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You taught me how to live.

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2009 for me ended with a broken promise: my parents were supposed to take me to my very first Green Day concert. We were already talking about tickets when they changed, well... actually a woman made them change their mind.
I failed my first year of high school, I had no friends and I preferred being alone in my room every day. They were worried so they decided to take me to a psychologist who told them I didn't deserve to go to that tour date.
Oh man, I was so mad about this. I was already apathetic and if there was just a thing which made me feel better was this music. 

In July 2010 my family and I arrived at the Heiniken Jammin Festival, near Venice
Green Day's performance was cancelled because of a heavy storm that caused damage to the stage and flooded the area.
My parents, my brother and I hid under a bumper cars track which obviously was so full of people. I remember being so worried but also deluded and, as I was a teen, desperate. 
I remember thinking "I won't be ever able to see them" 

3 years later one of my biggest dream came true. I managed to see my favourite band live. I was in Bologna and, even if I took so many photos during the concert (it never happened again) I have just a few memories of the show. Probably I was a bit shocked.  The best memories was when Billie climbed on a case during American Idiot solo: I wasn't at front row but he was just in front of me and I could see him very well. I remember looking at him and feeling so weird. I was completely blown away. 

The following month I travelled to Swizerland where I met new people: we started to queue at 9 am, sitting on the middle of the square without any barriers yet. Besides avoiding to get hit by a car, I remember sharing a box popsicles during the afternoon and the long run to the barrier. The best memories from that night was with Mike. At the end of the concert, he started throwing bass picks but it was windy and we couldn’t get them. So he knelt down, he called the security guy, he gave him the picks and then he pointed us.
It’s been nearly 7 years but I still clearly remember this.

In 2017 I saw them 2 days in a row in 2 different italian regions. I left for Lucca, the day before the concert and I took the train at 6am because it was the cheapest. Party hard.
When the gate opened and I arrived at the barrier I was so excited that I called my mum. And I’m not that kind of person who shared this kind of things with parents, as they don’t consider them important.
I was at Jason’s side but during Hitchin a Ride Mike walked in front of us. Sadly, I was sorrounded by people who were just stading there without moving or singing while I was going pretty crazy. When Billie’s sang “one two, one two three four” I think I lost my mind and Mike pointed at me. Fun fact: I realized what happened a couple of days later when I found a video made by a Facebook friend.  
That night was truly magical.
When you spend most of your time feeling down, hopeless, apathetic there has to be something which made you realize you also can find happiness in your life.
The next day I came back to Milan and headed to Monza where I spent 40 euros for the RevRad t-shirt. Great moment.

I don’t want to write a bunch of common and banal sentences but during this decade I realize no other band ever meant so much for me.
I’ve always listened many artists and band but what happened for Green Day was unique and special.
I picked up a guitar because I wanted to play too, I bought an ukulele, I even started doing musical lessons because I fell in love with American Idiot one.
During the last couple of years I managed to calm myself listening to them, as I was constantly anxious and I could easily cry everyday.
I said to myself it’s okay to be me and it’s okay being an eccentric, non- conformist.

This band has been keeping me in balance for the past years and I couldn’t me more grateful.




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