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Why features are disabled sometimes



As some of you tend to notice, at some points features get disabled for a short period of time on days when there's big news. Well there's a reason for this:

The server GDC is hosted on can only hold a certain amount of users on at one time. Of course the times we get too many members online is when a big announcement is made (Oh Love being released, new songs being released/leaked, etc).

When a lot of users start to flood the site it slows the server down to the point where it can take a while to load (or be totally unresponsive). One way of preventing this is to upgrade the server, but that means more money for something we don't always need. The way we try to prevent the site from slowing is by putting the site on a mode where it starts to disable less-important features such as viewing peoples profiles, status updates, search, watched content and stuff like that. Basically anything extra that isn't required to read and reply to topics.

Of course this won't always prevent the site from slowing down, but it is the best we can do to try and make sure you guys still have access at that time. So if you notice a huge surge in traffic (or a major announcement) you can expect this to happen from time to time. It usually will last for an hour or less, but updates about it will be posted on the forum Twitter account @GDCforum. When this happens, most people start to worry that something they did is preventing them from seeing stuff, so if you see any posts like that, please help explain to users what's going on.

Just wanted to clear this up for all the users who ask when this does happen.

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