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  2. The Green Day Fangirls' Confessions Thread

    ^^^ I saw that. The funniest thing is it looks like he's using the surfboard as a barrier!
  3. The Green Day Fangirls' Confessions Thread

    Excuse the horrible username, IG put this into my recommendations and it looks like a long awaited new surfing photo
  4. For some reason, the skyline in the background very vaguely reminds me of the 21CB tour. I know it looks very different, I know it's a different color and shape etc. And yet, for a split second, I had to think back to the 21CB tour skyline backdrop/video screen...
  5. Oh, that's kind of what I think of ''21 Guns''. Because, whenever I ask a stranger if they know Green Day and they say yes (and I'm of course initially excited), that exact excitement instantly dies when they say: I know like ''21 Guns'' or that ''I walk alone'' song. Or people that say their favorite song by Green Day is ''21 Guns''... Really? Seriously? That song? Not any of the others? etc. etc. haha
  6. Just to clarify, I don't think it's a bad song, I just don't think it's as good as everyone seems to make it out to be. It's more the reputation of the song than the actual song that irks me.
  7. I think the main issue with BOBD was that it was overplayed (and @MillenniumFan yeah I can’t remember if it wasn’t Liam or Noel but I think it was Liam)
  8. @WhiteTim I still chuckle about this even today. Liam (or maybe it was Noel) talking about not giving a sh*t when other artists claimed he ripped them off, saying something like: ''there's only so many chords/musical patterns out there, I don't give a sh*t, I'll just do my thing, f*ck the haters etc.''... ...and then preceding to claim BOBD sounds like Wonderwall, just because superficially it has the same chord structure in some places (like many many other pop/rock songs do too btw). The hypocrisy boggles my mind. And as hard as I may try, I just can't see too many similarities between the two songs. Sorry Liam, I'll try better next time... To respond to Gloria, I don't think BOBD defines Green Day, nor do I think it's their best song. But it's arguably quite a good song. I definitely would never think of it as their worst song, there's plenty other songs that would qualify here. So, I don't know, I guess I sit somewhere in the middle of that debate...
  9. Billie Joe to appear on Tonight Show 9/22

    Wow I'm disappointed :/ I wish he would perform something else. I was gonna ask for a livestream but meh. I like the song but he has been performing it on Late Night last year, it seems kinda half assed.
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  11. Green Day Tweets

    Chicken wings? I see a plate of veg.
  12. Liam? Liam Gallagher is that you?
  13. Green Day Tweets

    Breaking News: Billie Joe eats like any other human
  14. The Green Day Fangirls' Confessions Thread

    Kinda freaky to me, all those events coming out at the same time for Billie and the band, and be spread in here at the same time in several threads (normal). Hot stuff / expectations / analysis... finding to be discussed here and there... and what freaks me out the most is that I happen to be following all these threads at the moment because I want to know everything Billie-related as quick as possible to end up like even though mostly even if it were only for the new beautiful pictures, which i'm thankful to everyone for having posted. I'm happy for Billie that he's doing all this stuff and I hope he's enjoying all of it. Can I have a real clue about that? Is he close to us fangirls' restless mental state... or is he just enjoying day after day what he's up to? I'm concentrating not to worry in my daily life for almost everything, man, just because I want to be sure that it's possible to do so and that Billie is feeling as fine as he looks so fucking beautiful right now. Two other fangirl confessions: 1. About the pictures in the small show with that new guitar... That guitar looks a lot like the cheap first mine I've bought a few months ago! Red with the same white spot. I'm just gonna pretend the two are connected when I'm practicing alone in my room and often unmotivated after a day of work. 2. I want to say, after the Foreverly discussion that was on a few pages back... I don't remember who had brought it up first with a link to a live video of the 2015 show, . but I definitely want to thank you, I've been binge watching these live and two of them (Oh So Many Years and Barbara Allen) have become among my most adored videos. My chump mood has quickly vanished, because enjoying Billie and see how high my love of him can go will always come in first.
  15. Billie's feminine sunglasses strike again ❤️ Oh and his hair is looking so good. Oops, I'll just move on over to the fangirl thread.
  16. Billie Joe To Make Appearance in Michael Moore’s Broadway Show

    The dancing bit is incredibly awkward
  17. 2017/09/23 - Central Park, New York City, NY, USA

    I'm honestly just going to try to queue around 1 or 1:30. They open the gates at 2 and the show doesn't start until 4 — they seem to be discouraging people from showing up much earlier than when the gates open, and I don't mind. I'm not good in the heat, lol.
  18. BOBD is one of my least favourite GD songs. And I resent the fact that it became so successful - I feel like most of the people I know (whether they are GD fans or not) say that BOBD is the song that "defines" Green Day, purely because it's one of their most successful songs. I find it so frustrating because GD are so much more than that. They have so many songs that are way better than BOBD, imo, and I just feel like most people seems to overlook that.
  19. Another Billie Appearance - Watch What Happens Live

    Instead of Fergie they should have had Josh Duhamel & BJ - two from my laminated hall pass
  20. I've been ignoring this thread but wow we're actually getting the whole thing streamed live? Niiice. Thought it all would take place earlier in the daytime - selfishly hoping Green Day don't play too late i.e. in the middle of the night over here
  21. Billie Joe To Make Appearance in Michael Moore’s Broadway Show

    A personal favor is the only explanation that makes sense. It's not exactly a career move, and had to be incredibly awkward. Mayer's his buddy he'll do anything for him.
  22. Billie Joe To Make Appearance in Michael Moore’s Broadway Show

    I know this is so damn weird. I wonder if there were a lot of people there. Billie posted nothing about it, almost like he didn't want people to come. Was he doing it as a favor to Mayer maybe? Nonerheless, he looks delicious.
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