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Be Happy

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This was the fourth song I posted in WIMHA:

Be Happy

worried, scared, frightened, unhappy,

crying the whole day,

dying inside,

thinking about suicide

normally, but not today,

today I'm happy

and laughing the whole time

I love my life


Never say you hate your life

and never think about suicide

cos that's just a waste of time

and life's too short to not enjoy it

Screaming, unbelieving, so sad and sick,

crying the whole day,

dying inside,

thinking about suicide

usually, but not today,

today I'm happy

and laughing the whole time,

I love my life

(chorus again)

I wrote this song on more than just one day...as far as I can remember I wrote the first half of it on a day, but didn't know how to continue, then almost forgot about it and somewhen sumbled over it and wrote the rest to it. I wrote that song on days on that I've felt a bit better, kinda like a "Yay, it still gives those days on that you can feel good" and to me it's also kind of a hope song. It shows me that it gives those awesome days and that I shouldn't waste my life thinking about how everything sucks. It also shows me that I shoudn't give up and commit suicide cos there'll always come a good time...

But I don't know whether I should like that song or not...the song's a bit weird xD

What is also weird is that I always feel like in that song that I write an entry about...e.g. the last times I wrote entries about totally sad songs and was totally depressed and now I write an entry about a song that is at least a bit optimistic and my mood is optimistic as well, but not just while I write these entries, I feel like that the whole day now and also before I even planned on writing an entry today xD and the last times it was about the same...I felt like shit for the whole day and then wrote my entry :lol: (and no, I don't write about the songs that fit to my mood the best, I write them in the order in that I wrote them in WIMHA :lol: )

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