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  2. Future Dubai/Abu Dhabi tour leg?

    #GreenDayForDubai #DoItForShahd
  3. The Green Day Fangirls' Confessions Thread

    Yeah, cause you never know, a lawyer could get easily pissed off because of his amount of work, and lately there has been a lot of work! So I wanted to be messy as usual, but to make him have fun at the same time (he keeps saying he's tired of Billie, and I say you jealous, and it has finally become a game for both of us!) And as I love him, this was the best way to say it again without saying it, and he was the first one to laugh helplessly when I came in his office
  4. The Green Day Fangirls' Confessions Thread

    ^such a good choice of the revenge pic
  5. Green Day is already going straight into the studio?

    Both of you are right in my opinion. RevRad songs are quite straightforward if what you want is to say what they are about in one sentence - you can do that easily with all of them. But if you go a bit deeper, at least some parts of the lyrics are very abstract and broad. It suits songs like Somewhere Now and Forever Now but I agree with @pacejunkie punkthat political songs that have more punch simply work better. AI or EJN deliver their message more efficiently than revrad or TT - these two almost sound shallow in comparison.
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  7. The Green Day Fangirls' Confessions Thread

    So my boss apparently got irritated by Billie wearing a crown of thorns. Yesterday, I put the picture I last posted as a background at work, and today when I arrived, I found it had been removed for a simplistic picture of a window! So I took my revenge by changing my boss' background for this picture, while putting an "eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth" quote next to it: because I love my boss and then I came to his office (for work matters), and we both laughed like dorks Thanks Billie!
  8. Future Dubai/Abu Dhabi tour leg?

    Definitely. I want Shahd to see Green Day whatever it takes. Either they come to Dubai or I'll talk her into flying here.
  9. Green Day is already going straight into the studio?

    I personally love it when Billie expresses things in a way that's not always objectively clear, but still goes straight to the heart. It's like everyone feels somethings strong about it, but words are not really appropriate to describe it. I think Billie has the rare ability to create this with both his music and lyrics, which are basically simple, but can eventually sound very powerful and personal to one who hears them... I always feel Billie's music, his lyrics more particularly, like sounding social / political at first, but having an undeniable strong, personal background, and that might be the thing that makes every potential listener to deepen it and become a big fan. Billie's concern about social / political issues cannot be separated from the way he has moved on with himself. Once again, these things can't be really described, captured, or even known for what they are really to Billie, but the empathy they create is so big, people can start thinking differently, in a better way, about themselves, when listening to Green Day's music. That's what's happened to me. Green Day, come back in the studio when you do... I'll be there when you give more shows. I've been so lucky to see you 3 times this year! There will be 3 others for your next tour!
  10. Future Dubai/Abu Dhabi tour leg?

    For @Shahd's sake I say, yes they should definitely do this
  11. Billie Joe 1993's interview for 360 Degrees fanzine

    I love these kinds of interviews
  12. 'Back In The USA' video

    I first watched the video less than an hour after it was posted on Youtube, and after that I put the audio on my phone and listened to it only a few hundred times in a few days, literally. (Why did I spontaneously write only? ) I think the video contributed to my love of this song, but in the end I've listened to the song on its own far more than I've watched the video (I'e watched it maybe 50 times ). it's hard to believe it lasts less than 3 minutes! I love the video a lot. Many things happen in it, it's pure punk rock and, to my sense, very relatable in a general way. It's completely Green Day. "Political" or social lyrics can suddenly sound very personal, deep, and mysterious when you try to think of how you could explain it; but it doesn't need to be explained. Whenever you feel it, it fills you with energy, joy, passion, that's more you could hope for (I'm the one saying that, when I was waiting - and still am - for a Forever Now video!! ). I'm very happy of the feeling this new song gives me. Rage and love have never felt stronger, the boys as well. I have a very good feeling about what's coming next, whatever that will be. I have moved on from some stuff and this song is perfect for me right now. I particularly love 'Tonight, it's the heroes's welcome home, and there's no place else to go, and I'll take to the grave." Man, dig that! But really, every line is genius. And yeah, Billie is so hawt when spitting coffee, singing "heroes" , and in his look when playing at the end, got to say it here since it's the dedicated thread for the video! I remember that, and I was fangirling very hard at that as well, I've even had dreams about it - the latest not earlier than last night! The video is great but the song too, hell. In French, "bite" means "dick", and I made a screenshot of Billie when he picks up the newspaper just before spitting coffee and named it "bitusa1", I brought it at work just in case, it made me feel awkward,, but it just makes it better! I've come to the point where I think : who gives a a shit if a lot of people don't care about Green Day? People I know don't in general. When they begin to care for some reason, well it doesn't change what makes me love Green Day. In any case, it can still be great to get along with people who don't care about Green Day, while I love Green Day to death more and more every day. Green Day helps to care about people and have people to care about you. And people who take "God's favorite band" like an ironic thing are just ignorant, because in real, it's so true!
  13. Green Day Tweets

  14. Billie Joe Armstrong

    The saddest thing about the tour being over is how dead gdc has become this week 

    1. Trotsky


      This forum is quiet as fuck. I don't think it will heat up again until Green Day releases a new album. And even then, maybe not - there wasn't a huge surge when Rev Rad was released. 

    2. Billie Joe Armstrong

      Billie Joe Armstrong

      Yeah, I agree. Revrad didn't have much promotion/hype so people just didn't care enough to join the forum. GDC is a cosy place but you're right - nothing much will happen here until the new album.  

  15. Billie Joe 1993's interview for 360 Degrees fanzine

    This interview is circa May 30th, 1993 (for anyone looking for a more specific date)
  16. Funny Green Day Commercial

    I love the way he struggled to put it together. Clearly he has no idea what he's doing LOL
  17. Rap

    All my friends laugh at me and call me oreo because I like Green Day and Florence + The Machine but I like some rap artists! I love Eminem (especially Slim Shady,) Biggie, Logic, T.I., and I loveee old school! Kool & The Gang, Salt N Pepa, and the Sugarhill Gang are my faves
  18. When she’s done she should put it on Pinterest 😄
  19. Billie Joe 1993's interview for 360 Degrees fanzine

    This is such a cool interview. Love the part about Kathleen Hanna, especially as they got her on Letterbomb ten years later Bit of early foreshadowing with that political question too. Nice find!
  20. Funny Green Day Commercial

    I vaguely remember this, but I think the tuba thing escaped my memory
  21. Or, Have you got tailors chalk? That would let you mark the shirt but brushes or washes off very easily. It’s great stuff. This thread is becoming sewing tips lol
  22. Unreleased Nimrod Session Tracks

    they definitely mentioned that in a 90s interview here ya go everyone, 5 minutes in...
  23. Random Green Day News

    So true. Im usually a large for girls so I bought a large GFB sweatshirt and its a tent on me... fail. But so much good stuff out now. I wish the xmas sweater wasnt 60 bucks though
  24. Oh yes! I love the design so I want to be careful with it. I know if I leave it as it is I won't wear it though so I have to do it.
  25. Green Day is already going straight into the studio?

    I guess we just differ in that I do feel that then . Some of the political stuff is a bit broad for my taste but when it comes to the more personal lyrics I relate to or am touched by the ones on this album more than any other.
  26. Or just take a little off, supposing you have two or three goes until you get the look you want, you can take more off, can’t put it back on!
  27. Green Day is already going straight into the studio?

    I agree with that last point but I guess I’m not really arguing focused v broad, I’m just saying based on his lyrics of the past I think he could have expressed some of those ideas even better. There’s a difference between knowing what he’s talking about and that feeling of Yes! Exactly! You describe it perfectly! that I often get from his songs. I’m just not getting that feeling here.
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