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  2. Jirachi


    Said it here before but I cannot staaaaand Tom's vocals at all and i prefer blink without him simply because of that. Also im in the minority of loving California to death i see
  3. A different setlist everynight. The have putting aside tons of good music for too long
  4. Different setlist because the scripted BS is easy to tune out and a great time to drink water and snap a couple of photos.
  5. A different setlist for sure.
  6. jengd

    Next Album Anticipation Thread

    No, sorry suffered was perhaps the wrong word, @DadBod was right. Billie was touring both times Adie was pregnant and they must have missed out so much of their kids lives with all the travel, it is quite a tough life for family I think.
  7. Aron4000

    RevRad backing vocals

    No, it is definitely Mike without a doubt
  8. I think he does that to catch some breath. If it wasn't for the 'hey ohs' and the shout (shit) medley, the show will be shorter
  9. pacejunkie punk

    Green Day Instagram Photos

    Does every East Bay band need their own coffee now? 😂☕️
  10. It is, and some of his rants have carried over through several tours now. He needs new banter. Here’s a question for y’all, if you could only choose one would you rather: A) Get the same setlist as RevRad (with the exception of the new songs) but completely new banter and crowd interaction, or B) Get a completely changed up setlist but the exact same hey-oh’s rants and predictable shtick? So which is it, speechless or redundant? 😄
  11. He said that every show I agree with it but the show is 100% scripted haha
  12. walking_c0ntradicti0n

    Blasphemy & Genocide: Unpopular Green Day Opinions, Part 2

    He gave some vague rant about living in the moment and not having phones out at the NJ show in 2017
  13. It's joy it's joy it's joy joy joy JOY
  14. How about “This is not a party. It’s a celebratiiiooonnnn!!!” How many years has he been doing that?
  15. Today
  16. He does too much of it and the rants are also a bit too much. I don't care about hearing about peace and love instead of a song.
  17. Beerjeezus

    Next Album Anticipation Thread

    People who make fun of us and pretend they Know Things
  18. kaylubd

    Bates Motel

    It's been a while since I was in this thread. Such a great show! Maybe I'll have to rewatch the whole thing this year...
  19. SnaggletoothRecords

    Blasphemy & Genocide: Unpopular Green Day Opinions, Part 2

    I think there's been times where it's just gone too far and gone for too long. At this point it can be predictable. I can participate at a Green Day show on autopilot at this point I think if it's done correctly it's a great thing. Everyone's up on their feet and building up energy at the venue.
  20. Brooklyn Baby

    Game of Thrones

    new avatar material if u ask me... khaleesi.
  21. Corny overkill that takes up too much time. In a similar way, too many songs have been extended live in a show. Used to just be Paper Lanterns. Then it was King for a Day. But now in any given setlist you have someone being pulled onstage for Know Your Enemy, Longview and Knowledge, water cannons and T-shirts during 2000 Light Years Away, extended tomfoolery and rant during KFAD, extended band intros during Minority, and that’s not to mention all the hey-oh’s throughout nearly every song, a long guitar solo in AI and a typical 9 minute Jesus of Suburbia. So much of the show is dragged out now they should scale it back and they could easily fit 4-5 more songs in the same span of time.
  22. I don't want him to stop but yeah, it does take up way too much time. The fact that their show is so thought out that there's basically no surprises bothers me way more though.
  23. Little Boy Named Airplane

    Blasphemy & Genocide: Unpopular Green Day Opinions, Part 2

    Fun crowd participation.
  24. TheNimrodsPodcast

    Blasphemy & Genocide: Unpopular Green Day Opinions, Part 2

    Speaking of call and response... How does everyone feel about extensive "heeeeeyyyyyoooooooh" during shows? Fun crowd participation or corny overkill that takes up too time they could spend playing more songs?
  25. Ross_19

    Next Album Anticipation Thread

    Gotta love thits stage of being a Green Day fan, where we manage to convince ourselves the next album is gonna suck, only to listen to the first single and be like "Why did I doubt these guys?" I'm taking that 4chan thing with a pinch of salt. Not sure if there was speculation about Butch Walker being the producer before that leak, but if there was then perhaps the person saw an opportunity to claim that the next GD album is going to be poppy, given Butch's recent work with FOB. Who knows. Iwas concerned when I saw all the links between Butch Walker and the new album and given some of the things on this thread, I'm satisfied enough to believe he will be the producer. I had a look at a list of albums on Wikipedia (where all truth is) that he is credited in some part with the production of and it was quite an interesting list. If the list is true then he has done some fine work in the past, and some that would leave me asking questions for good and bad reasons. Although regarding the recent Fall Out Boy albums, I kind of think they would have turned out like they have regardless of producer. I think FOB have been so hell bent on making the music they are that a producer wouldn't have swayed them. I'm excited for the new album, hopefully we get some official news soon!
  26. o_O

    2020 US Presidential Election

    if you say so 🙄
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