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E.J Drumer's Blog

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Story Time Entry 5- The Time I Nearly Killed My Self

E.J Drumer


I went saw American Idiot 8 times, 3 times was with the regular cast and 5 times with Billie Joe as St Jimmy. Mostly what would happen every night was, Billie would play his part, we would run out side quickly, go behind the barricades, and then try to get a chance to meet him; and sometimes get lucky and get him to sign something. Well let me ask you, do you all remember a time when there was no barricades, and when it was every person for them self.

Well, this was one of the first times Billie was playing St Jimmy so my friend Robin and I went. The show was awesome but its what happened after the show, that's when things got a bit nuts. We didn't know that Billie was going to be coming out at all, I figured he would go out a back door or something, but no, he came out the main stage door. Like I said before there was no barricades to hold any of the people back so when Billie came out a WAVE of people came out and they quickly covered Billie till the point to were couldn't see him anymore.

My friend and I really wanted to get Billie's autograph but we figured there was no way, the amount of people around Billie was crazy. But then I had and idea, I noticed that there was no one on the right side of Billie. He was about the get into the car, so I ran around the car, almost got hit by a taxi. Adrienne was siting in the back seat and I gave her a quick wave and a smile and she smiled and waved as well. After I said my quick hello to 80 I quickly went to the other side of the car and threw my self over the sea of people and asked " Billie could you please sign this its for my friend and me. " He looked over and said " yeah no problem."

I got out of the sea of people and walked to the other side of the car to catch my breath. 80 rolled down the window and asked, " Hey did he sign it for you?" I couldn't believe she was actually talking to me but I did answer her, " Yeah he did, I nearly killed my self to get it," " yeah I saw that, be careful, I'll see you later." She rolled the window back up and I walked back over to Robin and handed her her signed play bill.

I must say I have 6 Billie Joe signed play bill's but this one hangs proudly because I worked really hard to get it.


did he ever recognise you?

i have said to him before if I was there last week I would say " was just here last week" and he'll be like " yeah I remember you," but I think he just says that, he meets a lot of people so I wouldn't be insulted if he didn't remember me. I can say though he is such a sweet guy and always treats his fans with great respect.

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I wonder what 80 would have said if he didn't sign it, considering she just saw you nearly kill yourself, lol.

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I wonder what 80 would have said if he didn't sign it, considering she just saw you nearly kill yourself, lol.

lol ikr, she might have got it signed for me, a girl can dream lol

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I wonder what 80 would have said if he didn't sign it, considering she just saw you nearly kill yourself, lol.

but it was cool she talked to me for a second I was still trying to catch my breath lol

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