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  2. Random Green Day News

    Shhhh, I was away at something (forget now) and poor hubby spent hours making sure he got it all recorded for me - the whole three hour segment as advertised - I am still telling him how good it was!
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  4. Random Green Day News

    Yes, we got: 11 songs (instead of the full set), in the wrong order, annoyingly censored, heavily compressed and often cut short with agonizing interruptions in-between (including unnecessary and badly placed voice-overs and a large ad-break jammed right in the middle). Boy was I fuming at the end of that! At least the band sounded absolutely fantastic. Not the worst selection of songs either, admittedly. But still...
  5. Rap

    Well I was referring to just the group albums to talk of the solos would take forever lol
  6. I agree with everything! And that drum intro is siiiiiiick live.
  7. Random Green Day News

    Haha, like last time when they announced to play the whole Hyde Park set... and then played like 10 songs of it. Great marketing 👍
  8. Random Green Day News

    Boulevard of Broken Dreams has become Green Day's first video on YouTube to cross 200 million views.
  9. Rap

    True . Plus I like ODB's Return to the 36 Chambers and Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx. Gravel Pit was a tune but can't think of much else I like from then or later.
  10. Both are nice. I've always liked Ordinary World a lot, it's a good closer. But Nightlife is definitely my favorite out of the two. I've always loved it, ever since it came out. It only goes to prove their versatility, it's experimental and it's always good to hear something different.
  11. Rap

    General rule of thumb far as the Wu group albums keep the first two and avoid the rest of em
  12. Random Green Day News

    It baffles me that they had the nerve to call it ‘Green Day Monday’ when they’ve played a grand total of one GD song so far! One! I asked them about this on Twitter (as well as if we can expect anything more, such as extended highlights), but since I haven’t received any answer I assume not...
  13. Random Green Day News

    Absolute Radio repping GD again
  14. Rap

    Yeah it's not my favourite either but it has the most Method Man haha. My favourite songs on the album are Bring Da Ruckus and Protect Ya Neck and my favourite members are probably GZA, Raekwon and Inspectah Deck but they're all great together. I like ODB's debut solo album a lot too, one of the strangest and most unique albums I've heard and a lot of the songs also have other Wu Tang members on them.
  15. All Things BOOKMOBILE!

    This is the picture with Billie right next to the Bookmobile with a fan !
  16. First comic

    Thanks for commenting. She's OK now, as far as I know. Oh, just for the record, the last panel has the lyrics to 'Reject'! I'm glad you like the idea, too, and pearls before swine. I'm hoping the actual strips will be more relatable/make more sense as time goes on. Thanks!
  17. Green Day Instagram Photos

    Hmm I could've sworn I've seen swearing (let alone censored swearing) on Instagram comments before. But I'm not sure how it works.
  18. Random Green Day Thoughts

    Yeah good point, rock is still very popular to see live in the UK/Europe so it probably is more popular in that respect. On the radio/in charts/in pop culture not so much though unfortunately.
  19. First comic

    I don't have much to say but you said comment so here I am. I can't relate to this one at all since I know hardly any of those lyrics.... ok none, but what's cathartic is cathartic. You do what you enjoy, and I'll be sure to read whatever you post cause I like the idea a lot. I also love pearls before swim as well. Hoping your sister is ok
  20. Random Green Day News

    So I wonder if they will air the same Hyde Park highlights like last time or is there any chance we will get something that hasn't been aired yet?
  21. Random Green Day Thoughts

    Hmm, I guess it’s hard to know in terms of 2018. I’m just going off my friends who play rock music and can sell out places in the UK or Germany that are double the capacity of what they can do in the US (their country of origin). They also chart higher (or at all) compared to the US. And how there seems to be far more rock bands headlining or just on the bill for festivals in Europe. I would’ve guessed that GD had made more of an impact and was a household name given they could play more than one night at a place like Milton Keynes in the mid 2000s. Though I suppose not necessarily with younger people who missed that era just due to age. Eh who knows.
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  23. Blasphemy & Genocide: Unpopular Green Day Opinions, Part 2

    It's so hard to choose favourites and least favourites on AI of all albums. Every single track contributes so much to the album
  24. GDA's RevRad Era Recap Zine

    Is it strange that I have literally ZERO recollection of writing this?
  25. Rare live album

    Hi, no still available!
  26. Green Day Instagram Photos

    I tried and the message I got looked like it's blocked by Instagram. I mean, it didn't say the word is blocked by the user so maybe it's Instagram's policy?
  27. youngreendayvet

    So I don't come to the site often enough obviously.... Are signatures still a thing?

    1. ¡Jenn!


      They are not. I believe some people moved their sigs to their About Me page though. Also I didn't realise how annoying they were until they were gone, lol

    2. AlissaGoesRAWR


      No, they were removed with a site update a while back. 

  28. I so agree I think it's beautiful.
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