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  2. Cleveland HOB 2015 Soundcheck

    HOLY SHIT, THIS IS GOLD!!!! Imagine if he'd got the Sweet Children soundcheck
  3. Random Green Day Thoughts

    I miss Billies late night tweeting.
  4. Random Green Day Thoughts

    I was just thinking the same thing, but on closer inspection the channel refers to the recorder as the "shittyflute"
  5. Today
  6. Still today a big shame that we finished one of Gd's best tours ever without a movie. Shame. Still a bad thing. Look at Metallica's FB and YT channel. Now that is how you do it.
  7. Definitely underrated. I think it's because it's on such an amazing album it gets overlooked. It also gets overlooked in terms of being very different for Green Day. Everyone references the album as a whole or JoS as Green Day trying something different, but AWTW is also completely new for them.
  8. Amps for playing Green Day?

    Can't beat the sound of a real tube amp though
  9. The Green Day Fangirls' Confessions Thread

    ^^^God, he's just absolutely stunning. I don't even understand how it's possible to be so perfect. He's incredible. Here's another one of him looking so radiant: Gorgeous curls, adorable chubby cheeks, shiny chompers, sweaty neck and forearm, lovely ink, beautiful hands and, to top it all off, that brilliant gleam in his eyes. He is exquisite. There's no better feeling in this world than seeing that man happy. True beauty at it's finest.
  10. Random Green Day Thoughts

    That’s a recorder, you heathen
  11. G-L-O-R-I-A

    Just accidentally sprayed fucking Febreze in my own damn face and it stings like a bitch.:dry: FML...

  12. The Green Day Fangirls' Confessions Thread

    Billie smiling makes the world beautiful
  13. I wasn't so much into that song until the concert I went to during which Billie picked up a flag I was holding with a friend, it was during Are We The Waiting, and we got to get it back. I was totally overjoyed then, I can't express how much. Since then I got into this song and absolutely love it. One half of the flag now lies next to my pillow, the other half is with my friend Here is the only video I could find about it, the sight is not extraordinary, but it immediately awakes my memories from that day the flag part starts at 1:51 (I didn't put the link directly to it because the beginning of the video is as well beautiful). Also, I don't know if it can be seen very well here, but before Billie asked for the flag Mike was the first to point to it, I thank him a lot for that:
  14. Cleveland HOB 2015 Soundcheck

    Amazing sound ! -
  15. Random Green Day Thoughts

    Extraordinary Girl is in my top 3 songs on AI. Oh My God I didn't expect it to be that shitty
  16. Cleveland HOB 2015 Soundcheck

    99 Revolutions Are We The Waiting St. Jimmy (partial) Knowledge (3x) Radio (4x) Boulevard of Broken Dreams Private Ale Christie Road (partial) Stuart and the Ave Minority
  17. Cleveland HOB 2015 Soundcheck

    This is gold!!
  18. Cleveland HOB 2015 Soundcheck

    Oh. My. God. This is freaking AMAZING!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!!
  19. Green Day Dreams

    Omg guys, it's 5:13 AM and I just had the most amazing dream. It was so realistic. So I dreamed I was at some random band's gig in one of the viewing rooms of a cinema, and Billie and Jeff were in the audience. Partway through the show, the two of them and about 6 other people that they were with stood up and Billie did the most beautiful speech about how we need to make our voices heard. He got a standing ovation for it and there was not one person in the room that wasn't on their feet. After the speech, the band that was performing turned their gig into a karaoke show, so you could go up to the stage and request a song, and they'd play it and let you sing. So Billie started singing a cover (can't remember what song it was now), and he came up right near me and started singing to the person across the aisle from me. It was only then that I realised I was wearing my pyjamas, no shoes, and I'd forgot to shave my legs. So the only thought going through my mind was 'oh no, Billie can see my hairy legs.' As he was singing, he noticed that I was singing along too, so he put the mic in my face and said "now you sing." Suddenly my mind went totally blank and I couldn't remember any of the lyrics. I felt so stupid and I felt like I'd let Billie down. He just said "hey, it's okay. You get silver," and then he gave me the biggest hug ever, and he felt so warm and strong and welcoming. Then he disappeared into the crowd and Jeff appeared next to me. Jeff was selling sets of football goalposts that were made out of jelly beans and he asked me if I wanted to buy one. I said yes, but I didn't have any money on me, so I asked my mam for some money and Jeff made some wisecrack about how the whole purpose of parents these days was to be their kid's personal bank account. Then, Jeff pointed out his jelly bean goalposts, which were at the bottom of the stairs. For reasons that are unknown to me, rather than just walking down the stairs like a normal person, I jumped over the railing and ended up faceplanting in front of Jeff Matika. TL;DR: I dreamed I embarrassed myself in front of Billie Joe Armstrong and Jeff Matika multiple times.
  20. Cleveland HOB 2015 Soundcheck

    holy this is good
  21. Cleveland HOB 2015 Soundcheck

    Soundboard Stuart and the Ave.!? Those are words i'd thought i'd never hear in the same sentence! Oh my God, yes!
  22. Cleveland HOB 2015 Soundcheck

    This is amazing quality- right off the soundboard. This is a real treat to listen to, especially since the live stuff is usually captured "over the air" and muddied as a result. This really shows how sharp their live musicianship is, even though it's a midday/ casual sound check. These guys are really, really good. This is some tight playing. Thanks for posting!
  23. Cleveland HOB 2015 Soundcheck

    Thanks for sharing I'm in contact with the uploader. He only recorded the soundcheck, not the full show.
  24. Cleveland HOB 2015 Soundcheck

    @Todd check this out This is soundboard material. Probably the guy work in the venue or something like that
  25. Cleveland HOB 2015 Soundcheck

    So cool! Listen with headphones. It sounds like you’re in the room with them. They soundcheck and rehearse loads of songs including 99 Revolutions, Private Ale, Stuart and the Ave, and a couple of Op Ivy/Rancid with Tim Armstrong. Some funny chat too. https://m.soundcloud.com/nameloc01/green-day-cleveland-oh-41615-hob-soundcheck
  26. Rap

    You thought he was a Republican? He was actually AND TRUTHFULLY honored as the first African American president by the Black Caucus (obviously before Obama)and he also did this:
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