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#25 A Pirate's Life For Me

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It's Splash Time


Random fact: when I was little, I wanted to be a pirate when I grew up. Anyways. On to the poem.

The eve of time dawned with our ship creaking on the horizon

We are but ghosts on the sea

Poltergeists pillaging the lands

We are your dreams and nightmares altogether

Storm clouds follow us

Time stands still as we enter the battle field

Cannons yearning for use

Our home creaks

Waves crashing upon its solid exterior

Like magpies we advance

Swords glinting in the moonlight

We are monkeys swinging from the mast of our pirate zoo

Rum is the fuel of our treasure quest

We drink to our health

Our freedom

Our lives

Out there on the open sea

Life is a merry dance

The elixir is the vast expanse of water

Our flag tattered

But our hearts true

To a cause never forgotten

Through mutiny and savage wrecks

We pass without a care

We are the stubborn ones

The ones that stopped caring


We travel by uncharted lands


The place where rules never formed

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