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Introducing our three new chat mods



Over the past few months we have been busy promoting some active chat members to help out over on the chat and I thought I'd introduce them to you today.

Firstly I would like to introduce Sleeper Agent. who joined the team back in July. His name is Riley and comes from a little island known as New Zealand. He also plays in a band called Passive Nation so don't forget to check them out.

Our next addition to the team is HolidayContradiction. She joined the team last month (September). Her name is Marte and comes all the way from Norway, I believe she is GDC's first team member from Norway.

The latest edition to the team is Lindsay. It was decided by the chat mod team to add her to their team as she has been an active member of the chat for the past few years. She comes from Canada as well as our other fellow Canadian mods.

They will be joining the team alongside Lone.

Please make them all feel welcome by popping by the chat to say hi or even bugging them on their profiles.

Welcome to the team guys!

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It's rather scary having Lindsay as a chat mod... :ninja:

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So that's what's up with all the extra green around here. :)


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I've been on team Riley for some time now anyway :lol: But Lindsay being a chat mod?! This shall be interesting :shifty:

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Yay, more green on the day community! :P Congrats :D Good to see you on the team, Lindsay!

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Sweet Armataged Chump


Congrats Lindsay! Too bad I won't be in chat to see you mod =/

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