretty much every day. I joined GDC a little while after my first Green Day concert (December 2005) to see the tour threads, but I didn't become an active member until 2009, in the lead-up to Green Day's tour of Australia. Outside of GDC, I work as a barista, saving up money to fund travelling and concerts (and travelling to concerts); in 2010 I followed Green Day across 16 dates of their summer tour, which was one of the best experiences of my life. I roller skate and play Roller Derby (though I'm currently on a hiatus), and entertain my boring hermit self by spending far too much time on Reddit, and trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up. I have a twitter account that you're welcome to follow (@pasalaska), and a YouTube channel that's filled with all of my concert videos that I think you might like: http://www.youtube.com/user/AskaGreenDay cheers. Sarcasm (Moderator): Ola 21 years old Norway. I got into Green Day when my sister bought the AI CD in 2004, and I listened to it through her door. I would physically press my ear against the key hole. Some time later I discovered the internet, and Limewire. With Limewire I got a bunch of other GD songs, I just searched for the band and got a load of random songs, some with wrong titles and such. I remember downloading Basket Case, thinking its name was "do you have the time". I found GDA MANY years ago, but I never knew about GDC until 2009 or late 2008. I became more active after 21ctBD was released, and after AAF. I became a mod in the fall 2012 after many nude pictures were sent to all the admins. If you're wondering about something, you can find me here or send me an email at olapola@live.no or drop me a line on facebook. My twitter is irrelevant. But I do have 20 followers for no reason, @othersmisery. Cheers. Sleeper Agent. (Chat mod): Hey, I'm Riley, I'm from that little country next to Australia called New Zealand. I have been chat mod the longest out of the 3 current chat mods (And they still think I'm their intern.) I've been on GDC since April 2011, when I was 14. This makes me the youngest staff member currently on GDC. I have been a chat mod since mid July last year: I still have no idea why they thought I'd be a suitable chat mod, but oh well. Stuff that you should know about me, I really like music, like playing instruments, I love bass the most, listening to music and talking about music. As for Green Day related stuff I prefer the older half of their discography, like up to Warning at latest, don't ask me why, I just prefer the songs generally to later stuff. But that is no need to say "Oh my god, he hates AI, and all that stuff!!!!" I still like their newer stuff, I just prefer the older stuff. musically I like most genres, just artists within said "genre" I like, I like them, not just because they are said genre. I'm mostly active in the evening for you people in EST and stuff, because of going to school and all that. I'll almost always be in chat when I'm on GDC, I do go into the forums quite often, though not consistently. Tre's Busted Drumkit (Moderator): Hi GDC, my name's Ben. I live in the State of Confusion and have come to enjoy it there. I first heard GD back in the Dookie era, and while songs like "Basketcase", "When I Come Around", "Brain Stew/Jaded" and "Good Riddance" were always on my mix CDs, it wasn't until a high school friend gave me a copy of International Super Hits that I really began to follow the group. American Idiot is the album that really sealed me as a Green Day fan; it spoke to and inspired me at a point in my life where inspiration was in short supply. Didn't save my life or any cool shit like that, but it did help me out on some deep level--and it still does today. I joined GDC sometime in 2010, and after sitting dormant for a long damn time, finally became active shortly after the Chula Vista, CA, show that summer. Even though it was supporting one of Green Day's weakest albums, 21CB, the songs came alive onstage with a raw energy that the album lacked, and I left that show relatively certain that GD are capable of being one of the best studio bands out there, and are definitely one of the best live acts you'll see. If you haven't yet, do so. I highly recommend an outdoor amphitheatre show. You'll see me online at all kinds of random-ass hours. My job has a very unpredictable schedule, so I'm as likely to be messing around on here in the early afternoon as I am to be uploading data files to a client's site in the middle of the night. If you want to talk to me, piss and moan, start an argument, troll me, or just want to hear a good joke, PM me anytime. PMs are answered in order of entertainment value, so keep that in mind when writing me. Toodles.
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    The mod team has decided to allow members to change their display name once per year. You can now change your username in your settings without having to PM an admin to do it. This option is open to all members, but please remember you can only change it once. Be sure to pick something you're going to be happy with for a long time, and be sure you don't make any typos. Let us know if you have any questions or problems. If you see a member ask how to change their name, be sure to let them know they can do this on their own now without having to have an admin do it.
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    Very happy to announce that Katarina will be joining the team as a new moderator. Because everyone else on the team hates Green Day, she'll be mostly focusing on the Green Day Chat area of the forum that all the other mods actively avoid. Katarina, glad to have you on the team, and looking forward to crushing noobs with you when these albums start rolling out.
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    I've decided to have a taste of my own medicine, I want people to use the blogs, so I'm going to use this one as regularly as I can. I have lots of thoughts about everything, so maybe putting them into written form will be helpful for me and hopefully someone will appreciate reading it. I'm not entirely sure what I'll write about. I figure since my life kind of revolves around these sites they will take a large focus, it will mostly be personal though. I'm not sure how I want to start off. Introduce myself? I feel like most people know me already, then again I think most people perceive me to be someone I'm not. I wish that every single day I could get a summary of what people think about me - good/bad, right/wrong fair/unfair. I really love that kind of stuff. When someone sends me a particularly harsh criticism, I feel I leave that experience a better person. Sadly that doesn't happen much at all anymore. It used to be a weekly occurrence when I first started - now I'm lucky if it happens a couple times a year. It's a combination of me doing this job better and people feeling more threatened by me, which is silly. I like criticism more than the average person does. I like knowing what people think and seeing how that lines up with how I perceive myself. Sometimes it helps me understand what I'm doing right or wrong and how I can be a better person. Running GDC has given me an understanding of people I'm not sure I would have received otherwise. It's a pretty unique position. To go from a nerdy introvert to ... well I'm still a nerdy introvert. But boy can I be forward on the internet. In my day to day life, I'm pretty quiet, easy to get along with, but mostly quiet. I like listening to people more than I like talking. Here i'm required to be vocal, introduce ideas then defend them, tell people to cut their shit, and my least favorite thing, tell a team member when I disagree with something. It's so out of the norm from who I am, but since I've been doing this for so long, it's a real part of me now. I am a very complicated person. I'm hardly ever happy with myself. I feel like I have to constantly prove to myself that I'm doing the right things with my life (I've yet to convince myself). I have these two sides constantly fighting inside: I want to create stuff that bring people together, make something that's really special and successful; but I'm also incredibly unmotivated. Partly due to depression, partly due to ... laziness. I don't know how to fix that. If I have to choose between watching a TV show and working, I'll almost always pick the TV show. If I had to pick one thing about myself that I don't like - it's that attitude. I just don't know how to fix it. Googling "how to not be lazy" won't get me far. That's enough for now. I don't really know what this was. It was basically be showing the tiniest amount of my inner-personality, the stuff that sits on my brain constantly.