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Green Day Pictures

Looking for Green Day pictures or have some to share? Stick em in here.

Forum Rules and FAQ


There's a few basic rules you are asked to follow.

1. Don't post pictures over 600 pixels wide with their img tags so the pictures don't stretch the board.
2. Don't quote img tags when quoting a picture so the same picture isn't posted over and over again.
3. Don't hyperlink the pictures. Meaning, unless they are a thumbnail, they should NOT be clickable.
4. Don't post more than 15 pictures a day in this thread. It helps control the flow of the thread and ensures that no one person is taking up a single page all to them self.

Family Member Picture Privacy Policy:
Please do not post pictures of any of Green Day’s family members/girlfriends unless they are official publicity photos. This means no paparazzi photos and no personal photos. Even if one of the guys is in the paparazzi or personal photos, they are not allowed. If the photos are not taken explicitly for the public and approved by the band for the public, they cannot be posted in the picture threads or used on the forum in any form. Billie Joe, Mike, and Tre are fairly private people. We need to respect their privacy and the privacy of their family members. This forum is dedicated to Green Day, not their families. Pictures of their kids/girlfriends/wives/brothers/sisters/parents/etc should not be posted all over the place. Please do not exploit the band.

Exception to Family Member Picture Privacy Policy:
If the family member or girlfriend is involved in an event or the band has given permission to post the specific picture(s) of the person, they may be posted on the forum. BUT, they can only be posted in appropriate threads. The picture(s) cannot be posted at random in the thread for the band member the family member is related to if they do not have that band member with them.

Example: A picture of Adrienne alone cannot be posted in Billie’s thread. If the picture was taken for an Adeline Street event, the picture may be posted in the news thread for that event, if there is one. If someone is looking for that specific picture at some point and requests it in the Picture Request Thread, the picture may be posted in there.

Requests for personal or paparazzi pictures (non-publicity pictures) of their kids, girlfriends, wives, brothers, sisters, parents, etc may not be made.

Violating this policy will result in a warning.

*If conversations in the threads have nothing to do with the pictures they will be deleted.
*If you repeatedly break the rules, your warning level will be raised.
*As a last resort the thread will be temporarily closed if there is too much spam/rule breaking.

General Information / FAQ

Before starting a new thread, use the search facility and take a look at the pinned threads (at least take a look at all the recent posts).
If you're looking for a specific picture/photoshoot, ask in the Picture Requests / Help Thread first. If no one helps you in the requests thread (try and ask more than once if you don't get any reply anyway), you can make a new topic about it.

How to Post Images Less Than 600 Pixels Wide
1. Upload the photo you wish to post onto a site such as [turl=http://www.imageshack.us" target="_blank">http://www.imageshack.us or http://www.tinypic.com
2. The site will give you a URL for the picture. Copy the URL.
3. When you are replying to a thread, select the little rte-image-button.png button and paste your URL into the box that appears.
4.When you post your reply your picture should appear in the post

How to Post Images Wider Than 600 Pixels
-Upload the photo you wish to post onto a site such as http://www.imageshack.us or http://www.tinypic.com
1. The site will give you a URL for the picture. Copy the URL.
2. Paste the URL into your reply to the thread

How to Remove img Tags
When you decide you want to quote a picture you need to remove its img tags.
1. Select 'quote' on the post you want to quote.
2. When replying you will see 'img' and '/img' (in brackets) around the picture URL.
3. Remove both tags, leaving just the URL.

How to Check Picture SizesWhile viewing your picture right click the image and select 'properties'.
Under 'properties' there is a section labeled 'dimensions'. This is the width and height of your image.

If you still experience problems or have any questions not answered here, please contact one of the following mods: Blu or Shadowiegirl.


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