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#22 Tears In The Blackhole

It's Splash Time


This is a poem I wrote. Just about now.

You dream your life away

Wishing you were somewhere else

Living another life

If you could take the pain away, you would

You would push it underground

And try to carry on

Battling through the fears

But your strength is failing you

There are too many secrets to hide

Everything falling around you

A black hole gaping beneath your feet

Heads over heels into the darkness

You’re out of control

The blackness that surrounds you is infinite

Trailing off into the end of time

You don’t know how you got there

There’s a vague memory of a happy past

You don’t know how to escape

No matter what anyone does

A hand reaching through the darkness

Someone to tell you

They know how you feel

Everything will be okay


A light from a new future

Get away from the past

A new life in a new place

Wasn’t that what you always wanted?

Life isn’t simple

It’s tough to get through minefields

There’s no ending in sight

But a series of experiences

Along the way

So, yeah. Comment and stuff. If you want.

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