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  2. Books about Green Day

    I can let a few typos pass, but I can't ignore it when they keep coming up. And I thought the info they got one was pretty basic stuff that one Google search can clear up.
  3. Green Day Instagram Photos

    He tagged Mike but like, of ALL the photos of Mike that exist it just happens to be one with him and the skull behind him
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  5. Green Day Instagram Photos

    I'm going with himself making out with the skull based off the previous FBHT posts... what a weirdo. Edit: Also, Billie posting at 9:30am California time is shocking.
  6. Green Day Instagram Photos

    Question is does he love it for Mike or for himself making out with the skull in the background (which he seems to have a thing for)?
  7. Green Day Instagram Photos

  8. The Green Day Fangirls' Confessions Thread

    I see it more as before I hadn't got to be close to him, and now I have and I'll always have had that experience and know what it's like forever. Like I "achieved" the goal and anything else in the future is a bonus. Depends how you look at it I guess. It was intense because I saw my first ever GD show and then only one week later I was suddenly seeing FBHT with 24 hours notice and being right up close to Billie, and then I was ill (the most ill I've been in my life) for two weeks with bad flu that I caught there being delirious with fever dreams and stuff so the whole thing was like a crazy dream. I guess I can't imagine how anything could ever equal that so I don't even consider the possibility. Of course seeing Billie/GD etc in a small setting again would be awesome though, wouldn't say no to a London Longshot show.
  9. The Work Thread

    WELL, I'm back to feeling like an incompetent piece of crap at my job again This is significantly harder/more work than my previous position.
  10. The Green Day Fangirls' Confessions Thread

    I understand all of you when you're talking about how great it was to get closer to Billie during the Longshot tour. I really want to experience this again. I'm happy when I can go to GD concerts, even if I was far away from the stage 2 of the 3 times. I would have loved to be right in front of Billie during the Longshot concert, but I'm still happy to have been able to be there at all. And I want to meet him once and for all. All the times I tried, the closer I got was him being inside his tour bus each time. And the hotel in Toronto last summer of course.
  11. Books about Green Day

    This is where I ordered Cometbus #54 In China with Green Day from. I don't know what international shipping is, but I don't think the shipping cost was more than $3 in the USA. https://microcosmpublishing.com/catalog/zines/3501
  12. Books about Green Day

    I've decided to buy Cometbus' book, but it seems Amazon doesn't have it anymore. Well, there is no more book at 10$. I can order one from a third party on Amazon.com though, but it's like 60$ . Amazon.ca doesn't have it. Does anyone have seen a copy of Cometbus' book for sell at a cheaper price (including the delivery price)?
  13. Books about Green Day

    I’ve learned to not sweat the typos and small stuff. No book is perfect. But anything else that I think might be inaccurate is probably one of those things where there are many versions of the truth anyway and the real story has never been confirmed.
  14. Random Thoughts

    I would be so scared! I'm generally uneasy around animals, so I would freak out if a goat jumped on my back.
  15. Does Billie Joe look scary or mean?

  16. Books about Green Day

    I didn't even know about this book! I hope it's better than the Nirvana FAQ one I have. That one is boring and riddled with errors and misinformation.
  17. Weather

    heat index supposed to be 100+ today. this bites.
  18. Green Day Q&A Thread

    @MillenniumFan Thanks so much for your input! It sounds like the 180 2009 version is the way to go! Since I'm trying to save money I won't be getting it now, but it's good for a future purchase
  19. Football World Cup 2018

    mexico be celebrating and then stink it up against south korea and sweden. that would be hilarious!
  20. The Green Day Fangirls' Confessions Thread

    Even if it's only a few more feet (If you're lucky) it's still nowhere near the same. I'm happy to see him regardless but I'm not looking forward to adjusting back.
  21. Weather

    It is wildly hot already this morning. I'm sweating just sitting here on the porch. I miss fall.
  22. Random Green Day Thoughts

    I love it. Should be called Green Day tries but fails to smash car though
  23. Here you go. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/the-longshot/2018/chop-suey-seattle-wa-3bea88f8.html
  24. Does Billie Joe look scary or mean?

    This thread title amuses me every time I see it
  25. The Green Day Fangirls' Confessions Thread

    I kind of enjoy it , it's funny and I can think "I touched that guy hehehe". Plus there's always the high probability of seeing him again at the next GD tour even if it isn't quite as close.
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