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Nico's Gaming Diary: Saturday, June 1, 2019



So this is something I've never done before, so let me explain.

I've played through Mega Man 7 in the last couple of days. FUCK YOU DR. WILY. YOU OWE ME A NEW GAMEPAD YOU ASSHOLE. Aaaaanyway, while I did that, I thought to myself: "Why not just write everything you play every day into a little text document, summarize what you accomplished and then post it to GDC or something?" And yeah, I could just do videos for YouTube or something. But my computer just doesn't like me. I've attempted it before, it just won't work. So, this will have to do.

So, with that being said, here's what I played today. It's not a lot compared to most days, but it's still something:

Banshiryu (PC) - Chapter 1 - Waaah...!
Man, I'm worse at this game than I remember..

This is the only game I played today, and only for ten minutes too. It's a so-called "danmaku" or as some people call it "bullet hell". So, you play a character which is different in each danmaku (duh), in this game it's either a red-haired girl or a priest. I chose the priest this time. There's a very small hitbox where you can get hit, which makes it easier to avoid the hundreds of bullets on the screen at each time. And it's fucking difficult. Here's a screenshot I took in a very short moment of peace:


That spaceship down there is the player, and that up there is the boss of stage 2, called the "elephant." In the menu to the right, you can see the text "Left" and "Bomb". Left, obviously are the lives you have "left" before you must use one of three continues. When all three are used up, it's Game Over. You can use bombs to nullify all bullets that are currently on screen and convert them into points to boost the high score. But you have a limited amount of them, so use them carefully.

Anyway, I only got to level four or five. I don't even remember how many stages there actually are, because I'm pretty sure I never actually made it to the end. :D But still, I was pretty bad, considering my high score is 6.2 million points, as you can see in the screenshot, but I actually only got to 3.3 million.


These blog entries will be longer when I play more, but I had a lot to do today, so I only managed to get 10 minutes of bullet hell in. My plans for tomorrow are to play a 2D platformer that I've never played before, so that's gonna be interesting. I'm usually pretty good at jump-'n'-runs, but we'll see how good or bad I'll be in "Super Marisa Land". From the screenshot I've seen...


(Source: touhouprojectlovers.blogspot.com)

...it seems to be a Mario clone with Touhou character Marisa Kirisame as Mario? Awesome!


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